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Sizzling Danish too hot to handle! Newcastle 3 Plymouth 0.

Posted on January 13th, 2010 | 193 Comments |

Perfect Peter
Perfect Peter
‘Tell me ma, me ma…’
Well maybe not yet, but after Newcastle cruised to a 3-0 win over Plymouth in our FA Cup 3rd Round replay, it’s hard not to get a little carried away.
But then again it’s hard to imagine the opposition being such pushovers in the next round. And the hardy group of Argyle fans, perched in Level 4 of the Leazes, looking for all the world like the last, unwanted one in a box of Milk Tray, amongst a sparsely populated Leazes, must have been bitterly disappointed with what their side offered, or didn’t as it were.

But however horrible Plymouth were, Newcastle’s win was emphatic and the scoreline should really have been more damning, though it benefitted yours truly that it wasn’t, as 3-0 pocketed me a nice little return on my modest flutter. And tonight it wasn’t just about the result, which was impressive, but the way we went about the game.

Hughton made seven changes to the previous game, as Danny Simpson was left out of the squad and made way for the returning Enrique. Steven Taylor replaced Tamas Kadar, although he was due to replace Coloccini, until Kadar picked up an illness close to kick off. In came Nolan and Gutierrez, as Guthrie and Smith made way, the latter apparently not passed fit after coming off in the original tie. Carroll and Lovenkrands replaced Ameobi and Ranger upfront.

After a slow five minutes, we started looking hungry and determined, and Peter Lovenkrands marked his comeback, after just ten minutes, chipping the ball over the keeper after a clever run onto a lovely ball slipped into the box by Gutierrez.

We really should have had another couple of goals not longer after, but chances were spurned first of all by Carroll after some good build up play, blazing over from the edge of the box when he should have done better. Another well worked opportunity found Nolan a little closer in, but he too couldn’t keep his shot down.

There were more and more opportunities as the away side gave us far too much room on the wings, and two deliveries went begging across the face of goal. The second goal, just before half-time, came again after good approach play and a delivery from Gutierrez, this time swung in from the left as Lovenkrands rose to head deftly past the keeper. Argyle offered little in the way of a threat and were limited to harmless, speculative long range efforts.

The second half started off quite brightly for both sides, but it wasn’t long before we turned the screw and began to pass them off the park. Stopping short of showboating, we demonstrated massive gulfs between the quality of the respective sides. In fact, it might have come as some light relief to the away fans, that their attention was turned to some over-zealous stewarding, overseeing the ejection of two supporters in the Gallowgate, who’s heinous crime appeared to amount to no more than standing.

Despite showing willing, Pancrate’s distribution was wayward and it was no surprise that he was replaced by Guthrie. And no sooner had Guthrie entered the field, Lovenkrands had his perfect ‘trick’. The third came with a quarter of the game remaining, yet more good work on the left and Enrique delivered deep to the far post. Andy Carroll managed to head down to Kevin Nolan who helped the ball on, and Lovenkrands hooked home.

On reflection of an impressive response to our recent goal drought and search for the answer, you could ask have we found it? Chris Hughton was impressed by Lovenkrands’ performance:

“They were three very well-taken goals,”

“And, of course, what he has to be is in the positions to put them in and that is what Peter has got a knack of doing.

“He’s got that pace to get beyond defenders and I have to say the first goal was the one I enjoyed the most because it shows what Peter can do once he gets in behind teams.

“Jonas has done well for Peter’s first two goals and the second was a good header.

“I know he was hungry for that hat-trick after half-time and I was delighted for him when he got it.

“It’s thoroughly deserved and showed what an important player Peter is for us.”

If the game was a boxing match, it would have been stopped in the 72nd minute, after Lovenkrands’ final goal when the possession must have been hard to bare for the travelling supporters. And playing some very tidy football and at times when moving up a gear, we completely carved them open without any apparent answer to the onslaught. We didn’t add to our tally yet the win was no less comprehensive.

A dominant display then, with some notably impressive performances, but watched by our lowest competitive crowd for a while. The eerie atmosphere was initially peculiar but didn’t seem to put off the players and it livened up in the second half with some good play and the removal of the ‘local heroes’ from the South East corner.

Yes, Plymouth were poor, but we took full advantage for a change instead of pussyfooting around and got the job well and truly done. Are we not bothered about the FA Cup?

Hughton had this to say:

“Significantly, you will not find one player who does not want to play against West Brom the following Saturday in the FA Cup.

“It’s a massive game. It’s exciting and it is starting to hot up.

“We’re delighted to be in the next round and there is no doubt that it holds something really special, and I’m sure every other team would want to be in round four.

“The priority is Monday against West Brom but we can go into the cup with confidence with the right result.”

Well as far as I’m concerned, that’s us in the 4th Round, and I can start to dream of Wembley…

Link to match highlights

Us – Krul 7, R Taylor 7, S Taylor 8, Coloccini 8, Jose Enrique 9, Pancrate 6, Nolan 8, Butt 7, Gutierrez 9, Carroll 6, Lovenkrands 9.

Subs – Harper, Ameobi, Tozer, Ferguson, Guthrie 8, Ranger 7, Donaldson 7.

Plymouth – Larrieu, Duguid, Arnason, Barker, Sawyer, Judge, Fletcher, Summerfield, Clark, Fallon, Barnes

Subs – Saxton, Noone, Gow, Folly, McNamee, Sheridan, Wright-Phillips.

Att – 15,805 (with a ‘slightly-larger-than-average Stag Do’ of Plymouth fans, who to their credit, outsung a deathy silent home crowd. Maximum respect for making the journey up).

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193 Responses

  1. BBM something to think about, when was the last time we had 3 different players score hat-tricks in 1 season?

  2. It was quite good atmosphere in south east, where i was, two guys got taken out and that got the crowd going a bit, but then you get the usuall .. cup fans :/

  3. apparently it was in 1992 – they mentioned it and the scores on the radio Newcastle commentary this morning. cant remember who they said were the 3 players though.

  4. Top stuff from Danish Bacon.

    A header, a left footer and a right footer. You don’t get many hat-tricks like those. Poifect.

  5. Fair play to the lad, sounded like an all round good performance, but i’m more concerned about league games to be fair.

  6. It really wound up my liverpool supporting mates on facebook when i said they lost to a team that shola bagged a hat-trick against, can’t think why??

  7. The only good thing about their only being 16,000 fans in the stadium is that i did not have to leg it on 90mins; their was no traffic getting out of the city centre and i moved seats three times; managed to get right behind the goal in the first half so got a great view of two classy finishes from Mcloven!

    He has to start against West Brom and i would move Carroll out for Ameobi as he provides more of a goal threat! Mcloven oozes quality when playing upfront; he makes intelligent runs and is a good finisher. Alot of people slagged him off earlier in the campaign when he was not fully fit and had some personal problems; not to mention playing out of position on the wing! Up top is where he can really shine for us!

  8. wicky – how many pairs of knickers did you get through last night – next time loverboy starts a game make sure youv’e got your huggies on.

    “i’m a big kid now”

  9. jay jay – I was wrong actually. Hunt’s hat-trick was in a friendly.

    I think it was actually Kitson, Cole and Lee in our second season in the Premier League.

  10. Northern_Jedi – Couldn’t have been too far away from me…

    Went to sit in the South East and then a ‘helpful’ steward told us the North East corner had smaller queues. Did it bollox. And the fans were in the main, mute.

    Daan4tooN – aye, sounded a bit livelier down there and I was almost inclined to wander along but was happy standing up at the back. Enjoyed watching the small cluster of pogo’ing Mags congregate underneath the away fans.

  11. Well Lovenkrands does the same as Beckford in terms of pace. He might be a better finisher too.

    I think he should start more games for sure. We all too often go with two big men up front, which encourages the long ball game.

    Good win though, hopefully we can take confidence and beat WBA on Monday.

  12. Is it me or guys also think that Jonas has improved a bit with crossing ball into box. I still think he is bit HIT or MISS , but seems like he is improving.

    We should now win against West Brom thats a must win for confidence.

  13. Stuart, good point, we never play well with two target men up front, Lovenkrands or Nolan in behind works a treat and helps the midfield out.

  14. Bowburn, you’re obviously one who feels that a good extol before breakfast makes for a good start to the day!

  15. Patience man.get becks on free and use the money for the lavezzi guy.what we need is the best not a compromise.

  16. Don’t think Shittu will be as bad a signing as his name suggests. Decent backup.
    Bit like Abdoulaye Faye, who we should never have sold by the way.

  17. Loverboy is our best striker he knows where the goal is and thats all that matters he gets in those place and the right striker to play around him is \Shola. |Ranger is still young and he is rarely scoring.

  18. He’ll be another body.

    I hope it’s only a loan deal though. If he’s surplus to requirements at Bolton he really cannot be a good PL player.

  19. Shittu wants to play I don want people to come and confuse us with their attitude jst bring back Zurab.

  20. i would be unhappy if the killgallon guy is bought for an outrageous fee.atleast make use of kadar till we get a worthy first team defender.

  21. Two really good things from last night:
    1. Jonas can cross!! Who’da thought it??
    2. Having had our previous game plan sussed, Loverboy up front now gives us a whole new way to tear through opposition.

    Can’t wait till Monday. HWTL!!

  22. i dont believe in the so called old and experienced players.i also dont believe in overated i say we get evans from man u and lavezzi and lure boyd in

  23. lesh says:
    January 14, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    “Looks like Simpson’s move might just come to nothing – there appears to be an issue of wages. This lot certainly know how to win friends and influence people….”

    Lesh, that was just Lee Ryder in the Chronic. It’s probably just complete guff again.

  24. Has Loven done enough in this game to show that he has the right movement, touch and class up front to show CH that he deserves a run in the team – hopefully with Ameobi or Ranger?

    The latter two being able to provide link up play – far more – in my opinion – than Carroll?

    Jonas normally breaks down at the 18 yarder as normally there isnt any movement by the CFs and this would be a dangerous and exciting combo imo

  25. aye aye, radgies! !
    Woo hoo hoo hoo! Ave just been roond dekka’s hoose wi big Mick. Dekka was hooting wi his nickname the fans have gave him.. Owl heed. !
    Aal of a sudden, dekka starts to turn his heed 180 degrees! Woo hoo hoo hoo. Ave seen nowt like it man. Pure radge packet dekka like. Me and big Mick were on the floor man, creased up.
    Ha ha, a was only joking like. Here man, dekka starts gannin for it doesnt he.
    A swear on wor cooncil hoose mortgage or rates whatever a pay, dekka’s napper did a full 360. ! Hoo man, big Mick was crying wi laughter so much he shat his pants! Woo hoo hoo hoo!
    hoo nee jokin like, it looked weird as oot man!
    So dekka lets gan and his heed swivelled roond back to normal like.
    Ha ha. Dekka says he had an outer body experience man cos of the lack of oxygen gannin to his brain like.
    When he smelt big Micks arse he passed oot! Woo hoo hoo hoo.
    Good job a was smokin a joint cos a blew loads of blar in his face, just to give him oxygen like. Hoo seriously, he just boonced up and started rave dancing like a pure E heed. !
    Cush craic like dekka man!
    Anyways godda nash cos stardust is comin roond to clean up big Micks dirty arse!
    Oi oi ! Laters, gaters!

  26. There should always be a small man, big man partnership up front so it gives you some options rather than the two big men we always play with, just encourages long ball sh1te.

    You can forget about Ranger Stardust, Hughtoin ibviosuly doesn’t rate him as he just doesn’t play.

  27. Hey Batty @ 57.

    Is it me or do I get the impression that Councillor Forbes’ view is that Newastle United is a cash cow generating profits for its owner?

    If so, who the hecks been teling him that. Has he seen the accounts?

    Has he heard of Ashley’s £20ms paid in to keep the club going? Does he realise that without them the club’d be insolvent and only survives because of Ashley’s top ups?

    Sounds like the council’s been misinformed and sold a pup and that like the £7m a month profit, is not doing NUST’s crdibility any good at all!

    And, NO, I am not an apologist for Mike Ashley!!

  28. My God – “Coun Forbes said: “The club wouldn’t exist without its fans and they shouldn’t be treated as a cash cow to generate profits for an absentee owner.”

    He needs to be very careful – can anyone tell me of one penny that Ashley has taken out?

    Straight forward libellous comment in my opinion

  29. Does anyone know if Geremi has been tranferred to Turkey or if he is due to join after his involvement in the African Cup? If Lovenkrands stays fit i think he should be a definite starter, we seem to play better football with him up top, his quick movement around the box creates more options for Jonas and Enrique to thread neat defence splitting passes and allows for little one two’s around the box which are really effective against the majority of cumbersome CB’s in the CCC. Personally i don’t think there is any great need to bring in another striker when we have 4 already, i was kinda hoping Hughton would strenghten in other areas like down the right hand side and adding some creativity in the midfield.

  30. Also ““The council resolves to support the principle of supporter involvement in the ownership of football clubs and the aims of the newly-formed Newcastle United Supporters Trust which are:

    To strengthen the bonds and dialogue between Newcastle United and its supporters.

    To encourage Newcastle United to take proper account of the interests of its supporters and the community it serves in its decisions and to honour the contribution made to the club by the community.””

    Seems theyve left themselves open for being sued if people lose money in their investments.

    Theyve given an opinion and validated the scheme – theres no mentions of the financial plans therefore theyve concluded to support the bandwagon without knowing the full facts – incredible!

  31. Stardust says:
    January 14, 2010 at 1:10 pm
    Lesh – ditto LOL.

    Looks like a court case might be brewing – how stupid are these goons lol.

    I’d be absolutely amazed if Ashley took legal action. In fact I think it’s ridiculous that you’re even suggesting it.

    Don’t you think he’s got enough on his plate with the current situation between him and the supporters. Not to mention the investigation into his business Sports Direct.

  32. Stuart – disagree totally – it would actually quash every rumour and prove in court that the lies spread that he has been asset stripping are simply that – lies.

    It would kill NUST stone dead – hope he does it.

  33. Shot Bru , Im gonna guess Geremi is set to sign for that turkish club after the african cup of nations but prbbally some problem with who are going to pay his wages whilst he is there. That is just my opinion on it

  34. Stardust,

    Is there something wrong with him just telling the supporters what’s actually happening with the financials of the club?

    You know I’m reserving judgment on him, but he has reverted straight back to type. He has said absolutely nothing to anyone with regards where the club is going.

    I’m really starting to think he has learning difficulties – Why else would he not learn from his passed mistakes?(His biggest mistakes ie communication)

    It gives everyone the impression that he’s out as soon as he gets the chance and that isn’t doing the club any favours.

  35. Stardust – Do you think Ashley cares about wheter or not we belive rumours about him or not? I somehow doubt it.

  36. Stardust… sometimes a dignified silence ays more than an argument. I don’t think that NUST are helping their case on jot!

    Councillor Forbe’s credibility is also brought into question if he’s coming out with statements he’d have difficulty backing up. If, and it’s a big if, his statement was accurately reported,

    I’m sure we’d all be intersted to see the documents that sustabtiate his apparent view that NOFC is generating profits for its owner.

  37. Its a “quote” Lesh – amazing!

    “I’m sure we’d all be intersted to see the documents that sustabtiate his apparent view that NOFC is generating profits for its owner.”

    Oh Yes – Steve Hasties “Source” probably a tramp in the Bigg market lol.

  38. JohnoToon with any luck Cameroon will make an early exit from the tounament so Geremi can be on his bike.

  39. komfort says:
    December 31, 2009 at 2:29 pm
    i can reveal the toon have failed in their attempt to sign danny simpson full time due to the crap terms offered to him…….so unless his terms are met then he’ll be back at manchester next week.

    komfort says:
    January 2, 2010 at 6:26 pm
    the mackems & smogg monsters have now entered the bidding for young danny simpson… unless the fat bloater splashes the cash he wont be signing for us.

    Stuart79 says:
    January 2, 2010 at 6:31 pm
    komfort says:
    January 2, 2010 at 6:26 pm
    the mackems & smogg monsters have now entered the bidding for young danny simpson… unless the fat bloater splashes the cash he wont be signing for us.

    Where’s that info from like?
    We can totally discount Boro as there a joke.

    komfort says:
    January 2, 2010 at 7:18 pm
    oh stuart i couldn’t possibly reveal my contacts..

    Stuart79 says:
    January 2, 2010 at 7:22 pm
    komfort says:
    January 2, 2010 at 7:18 pm
    Aye, you came up with some bull about Simpson the other night and I see he played today.
    Great sauces…. Is it daddies or hp?’s all true stewie boy !….great sauce that hp.

  40. Stardust, rather than the source of th e “quote” being a Bigg Market tramp, he might just be in the pic that accompanies the Chronicle’s piece.

    Is that John Gibson on the left?

  41. Great win yesterday……
    About SHITTU,who new when bassong came that he would be any good at 500,000 and not able to get regular footie in France.
    Just because he canny get in the Bolton team don`t mean crap.
    He is powerful and fast as far as i have heard.
    That would put him ahead of ZURAB imo.
    Back to our team yesterday-
    Jonas and Jose were great and Loven and Andy did great beside each other.
    Still reckon Ranger will outshine them all but CH aint giving him much time on the pitch,we could lose him before he becomes a top striker.
    Gotta get him some playin time :-)

  42. ****************


    Much obliged



  43. I think one thing which was illustrated last night is the need to bring up the attacking standard down the right wing to match the left. Pancrate still very shaky but it’s early days. Guthrie has a good cross but can’t beat defenders often enough – likewise Ryan T.

    But surely Loverboy has to be a great option now – especially when paired with Shola.

    Mind you, we shouldn’t get on Carroll’s back too much. If you watch him in the flesh it’s obvious he needs to learn to keep a calm head when a shooting opportunity comes up. But he’s getting very good at roughing up defenders even when the ball’s nowhere near – something which Shearer was a master at. He makes a difference to matches, and I think Hughton knows how to use him.

  44. Stardust (in case you’re still reading this thread) – I agree about some of the daftness you’re pointing out about the ‘cash cow’ thing. It’s attacking Ashley on the one point I think he deserves credit, i.e. putting his own money in and backing a squad that many owners would have decimated. Attack him about deception and underhanded dealings, by any means – but not the money.

    In the CCC, being backed to the tune of £20m a year by an owner for whom that does actually represent a fair chunk of his disposable cash isn’t something you jeopardise with pointless digs like that.

    Then again – think back to school and who was likely to end up being a councillor. Not really surprising so many are muppets, is it?

    But the council resolution looks fine to me… if as pointless as most other council resolutions. It doesn’t mention anything about money; just notes support for the principle of strengthening the club’s links with the community and supporters. Nowt wrong with that.

  45. Torres out for 6 weeks, Gerrard out for 2 weeks, seeing Liverpool struggling – priceless :D

    David Craig was on SSN saying Simpson deal is in final stages, improved bids for Beckford and Kilgallon. Now i know he is not the most reliable but if it was true, the value of the 3 would be around £5 miilion combined. You don’t see many other championship teams spending that amount in January! Just to put a different perspective on it of course ;)

  46. jay jay says:
    January 14, 2010 at 12:58 pm
    Batty are you on board with the nust? i think your having a love/hate relationship with them mate!
    <<<<< no m8 iam not it was a bit deaed on here so i thought ide get stardust out of hiding lol

  47. Whumpie @ 82.

    100% with you on this one.

    Despite his mistakes, what Mike Ashley cannot be critisied for is neglecting the club. He has quite a substantial interest in it and he’d be iresponsible to neglect.

    The club, the business is well on the way to coming out of the CCC financially fitter and stronger than before and ok, we’re not living in the FFS days when money was apparently no object. So what!

    Can’t folk understand that Newcastle United could have gone the way of Leeds Utd, and the way Portsmouth, Man U and Liverpool are heading.

    Mike Ashely is not, despite what folk might think, stupid and his aim is to sell up and minimise the hit he’ll take.

    As time goes by, I really do wonder whether his withdrawal would be such a good move.

    Let’s not pan Mike Ashley too much – we might come to reflect and thank him for what he did to Newcastle United.

    Ok guys, provocative I know and I’m sure you’ll comment but I’ve got me tin hat on so fire away.

    But before you do, I am not an apologist for him.

  48. 75 komfort says:
    January 14, 2010 at 1:49 pm
    komfort says:
    December 31, 2009 at 2:29 pm
    i can reveal the toon have failed in their attempt to sign danny simpson full time due to the crap terms offered to him…….so unless his terms are met then he’ll be back at manchester next week.

    komfort says:
    January 2, 2010 at 6:26 pm
    the mackems & smogg monsters have now entered the bidding for young danny simpson… unless the fat bloater splashes the cash he wont be signing for us.

    Stuart79 says:
    January 2, 2010 at 6:31 pm
    komfort says:
    January 2, 2010 at 6:26 pm
    the mackems & smogg monsters have now entered the bidding for young danny simpson… unless the fat bloater splashes the cash he wont be signing for us.

    Where’s that info from like?
    We can totally discount Boro as there a joke.

    komfort says:
    January 2, 2010 at 7:18 pm
    oh stuart i couldn’t possibly reveal my contacts..

    Stuart79 says:
    January 2, 2010 at 7:22 pm
    komfort says:
    January 2, 2010 at 7:18 pm
    Aye, you came up with some bull about Simpson the other night and I see he played today.
    Great sauces…. Is it daddies or hp?’s all true stewie boy !….great sauce that hp.
    <<<<< ha ha komfort and u didnt beleive me when a rang y did u lol

  49. toonsy says:
    January 14, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    David Craig is probably on the ball there.

    Blackwell has already contridicted Killgallon’s agent by saying they agreed a price of £1.75m with a club and he was talking to them. So we can presume that if we bid that price we will get to talk to him. Is our new bid £1.75m? If it isn’t it would be pointless bidding I suppose as Sheff Utd have set their stall out.

    On Beckford I think they’ve bid a final £2m take it or leave it offer.

  50. lesh – I kind of agree with you. The one thing Ashley has done is keep us as a going concern, he had to, it’s in his best interests!

    People will argue that a bit of investment last January may have kept us up, but that’s rhetoric question. Would it? Or would we have gone down anyway? There is no definitive answer.

    With the way the club has been run in the past, people need to realise that Ashley’s £20 million has always kept us running behind the scenes. Due to the perilous state Shepherd and the Halls got us into it was never going to be possible to invest in tansfers with that.

    Im also not an Ashley apologist, he has made some horrendous errors. But his mis-management and resulting relegation could, just could be the making of us financially, especially in a world where football finance seems to be crumbling. The one imperative thing though, is that we get straight back up this season! Only then will we start making money as a club.

  51. Are Liverpool going to have any players left?

    Torres – 6 weeks

    Gerrard – 2 weeks

    Benayoun – 4 weeks.

    We could be crossing each other come May!

  52. Stuart79 says:

    “David Craig is probably on the ball there.”

    I never thought i’d see that written lol

  53. Toonsy,

    Aye he’s a bit of a knob like. Such a sycphantic! Does have good likns with Ashley though.

    On your previous comment about the financial health of the club:

    Were still in a bad way at the minute. If we don’t go up this year were in the sh1te!

  54. Apparently communication has never been one of Ashleys strong points, having usually put his foot in his mouth whenever he opens it.
    There`s really no need at present, as the situation during this window makes it apparwent exactly what his intentions are.
    The plan is obvious to go with the horses he has, strengthening the side with either loaners or CHEAP signings, in order to ensure promotion.
    Once back it`s flog to the first bidder he finds acceptable and outta here.
    Had there been any long time ownership plan, the club would have to begin rebuilding with a view to-wards the future.
    That does`nt appear to be the plan, in which case expect no changes as far as either communications or bringing in any decent signings.
    Gotta laugh, Simpson has been all but on his knees, pleading to stay, yet from reports it seems personal terms are the sticking point in a possible move.
    Then again, judging from how much the club wants to spend on transfers, they are probably offering him peanuts. ah well !

  55. Stu79 – But don’t you think that if we do go up it could be the start of rebuilding the balance books?

  56. It`s really not surprising Lovenkrands got himself a hat trick, he played up front, as well as on the wing for Rangers and did o`k there.
    He has also been a regular in the Danish side and given a choice between he and Beckford, an untried 26yr. old or a proven 29yr.old international, i`ll take Lover boy.

  57. Toonsy,

    If we do go up we’ll probably be one of the most financially stable and profitable clubs out there. Our balance sheet will look pretty impressive to a potential buyer.

    I would imagine Ashley would turn the money he has loaned the club into equity and just sell it lock stock and barrel for about £200m.

    Whichever way we look at it, if we go up there is going to have to be some serious investment, otherwise we go back down.

  58. The one imperative thing though, is that we get straight back up this season! Only then will we start making money as a club…..

    Toonsy, absolutely and Chuck you are right about the lack of high-level communication from – that was and continues to be a major weakness in Ashley’s style.

    But, is there really a need at the moment?

    Of course there is but unlike last season when the club was in crisis, we’re doing much better than many expected and as such, there’s no real uncertainty, fans aren’t festering with anger and frustration (??).

    In some businesses, as long as things are going well, minimal cummunication doesn’t affect morale. When things aint going well, then that’s when silence becomes unsettling.

  59. Komfort,

    Simpson will be signed.

    Sunderland won’t be interested in him as their looking at higher quality players now mate.

  60. …& batty .com (scab) wont heal up if you keep scratching & picking it….you’ll have to stop otherwise moondust’s gonna sent ya doolally tap.

  61. Obviously he wants to sign, but what’s the going rate for a Championship right back?

    If it’s all about money for him, fck him! We’ll do without.

    He should make do with being offered a Cahmpionship wage with a rise of we get promote, the greedy little git!

  62. stuart , there’s other offers on the table , more money ! footballers dont make do in those situations – their all tarred with the same brush…..greedy b@stards one & all.

    …aye , stu another cockney barrow boy under investigation….tut tut

  63. Perhaps there`s some validity to the fact Ashley OR our circumstances has brought about a change as far as finances are concerned.
    On looking at both liverpool and Man. a few other PL sides sides, it appears some may be in serious financial trouble, both mentioned above clubs being way over leveraged.
    Even though successfull in the league and Europe, plus the fact they are international merchandising brands, they are still losing money.
    Had it not been for the sale of Ronaldo, Man U. would have had something to the tune of a 30m. pound loss.
    Obviously an unsustainable course to follow.
    This situation can not go on, where the Chelsea`s and Man.Citeh`s keep pushing other clubs with massive investment, resulting in others having to in turn attempt to match in order to remain competetive.
    I suppose it will take either a major crisis or a bankrupcy of a PL club , before some kind of financial regulation comes into effect, the sooner the better.
    As the present situation in regards to inflated transfer fee and personal terms is causing a disruptive situation, with most clubs finding it difficult to either survive or be profitable in the worlds most lucrative league

  64. I think lovenkrands played well and deserved his hat-trick.
    batty boy where are you you useless sack of shit are you hiding.

  65. komfort says:
    January 14, 2010 at 4:20 pm
    …& batty .com (scab) wont heal up if you keep scratching & picking it….you’ll have to stop otherwise moondust’s gonna sent ya doolally tap

    well said m8 but batty is allready doolally its missing stardust makes him like that. Sorry batts cant wait round for you catch you again super grass

  66. MOONDUST says:
    January 14, 2010 at 5:45 pm
    komfort says:
    January 14, 2010 at 4:20 pm
    …& batty .com (scab) wont heal up if you keep scratching & picking it….you’ll have to stop otherwise moondust’s gonna sent ya doolally tap

    well said m8 but batty is allready doolally its missing stardust makes him like that. Sorry batts cant wait round for you catch you again super grass
    <<<<< well thats good coming off some 1 who has named himself after him and no self respecting toon fan would have a piture off fat ash on his avatar not even stardust essex boy

  67. Chuck says:
    January 14, 2010 at 4:51 pm, i shed no tears for ManU or Liverpool and i dont agree that there should be financial regulation, they both enjoyed a long run of success when they dominated the transfer market but the shoe is now on the other foot and they dont and wont like it when they get a large dose of their own medicine. ManU in particular have no grace, humility or class when winning or losing and i say good luck to Chelsea and City, its your turn.
    Bobby Robson said in his wisdom when Abramovich took over that it would change the face of football forever and he was spot on, the transfer market went crackers and those that went over budget trying to keep pace with unlimited spending power would suffer, wise words indeed, we suffered the knock on effect of this, others will follow suit shortly and i think we have been lucky that we have recovered from the blow, other clubs with smaller fan bases and older grounds may not.

  68. @bigbadbob.

    Good words there. But some finanicial regulation is inevitible in my opinion- whether it be debt limits or some sort ofg limit on spending/revenue ratios

  69. bigbadbob says:
    January 14, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    “Bobby Robson said in his wisdom when Abramovich took over that it would change the face of football forever and he was spot on, the transfer market went crackers”

    Not really bigbadbob. Neither Chelsea or Man City have had as much impact as perhaps the most established team of them all, Real Madrid, at the top end of the market. They have consistently held the record transfer fees for many years now, and the likes of Abramovitch and Mansour at Man City haven’t even come close yet. They are still to pay sums such as £80 million, or £50 million, for the likes of Ronaldo and Kaka, or over over £40 million for Zidane in the days when that was worth alot more than it is now in football player terms.

  70. worky – To be fair, Real Madrid have never had as much catching up to do as Chelsea did and Man City do now. The Kings club from Madrid have always been there or thereabouts and have had a solid base to build during the transition of getting the galacticos in, both times. It also helps being back by the king of Spain!

    Chelsea and Man City were nowhere near challenging Man Utd, although Chelsea were closer when Roman took over. These teams have had to build or start building teams that can challenge. The money has dried up a bit from Abromovich (relatively) but the sheikh at Citeh i’d imagine has only just begun. If they get in the champions league this season i fully expect to start seeing the marquee signings like Robinho on a more regular basis at Eastlands.

    Of course, all this is fair enough but what happens next? What happens when Roman wants his equity back or the sheikh gets bored and pisses off? Comsidering Man City have to pay 20% of their gate reciepts in rent for the stadium, they are never going to be able to carry on with the massive wages and transfer fees. Their wage bill now is riduculous at £2 million a year.

  71. You would have thought we would have been revved up for this transfer window. Signed Simpson, a central defender and a mobile striker early in the process business done and got on with the matter of winning football matches. We have had months to be prepared.
    The longer it goes on you fear we could lose star players.

  72. Toonsy if Man City wage bill is only £2 million a year there is some very poorly paid footballers at that club

  73. Cheers for pointing that out! Yes i meant £2 million per week. Kind of makes our wage bill last season look silly!

  74. great to see the councillors supporting the NUST. Stardust has his kegs in a twist. Woo hoo hoo hoo. The snowball continues to roll and collect snow and hopefully will crush dusty and his hate filled opinions.

  75. spew 79 – just been checking over your posts and i’ve got to say your so boring you’d send a glass eye to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    i hope for the sake of your partner your not the same in bed – i bet the poor lad’s sick of his life.

  76. listen all you lot who are reading this blog waitin for some 1 too comment are nosey b@stards u know who u are :lol:

  77. batty says:
    January 14, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    “cropper u realy do have a split personality”

    He definitely isn’t that rather placid gadgie who runs “Roy’s Rolls”.

  78. Batty – I’ll answer you as Worky ignores you – I think – strangely they are GMT +4 1/2 hrs.

    Not sure if theres a more common acceptance of the 4 or 5 though.

  79. batty says:
    January 14, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    “alreet worky how y keepin m8 worky do u know what the time diff is m8 with us and afgan”

    I thought it was roughly around +5 hrs, but I checked it out for you and it +4.5 hrs from our time. I know he’s gannin’ oot today, hope he’s ok, and you as well.

  80. evenin lads, missed the match last night but i’m pleased for loven, a hat trick will work wonders for confidence. hopefully Hughton will give him a run in the team and see how he does, he definitly offers something different than our other strikers

  81. 133 – LOL

    Will you be able to speak to him on msn or something batty – or will it be “radio silence” for a while

  82. Stardust says:
    January 14, 2010 at 10:17 pm
    133 – LOL

    Will you be able to speak to him on msn or something batty
    aye and facebook m8 but wont be for a few days yet

  83. batty-would love to see him get a start against WBA. If i was Hughton he’d be nailed on to start, a midweek hat trick with one of the biggest games of our season to follow, you can’t really leave him out can you.

  84. batty says:
    January 14, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    “aye and facebook m8 but wont be for a few days yet”

    batty, have you got yourself a little headset for your soundcard, so you can talk to him on MSN / Yahoo or whatever?

  85. Wont they have Skype down there Worky ? Sometimes with MSN etc if both comps havent got the same messenger upgrade it wont work – I find Skypes easier

  86. Would have thought he could communicate via skype with his laptop batts – or as worky says msn – but no doubt all the lads and lasses down there will tell him what to do

  87. I was thinking about Skype too Stardust. You’re right about the security, but of course, I don’t know what the rules and regulations are with the forces out there.

    but batty, a good headset would be very handy with either anyway if you dont have one already?

    On the subject of food, my Stroganoff’s been in the oven for hours now!

  88. batty says:
    January 14, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    “i see Qpr are after our record for most managers paul hart left”

    Poor gets! They probably thought it was going to be like Chelsea x 3 with Mittal, Ecclestone and Briatore owning the place.

  89. batty-nah sorry mate, wasnt me! I’m up in Edinburgh these days like. His hattrick was a good’n, liked the first finish and he did well to get up for the header. The third was a typical strikers finish, right place right time to get on the end of a loose ball and net it.

  90. Good evening all ;)
    Batty hows everyone doing Bud. I was quickly reading through the post there, Batty when you do get talking to him try not to ask awkward questions as his comms are all moderated and if you ask the wrong question you will get cut off. and dont worry if he doesn’t get in touch with you at times as there is times that you might go near a month without hearing from him.

  91. Worky can you remember we were talking about loven’s getting a go with one of the big Lumps lol and it worked. I just hope he gets rewarded with another start

  92. Big Dave says:
    January 14, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    “Worky can you remember we were talking about loven’s getting a go with one of the big Lumps lol and it worked. I just hope he gets rewarded with another start”

    Yes I do Dave. He’s a good player, but he’s had the same sort of problem as the club has for whatever reason. He just hasn’t been able to get into his stride for quite a long time now, as soon as he does, something happens, injury (at Shalke), the seasons over, he doesn’t get a proper pre season for contractual reasons, his dad gets very ill and he’s understandably distressed and not 100%. I wouldn’t criticise Hughton for not picking him enough yet though, he still has to phase him gradually after all the interruptions. He should pick him more now though.

  93. Feb ’10

    Fri. 5 19:45 UK Newcastle United v Cardiff City
    Tue. 9 19:45 UK Derby County v Newcastle United
    Sat. 13 15:00 UK Swansea City v Newcastle United
    Wed. 17 19:45 UK Newcastle United v Coventry City
    Sat. 20 15:00 UK Newcastle United v Preston North End
    Tues.23 20:00 UK Reading v Newcastle.
    Sat. 27 15:00 UK Watford v Newcastle United

    Whoa,We have 7 fixtures in the month of February.
    If we manage to get all the 21points,i reckon we will win promotion~~~~^,^

  94. Well i hope people who are banging on about Moses shut up now. Real Madrid have confirmed their interest!

  95. Are we sure Lovenkrands is Danish – he sounds more scottish that oor willie :-)

    Am badly hungover and proper late for work

  96. Nobody can deny that our transfer dealings are run like a well-oiled machine!

    No less than expected and I take back my suggestion of a few weeks ago that we’d be pleasantly surprised this window.

    You’ve got to feel heart sorry for Hughton: he’s doing his best very well, but with his hands tied behind his back.

    It’s good to know that as manager he has the full support of his directors.

    Ho hum

  97. losing simpson would be disastrous.

    we’ve been lucky that our first choice back four came through so far pretty unscathed, but it doesnt look like were moving forward this transfer window.

    i agree we should be held to ransom over wages, a new wage structure at NUFC is imperative. if the journal article is to be believed, you’d think danny would play ball for the payrise come promotion… that to me is logical. theres no doubt an agent is in his ear… friggin worm-tongues

  98. lesh – aye, I don’t want to get too down about it but it seems like a familiar story so far.

    Right got some graft on and better get cracking!

  99. Agree re the Simpson stuff. He has the ability to compromise, so what’s wrong with a deal that pays him lower wages in the championship and increases if/when we win promotion? If he doesn’t like it – tough luck.I hope a compromise is found as I rate him as a player, he’s young and he can only get better. Hopefully his agent won’t screw this up for him.

  100. bolton have put a 2m bid in for carroll. . ! I can see it now, fat ash will sell a young passionate geordie who loves the club in order to buy beckford, a 26 yr old who has never played in the premiership. The worst of it is, stardust will think its a great idea.

  101. Was going to get a ticket for the cardiff match until I realised it’s a friday night game. It’s going to have to be preston on the 20th of feb, anyone know if tickets are on sale yet?

  102. macas i could’nt agree more, why on earth should we be held to ransom by 21 year old player that’s completely unproven in the epl , it just does’nt make sense to me and i stand by the club on this issue.

    i’m also in the throws of penning a letter to mike and derek urging them not to over spend in this window as i would prefer it be spent once we regain our place in the epl.

    the sooner this transfer window closes the better for all concerned especially now mike seems to be getting the majority of fans on side.

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  104. troy always good for a laugh u had me in stitches with that 1 m8 bet your areet laugh when ur on the p:ss :lol:

  105. can’t get that link , but i would have thought he means – mike will only except an offer that’s way below his valuation & you’s can take forever to pay for him.

    1st one nearing the exit door.

  106. cheers lesh ,

    He told the Chronicle: “They are wasting their time with Andy.”

    which ties in nicely with my post 176.

  107. quick question for someone , how far is the metro centre from st james park? Comin over next month with one of the lads and just need a cheap decent enough hotel to stay in

  108. Re Carroll. If the money is good enough, let him go. Ranger is a ready made replacement in my opinion, neither of them are prolific are they?!

    On a side-note, and i say it about every player, they don’t have to be sold if they don’t want to be. They have the power nowadays, and a contract just the same as the rest of us.

  109. I’m sticking with this blog, tried it when ed’s closed down and like it more, trying to get match tickets is a pain in the arse, i need a better phone or a laptop, donations welcome, surely batty or komfort can get hold of something!

  110. aye toonsy – nice to see youv’e come round to ashley’s way of thinking , but you forget to stress for him not to spent any cash either ! – or are you just kidding us on ?

  111. 15.44 Burnley have confirmed an interest in Matthew Kilgallon, but say they are not prepared to meet the Sheffield United defender’s ‘excessive’ wage demands.

  112. BBM will be cringing today after NUST’s latest “Unveiling of their plans” they basically announced a load of names of companies helping them. Wonder where the money is coming from to pay for it when it all goes tits up?

  113. Wellll as much as I love to knock Carroll’s attitude and his priorities (what he gets up to off the pitch) and sometimes his overall impact upfront… I really can’t deny I like how much effort he puts into the game and he has a valuable physical presence upfront.

    It doesn’t matter where he’s from but it makes it easier for him I suppose, and I definitely would not sell him as he can clearly do a job for us in the championship… Give it until next January window to see how well he cuts it in the prem, and only then possibly loan him to another club, but he’s a good one for the future no doubt.

  114. Stardust says:
    January 15, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    “BBM will be cringing today after NUST’s latest “Unveiling of their plans”

    There’s a new ‘blog up about it, Stardust.