Pardew to get the Newcastle job – Ash to appoint old gambling buddy

New Toon Boss?

New Toon Boss?

In a move that can only be described as astonishing, Mike Ashley sent Chris Hughton on his way earlier this week and – unless it’s all one massive smokescreen – it looks like he’s about to replace him with Alan Pardew.

Pardew’s achievements include getting Reading promoted from division two to division one, getting West Ham promoted to the Premiership, losing on penalties to Liverpool in the FA Cup final, winning a Football League Trophy at Southampton and …. well, that’s about it really. Pardew’s tenure at Charlton was less successful, where he took them down from the Premiership to mid-table Championship obscurity.

I am however sure Mike Ashley will be appointing Alan Pardew for purely footballing reasons and it will have nothing at all to do with suggestions that Ashley, Llambias and Pardew are old gambling buddies and that it’s just ‘jobs for the boys’. So I won’t mention that.

I suppose some Newcastle United supporters may welcome the appointment of Alan Pardew at the expense of Chris Hughton, but I suspect it will make most madder than an albino hitching a lift in a snow storm. Ashley is certainly chancing his hand with this one and for the sake of the Toon I hope it pays off. If it doesn’t, I would anticipate a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Om mani padme hum.

Okay, let’s take a more balanced look at Alan Pardew. Tell you what, let’s not. Instead I’ll give his win statistics with various clubs:

Reading: 48.11%
West Ham: 41.10%
Charlton: 31.46%
Southampton: 53.13%
Total: 43.75

In the interests of balance, though, it should be said that those aren’t too bad – if not outstanding – and are comparable to, say, David Moyse’s.

So where do we go from here?

It will be interesting to see who gets appointed as assistant manager. Presumably Hughton didn’t get a replacement for Calderwood because Ashley had been planning for some time to ditch him, but if Pardew is Ashley’s long-term vision then I would expect an assistant manager to be appointed very soon. Most reports seem to be suggesting that Peter Beardsley will be appointed as Pardew’s right-hand man, although whether or not that would be Pardew’s choice is another matter.

Then of course there’s the question of whether or not Ash will flash the cash and give Pardew some transfer funds. Pardew does have something of a reputation for buying wisely (and cheaply) and maybe that’s why Ashley employed him, following a lack of confidence in Hughton’s skills in the transfer market.

I’m still baffled by all this. There may indeed have been an argument to replace Chris Hughton with someone more experienced at some point but, save for a situation where relegation is looking like a real danger, that wasn’t this season. Or the next. Chris Hughton was taking this team forward and he deserved time to prove he could continue to do so.

More importantly, he was part of a stability that seemed to have settled on the club after years of turmoil and I think that was as important as anything else for Newcastle United. If Hughton had stalled, could take the club no further or we were in real danger of relegation then I could understand replacing him, but it seemed to me he was going in the right direction.

And even if you disagree with my remarks about giving Hughton a chance, I would suggest that Alan Pardew is hardly the ‘experienced manager’ to take Newcastle United forward. Then again he may prove me wrong – I hope so.

It looks like we’ve entering the Alan Pardew era and only time will tell how that goes.

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176 Responses to “Pardew to get the Newcastle job – Ash to appoint old gambling buddy”

  1. 1
    avatar 3hourswasted says:

    I can’t believe Pardew is what we need – his record isn’t great and can’t believe they are talking about a 5 year contract.
    David Craig on SSN just said it’s not a done deal and there are other parties in discussion for the job. He is a knob tho and probably just trying to keep the tension up for SKY

  2. 2
    avatar Mikey26 says:

    Still can’t see it, players and fans alike will revolt and ma knows this! He doesn’t want to take us down again and fork out millions keeping us afloat! Just hoping its rumours and media making people bet to drop the odds and cause more betting. No direct quotes from anybody at all its all a big rumour…..just hope I’m right anyway!

  3. 3
    avatar shrews mag says:

    Dear God NO … we will be a laughing stock again … :(

    This cannot be true … it just can’t :(

  4. 4
    avatar arcarius says:

    SERIOUSLY hoping that this is just a massive smokescreen to pave way for someone else

    This is becoming a cruel joke

  5. 5
    avatar baboon says:

    Baboon says Ashley is a Buffoon.

  6. 6
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:

    Reading over Jose’s comments again, it’s clear to me he will soon leave of his own accord if he isn’t shoved out the door.

    “The fans are not happy, the players are not happy,”

    “If they are going to fire someone as good as Chris, they have to then bring in a big name, someone who has won trophies.”

    “Things are like this at this club – strange things happen.”

    “If they just bring in someone similar, it’s a joke.”

    See you later Jose

  7. 7
    avatar boater says:

    He’s not confirmed yet. What’s all this smokescreen malarky? We always say that, last minute superstar transfer coup, etc. Never happens.

    Toonsy – I’m in 100% agreement. I don’t like the weird ‘his tactics and substitutions were dodgy’ new mob mantra on here neither. It lacks real class. We beat arsenal – whilst edging overall possession in their own back yard – and yet playstation addicted, spotty asbo teenagers come on here saying ‘he sould neva have substituted tiote, etc”.

    The “lack of experience” club statement really rankles too. CH was learning – rapidly – on the job. What kind of upwards trajectory did they have in mind exactly!?!?!? – as Shearer said? Forging the club into his own long-term vision. It’s ironic his next employers will see the experience he gained with NUFC as one of his selling points.

    As henry winter said- look at everton, man utd if you want a timely reminder of the importance of not panicking during an early, nervy patch under a new, fresh manager. I could FOOKIN weep.

  8. 8
    avatar DJG says:

    To be fair an unbiased.

    When he took over at Charlton they were second bottom with 12 points and -20 goal difference, and although there was an improvement they still got relegated, so not really his fault was it.

    Other than that relegation his managerial career has actually been alright including promotions and play-off/cup finals.

    Is he a big enough step up from Hughton though?

    It all depends if Ashley backs him with players in Jan dosn’t it, and if Ashley and his scouts pick them instead of Hughton asking for money I suggest he might supply him with some players. Whether they would be any good or not rmains to be seen. We’ve heard this ‘no signings’ thing before and we got Tiote and Benny.

  9. 9
    avatar Ross says:

    Toro-as I said on the previous thread mate I salute him for trying to speak out but it doesn’t help him, or us. Teams like spurs will be interested, we know Ashley will happily sell and he’s one of our best players. Transfer requests wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Who’s to say 95% of our players aren’t all just sitting there saying “this is the last straw, if we don’t make an effort to go forward with this appointment I want out” argue that’s what the majority of them probably are saying. Disgusting.

  10. 10
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    El Toro,
    players always moan etc. when a manager goes, that’s normal.
    boater, it was Hugh that you’re agreeing with, if you’re referring ti the article mate.

  11. 11
    avatar JerseyGeordie says:

    This is ridiculous…

  12. 12
    avatar Stuart79 says:

    Even if it’s Pardew he will obviously get my support.

    Danny Mills reckons he’s the best manager he’s ever worked with and he is still loved by WH fans for some reason.

  13. 13
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    I know it hurts/sucks etc. right now, but all the inventing our own little scenarios, filled with gossip, wild accusations & assumptions, suppositions & stuff is pointless, ’til we actually know who is coming in.
    I know everyone likes a good piss & moan, but howay.

  14. 14
    avatar boater says:

    @CH. Oh aye.

  15. 15
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    i agree, we support NUFC, we have to.

  16. 16
    avatar Geordie69 says:


    Danny Mills is hated by most pro footballers, he never drank or mixed with anyone. Total knob! His words do not excite me in the slightest!

  17. 17
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    Craaaaaaigg daaaaavid is just saying that to keep people watching ssn.
    Football is rarely full of surprises.

  18. 18
    avatar Hugh de Payen says:

    My take on it is that if he’s going to replace Hughton with someone ‘more experienced’ to ‘take the club forward’, then we need someone with a few trophies under his belt, or at least some lengthy experience in the upper echelons of the PL (or some foreign top division).

    Otherwise we’re taking a big risk and we might as well have taken that risk with Hoots and maintained the stability we’d been building.

  19. 19
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    That’s fair enough Hugh.

    most pro footballers are knobs mate, tbf.

  20. 20
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:

    Micky Toon

    Craiiiiiiig Daaaaaaavid…Is a complete moron and whore for SSN.

  21. 21
    avatar GeordioCubano says:

    This is beyond bonkers. Bringing in Pardew can only be perceived as a joke by anyone with basic footballing knowledge – imagine what the players will think!? Clearly a yes-man who will accept the players Ashley signs and just like last time this will destroy team morale and send us to the bottom of the table. I assume the Pardew news is bang-on as I just can’t see anyone credible being prepared to work under Ashley’s bullshit anyway.

    I know we should support the team but in such outrageous circumstances I can’t help but feel we are better off protesting again/ boycotting games, pressuring him to sell up sooner rather than later. Better still we should storm the pitch for a mass sit-down protest before the game or everyone get to the ground early to stop anyone actually getting in. Would be nuts to see how the FA would react if we actually prevented the game from happening.

  22. 22
    avatar Mick G says:

    According to the chronicle at 12 21 pm today Alan Pardew is in the frame for the Newcastle job.

  23. 23
    avatar JerseyGeordie says:

    If it’s pardew and beardo is named assistant, then it becomes clearer why hoots was fired. I love beardo more than any other former player and I love having him involved in the club but it can’t be because the owner forced it on the manager. Hoots didn’t let it happen and it cost him. I could understand that cashley wants someone with a better eye for talent, but why make the move now. Shurely he hasn’t forgotten what happened the last time we changed managers mid season…

  24. 24
    avatar Johno Toon says:

    I cannot and will not support pardew. Its a joke

  25. 25
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    Off ya’ go then.

  26. 26
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    It’s about supporting the Toon mate,
    never mind the bollox.

  27. 27
    avatar boater says:

    Geordiecubano- the FA would probably dock the club points, but I feel your anger amigo.

    I sympathise with all yees saying ‘support the club whatever’ and that’s what makes us the daft, die hard supporters we are – wouldn’t change it for the world – but then you could install joseph fritzl as the youth coach and we’d still go along with it by that token.

  28. 28
    avatar AngelOfDeath says:

    Luckily the timezone is different,and i will not be able to watch the liverpool match.

    Hopefully i will be in for a surprise win when i check the results next day.

    Slim,But Oh.

  29. 29
    avatar BeeGuy says:

    Can we hope against hope that Pardew is a consultant in the search process?

    There is an old axiom in business “never hire your friends.”

  30. 30
    avatar Johno Toon says:

    Clint I did not say I wouldnt support the toon. Of course i will always support them but i cant accpet pardew ( if he is appointed ) as someone who can take the club forward. We will go down if he gets relegated

  31. 31
    avatar Ross says:

    Jersey-Hatem Ben Arfa and Cheik Tiote are more than talented enough for me mate. Imagine what Benny is thinking? We’ve seen the last of him in the black and White.

  32. 32
    avatar Ross says:

    Bee-again, sorry to be so negative but he hired Llambias. Doing his mates favours whilst using our club like a plaything doesn’t seem to be an issue for the fat mess.

  33. 33
    avatar gos says:

    pardew is a fanny rat and has been hounded out of wet spam and southampton for sniffing around the players wags.

    this could be a massive media circus of proportions even we toon fans cant believe :(

  34. 34
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:


    We don’t know the final outcome yet.

    Wait ’til it’s official before we all go inventing situations.

  35. 35
    avatar Beardsleys Boots says:

    Stuart79 – I hear what you say, but just wonder how long it will be b4 you turn against pardew. How will you feel if players bang in transfer reqs, and performanced don’t get any better and we spiral down the league (which is very poss considering our up coming fixtures!). How far does blind loyalty go?
    We all want the best for NUFC, but where do you draw the line? We’re not stupid people, but this is a piss take.
    I fear for our prem status, I really do.
    I feel sick to my stomach with all these shenanigans. And actually dont want to go on sat eve.
    Protests and things will just play into the media’s hands and will achieve nowt as usual. Ferkin embarrassing too.
    Was enjoying this period of calm and stability at the club, but its back to being the butt of jokes yet again.
    Fed up with it.
    Everyone knew Hoots wouldn’t last for long, but thought he would at least get the full season and complete his mission of keeping us in the prem. Nothing more nothing less.
    The more news and stories that come out the worse it gets.

  36. 36
    avatar Stuart79 says:

    The one thing we cannot do is react like we did last time ie KK against Hull and we got beat and that cost us dearly in the end.

    We must be vocal in our support for the players on Saturday otherwise we’re already beaten.

    I expect the players to be proffesional and to put maximum effort in whoever is the boss – I will be a disgrace if they try and use this Hughton thing as an excuse for getting beat.

  37. 37
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    That’s the point,
    there is no news coming out, just more of the usual baseless, uninformed press-mongery designed to have a go at the Toon.
    They know as much as we do, NIXI NOWT!

  38. 38
    avatar IAN says:

    If this is true then, in my opinion, supporters need to make a statement!

    Revolt! DO NOT TURN UP FOR THE COMING GAME. Hit the idiot with the only thing he understands… £££££££.

  39. 39
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    As much as it pains me to say it,
    LIFE (football) goes on.

  40. 40
    avatar AngelOfDeath says:

    I got suggestion that may sound ridiculous,but if poosible why not have a club same as FC UNITED in rebelling the owners of the actual club. Which is in that case Man Utd.

    I know,alot of $$ is needed,land etc.

    but i can’t stand anymore with this owner.

    i am even dare say,the last owner was way better than least that time on field we are still challenging something.

  41. 41
    avatar Axel says:

    Just been reading that his first transfer target will be Anton Ferdinand that he gave a debut to when at West Ham . So we sack a great manager that was doing a good job to hire a mate of fat boy and then we target players from the unwashed . ITS LIKE A MONTY PYTHON MOVIE even they could not think of something this crazy .

  42. 42
    avatar Stuart79 says:

    CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 8, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    I think it’s fair to say that Pardew is the likely appointment – You can slag the press off but when their all reporting the same thing it generally works out that way, like it or not.

  43. 43
    avatar Mick G says:

    I admire the blind loyalty of some supporters,but just think of the club as someone you love who as got a highly contagous life threatning disease, not going to see them doesn’t mean you don’t love them anymore it just make sense,and when they are better you will love them even more.I think the medical term for the disease is fattious bastardious

  44. 44
    avatar Mikey26 says:

    How can they even dream of who were buying? Newcastles manager who we do not know or have spoken to, will want anton! WOW! Media having a field day with this! Latest headlines is Enrique is saying “pardew coming a joke” pretty sure when you read the comments he said pardew was not mentioned! Never have and never will listen to media about rumours or anything! All a load of lying nobheads

  45. 45
    avatar DJG says:

    Im sorry but I don’t believe all this about, ‘we can kiss goodbye to Jose and Benny’

    Players care about 2 things, their contract and their playing opportunities.

    Managers come and go, its a fact at every club not just ours.

    To think they would rip their £60K a week contract up because of Hughton is bollox. The fact is most of them couldn’t earn it elsewhere. What happened to Mr big time Charlie N’Zogbia and how much is he on now at Wigan I wonder.

  46. 46
    avatar Pavel says:

    Ashley said he wanted someone with more premiership experience. Hughton has half a season (11th), Pardew has two sesons (9th and relegated). Strictly speaking he does have more premiership experience, but…

  47. 47
    avatar Ross says:

    The whole thing is beyond Embarrassing, beyond depressing. I literally have no idea what to think anymore. Ashley is driving me to the point that I feel like I just won’t care anymore. Obviously I do and will, but right now I just feel sorry for Hughton and sorry for the fans. I honestly doubt Our lads will want to play under Pardew or Ashley after all this. They respected Hughton and he got them through one of our clubs darkest era’s. Like I said the other day, for me Hughton will take that determination and togetherness with him. They won’t use it as an excuse, but the players are gutted and morale will be low. I’m expecting a hammering on saturday, Hughtons name to be sang throughout and Pardew to recieve little or no recognition from SJP. I can see him walking out and clapping the fans now, to a minimal response. Glad it’s on the telly so the world gets another good laugh at us at the expense of a pathetic, fat greedy c*nt.

  48. 48
    avatar Geir Thomassen says:

    Om mani padme hum to you as well Toonsi+all the rest of us.

  49. 49
    avatar Beardsleys Boots says:

    The funniest thing is, the way this season is going, we will probably stuff L’pool. 5-0.
    You couldn’t make it up.

  50. 50
    avatar Johno Toon says:

    Pardew is in from 1/12 to 1/10

    Jol is now 8/1 , thought i saw him this morning at 12/1

  51. 51
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    all i’m really saying is: ‘I’ll believe it when it’s official’ mate, & so far, it’s not official.

  52. 52
    avatar Bobby Shinton number 9 says:

    I told you’s all that Pardew was a certain if JFK wasn’t fit. My source told yous all it was imminent last week.
    Hootz will be Chelsea number 2 by next week.

  53. 53
    avatar Ginkoh says:

    Even league1 team still don’t want Pardew. So why we ? what the joke !!

  54. 54
    avatar toonsy says:

    Well, this is great news to wake up to :(

  55. 55
    avatar Beardsleys Boots says:

    Bobby you should be on Ed’s blog, with all the other headbangers.
    What do you want ffs?
    Like an old scratched record. BORING TWAT.

  56. 56
    avatar saltysellars11 says:

    oh dear

  57. 57
    avatar Davies says:

    Worst decision of Ashley’s tenure, possibly about to be followed by an equally bad one, and there’s f* ck all we can do about it. Gutted.

  58. 58
    avatar budalovesa patsy says:

    Give the bloke a chance

  59. 59
    avatar AngelOfDeath says:

    Alan Pardew Set for Newcastle Job.

    “Mike Ashley and Alan Pardew were spotted in the Little Italy restaurant in Soho on Sunday night, and if you ask me this has been talked about for a long time,” the source confirmed. “Alan is big friends with the chairman and the man who owns the club likes people around him he can rust.

  60. 60
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Jees; we’re gullible. There IS NO NEWS. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pedro remained caretaker for weeks. Or they could announce Pardew this afternoon. All we do know is that we know nowt; we should have learned that by now!

  61. 61
    avatar Whumpie says:

    I’d like to repeat the call for Hughton’s name to be sung non-stop on Saturday. It’s the strongest message we can send right now.

    I still like the idea of hughton face masks, too – but nobody seems to be going for it! Can’t get the image out of my head of Ashley looking out of his nice, safe, corporate box to 40,000 Chris Hughtons staring back at him.

  62. 62
    avatar Ginkoh says:

    Ashley choose Pardew because of friendly connection between them !? why don’t he make new football club and enjoy it every weekend !?

  63. 63
    avatar Whumpie says:

    I see at least one post above sharpening the knives for the players should they perform badly on Saturday.

    FFS – how exactly do you expect them to react? Liverpool themselves showed in the first part of the season just how badly trouble-at-the-top impacts on moral and focus. I fully expect them to be god-awful on Saturday, and won’t blame them a bit.

    I’d be delighted if they just sat on the turf and refused to move. They must be sick of being the pawns in this ridiculous, never-ending saga of mismanagement and disloyalty.

  64. 64
    avatar Peter Loverhands says:

    I never believe any speculation regarding the toon, but that Bobby Shinton in fairness I do remember actually saying Hughton would be at Chelsea last week or so. Unless I haven’t done my homework and they’ve already appointed a number 2?

  65. 65
    avatar tattyheed says:

    f**k ughton, Pardew and Fat Mick – Budlovesapatsy has changed his avatar!!! nooooooooooooooo mate – wheres she gone???? – it used to brighten up my day – can i have her?? – how could that work? please i beg you to re-consider…….things are bad enough at the moment as it is……..

  66. 66
    avatar Stuart79 says:

    Whumpie says:
    December 8, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    That’ll help wont it?

    Whumpie says:
    December 8, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    They should be proffesional and do it for Hughton like he has asked them to do.

  67. 67
    avatar Mikey26 says:

    How can people ask for a player revolt? Why can’t we win against pool? If my manager was fired and I didn’t agree and stopped working or did a poor job I’d be out of the door too! The players still have the skill and I expect a performance! On the money they’re on it shouldn’t matter if its Mickey mouse as manager they should still play!

  68. 68
    avatar Axel says:

    Well it was even on the bbc website that Pardew was in talks with fat tw@t 10 days ago and some media even speculating transfer targets and the timing of the sacking before the january sales start imo proves this was decided along time ago . I try not to take too much notice of the media but this time they have got it spot on i reckon , and the fact that transfer targets are being suggested means that fat cnunt will back him to a degree just like someone on here posted yesterday because it is his first own real appointment and not one to placate the fans or because no one else was available . Personally i think its going to end in relegation , hope i am wrong and pardew does a good job . Not because i want him here but because were stuck with him and it is the club i love .

  69. 69
    avatar AngelOfDeath says:

    Bring This Up.

    Now is for NUST to do something. :lol:

    I got suggestion that may sound ridiculous,but if poosible why not have a club same as FC UNITED in rebelling the owners of the actual club. Which is in that case Man Utd.

    I know,alot of $$ is needed,land etc.

    but i can’t stand anymore with this owner.

    i am even dare say,the last owner was way better than least that time on field we are still challenging something.

  70. 70
    avatar acroosthepond says:

    This is a time to think about and support the name Newcastle United, not those who are just passing through. I mean, we don’t have the greatest fan base because everything’s gone well. There’s something more here, something which I only partially understand but I know for certain has to do with the people who vest their emotions and loyalties in this great side. The Northeast is about working folk, hard working folk who want to believe in order to get back up in the morning. They are the team, not the selfish twits who quit on the pitch.

  71. 71
    avatar I Love Mike says:

    Jesus, the majority on here sound like a right bunch of fannys, ‘going to rip up my season ticket’, ‘i’m never going back to the ground’, ‘i’m done with NUFC’, grow a set eh and stop crying into your steak bakes like a bunch of sheep.

    Anyone going to bite the bullet and maybe say that this could be good for the club?

    Anyone going to say that it looks like Pardew will be given the time, through thick and thin, to stabilise the club, something we’ve needed?

    Anyone going to say that they never thought of Hughton as our manager, merely a coach in charge?

    Anyone going to say his tactics were on dimensional?

    Anyone going to say that he had no plan B?

    Anyone going to say his subs at 89mins to rescue points were ridiculous?

    Anyone going to point out that yeah, we’ve had decent wins, but they will mean shit at the end of the season as we haven’t turned up against the teams around us?

    anyone going to say that Hughton has failed to turn us into a consistent team?

    I just wish people would get away from the personal issues of Hughton being a ‘nice guy’ or that ‘the players liked him’ and just for a minute be a bit more objective, you never know, the players might really like Pardew!?!

    I hate the way this has all been handled as much as the next person, and I for one think he didn’t deserve to be sacked. But answer me this, can we argue with the point of wanting ‘a more experienced manager’?

    Was Hughton really the man to take us forward?

    I know we’ll never find out, but hey, at least it get us talking…

  72. 72
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Cheers, Tatty @65 – first thing on a Toon site all week to make me smile!

  73. 73
    avatar nimagpie says:

    Is it me or has everything started to go down hill from the time PB arrived back at the club? Anyone remember why he left the club the last time he was a coach??? I do.

  74. 74
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    Booby no you didn’t. You said beardo until the end of year until fat man sells in the summer.
    As always you are full of crap.
    Are you 12 years old or something?
    Seriously get some counselling before we read about your murder spree.

  75. 75
    avatar GeordioCubano says:

    I Love Mike (time to change the name?) – Considering the hugely negative impact this will have on team/ fans morale which is crucial to us staying up (look at last time), do you honestly think Pardew can motivate these players? It was hard enough as it was before this latest debacle. Not saying Chris was long term answer but surely short term.

  76. 76
    avatar I Love Mike says:

    GeordioCubano says:
    December 8, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    “I Love Mike (time to change the name?) – Considering the hugely negative impact this will have on team/ fans morale which is crucial to us staying up (look at last time), do you honestly think Pardew can motivate these players?”

    People were saying the exact same thing 2 years ago, and didn’t Hughton do exactly this? So why Couldn’t someone else?

    Regarding the name, hahaha it’s tongue and cheek, I kind of like it now though.

  77. 77
    avatar Beardsleys Boots says:

    And Pardew is “more experienced” then ????

  78. 78
    avatar Axel says:

    GeordioCubano that is exactly why i think we are heading back to the championship , apart from the fact that Chris did not deserve the sack the timing of it is unbelivable mid season disrupting the team morale is allways bad . He should have had until the end of season and then review it and make a decision .

  79. 79
    avatar AngelOfDeath says:

    @I love Mike: Pardew wouldn’t be for long term.

    i can officially tell you this.

    He will eventually be sack very quickly.

    Mike Ashley Plan was always to earn back profits. Once he done that,i am sure he will leave.

    He gamble that any sort of manager will help newcastle stay on for another season and he getting profits.

  80. 80
    avatar Mick G says:

    Just reading some comments from fans of Pardews previous clubs,basically they all hate him and were glad to see him go.He wasn’t popular with the players either being accused of causing low moral amongst the playing staff,he sounds ideal.One of the famous tricks from this tactical genius was to drop Tevez and Mascharano in favour of Harewood and Mullins.Those of you who say give him a chance don’t hold your breath.He his Ashleys mate end of.That should be enough for every Newcastle fan to distrusthim.

  81. 81
    avatar nimagpie says:

    If MON or even Jol had been appointed it would have raised the belief of the fans that the Fat Controller actually knows what he is doing. This appointment has shocked and disappointed most fans, and can only have a knock on effect on the team.

    That been said being Toon fans we will mostly get behind Alan Pardew on match day regardless, and if he shows a bit of drive and will to win then who knows.

  82. 82
    avatar Beardsleys Boots says:

    Howay then lets be having your predictions for sat evening.
    I’m gonna go 2-1. Tayls + loverpants to score. Nail biting finish :(

  83. 83
    avatar AngelOfDeath says:

    @Axel: Exactly,i am sure all the newcastle fans are upset only because the timing wasn’t right at all.

    Either Mike should have discharge CH job when we got promoted or leave it to end of season.

  84. 84
    avatar DJG says:

    I don’t think Hughton was ‘watching Tiote for years’. As some have claimed on here, where is your evidence/proof of this? It was a club scout.

    From the journal.

    ‘There were also serious question marks surrounding Hughton’s transfer judgement. The two high profile summer signings were brought to the club by chief scout Graham Carr, not Hughton, and there was a feeling he lacked knowledge and was indecisive in this crucial area.

    Interestingly, although he later claimed credit, Hughton – who had very little money to work with – was denying the pursuit of Hatem Ben Arfa in the summer even while the club were negotiating a fee.

    Hughton was never really forgiven for his decision to sign Leon Best last January and James Perch in the summer and this was held against him until the day he left. His replacement, according to the people who will appoint him, will be far better suited to player recruitment and that is what they want moving forward.’

  85. 85
    avatar GeordioCubano says:

    ILM – The point is that it’s not what happened when we got promoted back up 2 years ago but its what happened when the Fat Man sacked a popular manager doing well in the prem 2 years ago, who was instilling POSITIVITY in the team and in a part of the country where this has strong influence on team performance and results. Psychology is a major part of any sport and its clear to me that this will surely cost points irrespective of whether anyone thinks Hughton wasn’t the future or Pardew is unnderrated.

  86. 86
    avatar nimagpie says:

    p.s I think Peter Bearsley is a snake that needs to stop sucking up to Ashley and leave again. I think it will come out eventually that he was pushing for the assistant manager job. I believe he was dismissed the last time for s*** stirring and bullying junior team members.

  87. 87
    avatar ben says:

    didn’t Graham Carr find Tiote?

  88. 88
    avatar Penalty-Spot says:

    I Love Mike

    It will be bad for the club, it just will. Most (though I admit not all) of Fatw@s decisions have been.

    Long term Hoots might not have been the answer. But a morale busting, Fatw@s gamblig buddy, small club manager appointment right now….

    How can that not be bad?

  89. 89
    avatar Alan Shearer says:

    Pardrew is 1/10 on to become next Newcastle manager. Virtually 100% done in my opinion. Is this a step forward for the club, surely even Ashley doesn’t beleive that bringing in a league 1 Southampton reject is? Does he genuinely believe that the fans will be happy with this choice. Martin O’Neil or Martin Jol would have been the only managers that would have justified his shocking, disrespectful desicion to sack Chris Hughton and if he wants a manager with more ‘managerial experience’ i feel the club needs a new board with more ‘board experience’. However, it is vital that we back the players and Beardsley and Stone to get a result against Liverpool this weekend. Hopefully they will play Ranger instead of Ameobi and hopefully Barton and Nolan are fit and we might just get a result.

  90. 90
    avatar toonsy says:

    nimagpie – Aye, Pedro was sacked for bullying the kids in the youth setup under Shepherd, but a PL inquiry cleared him.

  91. 91
    avatar NorthernPaul says:

    Well thats that.

    By supporting Pardew, that means I indirectly support Ashley. I can not do it.

    The club will no longer get a single penny of my money as long as Ashley is in charge.

    Apparently it’s a business, therefore I am an unsatisfied customer.

    Pardew will not get my support, I hope the the players don’t support him and put in transfer requests. All of them. They would be better out of the joke that is NUFC and good luck to them.

    I would love it if the payers sat on the turf on saturday and lost 200 nil.

    Mike Ashley is playing with us all. He knows we are loyal fans and is taking it for granted that we’ll turn up in droves as we usually do. We are a cash cow for him, due to our blind loyalty. Speaking of loyalty, the bloke has none.

    I for one am not going to line his pockets anymore, and if it’s to the detriment of NUFC then so be it.

  92. 92
    avatar Penalty-Spot says:

    and if Beardsley’s his #2 things are going to get really ugly.


  93. 93
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    get off the Pedro hate thing mate.
    He wasn’t ‘sacked’ for bullying, the case was thrown out.

  94. 94
    avatar DJG says:

    Tbh if those 2 are the calibre of player Graham Carr can scout and attract to the club I don’t mind him and Ashley having control of the signings. In that case to say ‘it has to be the manager’ is counter productive. Managers are very busy people and they don’t have the time to find players like our chief scout can.

  95. 95
    avatar nimagpie says:


    Agree with every single word you have just said. Sadly. I worry for prospects like Andy Carroll and Nile Ranger. MON would have been great with young talents like them.

  96. 96
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:



    Although that may be true, that article stinks of MA PR e.g. tarnishing the name of his opposite number(Hughton) In a bid to make himself look better. He did the same with KK and Allardyce. I wouldn’t be surprised if that journalist was given the “exclusive” by the club.

  97. 97
    avatar DJG says:

    Tbh if those 2 are the calibre of player Graham Carr can scout and attract to the club I don’t mind him and Ashley having control of the signings. In that case to say ‘it has to be the manager’ is counter productive. Managers are very busy people and they don’t have the time to find players like our chief scout can. What if Hughton had insisted on bringing in his own signings and got another Perch and Best in Jan!

  98. 98
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:


    I am seriously beginning to worry about your mental health. You seem to go from one extreme to the other and then back again within 24 hours.

  99. 99
    avatar nimagpie says:

    clint, I think the Beardsley thing is very relevant to this whole situation. We all know he was a great player and we would all live his misformed face to mean he is the jolly lad we all imagine. But fact is he has some issue with the junior team and he didnt stick around much when it all came to light.

  100. 100
    avatar MackemLoveMikeAshley says:

    So far in his career, Pardew has been involved in several controversial issues and events. In 2003, the BBC described him as being a “dangerous and distant animal” in the media, referring to his public relations abilities, which has led him to making several rash comments. Good luck for the rest of the season lads!

  101. 101
    avatar Axel says:

    Pedro has no coaching experience at fist team level , he was kicked out for bullying kids in the youth team and on saturday he is going to be in the dugout as either headcoach or pardews assistant .Wonderful

  102. 102
    avatar toonsy says:

    100 – I hope Niall Quinn is taking heed of this years drink driving campaign…..

  103. 103
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    ok mate, whatever.

    Sounds like a lot of shoe-horning to fit a belief system to me like.

    Wait & see what santa brings.

  104. 104
    avatar icedog says:

    CLINT,i didnt agree with hoots going,but no one knows what goes off behind closed doors,its ashleys bus he will drive it the way he wants,just wait and see who comes in.seen it all before mate,go back to the days of westwood,mkeag,ect ect,all rip off merchants,nowt new this is the toon two choices stay on the bus or get off

  105. 105
    avatar pearceet says:

    The reason that Ashley will appoint Pardew is bc he has experience in a relegation battle.

    When Ashley said experience he meant in a relegation battle

  106. 106
    avatar deepak is a indian toon says:

    According to sportingpreview pardew is assistant manger with klinsmann as manager and he is expected on tyneside tomorrow.they claim he was approached last week and he accepted immediately.God, i hope its true

  107. 107
    avatar Geordio Cubano says:

    oh god PLEASE be Klinsmann! Not that I trust that website a jot and Klinsmann is hardly the ‘experience’ they claimed they were after, but anythings better than Pards in full charge.

  108. 108
    avatar jay jay says:

    Email the box office asking for a refund for my Wigan ticket, just don’t want to go anymore, so pissed off :(

    I’ve just been told it has already been sent out to me.

  109. 109
    avatar tattyheed says:

    Klinnsman!!! HA HA!!

    I’ll have a pint of what you’ve been drinking Deepak :)

  110. 110
    avatar deepak is a indian toon says:

  111. 111
    avatar icedog says:

    beat me to it m8,another joins the merry-go-round,its here

  112. 112
    avatar pearceet says:

    deepak is a indian toon

    Wouldn’t get your hopes up at all…….

  113. 113
    avatar Stuart79 says:

    I think what people are struggling with is the logic behind appointing Pardew. He has been sacked from three jobs and hasn’t had any success of note.

    Rather strange.

  114. 114
    avatar Axel says:

    Its not Pardew its klinsman according to braking new

  115. 115
    avatar deepak is a indian toon says:

    I know ppl that perhaps it is never gonna come to anything but it will atleast get the hopes up(until they are crushed again).
    Btw,anybody know how reliable that website is?

  116. 116
    avatar Shanghaitoon says:

    This is the blackest of Black days! I was stunned when I heard Chris was gone and even more stunned that Pardew is even being considered.

    Can you imagine the message to Fat Ash if he walked in to an empty SJP except for a few liverpool supporters in the top corner??? Gutted doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel …

  117. 117
    avatar Larent Robert says:

    Aye its true, fat Ash has got Klinsman in ive just seen him in Greggs…..knew Fat Ash would not let us down…looooool

  118. 118
    avatar Larent Robert says:

    Batty come out of hiding…..

  119. 119
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    Klinsman would be a blinding move by the fat man and I would have to give him credit for the bluff of the decade.

  120. 120
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    i saw santa’s sledge flying ower the blog yesterday, maybe MA’s signed him up?

  121. 121
    avatar arcarius says:

    NO CHANCE! Didnt know cashley was a spuds fan though

  122. 122
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    He’s not a spuds fan, it’s an urban myth based on the fact that he knows one of their board.

  123. 123
    avatar lesh says:

    I can’t get the viseo to run but the BBC’s strap line to it reads:

    ‘Southampton chairman Nicola Cortese tells BBC News’ Dan Roan there were a “plenty of reasons” for dismissing Alan Pardew as Southampton manager. The former West Ham and Charlton boss is tipped to take over as Newcastle manager.’

    So we can take it that Ashley’s taken up and is happy with Pardew’s references?

    Wonderful – maybe MA has spotted a previously unrecognised talent in Pardew

  124. 124
    avatar Axel says:

    If true then i maybe could see the point in Pardew being assistant , He would be a manager that would attract top young players just because of his name

  125. 125
    avatar lesh says:

    Wow, it’s the dream ticket – betting on Bin Laden and the pope’s been suspended!

  126. 126
    avatar Whumpie says:

    It would be quite a coup (well… relief, anyway) if the Pardew thing turned out to be a smokescreen and it was Klinsmann all along.

    But I’d still rather have stuck with wor Chris. Adopted Geordie and always welcome as far as I’m concerned.

  127. 127
    avatar workyticket says:

    CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 8, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    “He’s not a spuds fan, it’s an urban myth based on the fact that he knows one of their board.”

    Aye Clint, He was a Chelsea fan.

  128. 128
    avatar deepak is a indian toon says:

    It seems betting on klinsmann has suddenly been slashed to 6/1

  129. 129
    avatar Larent Robert says:

    We have NO say in who is coming in as Manager, Pardew will be the one who that Fat Slug brings in, a Yes man…i’ll seriously stop supporting the Club till fatty sells up..

  130. 130
    avatar icedog says:

    WORKY kna mate hes a money fan like most of that type of person

  131. 131
    avatar toonsy says:

    I wouldn’t get any hopes for Klinsmann. It’s a story released by a betting site, probably to make people put money on.

    SSN say that Pardew is on his way to Newcastle right now.

  132. 132
    avatar pearceet says:

    And his odds are 1/12………

  133. 133
    avatar georgio says:

    Something I read earlier rings a bell here – Pardew has just returned from – guess where. Germany!

  134. 134
    avatar icedog says:

    TOONSY thats more like it mate,they make cash any way they can.
    asked y/day why is the blog no longer on news now page?been sacked have we :)

  135. 135
    avatar Ginkoh says:

    Yes man for Ashley but No man for any Newcastle supporter around the world.

  136. 136
    avatar Beardsleys Boots says:

    Whoops I used the f word. doh
    I just read that link re klinsman.
    Nearly wet me pants.

    In saying that tho what a blinder by fat ash.
    ssn/bbc egg on face. 2 fingers to press etc.
    Funny as F.

    wont happen tho.

  137. 137
    avatar Insider says:

    Joe Kinear owed FAT ASH something like £30k. Pardew, owes £85k !!!

  138. 138
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    aye mate, thought so.
    People will persist with the spuds thing like, won’t they?

    Hope we get santa meself like.
    He could bring the elves as backroom staff & the reindeers as transport, few carrots, no petrol to fork out for.
    Mrs claus could maybe knock the strips together.

  139. 139
    avatar icedog says:

    GEORGIO,well he wont see him there,klinsman lives in the states i belive

  140. 140
    avatar lesh says:

    georgio, hes been on a coach-driving course there!

  141. 141
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Hang on… I’ve just remembered something…

    I HATE Klinsmann!!

    He’s one of the biggest cheats in footballing history – practically defined diving as a new skill.

    I can honestly see no good outcome from any of this. Rugby it is, then.

    Go, Chiefs, Go!

    F**kin f**knuggets to it.

  142. 142
    avatar Beardsleys Boots says:

    Bet Ed’s got it p as a headline.

  143. 143
    avatar richietoon says:

    I can’t believe some people are believing BSno9, his stories change quicker than the odds at the bookies.
    He originally said it was CH who wanted to leave as he didn’t want to be a manager and that he had agreed to take over as Chelsea no2(not even a vacancy there) but he wanted to give Ashley time to find a replacement.So that bit is obviously wrong as there’d be no need to sack him if he was leaving voluntarily, he also said Kinnear would be taking charge in Jan when he got the all clear from the docs, wrong again….oops sorry, he changed from Kinnear to Pardew when he became the bookies favourite.BS9 the worst WUM ever :roll:

  144. 144
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:

    Klinsmann!? :lol: Don’t you guys ever learn!? Look who our owner is!

    It WILL be Pardew. No surprises. No coups. No frills.

  145. 145
    avatar Mick G says:

    The only straw I’m clinging to ,is that Pardew is ashleys gambling mate ,and might be part of a betting scam, which isn’t beyond this shower of shxt,but it is a very thin straw and I’ve put a bit of weight on lately.

  146. 146
    avatar MDS says:

    really doubt it’s Klinnsman. He left Bayern over control issues with management, then TWICE broke off negotiaitons for the USA national team job for the same reason. Can’t ee him as Ashley’s cup of tea.

    If some of this stuff being reported is true about CH and tranfers is true (i.e. bringing in Perch/Best, Carr idetifying Tiote/Arfa, refusing to part with Smith, etc.) I would feel a little better about the sacking but ONLY IF a good anager is brought in. Klinnsman and Jol would fit the bill, MON might, ut no effing way does Pardew fit the criteria.

  147. 147
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Why are people creaming over Klinsmann? What pedigree does he have in the premiership??

  148. 148
    avatar belfast geordie says:

    can no one get there hands on a rpg ??? lol just sit outside the training ground and wait on ashleys helicopter ???? hahaha or maybe somebody could buy him a dodgy satnav for it lol

  149. 149
    avatar fourfouroneone says:

    hahaha klinsman – No chance at all of that happening, anyone believing that must be off thier rocker

  150. 150
    avatar Free Scoring Smudge says:


    He’s not pardew

  151. 151
    avatar shrews mag says:

    Insider @137 – and how pray tell do you know the personal finances of these private individuals ??

    Did you mate down the pub tell you??

  152. 152
    avatar MDS says:

    Whumpie says:
    December 8, 2010 at 4:13 pm
    Why are people creaming over Klinsmann? What pedigree does he have in the premiership??


    He isn’t Pardew!

    If it is true Pardew was leaked to lower expectations, it has suceeded marvelously…

  153. 153
    avatar Ginkoh says:

    I dare to said even our Beardsley become to our next manager still be better choice than Pardew.

  154. 154
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Ah! Thanks, lads – that theory definitely holds water.

  155. 155
    avatar workyticket says:

    Hugh de Payen says:
    December 8, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    “My take on it is that if he’s going to replace Hughton with someone ‘more experienced’ to ‘take the club forward’, then we need someone with a few trophies under his belt, or at least some lengthy experience in the upper echelons of the PL (or some foreign top division).”

    That was never going to happen though, Hugh. In one move, Ashley and Llambias have reestabished Newcastle United’s reputation as a stupid, feckless joke club that no top manager would touch with a bargepole. The only possible exception would be if a candidate was offered a long contract which was way above the going rate to insure themselves against being sacked on a whim, and also the damage to their reputation that managing a club like Newcastle would probably entail. As soon as Hughton was sacked, it was only a matter of time before the club would be rooting through the bargain bin of has been managers, looking at names such as Pardew, Kinnear and O’Leary.

  156. 156
    avatar Nutmag says:

    October 2008 I decided that this would be my last season of games at SJP.Because of the way the club was being run by Ashley.It now looks at the age of 71 I never will again.Thanks Ashley I hope the future brings you all you deserve!!

  157. 157
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:

    Some of the stuff I am reading is ridiculous. I’m no fan of Pardew, I think he is a thoroughly average manager. However, he is not as bad as what some are making out. I definitely prefer him in charge over Shearer, or even Beardsley, who doesn’t even deserve his current position imo. The only reason I am so utterly disappointed with his imminent appointment are the reasons behind it. He offers little more than Hughton, but ticks more boxes because he is a friend of the board. Like DJG and Ross said yesterday, MA seems to want complete control and that is what I find the most upsetting. He has disregarded the fans completely and is intent on doing what HE wants. It’s an unfortunate position for any fan to be in.

  158. 158
    avatar Insider says:


    I work in the city. JFK worked in theory for free. When it was paid off, he left. The same will go for Pardew, although he’ll be in place longer.

  159. 159
    avatar Geordio Cubano says:

    LOL this is a bloody mess. IF we can take anything from the bookies, Klinsmann has slipped from 6-1 to 10-1 and now Butch Wilkins has leapt up to 7-1. Pardew still way out in front. *weeps*

  160. 160
    avatar Hugh de Payen says:

    workyticket says:

    As soon as Hughton was sacked, it was only a matter of time before the club would be rooting through the bargain bin of has been managers, looking at names such as Pardew, Kinnear and O’Leary.


    Depressing, isn’t it?

  161. 161
    avatar Ginkoh says:

    “He offers little more than Hughton” I can’t agree with this.

    Pardew will never get respect from players, supporter like Hughton. and I can’t see how can he make us better than now.

    It doesn’t mean I don’t respect Pardew but unreasonable to appoint him instead of let Hughton stay on charge until the end of the season. Pardew doesn’t deserved to be here.

  162. 162
    avatar workyticket says:

    ~ El Toro ~ says:
    December 8, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    “He offers little more than Hughton,”

    He offers much less than Hughton, El Toro.

  163. 163
    avatar Nick Dryden says:


    What pedigree did Wenger, mourinho, Benitez and Ancelotti have in the premiership before they got here? What a daft question. Besides klinsmaan was a class act as a player in the premiership and got germany to the quarter finals of the world cup.Most importantly he isn’t Pardew !

  164. 164
    avatar workyticket says:

    Hugh de Payen says:
    December 8, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    “Depressing, isn’t it?”

    I’ve been watching Newcastle in their laughable hubris shooting themselves in the foot for decades now, and this is little different. What has been most depressing for me gas been talking to a couple of people who really know the game, and what Mike Ashley and Newcastle United’s reputation is inside the world of football, with coaches, managers etc. Hughton was quite possibly our only way out, and we’ve just cut that.

  165. 165
    avatar shrews mag says:

    Insider @158 … absolute load of c**p … why didn’t he pay off his debt as No.2 to hughton?? … get a grip …

  166. 166
    avatar Martin says:

    Andy Carroll is leading revolt for this weekend. He is being placed on transfer list on Sunday !! Along with Gosling and Williamson !!

    Think club are hoping to get £15 million plus for them.

  167. 167
    avatar Raffo says:

    Get a grip martin

  168. 168
    avatar Toontastico says:

    It really is fukin sickening – I was starting to believe that Fat Ash had cut out the lies and that we had turned the corner and were heading in the right direction. There was no pressure from fans or players to make the decision so obviously Brian Kerr was speakin the truth on Setanta last night when saying it was to do with Hughtons refusal to accept the clubs choice of no.2. “more experienced man” my bollox.

    As for Pardew, no.1 he has fook all experience in the top flight anyway and no.2 he has a shady at best record when it comes to player relations etc.

    This whole episode is gonna have a detrimental effect on our season unless Fat Ash pulls a rabbit out of the hat and appoints a big name manager that actually does have lots of experience. Pardew just wont wash with anyone.

    Wor Bobby R.I.P. is sure to be turning in his grave

  169. 169
    avatar subz says:

    “lack off skills in transfers? Ok.. best and perch are a bit off the pace, but tiote, HBA and Williamson have been outstanding buys… 1 season in the champ was character building, a second is going to be down right embarrassing… just like the so called runners of OUR club…. hmmmmmm.

  170. 170
    avatar Reece Greatrex says:

    Dear Mike Ashley.

    I would like to apply for the vacant managers job at Newcastle United, I have heard you have been looking for a man with experience in managing a ‘top’ football club. I feel that I have all the attributes you are looking for, my record on FM (Football Manager) speaks for itself.

    I replaced Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager in July 2010. I have since won a considerable amount of trophies domestically and on the European level.

    UEFA Champions League – 2011, 2012, 2013
    Premierleague – 2011, 2012, 2013
    FA Cup – 2011, 2013
    League Cup – 2011
    Community Shield – 2010, 2011, 2012
    UEFA Super Cup – 2011, 2012, 2013
    FIFA Club World Cup – 2011, 2012

    Also as well as having won these trophies I have also dealt with players such as Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville and Park Ji Sung who at times can be a hard player to handle with his extensive haircuts that make him look like a butch lesbian. This makes me feel adequately prepared for the egos of Newcastle United players and the board.

    I was also expected to ‘over acheive’ in my time at Manchester United on FM (Football Manager) so I feel I will be able to take on all the pressures expected of me from the fans of Newcastle United and achieveing the goal of being a mid-table team.

    I would also like to bring in my own back-room staff, most notably my assisstant James Nutter.

    And with the regards to the transfer budget, I won’t nessecitate one as i would like to bring into the team all the players from South Shields Football Club.

    I look forward to headring from you…

    Reece Greatrex

    P.S – I also like to gamble just like Alan Pardew.

  171. 171
    avatar bezandbarton says:

    Didnt want to see hoots go but he has, So like it or lump it we are stuck with pardew. The danger from relegation isnt pardew it is now the fans if we dont get behind the team coz it will affect the team big time. Players need any excuse to not perform. Lot of west hams do like him. At least with one of his cu*ty mates in charge ashley will trust the manager a bit more, apparently 5 year deal as well.

  172. 172
    avatar Liam says:

    I think its an incredible realism that Mike Ashley is no longer interested in cultivating the club.

    I am utterly deflated and for some reason this sacking has hit me the hardest, just when it seemed we had turned a corner, we are pegged back again.

    Hughton needs to praised in the best possible way by the players and thats on the pitch against liverpool.

    If pardew comes in he needs to know that whatever geordie he tries to ‘win over’ he will need to first put results on the table.

    Whether or not hes good enough doesnt matter but whether he keeps the spirit so integral with team at the minute is crucial, otherwise he will fail….

  173. 173
    avatar bezandbarton says:

    i think he is trying to cultivate the club makes no sense financialy to do otherwise and why else would he go to matches, he is just a f*cking idiot

  174. 174
    avatar Brisvegas says:

    Pardew! Bugger me! It’s hard work supporting Newcastle.

    To win me over Pardew/Ashley will have to:
    a) get some good results early on
    b) start geting some consistency
    c) show some sign of blooding youngsters
    d) splash some cash in January on a couple of players
    e) show some tactical innovation
    f) finish a few places above the relegation spots
    g) show we can play football

    Otherwise there was no point in sacking CH. I think Chris failed on b and e and I’m still doubtful he did enough with c.

  175. 175
    avatar Mark26 says:

    Comment 170 had me in stitches.

    Besides that. Alan Pardew doesnt have great win percentages does he? He isnt the right man for the job. Simple as that. Reasons? Well as mentioned his Win ratio % is not good enough. He has won nothing in his career. He hasnt managed in the Premiership for a while, and only has 18months experience in the division.

    Players, Fans and neutrals will be dismayed by this. The Mackems and Smoggies will love it. All I have to say about Mike Ashley is I truly hope he dies. Its that drastic now for me, he seems to impossible to get rid of.

  176. 176
    avatar ReverseKanga_Sydney says:

    could MA be thinking……..survival is the only aim this season and beating the teams around you is crucial. Has he seen enough evidence so far that under CH we were not able to do this. Other relegation candidates have got their tactics right against us and found us wanting far too many times so far this season. Maybe he is looking for someone who can ensure we win these 6 pointers. Yes we have beaten the odd big boy but its against the lesser teams that dictate where we finish. MA knows how much it costs to get relegated and might see it as a bigger risk waiting to see if CH can learn from his mistakes than making the change now.

    Just putting that out there.

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