Alan Oliver desperately tries to keep Hughton sacking story alive.

Oliver: Risible buffoon.

Oliver: Risible buffoon.

Writing for the People newspaper yeterday, Alan Oliver, who is renowned throughout the region for his completely innaccurate and malicious reporting about Newcastle United, and still banned from St James’s Park for spreading falsehoods about the club, was still persisting with the story that Chris Hughton is about to be sacked.

His piece, “Newcastle boss Chris Hughton under pressure as Mike Ashley is poised with axe” is derived from a story first cooked up by the Daily Hate Mail.

Despite Newcastle’s victory at West Ham which left them in the top half of the table, Oliver insists:

“CHRIS HUGHTON is fighting for his job at Newcastle, with Mike Ashley yet to start negotiations on a new contract.

“Toon boss Hughton’s deal runs out at the end of the season but owner Ashley is in no hurry to begin talks after Newcastle took just one point from three Premier League home games – against Blackpool, Stoke and Wigan.

“And despite impressive defeats of Aston Villa and Everton in the league, as well as a stunning win at Chelsea in the Carling Cup, it is the results at St James’ Park against fellow relegation candidates that have set the alarm bells ringing with the top brass.”

Oliver cuts a rather pathetic figure in North East football journalism nowadays, has no contacts at Newcastle United whatsoever, and of course, if Ashley and Llambias were thinking of sacking Hughton, the last thing they would do would be to tell the likes of him. He prates on:

“Victory at strugglers West Ham last night moved Toon five points clear of the drop zone – at least until today.”

So they will still be clear of the “drop zone” even if all the teams below them win, but Oliver presses on:

“Despite that, Hughton is well aware there are experienced managers out of work such as Martin O’Neill, Alan Curbishley and Glenn Hoddle should Ashley and managing director Derek Llambias decide to give him the boot.”

There are always experienced managers out of work, so this is completely irrelevant twaddle. He continues:

“In fact, Hughton’s own future could well be gauged by whether he is allowed to bring in a new No.2 in the near future after Colin Calderwood left to become boss of Scottish side Hibernian.”

Even Oliver knows that Hughton is selecting his successor, so he’s trying to mislead his readers here. He then carries on with the usual M.O. a few lines stating the obvious, then a few lines trying despertely to put the most negative possible slant on it:

“Also, Newcastle face two crucial home games in four days starting with Wednesday’s Carling Cup fourth round tie against Arsenal quickly followed by a crunch derby clash against Sunderland next Sunday.

“And the feeling coming out the club is Hughton’s days could be numbered if Newcastle lose both games, particularly if their hated Wearside rivals win in front of a baying Toon Army.”

There is no feeling coming out of the club that Hughton’s days are numbered, there is just a feeling in the whole of football that if a manager loses a string of games, he is more likely to get the sack than if he wins a string of games, so that is just more irrelevant piffle. Also it shows what a low opinion Oliver has of his readership if he suggests that the whole of the “Toon Army” would be “baying” for the sacking of Hughton if he lost two games in a row. But let’s move on:

“The United hierarchy always said that they wanted to give Hughton the chance to prove himself as a Premier League gaffer after marching back to the top-flight last season as Championship title winners.

“But after being given very little money to strengthen his promotion-winning squad and hearing nothing about a new deal, Hughton knows the signs for his long-term future at the club are not looking good. It has been a torrid week in charge for the former Spurs coach after star striker Andy Carroll was arrested and charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

“The England hopeful then had his car set on fire.

“The few moves Hughton has been allowed to make in the transfer market have not impressed Ashley and Co.

“One of Calderwood’s recommendations, James Perch, has made a disastrous start to his Toon career since joining from Nottingham Forest.

“And striker Leon Best, signed for £2million from Coventry in February, has been a flop.”

Of course, he studiously avoids all mention of signings such as Hatem Ben Arfa, Chieck Tiote, Mike Williamson, Wayne Routledge and the rest, including some very handy loan signings, because that would reaveal that Chris Hughton has actually been rather good in the transfer market, and that Oliver himself is man of straw, a malicious idiot of little substance. Certainly, one of Mike Ashley’s and Derek Llambias’s best moves at the club has been to ban this grubby little hack.

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63 Responses to “Alan Oliver desperately tries to keep Hughton sacking story alive.”

  1. 1
    avatar I Love Mike says:

    Hope he reads this:

    Alan Oliver, you’re a joke!

  2. 2
    avatar I Love Mike says:

    ohh and I would love to hear the reasoning behind why these 42 ‘supporters’ in the poll above would like Chris Hughton to be sacked. Wonder if any would come out and enlighten us?

  3. 3
    avatar richietoon says:

    He’s a tosser and one of the reasons I don’t buy the Sunday papers anymore.

  4. 4
    avatar alanmc09 says: great site lads some great toon chants especially blaydon races..

  5. 5
    avatar MDS says:

    “And despite impressive defeats of Aston Villa and Everton in the league, as well as a stunning win at Chelsea in the Carling Cup, it is the results at St James’ Park against fellow relegation candidates that have set the alarm bells ringing with the top brass.”


    I think they rang alarm bells for suporters as well, but that doesn’t mean the guy should be axed. You cannot talk about the bad without giving him credit for 3 wins thta no one expected form us.

    I think ashley is right to take a wait and see approach before offering a new contract- it is afterall hughton’s first run as a Prem manager. But he shoul be given the season in my opinion, barring a coompletely disaterous run.

  6. 6
    avatar JJ says:


    Because 10% of Newcastle supporters are actually the clueless baffoons the media target and get the reaction they’re looking for.
    I suppose all clubs will have em. Just be grateful 90% of us have some intellegence.

  7. 7
    avatar mark says:

    Anal Oliver use to dribble this shit day in, day out at the chron…

    I stopped buying the Chron after being peeved with AO, with his lies and rumours…

    I thought he supported the Toon?

  8. 8
    avatar toonitis says:

    pity anal oliver cant show a bit of class like hoots

  9. 9
    avatar DJG says:

    I wonder if Oliver left the ronnie or if he was pushed. They must have realised he had became obsolete and unsuitable for the job when no-one at the club would talk to him anymore. Mwahahaha.

  10. 10
    avatar beatski says:

    it’s spelled buffoon (irony)

    Also, who’s to say that 10% are actually Newcastle farms?

  11. 11
    avatar beatski says:

    farms? fans. i’m an idiot

  12. 12
    avatar workyticket says:

    DJG says:
    October 25, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    “I wonder if Oliver left the ronnie or if he was pushed.”

    The Chronic was taken over by the Mirror Group, DJG, which also owns the People. So he’s still peddling his drivel for the same company.

  13. 13
    avatar Chris F says:

    he’s just bitter that the top brass no longer feed him shite to sell his papers.

    you have to admire his talent thoughg, it can’t have been easy writing notes while deepthroating freddy shepherd.

  14. 14
    avatar workyticket says:

    beatski says:
    October 25, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    “it’s spelled buffoon (irony)”

    Indeed it is, beatski, but where’s the irony in that?

  15. 15
    avatar icedog says:

    he lives and drinks in our small village,i often see him,not in the pub like ;),i divnt gan in

  16. 16
    avatar workyticket says:

    Chris F says:
    October 25, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    “it can’t have been easy writing notes while deepthroating freddy shepherd.”

    PLEASE don’t put images like that into people’s heads, Chris F!

  17. 17
    avatar Hugh de Payen says:

    I’m guessing Mr Oliver isn’t on you Christmas card list then Worky?

  18. 18
    avatar beatski says:

    workyticket; calling someone else stupid and getting the operative word wrong, making you look somewhat stupid

  19. 19
    avatar icedog says:

    HUGH/DE/P,nice to see you getting on the blog a little more m8

  20. 20
    avatar workyticket says:

    Hugh de Payen says:
    October 25, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    “I’m guessing Mr Oliver isn’t on you Christmas card list then Worky?”

    I do like venting my spleen about him and Louise, Hugh. Can you tell? :-)

    I will get back to you with that e.mail BTW, I just need to stop buzzing around like a blue arsed fly for a few minutes!

  21. 21
    avatar Hugh de Payen says:

    My hectic life of the last 12 months isn’t quite so hectic now, Ice, so I have a bit more time to post. Although I’m still here reading most days anyway even if not commenting. Hope you’re well too, like.

  22. 22
    avatar workyticket says:

    beatski says:
    October 25, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    “workyticket; calling someone else stupid and getting the operative word wrong, making you look somewhat stupid”

    I didn’t get it wrong you ignorant BUFFOON. Now goodbye.

  23. 23
    avatar Grordieal says:

    I absolutely cannot stand alan Oliver, would gladly beat him all night than read his crap. But then so are all reporters when it comes to sport. All they want to do is stir a hornets nest to get a reaction, hughton still has alot to learn but at least he seems to be coming to terms with playing 2 up top, granted I wish it wasn’t shola but beggars can’t be choosers, he needs at least til the end of the season before he can be judged. For someone that has no money to spend he has done an amazing job, as long as we can keep pulling out results and challenging top half i think he will be given a better deal, then build on next year, glad Simpson came back as perch isn’t good enough for the reserves let alone first team, still not convinced about routledge either, he should be a much better player than he is given he has pace and skill, unfortunately he just can’t produce at this level, rather keep Barton there or bring in Ryan Taylor and play Barton in place of Nolan, yeah he scored but we need someone better than him to progress.

  24. 24
    avatar beatski says:

    i was talking about the guy who spelled it baffoon further up

  25. 25
    avatar Hugh de Payen says:

    workyticket workyticket says:
    October 25, 2010 at 7:42 pm (Edit)

    I do like venting my spleen about him and Louise, Hugh. Can you tell? :-)


    Yes indeed. I’ve vented about the mackem harpy a few times myself in the past.

  26. 26
    avatar icedog says:

    HUGH/DE/P sorry to here your running aboot m8,must mean you havent been getting to many games like

  27. 27
    avatar Hugh de Payen says:

    Oddly enough Buffoon is what I call the Italian goalkeeper, just to annoy him. Although in all probability he has better things to do than read my comments, so it probably doesn’t annoy him at all.

    I do the same with Steven Seagull (that actor gadgie (and I use the word ‘actor’ very loosely)), although I can’t imagine he ever reads my comments either.

  28. 28
    avatar beatski says:

    I do the same with Sergio Biscuits, but he’s probably too busy with acting/diving class to notice either

  29. 29
    avatar Ginkoh says:

    Anal Oliver is Mackem, isn’t he ? No surprise at all.

  30. 30
    avatar icedog says:

    i can put up with steven seagull mainly because he has no time for the hollywood crowd and does a lot for charity,cant be that bad maybe

  31. 31
    avatar workyticket says:

    beatski says:
    October 25, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    “i was talking about the guy who spelled it baffoon further up”

    I’m sorry beatski, but I get bit radgie sometimes about people having a go at other people for spelling errors. I have my reasons.

  32. 32
    avatar beatski says:

    np. I’m just a bit pedantic when it comes to spellings

  33. 33
    avatar Brentoon says:

    Strikes me that AO is the person desperately seeking to keep his job by sensationalising nonsence! Perhaps he’s the one who advised Rooney to say that Alex Ferguson and Manure lack ambition ???

  34. 34
    avatar icedog says:

    drinks with the two local cops,wondered why he never got done for D/D,he can walk home lazy git,10min is a lang walk when your pi@@ed like

  35. 35
    avatar Hugh de Payen says:

    Just for the record Mr Seagull, if you are indeed reading, I have nothing against you personally (and that’s especially true if you have good lawyers).

    It’s just that your acting stinks.

  36. 36
    avatar icedog says:

    HUGH :)

  37. 37
    avatar Cullen says:

    Oliver you complete tw@t, you speak bile and always have.

  38. 38
    avatar Toon Chicken says:

    beatski – if you like spelling based irony you’ll love this… :lol:

  39. 39
    avatar Antrim Andy says:

    Another so called Toon supporter spouting bile anyone with any sense must want Hughton to be given a fair chance. All the panic stations policies of the previous regime must not come back.

  40. 40
    avatar Cyprus-Toon says:

    The only way to stop Anal Oliver is for Ashley to give CH a new contract or maybe thats the ploy by AO????

    Either way, he’s full of shite & should be shot on site!!

  41. 41
    avatar Cybertoon says:

    It is the job of sports columnists to get a rise out of the readership by writing pointed and controversial things. Occasionally they go too far and cross over into the land of risible buffoonery, as is evident here. What dross! Rather than murder, he should be made to walk across the Millennium Bridge for 72 hours nonstop while being whipped naked. But think of the innocent tourists.


  42. 42
    avatar boater says:

    sacking hughton would be our worst managerial loss since sbr, perhaps even shading that as much as it pains to say it, on age grounds. I think we have one of the country’s hottest new talents in hughton, and would welcome a bumper contract that would see him continue to build the club from the bottom up for the next 5 years. That’s how highly I rate him. We’ll be in europe with a young hungry side in 3 years. Anything else and there’d be a player exodus and probably fan uproar.

  43. 43
    avatar BeeGuy says:

    What a laugh, a reporter tryuing to tell MA & the Owl who should be managing their football club. I read better suggestions on these blogs than what AO is spewing.
    I do believe that much of the sucess of the Big 4 has to do with stability in the managers slot. CH has a plan for his team, but has shown the ability to make the changes needed to remain competitive. NUFC are a squad that keep the ball on the ground and push for goals with slashing attacks and mild angle crosses. It is a formula that is compatible with the roster he has. No square pegs in round holes, just using what he has.

  44. 44
    avatar workyticket says:

    BeeGuy says:
    October 25, 2010 at 9:54 pm

    “What a laugh, a reporter tryuing to tell MA & the Owl who should be managing their football club.”

    He’s a journalist with a low quality newspaper, BeeGuy. He’s trying to make his readers angry, but with Hughton, not with himself.

  45. 45
    avatar Hoppy says:

    The bloke is a disgrace pure and simple, it was Oliver who was printing stories leaked to him by the other scumbag Shepherd about how Bobby Robson had lost the dressing room which in turn made it easier for Shepherd to sack Robson. Stories Robson admitted that happened day in day out in football clubs and never see the light of day in print. He was and still is Shepherds lapdog and the day Ashley kicked him out of St James is a day anyone with genuine concern for the club should celebrate.

  46. 46
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    Down with the div & his ilk.

  47. 47
    avatar Brisvegas says:

    Excellent, Worky. It’s a pity there aren’t more articles like this around the traps.

  48. 48
    avatar dave says:

    and ashley isnt a proven lying conman.

  49. 49
    avatar richietoon says:

    dave… maybe he is ‘cos he’s a successful business man ;-) ….but Oliver is a Geordie and supposed Toon fan which is what makes it worse for me, you don’t sh!t on your own doorstep.

  50. 50
    avatar bowburnmag says:

    Oliver has an axe to grind with Ashley, and he’s just presenting facts that could be made to use a horrific decision. And let’s face it, they’ve made plenty of poor ones before.

    Everyone is getting upset about Oliver suggesting Hughton should get the sack. But that’s not really what he’s saying at all. Although reading worky’s version, it perhaps does ;)

  51. 51
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    Haddaway bowburn, y’scab.
    He’s a prize to$$er & everyone knows it.
    He puts his spin on facts & presents them in a underhand, let’s try & upset the applecart way.
    Can’t believe your sticking up for that…

  52. 52
    avatar Mike says:

    This guy is utterly retarded. The man needs to look at him self in the mirror and realise this.

    I’m a life long newcastle fan and im absolutly delighted with the job chris hughton is doing with the amount of funds he’s had to spend. Also Ben’ Arfa, who is probably our most creative player is out for most of the season and we have a thin squad anyway. The realitic challange for newcastle is to stay in the Prem.

    Alan Oliver needs to reavaluate his career. He is oviously just writing nonsence for attention. How Pathetic

  53. 53
    avatar bowburnmag says:

    Ah CliNT, you’re so tetchy! I was just playing devil’s advocate.

    I did try to run Oliver over when I was training for my charity bike ride. If that helps?

  54. 54
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Oliver had his head so far up Fat Freddie’s R’s in those days that its a wonder he can actually see properly let alone think rationally.

    They’re both loathsome individuals

  55. 55
    avatar iHateAlanOliver says:

    Isn’t it funny to see a so called NUFC blog which can’t even spell the name of their own stadium correctly criticise an idiot journalist for making stuff up.

  56. 56
    avatar batty says:

    fuk off ya dirty c unt

  57. 57
    avatar Fake Cheick says:

    Alan Oliver peddling his nonsense:

  58. 58
    avatar Dazmun says:

    looks like somebody owes Alan Oliver an apology?

  59. 59
    avatar Dave says:

    Alan Oliver knows exactly what the NUFC regime are about. Will the big pussy that wrote this article apologise or dissapear?

  60. 60
    avatar Frank T Mitchell says:

    Someone owes Alan an apology lol

  61. 61
    avatar HAHA says:

    HAHA. Your club is a joke and Oliver tells it like it is.

  62. 62
    avatar ned says:

    Alan Oliver tells the truth – the morons at Thomson House make it up. and who do the Mags goons lap it up from? * snigger *

  63. 63
    avatar Sage says:

    A respected jopurnalist wrongly slighted here, mate

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