Howay American owners.

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The famous drawl "Howay the Lads!"
The famous drawl "Howay the Lads!"
Today, as Americans celebrate cutting their ties with Great Britain after becoming an independent republican state free from British rule, wouldn’t it be ironic if some of their fellow country men were planning to strengthen their relationship with the Brits by buying Newcastle United, one of the nation’s most famous sporting institutions? As they wait for the outcome of the bids to be known do they have a grand vision already mapped out? Big plans to transform our poor bedraggled neglected club into an efficient, successful sporting colossus? If so I say bring them on. We so desperately need a bit of TLC. We need someone to put their proverbial arm round us and say you know what it’s going to be fine, I’m here now. I’m going to help you forget the hurt, the embarrassment, the anger, the humiliation of the past 10 years (give or take the small number of good memories) and turn those bad times into a positive future. I will make you feel good again. The cynics will say we’ve heard it all before, but an era with new professional owners and a decent level of investment will cause the champagne corks to be popping on Tyneside.

Professional sporting organisations in the US in the main tend to be well run. They understand the paying customer is King and success is important. They run efficient organisations led by professionals who know what they are doing. I would certainly welcome an American owner in the Randy Lerner mold of course rather than the Glazers! Americans want to be the best they can, they strive to be winners and to achieve success. If some of that ethos can rub off on NUFC and we have the organisation, the manager, the team and the investment to back it up, will we have the last laugh? Will all our desperate attempts for a bit of new silverware in the threadbare trophy cabinet finally succeed? Will we have the last laugh on all those football fans across the country who currently collapse in fits of laughter each time they hear of the latest humiliation heaped on our club by the current hapless owners? The right owners no matter their nationality can of course help us achieve that. Personally I would like American owners as long as they have the right intentions. I would be interested to see exactly what they could achieve with this sleeping giant, how they could galvanise the fan base and make us great again.

So as the USA celebrates all things red, white and blue with their usual patriotic fervour, could a very small part of America be planning on hanging out the black and white bunting? Could someone be sat at home now pouring over Laarn Yersel Geordie figuring out how to improve communication with the black and white masses? Hopefully the next few days will reveal the new owners. Has anyone ever seen the clip when the then current US president Jimmy Carter visited Tyneside back in the 1970’s? During his speech he vocalises those immortal words ‘Howay the lads’in his southern US drawl. Will we hear the same again soon from inside St James Park from our new owners?

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19 Responses

  1. Jimmy Carter’s accent is great, always makes me think of Robert E. Lee and the like.

  2. beyethegreat says:
    July 4, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    “why as he in newcastle ?”

    Beye, I recall that predictably, a visit to Washington Old Hall was highest on his agenda for his visit to the North East. For obvious reasons, the original seat of the Washington family is by far the most interesting location in the North East for American heads of state, and indeed, Americans in general.

  3. We need a single forum for Newcastle fans to gather on. Being so split up is no good, don’t think my PHP is good enough to code a forum though.

  4. How many stories are going to be in the sunday’s then?

    I have a feeling there will be different groups buying us depending on which paper you read.

  5. I don’t care what they write, as long as we’re sold some time this week.

  6. 52times

    ‘We need a single forum for Newcastle fans to gather on. Being so split up is no good, don’t think my PHP is good enough to code a forum though.’

    I’m not sure about that 52times. I know we’re all Newcastle fans so we have that in common but beyond that there will be several different types of Toon fan who look for different levels of discussion/banter from a forum/blog. I think there is more chance of success and developing a following if you have a clear idea of who you’re trying to attract and cater for them.

  7. Stuart 79

    ‘I have a feeling there will be different groups buying us depending on which paper you read.’

    Undoubtedly. They all know as much as we do,so we can take it all with a large bucketful of salt. Hopefully all will become clear next week.

  8. 52times
    ‘That just means we have a better chance for flamewars.’

    What does that mean? I’ve not heard that expression before

  9. worky thanks for the explanation also it would be great if some one could tell them to chane their header image haway just puts the toon to shame