Which mug will be the next Newcastle United manager? Jol perhaps?

There's only one Martin Jol?

There's only one Martin Jol?

Having ludicrously dismissed Chris Hughton, Newcastle United now begin the search for a new manager, but who are the likely candidates?

Is there a manager anywhere that can live up to the standards required of the top job at the Toon?

Chris Hughton had done nothing short of an amazing job, gaining promotion from the Championship at the first attempt – and breaking a few records along the way – and settling the club into a mid-table position in the Premier League with almost half the season gone.

And in doing that Hughton had to contend with the uncertainty around the sale of the club, a relatively small budget for players and few backroom staff to help him.

Yet it seems he’s not good enough and the club wants someone with ‘more experience’ to manage them.

Ashley is playing a dangerous game, getting rid of someone who appeared to be doing the job at our club for someone who is an unknown at Newcastle United, regardless of the experience he may have elsewhere. Remember, we’ve had ‘experienced managers’ who’ve flopped before. It seems to me a bit like refusing the advances of Jessica Alba on the off-chance that Ann Widdecombe may just turn out to be better due to her greater experience.

Anyway, it has been done and it won’t be undone, so we have to start looking at who might be the next man stick his head in the vice at Newcastle.

There has been plenty mention of ‘the usual suspects’. Martin O’Neill is always one of the first to be mentioned when the Toon job is vacant, but I can’t really see that happening. He likes full control of things at his clubs, which is unlikely to happen at Newcastle given Ashley’s quasi-managerial interference, and didn’t he leave Villa because Lerner wouldn’t give him the financial backing he wanted? Chances are he’d have even less money to play with at Newcastle.

Alan Curbishley gets the usual mention too. He did a decent job at Charlton and then moved to West Ham to save them from relegation and got them a top 10 finish the next season. I like Curbishley, but he won a case for constructive dismissal against West Ham and I think Ashley would rather hit himself in the face with a brick than chance anything like that again after the Keegan debacle.

Paul Lambert has been mentioned and so, inevitably, has Shearer, but I think these are non-starters. If Ashley wants someone with ‘experience’, that indicates to me that he means someone with considerable time as a manager in the top-flight, either in the Premier League or abroad.

Alan Pardew has apparently emerged as a strong favourite but I can’t really see what he has achieved beyond getting West Ham promoted and losing an FA Cup Final. I don’t know how Ashley is defining ‘experience’ but I somehow doubt that Pardew fits the bill.

Martin Jol, who resigned from Ajax yesterday, has emerged as the latest big contender. Jol had a reasonably good start at Spurs, qualifying them for the UEFA Cup for two seasons in a row, but he then left under a bit of a cloud of discontent to be replaced by Juande Ramos. He then moved to Hamburg where he guided them to the semifinals of both the UEFA Cup and the German Cup.

Jol’s latest stint at Ajax has been reasonably successful, winning the Dutch Cup last season and finishing second in the league, one point adrift of the winners, with a goal difference of +86.

Jol would be my guess as it just seems very coincidental that he resigned from Ajax on the day Hughton is sacked from Newcastle, and I’m not a huge believer in coincidence. Who knows? Maybe Ashley has someone else entirely in mind – it wouldn’t surprise me if he employed Sooty to be honest.

So, anyone got any outside bets on the next manager?

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244 Responses to “Which mug will be the next Newcastle United manager? Jol perhaps?”

  1. 1
    avatar bigbadbob says:

    Hughton gets a lot of sympathy but he knew who he was working for and has been their front man and now fall guy, who knows who will work for them but i would love to know who advises them on the football side.
    After Sundays game i was seething at the performance, could it be that they knew then?, might explain it.
    As for Campbell making noises in the press today, have a look at yourself, you didnt help the man by playing like a twat.

  2. 2
    avatar Paul says:

    sooty would be a good choice, but i’m told that Jol is due to for a meeting with the board today (according to a friend that works for a major bookies headoffice) your guess if it’s true or not is as good as mine but he’s not usually too far off the mark

  3. 3
    avatar AngelOfDeath says:

    Frank Rijkaard anyone?? :lol: :lol:

    i will be creaming if we ever get him.

  4. 4
    avatar Brettoon says:

    You got a point about Campbell bigbadbob

  5. 5
    avatar batty says:

    if every 1 is true too there own minds we always knew chris wouldnt be here for that long ,what makes it worse is that he seems a realy nice guy ,this could turn out too be fat ashes only good decision he has made since he has been at the club ,jol nailed on

  6. 6
    avatar Brettoon says:

    Angel of Death – that would be amazing but do you really think fat chav mike would pay those wages. My money is on Jol which I wouldn’t be unhappy with. Still miss Chrissy though. Anyone know him so we can take him out for a few pints???? ;-)

  7. 7
    avatar deepak is a indian toon says:

    Anybody remember a user called
    bobby Shinton who came on here
    a few weeks back and said ch was
    gonna get the sack by jan and he
    was sure abt it.we all ridiculed
    him then.but anyway what
    worries me is the 2nd part of wat
    he said then-that jfk is gonna be
    his replacement.god help us if
    thats the case

  8. 8
    avatar AngelOfDeath says:

    @Brettoon: why u would be unhappy with Jol as our new manager.

    iirc,Ramos was the main cause of spurs downfall,resulting them with only 1point at one point of the season.

    Jol management style might be a slight problem,as he is not as diplomatic as CH. :(

  9. 9
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    Batty, like I said yesterday. This could be his “Andy Cole” moment. Actually I said ashley Cole, but I meant Andy. For.those who don’t remember; Keegan sold Andy Cole to.manu when he was at the top of his game. Everyone went nuts. Keegan stood on the steps of sjp and asked us to trust him. In the end it all worked out well as you know. But at the time keegan seemed to have lost the plot. I pray this is fat man’s Andy Cole moment.
    Also thanks Toonsy for mentioning sooty. I had a grand on sooty to me manager with sweep as assistant at 800/1. I’ve been talking to a mate who works with someone whos bin man also empties the bind at sjp and he said he they were appearing in pantomime in Newcastle.
    I checked the theater royal and they aren’t on there, so the only other pantomime in town is nufc. Got a nice return coming for crimbo.

  10. 10
    avatar richietoon says:

    Deepak…I replied to that comment on the other thread mate ;-)

  11. 11
    avatar Magpie_May13 says:

    Now I fcking hate this world !!!!!

    I just gone back from university and found this fcking disgrace news about Hughton was sacked.

    What the hell is going on !!?? WTF was Ashley thinking !!????

    If the reason of Hughton was sacked just because the results recently I will officially hate Mike Ashley.

    It such a horrible thing to do to someone that put his all for the club. Just show how cruel this world can be especially in football world. It’s disgusting.

    CH is the only manager that I really love in my short time in supporting the toon and now he fcking gone. It bloody horrible and I’m crying right now.
    Can’t believe that it happened.

    For Chris Hughton.
    Thank you for all the great thing that you done for the club and I will never forget any of that.
    I’m a big fan of you and hope the great thing will lie ahead of you and hope you become success in you manager career. ALL THE BEST.

  12. 12
    avatar Kam says:

    It would be very ironic if Jol good the job having replaced his former loyal assistant who was sacked with him at Spurs.

    I wouldn’t want to see Martin O’Neil as he is a miserable individual who will not endear himself to Geordie fans.

    It could be Pardew but who ever comes will cost the club a lot more money than they paid Chris.

  13. 13
    avatar Axel says:

    Trouble with Jol is he is a check book manager he has success only when he can buy a team , he is not a coach that can make players better , Believe me ajax fans are happy that he has left .

  14. 14
    avatar richietoon says:

    Micky….Thats the thing,it could turn out a stroke of genius and I hope it does as that would mean my team is doing better.Of course that doesn’t change tha fact that Ashley’s been a complete tw@t to a man who’s worked wonders for us and his reward is to be treated like a dog.I’m really glad I’m not an Ashley type businessman as I couldn’t live with myself…………millions in my account might help tho!

  15. 15
    avatar richietoon says:

    Axel….I read that Ajax fans are happy because they expect to be top of the league all the time, is that true?

  16. 16
    avatar Magpie_May13 says:

    I hope that whoever come in will take the club forward and take all of his interest to our beloved club and be respect by the players.

    Also thank you Paul Barron , one of the reason why we are blessed with good goal keeper for many yearsss.

  17. 17
    avatar toonsy says:

    “It seems to me a bit like refusing the advances of Jessica Alba on the off-chance that Ann Widdecombe may just turn out to be better due to her greater experience.”

    That is a very sobering thought, Hugh O

  18. 18
    avatar 9jatoon says:

    Woke up this mornin and saw d news…ashley should b shot but b4 dat he should buy me a new keyboard

  19. 19
    avatar deepak is a indian toon says:

    cheers richietoon-guess you are right:)

  20. 20
    avatar Axel says:

    richietoon its more because their standard of play has dropped , Ajax have their own style of play bit like total football and that has been missing under jol , they have been bypassing the midfield and hitting long balls forward . His last signing was Mido who looks overwieght and out of condition since the start of the season .Yes they are always looking to be top a bit like Manure , Chelsea and Arsenal fans but they allways want to see good passing , flowing football and under Jol they did not have it .

  21. 21
    avatar davy says:

    Jol with pedro his assistant, n everyone assuming there’s no cash available as anyone thought bought this, maybe there will b cash made available as this wud ashly first appointment that he really wants fat sam was shepherd keegan n shearer were to plz us n kinnear n hoots were bcoz no one else wanted it, whose to say jol is his man he will pay him big n bk him with, maybe that’s why never invested in the past coz non of the above were who he wanted in charge

  22. 22
    avatar davy says:

    Axel u can’t blame jol for ajax buying mido n how they play especially after jol made a big protest in the summer how the board wudnt invest cash n wanted to sell there best playerssound fimiliar sum of u will say but as I said above this will b ashlys first real appointment

  23. 23
    avatar richietoon says:

    Axel….the Dutch way of playing is different to the prem tho, maybe his style’s more appropriate here tho Ajax did score alot of goals last year.
    Still all rumours at the moment, though I do think someone will be in place by the Liverpool game as I think Ashley already had the replacement lined up.
    Mido’s been overweight and out of condition for 5 years ;-)

  24. 24
    avatar fourfouroneone says:

    Enrique off to Spurs in Jan, Tiote to Stoke!! WTF

  25. 25
    avatar valle says:

    I wasnt online yesterday so i was very confused to log on now and finding my club in self destruct mode once again after a start to the season that had brought more hope for us than anyone would have dared to dream of… As i stated on Sunday, the poor performances lately have mainly been down to key players missing and the stand ins not being up to it. Surely you cant fault CH for Guthrie and Co’s performance?

    As to who will be the new face of NUFC, im guessing we will be disapointed and i wouldnt be suprised to see another fooking Joe Kinear type of appointment… But most of all, i hope the next new face will be that of a new owner, because as ever with our great club, the true rot lies within the board room.

  26. 26
    avatar jay jay says:

    The next manager will be told to accept the expectation of Carroll being sold in January. The independent.

  27. 27
    avatar davy says:

    Don’t b assuming players will leave jus coz hoots sacked footballers are a strange bunch they maybe upset now but they will quickly get behind the new manager, even nolan already saying they need to do that

  28. 28
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    441 – not going to happen. Just the mongs stirring things up to try and wind is up more.

  29. 29
    avatar richietoon says:

    Usual crap when a manager leaves that every player and his dog will be sold.The papers will be coming at us all guns blazing now so believe nowt ’til it happens :-(

  30. 30
    avatar Toon Chicken says:

    I’d wager that Jessica Alba has considerably more “experience” than Anne Widdicome ;)

  31. 31
    avatar antoon says:

    carroll on skysport – say newcastle only club for him and hes committed – been on his twitter

  32. 32
    avatar antoon says:

    where did you here about tiote going to stoke and enrique?

  33. 33
    avatar Nick Dryden says:

    I think now the dust has settled and despite the awful way CH was treated, I suspect a lot of teams have now rumbled and sussed out our one and only tactic of ”hoofball”to Carroll.

    2 points out of 18 against so called lesser teams is a worry and despite the great Arsenal & Sunderland results, we had full teams out against Blackpool, Stoke, Blackburn, Wigan etc.

    Sol should really shut up as he didn’t exactly save Hugton did he wit that woeful performance.

    For a long time now I have thought we needed a good foreign ” technical ” coach. Personally I would love Rijkard, but that’s just a dream. Not sure if Jol is the man but he got Spurs 5th 2 seasons running, playing good football and very narrowly missiong out on a CL place. He has to be at least ahead of the other deadbeats on the supposed list.

    Just a tragedy that Ashley and Llambias are in charge of recruitment in a world they know nothing about.

  34. 34
    avatar bowburnmag says:

    Good to see you back writing Hugh. Hope you’ve had some better fortune buddy.

    This whole shambles is really beyond my comprehension. I can only fathom that there has been a front when the cameras are on the players because unless Hughton has lost (or never had) the dressing room, then it doesn’t stack up. And if he never had it, it’s a miracle we are where we are.

    They seem to want an experienced, higher profile manager and yet aren’t prepared to back them with real money. Those experienced, higher profile managers aren’t going to go with that. Unless of course, they lie again. But who is stupid enough or desperate enough to ignore how they have treated other managers? Those aren’t words I really want to associate with a new gaffer.

    If Ashley is prepared to back a new manager and Hughton never had any issues with the players, why not back him?? The whole thing is unfathomable and the treatment of Hughton stinks.

    Saturday – Anarchy in the stands, revolt in the changing room, Scousers on form and visiting a favourite haunt. Wheels are sure to come off live on international TV. Welcome to the latest implosion of Newcastle United.

  35. 35
    avatar tino says:

    C HUGHTON lost the dressing room at west brom ???
    he fell out with j barton because he wanted to play in the centre other players wanted barton to play in the centre to and this has been comeing for a while

  36. 36
    avatar valle says:

    Would this be a suprise headline to anyone?

    “Kinnear new manager of NUFC, Enrique, Barton, Carroll and Tiote to be sold to pay back loans”

  37. 37
    avatar Ross says:

    Bowburn- They just had David Craig on outside sky sports. Now we all know how reliable he is, but he did say something quite interesting that I think goes with what you’ve said. He mentioned how an experienced manager may have to “buy into Ashleys vision and methods of running a football club” and how it will be “something that they haven’t worked with before”..what he’s essentially saying is any manager that comes here will have to realise they’re not going to be heavily financially backed and if you disagree with Ashley to the point it annoys him, you’ll simply be shown the door. As you said, what manager worth his salt is honestly going to jump at the chance? The only thing Craig could come up with was that it was the “chance to manage a big club”, something we always hear.
    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see the likes of Pardew appear.

  38. 38
    avatar jay jay says:

    A lot of Twitter talk about jol being spotted in Newcastle, some even saying he’s been spotted in a Newcastle shirt?

  39. 39
    avatar Brettoon says:

    Jay Jay – Where the hell did you read that one from???

  40. 40
    avatar tino says:

    I dont think ashley will bring joe kinnear back ?
    if he did that would be the last thing he does as owner and if he brings a pardew here to i can see the fan turning against him infact for if any of these twits come come here the fat twat can get out of our club for me

  41. 41
    avatar Magpie_May13 says:

    Never a second that I believe that CH lost the dressing room. All that said is ‘rumour’ that CH fell out with Nolan , Barton or anyone you can imagine to bring up the crap sht. It happened from last season when we about to got promote and a few week back it utter bollock.

    And with all the players say including this from Nolan

    “We are all upset that Chris is going. He helped a lot of the lads here with their careers when he was a coach and then as manager.

    “We will never forget our promotion from the Championship last season and we have to do what he told us. Stick together, make sure we keep the unity Chris has built up and get through this difficult period.

    “It goes without saying we were shocked by the announcement.”

    “Chris was gutted about what had happened. You could see that,”

    “But it said so much about him that, even though he was obviously disappointed to be going, he was still telling me and Joey (Barton) that we had to make sure we had a good season.

    “There was such dignity about the way he left, which is how he conducted himself while he was the manager.”

    How could you not love CH and go fck up with him

    I’m gutted and depressed.

  42. 42
    avatar tino says:

    time to get rid of the fat twat had enough of him

  43. 43
    avatar jay jay says:

    It’s just twitter talk brettoon, large pinch of salt needed.

  44. 44
    avatar Johno Toon says:

    I thought after a night sleep id get oer the shock but i havent, i just cant belive it , I really felt CH was building somthing here , you could see the squad coming together slowly but surly ( goodpoint , but dont call me shirley )

    I have no idea who fat man is going to bring in , i dont mean to sound all doom n gloom but im worried about our survival now ,

    What was the point of sacking Hughton to bring in a new manager and put him in the same finical straightjacket as ch? I could understand if he promised the new manager say between 20-30 million for the jan and the summer transfer windows but he wont.

    Im heartbroken

  45. 45
    avatar Toon Chicken says:

    jay jay says:
    December 7, 2010 at 9:41 am

    A lot of Twitter talk about jol being spotted in Newcastle, some even saying he’s been spotted in a Newcastle shirt?

    Haha – jay jay – I think this is the pic that has got everyone in a flap! :lol:

  46. 46
    avatar Toon Chicken says:

    Sorry link… http://twitpic.com/3dk2te

  47. 47
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    Seeing some comments about how ashley is a racist and Hoots was sacked because of his skin colour.
    What garbage. Reading some posts Hoots was a lone crusader for black people in football. Give me a break!

    One thing that has come out of this will be the less militant supporters now turning on fat ash. I was always one to give him time especially when we has Hoots in charge. Now I want the fat man as far away from the club as possible.
    Anyone reckon ashley is a makem and the hammering of them was last straw?

  48. 48
    avatar Brettoon says:

    Bloody work has blocked that website…

    What’s the pic?

  49. 49
    avatar bigbadbob says:

    After reading this article from the ever reliable George Caulkin, what is clear is that Laurel and Hardy will not tolerate anyone who stands up to them so im afraid it rules out a top managerial appointment, who the hell is going to tow the party line 100% of the time?

  50. 50
    avatar batty says:

    agree mick toon

  51. 51
    avatar Toon Chicken says:

    Bret – its a picture of the Honey Monster in that ad that he played for the Toon in when KK was (first) manager.

  52. 52
  53. 53
  54. 54
    avatar Stape says:

    aye MT @ 47 i agree aswell , & when he has finally gone all his sympathizers should be rounded up & shot like they did with the nazi sympathizers afer the second world war & if that includes beardsley then so be it.

  55. 55
    avatar jay jay says:

    TC :lol:

  56. 56
    avatar bigbadbob says:

    Lesh, hope you are right but all the reports are that whoever comes in has to buy into the Ashley business method that is minimum outlay with maximum income.

  57. 57
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    Honey monster? Where? All I can see is a picture of mike ashley.

  58. 58
    avatar shrews mag says:

    The thing that really gets me is why was Hughton sacked now??

    I know everyone was winging about our recent form, but the club itself is in the best shape its been in many years

    1. A close group of players

    2. A professional manager who comes across very well

    3. Finances on the right track

    4. Transfer policy that makes sense and seems to be bringing in some gems (tiote and HBA)

    5. Heading for survival in the Prem (which was the aim remember)

    6. The club keeping its head down and not being dragged through the gutter press every weekend

    Just when we though the corner had been turned, we are again the laughing stock of the premiership. And look at all the red tops having a great time speculating and making the club look like t***s

    Back to the bad old days … :(

  59. 59
    avatar mossa says:

    It does`nt matter who is appointed manager we will never prosper until that fat twat sells up. He seems to get a kick out of making us look stupid. The press turn on us Dan Lobb sports presenter on daybreak talks about the deluded geordie fans who thinks their club is bigger than what it is. Where have we heard that one before? Hughton was a genuine guy who gave of his best to our club no matter what people thought about him. He deserved much better than this and they say what goes around comes around. well Ashley I am sure waiting for that day to celebrate your demise whatever that may be.

  60. 60
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:

    Micky Toon

    I’m with you, mate. I have always tried to bite my lip and stick behind the chairman in the hope he was just finding his feet in football, but not anymore. I don’t care who comes in, I want Ashley as far away from NUFC as possible as it is now crystal clear how classless the man is. He is a complete disgrace.

    What’s shocking to me is how some on here are too willing to forgive and forget if Martin Jol is appointed. I’m sorry, but what!? First off, This gluttonous, reticent and idiotic chairman of ours has dragged NUFC’s name through the dirt and made us a laughing stock yet again. Let’s not even go into how Hughton has been treated because to be honest I find it utterly disgraceful.
    Secondly, I’m a fan of Jol and would have liked him after Allardyce was sacked as I felt he could bring a bit of stability and build a decent squad…But hold on, is that not what Chrissy Hughton has already been doing?! We are going through a bit of a bad patch, but I genuinely believe that our team was just a few signings away from a top 10 place under Hughton. He managed to get the best out of thoroughly average players. Did West Brom sack Matteo when they were going through awful form before the Everton game? Of course not, they have an intelligent chairman. This managerial change makes NO SENSE whatsoever and is a sideways step. No matter who comes in the simple fact of the matter is we will never know if Hughton himself would have done a better job if given PROPER MONEY.

  61. 61
    avatar Axel says:

    Just been reading in a dutch newspaper that jol was already talking to Hamburg 2 weeks ago about going back there and heard that same rumour yesterday evening on tv as well

  62. 62
    avatar lesh says:

    BBB, Yeh read that too and whilst I can see the need for the new manager to buy-in to the Ashley way, I see a spend of £20m being a small beer and a short-term ploy to placate the fans and get Prem security assured

  63. 63
    avatar nufc337 says:

    im not sure this time round that people will be calling us the stupid ones but mike ashley we get most of the stick we all know we wanted hughton as our manager but the right fat blob fired poor chris think this time round the press will see how much we wanted hoots to stay and how much of a joke ashley is

  64. 64
    avatar Stape says:

    @ 59 , so your the viewer of daybreak tv everyone’s been talking about , what’s the attraction pal ?.

  65. 65
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    Stape – Christine blakely.:-)
    Only caught the show twice but they have a fit news reader too.
    Downside is Adrian chiles and dumbed down news.:-)

  66. 66
    avatar DJG says:

    The problem was not that Hughton wasn’t going to keep us up. It was because Hughton did not accept Beardsley to be promoted to first team coach. Then Hughton also said he was in sole charge and kept a closed dressing room from Ashley. That is why he got the boot. Beardsley is on good terms with Lambias and Ashley. Thats why Mike wanted Pedro installed as the first team coach so that he could have more knowledge of what was going on and more input.

    In that sense Hughton could have stayed if he had allowed Pedro to become coach, that is why Pedro is now in charge and will probably be a condition that any new manager will have to accept is that he is first team coach. Beardsley is Ashleys ‘fly on the wall’.

    Mike is used to being the boss of things and having complete control. he has spent £200M on Newcastle and he sees it as his business to pick and choose what happens, thats why Hughton got the sack because he wouldn’t allow any interference from Ashley.

    Also Ashley and Lambias don’t like Best and Perch signings. Although that is rediculous when Hughton got Williamson, Ben Arfa, Tiote ect.

  67. 67
    avatar mossa says:

    Funny how the spurs connection is their again with Jol. Why the hell don`t you buy spurs Ashley you support them destroy them in the same way you are detroying us. I don`t want to be too pessimistic but this bears a resemblance to our relegation season. Mid table when Kinnear leaves Ashley makes rash managerial decisions and we plummet. What has Pardew done to warrant even been in the frame? Sorry apart from been a mate of Lambias and moving in the same social circle as ashley.
    It could be worse Steve Maclaren was seen flying into Newcastle airport!

  68. 68
    avatar Toon Chicken says:

    I take it you watch with the sound muted then MT? ;)

  69. 69
    avatar Stape says:

    @ 65 i was talking to 59 but never mind it’s nice to know they had doubled their viewing figures & are on the way back thanks to you & 59..

  70. 70
    avatar NUFC-ULTRA says:

    ~ El Toro ~

    agree 110% with what you said there.

    I think Ashley has money to pump into the club but just didnt trust CH ”experience” to trust him with it, which to be honest I find disgraceful.

    Look I know this is just fairytale but…….we as fans, the people who pretty much finance many aspects of our club, the people who sit or watch with joy and anxiety every weekend, have to take a stand.

    Im am sick of it, every year with get our black and white souls ripped from our chests by that inconsiderate prick and his henchmen. Turning our club into the usual Christmas Pantomime.Its like its an opera to him, the master of puppets, build all our hopes and dreams up only to massacre us at the first opportunity, as if for his own enjoyment.

    It has to stop, its not fair on us, the players, the staff or anyone who is connected even minutely to the club. Ashley should come out and speak, Ashley I want a bloody press conference, I want to see it on Sky Sports News, I want to see you sweat and squirm as every journalist verbally rapes you like you’ve rapped our club. I want to see you bereft and mortified. I want you to feel how we feel, ashamed, disappointed, embarrassed.

    I want you out……………….

  71. 71
    avatar Stuart79 says:

    Pardew ticks every box for Ashley!

  72. 72
    avatar Magpie_May13 says:

    DJG , what was that come from !!??

  73. 73
    avatar nufc337 says:

    just a question if Pardew is the next boss (heaven forbid) what will be the first reaction?? i for one would be the final nail in the coffin for us!

  74. 74
    avatar DJG says:


    Apparently he is already knows Lambias and is part of the ‘cockney mafia’. He was spotted having lunch with Owl Heed 3 weeks ago apparently. I wouldn’t be suprised at all but I would prefer Beardsley tbh is Ashley has to have so much control. At least Beardsley has a brain when it comes to football and Ashleys henchmen can find him the players on the cheap from Holland or Africa or wherever. Pardew is a total tosspot.

  75. 75
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:


    It’s kind of a commonly known fact that Beardo is in cahoots with MA. He has consistently defended his every decision for the last few years and it is no coincidence that he is the only man left standing after the smoke had cleared.

  76. 76
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:

    no coincidence that he was*

  77. 77
    avatar icedog says:

    ime with stuart here if we fans think we will get a big name manager in dream on its ashley we are talking about someone on the leval of pardew is right up his street.
    bet the dark-side are having a reet laugh at us now

  78. 78
    avatar bowburnmag says:

    Pardew frontrunner again. As stu says, he ticks all the boxes.

    I’m very sceptical about everything that has happened and is about to happen with our club.

    But if we get Alan Pardew in and totally contradict everything that the club have insisted is the reasoning behind Hughton going, I may yet not go back up those Level 7 steps while the fat bastard is in charge.

  79. 79
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    Stape, relax. I’ve seen daybreak because it was the last channel that was on the tv when it was switched off the night before. It’s only a breakfast tv show no need to get so worked up about it. Unless you are one of the sacked presenters. Then you would have a reason to be upset.

  80. 80
    avatar DJG says:

    If it is Pardew, it is because he is desperate for a ‘big’ job and will accept interference where Hoots wouldn’t. That will go against what the club statement said about ‘experience’ and they might aswell have put ‘accept interference’.

    more lies from the club.

    If Jol comes he will probably walk out as soon as he knows the craic, thats if very unlikely he doesn’t already. Unless Mike gives him money to spend and he doesn’t mind working with pedro and Ashley infulences.

  81. 81
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    Agreed with the Pardew statement. It is ashley style. It will be the final completion of the cocky mafia.;-)

    Jol was just a lucky coincidence.

  82. 82
    avatar brownrob says:

    Oh looks like it is Martin Jol, he’s just been pictured in a Newcastle shirt :D


  83. 83
    avatar Stape says:

    @ 78 , my season ticket is floating down the tyne as we speak…”no mas”

  84. 84
    avatar DJG says:

    It will be a joke is Pardew gets it he has like 5% more experience than C.H.

    Ashley is too sneeky for that he will at least say, ‘we tried to get Jol and he pulled out at the last min’ ‘Pardew was a backup option but we need a manager’.

    Expect all that bollox. If Pardew does come he has no backbone and is a desperate chancer. But we knew that already.

  85. 85
    avatar Hugh de Payen says:

    TBH I don’t think this is now a matter of ‘looking for a manager’ as such. I think Ashley has already approached someone and has contracts drawn up and ready.

    I think it’s just a matter of signing on the dotted line and revealing it to the press.

    I just don’t think he would have sacked Hughton like that if he didn’t have someone lined up – he may as well have let him continue until he was ready.

    Unless they had a falling-out we know nowt about of course.

  86. 86
    avatar icedog says:

    ime sure ashley had already got “his”man before he sacked hoots its the only thing that makes sense,hes makeing a few quid off the bookies at the moment will be wed before we hear oot i think

  87. 87
    avatar icedog says:

    HUGH beat me to it great minds think a-like

  88. 88
    avatar Magpie_May13 says:

    Arghh I officially hate Mile Ashley now
    he such a childish if that was the case just because he’s not closed with the players. What a stupid reason !!!!

    you know , I used to like Ashley and already imagine that one day we will see the big face smiling amongst the toon supporter again despite all the turmoil that cause from whole Ashley/Keegan/Wise thing because I think there are some sense of reason in there somewhere and all the talk about how greedy he is and everything deem to be business to him I still didn’t quite buying it. And that fcking message when he about to sold the club.

    But the thing he did to CH change all my opinion about him completely and no matter how and what the new manager take us step further I will never forgive him for doing this to CH.

  89. 89
    avatar DJG says:

    Maybe thats why Pardew was having lunch with Lambias, would make sense.

  90. 90
    avatar Johno Toon says:

    Pardew would be a joke , i remember slating bobby shinton for saying ch to be sacked n pardew to be installed , I really hope he got lucky on the first part.

    N so u have been right n sorry for having a go bobby

  91. 91
    avatar DJG says:

    I would be gutted if Jol left on the same day as Hughton out of sheer coincidence, but that seems the case. What a sick joke.

  92. 92
    avatar nimagpie says:


  93. 93
    avatar Ross says:

    Beardsley from what I have heard, praises Ashley in public for his work with the club. Does he genuinely think he’s the right bloke for us or is he just scared of losing his job? I’d hope to god that he cared more about the situation of a club he loves than his wallet, not as if he’s short of a penny as it is.
    Toro-mate, I’d argue that this isn’t a sideways step, it’s a backwards step! If the likes of Pardew comes in, it’s 110% a backwards step, if Jol comes in, he’s a good manager but it’s still a backwards step. Hughton had a team playing for each other, who weren’t exactly bursting with talent. We have good players, under rated players but games like Chelsea displayed our drive and determination. The whole promotion season, displayed a team spirit and desire to perform that we haven’t seen at newcastle for a long time. For me, Hoots will take that mentality with him out of SJP. He drilled it into the players and to be quite honest I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of them were gutted. A change at a time like this will have a terrible effect on the team as a whole and I’m personally dreading the Liverpool game. They brushed Villa aside last night without Torres and Gerrard. As standard they’ll be back for us and Stevie will have his standard wonder game at SJP like he always does I’m sure.

  94. 94
    avatar Stape says:


  95. 95
    avatar Johno Toon says:

    I agree ross we r now gonna get spanked by liverpool on sat , somebody might correct me if im wrong here but the season we went down , Im not saying we were not in trouble before the liverpool game , but things just seemed to snowball after that result.

    Deja vu this season?

  96. 96
    avatar TOONDARLO says:

    now guys

    well this was definately a disappointment!

    i do believe though, that with the timing and statements released that it looks like the plan is to get a proven PL manager and then back him in January and get some players in so no matter what ppl say on here they will all be happy if we get Jol/O’Neill and do alright? look at some of the players that Jol bought – Bale, Lennon. O’neil – Young and turned Milner into a Beast.

    Back to the West Brom game, the one noticable difference was the philosophy that WB play to, we, by comparasion Are rigid and have no idea how to attack clinically. Jose and Jonas are good players but they can only play one two’s with each other and thats to easy to combat, and our long punt to Carroll is putting too much pressure on Carroll and has be found out lately. i think that game obviously ultimately cost hughton. my point is that i love Hughton but it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. take Fulham, Hodgson, experienced manager and experienced in the Transfer market, bought a few players like Schwarzer and Hangeland Gera and took them to the Uefa cup final.

    Also its the most painful point, why haven’t we recovered and shown the same desire and application that the Dirty Mackems did after their 5-1 humiliation?

  97. 97
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    A mate just sent me a link to another blog and its one of the funniest comments I’ve read on this whole sorry state of affairs.

    “Give Clarkie a run at it! F##k it.. Give ‘Tino a gun and let him go at it! Ashley’s clearly going barmy, let’s all go barmy together! Faustino Asprilla on the bench with a shotgun, firing wildly in to the air when things are going well. His assistant/deputy could be Temuri Ketsbaia in a Stetson. I don’t know.”


    Nufcthreatlevel to give the guy credit.

  98. 98
    avatar DJG says:

    I think hughton had finally thought he could start saying No to Ashley… no Beardsley, no to selling Smith in jan, no to selling Taylor.

    Ashley doesn’t know the meaning of the word. ‘What do you mean no’ :lol:

  99. 99
    avatar TROJAN 69 says:

    not suprised in the slightest to what has occurred , it’s ashley we’re dealing with after all.
    i have bit my lip and kept off this blog , as i was in no way buying into fat ashley’s “MUGS PARADISE” which was being created.i said before the season started that he would conspire to f**k everything up.
    i dont know whether chris hughton was the man long term , but i always knew we’d never get the chance to see how good he could have been.
    from the day hughton was appointed,unfortunatley we were counting down to this day.
    a lot of fans on this blog actually said he would pull the trigger on chris during the first bad spell , and they were right.
    like a lot of fans i couldn’t give a toss who’s going to be the next manager , because the whole thing has become meaningless.
    mike ashley is a complete and utter nutcase , we must be the most unluckiest set of fans to be saddled with this fat toe rag.
    the future of the club is frightening with that lunatic in charge , you have no idea what he is going to do next.
    i just hope and pray that there is someone out there with the heart and the vision to take this football club forward.
    when that piece of filth has slithered back down south , and taken his minnions with him , we should declare an annual holiday where like guy fawkes night effigys of ashley burn bright into the night sky.
    it will be one hell of a party , when he leaves.
    coming up to four years of that piece of s**t in charge,lets hope it’s not much longer , prayer mats at the ready.

  100. 100
    avatar icedog says:

    pardew “friends”seem to be saying he has got the toon job,god help us if true :(

  101. 101
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Ah, well – I did enjoy Championship football more, I suppose. This may be Ashley’s “Andy Cole” moment – let’s face it, he was right about appointing CH in the first place when we were almost all against it.

    But I just can’t see it right now. I’m so utterly gutted, offended and embarrassed by it all, and I really fear for the club. What kind of person would be prepared to work for someone who has just pulled a stunt like Ashley has? Nobody I want in charge of the team, that’s for sure.

    And the players? Who can blame them if they go to pieces and want out? I would applaud them if, come the starting whistle on Saturday, they all sat on their arses and refused to move for 90 minutes. Honestly, I think this is so much more important than results and leagues. Chances are we’re looking at a relegation battle now anyway, and I consider the dignity of the club more important than that.
    I hate this because I cannot see a good outcome. At all. You could get ‘The Special One’ in and I’d hate his guts because our idiot owner just kicked out the one man that gave the club any pride.

    F**cking livid.

  102. 102
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Trojan @99. Well put, on all points. You were right, I was wrong. I may go support Exeter Chiefs until Ashley’s gone. For the sake of my sanity.
    Looking at the ‘breaking news’ ticker on Sky right now, it’s a shame Ashley didn’t buy Wikileaks instead of NUFC…

  103. 103
    avatar DJG says:

    Do you think its true that Ashley and Lambias had a big row with Hughton after the 5-1 derby because the crowd were chanting his name and he was ‘milking’ it and Lambias and Ashley are so unpopular. Thats really sad and pathetic if its true.

  104. 104
    avatar CC says:

    Im worried the players will give up if Pardew/Kinnear/O’Bleary get the job just like the last lot did when Keggy went and the court jester JFK rocked up.

    Were doomed if we dont get Jol/O’Neill or someone that makes the slighteset bit of sense and may inspire the players, I personally would love Ian Holloway but i doubt any manager worth his salt would work for Ashley so your left with your usual desperate suspects…

  105. 105
    avatar Stuart79 says:

    DJG says:
    December 7, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    Your last sentance has just summed them up perfectly!

  106. 106
    avatar mossa says:

    The final nail in the coffin in our relegation season was the Liverpool game at home. Given decided he`d had enough and the rot set in. I hope this is not going to be the past coming back to haunt us. I read that hughton was given the news of his sacking over the phone, how low can ashley stoop. I also read that hughton was supposed to listen to ashley and lambiased football inputs before games. Well if this has been going on who on earth apart from lapdog pardew is going to accept the manager`s job.

  107. 107
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Should have put some cash on CH getting chopped by xmas would have got good odds all them months ago…not a betting man though :lol:

    The football we have produced in the premiership has been ok at times and poor too, I think CH is a Dignified man but not a manager that could now juggle his pack and push us on…my gut feeling is under CH we would just wobble around and possibly have slid further down the table.

    I pointed out that once CH got us promoted from a season where we virtually walked back up a few bad results would come along and then he would have his first top flight pressure piled on him from above and it would get intolerable and uncomfortable.

    My gut feeling is that words have been said after recent results and CH has possibly reacted to them and been told to sling his hook.

    Moving on it will be interesting to see who is brought in.

  108. 108
    avatar mossa says:

    Gazza`s the man to sort us out! Come on ashley bring it on

  109. 109
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    Bring back Roeder the only man who have brought the club a European trophy since 1969.

  110. 110
  111. 111
    avatar Ross says:

    Micky-if we’re getting technical mate, Hoots brought us a european trophy in pre season!

  112. 112
    avatar TROJAN 69 says:

    two buzz words of ashley’s tenure

  113. 113
    avatar Ross says:

    Also, anyone seen the Mark Bright column in the Metro where he bangs on about after imploding in that famous KK season, we ended the following season “back where they belong, mid table”. And how “Part of him hopes we begin to struggle and slip down the league”..he does mention however that he doesn’t mind the fans and that we’d suffer for it. As if we haven’t already enough you pathetic w@nker.

  114. 114
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    Ross that seems to be a common theme. Liverpool got sympathy with hicks and gillette, manu with the glaziers, yet we should be relegated and damned to hell. Just what have we done to deserve such comments? Its not like we were shouting four Chris to go.

  115. 115
    avatar CC says:


    Bright aint got a clue, It was 95/96 when we lost the 12 point lead under Keegan and by the time we finshed runners up again in 96/97 Dalglish was boss.

    He is a grade A twat, If he done his homework then he would see that really the last time we had an assault on the title was when were in a really decent position in 02/03 under Bobby with a few games to go when we were cheated at Everton then went on a losing streak including 6-2 humping by Man Utd.

    If hes wrote that then the beeb should drop him…

  116. 116
    avatar Whumpie says:

    This is a new one for us. All of Ashley’s precious god-awful decisions came at times of unrest, when there were clamourings for change from one or more parties. This is totally out of the blue, when all but a very small minority were enjoying things and (for once) not panicking during a bad patch.
    I don’t think the media have worked out how to react yet; it’s all that bleedin’ daft.
    No doubt it’ll be back to Toon-bashing before long. Normal service restored and all that.
    I was really looking forward to Saturday; sitting with a beer watching it with my reds-supporting brother-in-law with various family members trying their best to distract/guilt/hassle us into switching it off. (Some hope.)
    Now I honestly think we’re going to get creamed and I’m not sure I even want to watch.

  117. 117
    avatar DJG says:

    If Ashley does spend £20m in jan and flash the cash with a new manager it won’t be for the benefit of the club, it’ll just be to show he’s right and the media fans were wrong.

  118. 118
    avatar Whumpie says:

    I really think I’d rather the whole thing blew up in Ashley’s face properly now. Player strikes, staff walk-outs, the lot. I’ve actually reached the point where I’d happily finish the season with the points we’ve already got than just watch the club drift on as this maniac’s plaything.
    The only faint glimmer I’ve got is that there is something we don’t know about that forced his hand, and that he will pull off some masterstroke to turn it all to our advantage. But to be honest, I can’t see much making the sour taste of all this go away.
    Champs League spot? Bollocks. Don’t care. Where’s Chris?

  119. 119
    avatar Whumpie says:

    As for appointing a new manager, we’ve been here so many times before – with managers, owners, you name it. Lots of spottings of key people at Newcastle Airport, lots of bookies with their daft odds and the occasional ‘have stopped taking bets’ stories. Then, over days, then weeks, then months, it all dies down while we remain in limbo.
    Blimey, I’m a miserable git today!
    Come on, somebody – give me a reason to smile about this!

  120. 120
    avatar DJG says:

    I partly blame Hughton for Being so stubborn at accepting Beardsley (apparently thats why Ashley flew in last week it was coming to a head) and allying himself to Alan Smith, who quite frankly is a joke £60K a week until 2012 Ashley would be right to sell in Jan if Moyes wants him which it seems like. Hughton has been stubborn with those two issues. Sometimes Im not sure if the players liked him because he let them get away with so much and seem to have so much power. That isn’t a good think IMO the manager has to be in charge of the players and with Nolan, Smith ect it almost seemed like they were in charge.

  121. 121
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Come on, DJG; I see what you’re saying, but I cannot remember any manager in my lifetime who got so much support from his players. Sol was right to go on record yesterday about it all; he’s the one with the least to lose and has the ear of the media.

    This cannot be seen just in terms of results or footballing issues. This is about the core values and credibility of the sport and everyone associated with it. Unless Ashley comes out with some show-stopping reason why he’s done this, the damage to this club and beyond will be irreperable.

  122. 122
    avatar Bobby Shinton number 9 says:

    My source has been proven right again regarding hootz sacking.
    He knows Kinnear was his replacement but isn’t fit yet. Ashley intends to sell in the summer and doesn’t want a manager in place.
    Beardo is too remain in charge until then. All attempts to appoint a more experienced manager will deliberately fail.
    Hughton will sign for Chelsea as numbet 2 within a week. Stop speculating now on managers. It isn’t happening.

  123. 123
    avatar Roy Cropper says:

    whimper @ 118 – you really are a weak 1st class pillock arnt you ? what will it take for you to get – back in line – & claiming that fat ash has turned the corner & learned from his mistakes. if your past is anything to go by a win & couple of draws should do the job..

    – do yoursel a favour & go watch the exeter chiefs as you suggested.

    a bet your lass has a field day with you.

  124. 124
    avatar DJG says:

    Yeah of course there will be players who are gutteed but I think there may also be some players like ranger and Kadar who feel they havn’t had much of a chance under Hughton. If I was Kadar I would look at Campbell on sunday and be thinking about at least getting on for the last half an hour.

  125. 125
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    Bobby you were wrong before and you are wrong again. You don’t have an inside source at the club. You change your story more than a bent politician.
    You should change your name to Walter mitty.

  126. 126
    avatar Whumpie says:

    I know we will never know, but does anyone on here actually believe that we’ll end up with more points now CH has gone than we would have if he’d stayed for the season? I can’t see it – I’m seriously concerned about relegation for the first time this season – but I’d be interested to hear the opposing views.

  127. 127
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Bobby: got to love someone who makes specific predictions: if you’re wrong, everyone forgets the prediction. If you’re right, you get the bragging rights!

    You remind me of that great quote during the financial meltdown: “Analysts have predicted sixteen of the last three recessions”. :)

  128. 128
    avatar Whumpie says:

    And Roy. Wummer extraordinaire. You obviously haven’t read my post properly, or just failed to understand it. Go learn to read, buy a dictionary, then try again.

  129. 129
    avatar Nick Dryden says:


    I think you’ve got that absolutely spot on. CH was very stubborn about letting Beardo be number 2 as Ashley had asked him to and yes CH was unwilling to let Smith go which is just mad.

  130. 130
    avatar Mick G says:

    It’s good to see Carroll come out and say he is still despite CH is sacking,100% comitted to Newcastle and wants to stay here for the rest of his career, Thats until fatty and his knob jockey want to sell him.

  131. 131
    avatar Roy Cropper says:

    fair do’s whump’s – i’ll do that.

  132. 132
    avatar tattyheed says:

    nice bloke – ta ta – move on.

    frankly – i can see where Ashley is coming from. You simply cannot have a “players committee” – its the f**kin lunatics taking over the asylum. They should have put the kybosh on that last season. it didnt work in the 70’s with Richard Dinnis (f*ck me – where did that come from?) – Nolan, Smith, Harper – too much of a say – crocodile tears from them – they’ve contributed to his downfall and need to wind their necks in. campbells just shit in his own nest as well – Ashley will see him off at the end of the season.

    replacement?… Mark Hughes for me – hard as Souness – but more savvy – players will relate to him more – successful not only with Man U – but recognised in Barcelona as well

  133. 133
    avatar AngelOfDeath says:


    More bad news for NUFC again?

    This time He is being way to frugal.

    Owner Mike Ashley and his regime are running a tight ship at St James’, but for some it is too tight. A source said: “It is so shoestring here, that the players are not receiving any bonuses, and I am sure that has never happened at any club, at any time, ever before.

    “That is pretty hard on the young players, especially at this time of year. It doesn’t help with morale, no bonuses for winning, or anything. No bonuses at all.

    “The club didn’t seem to want to give Chris Hughton a new contract or allow him to appoint his No. 2, and now they want an experienced manager, so one can only hope they have the budget for that, or else they will end up with someone out of work and desperate to take whatever they are offered.

  134. 134
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Roy – well played, sah. ;)

  135. 135
    avatar DJG says:

    I think we pointed out december as a difficult month ages ago anyway, so if we slide down the table I don’t think it’s 100% because of a change of manager.

  136. 136
    avatar Geordie Deb says:

    Absolute disgrace. Chris Hughton has been treated atrociously. I hope the LMA manage to secure him the best pay off possible from those imbeciles running our club.
    He did nothing wrong but put up with a load of crap and still managed to dramatically improve the image of our club by working diligently and with the utmost dignity, not something you would associate with NUFC.Any right minding owner would be begging him to stay not firing him, but then again we are talking Ashley.
    I hope Beardsley feels happy that all his brown nosing to Ashley has given temporary charge of our club. Can’t believe the players will respect him for that.He has been Ashley’s mouthpiece for the past few years and clearly is too thick to realise he is being used. God forbid we have him as the public face of NUFC.
    I’m seething at this outcome when weve had the only short spell of stability in years. Sad days

  137. 137
    avatar DJG says:

    campbells just shit in his own nest as well

    Campbell’s got one foot on a sunny beach somewhere, thats why he doesn’t give a flying f###.

  138. 138
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    Sorry, but in no way can I have any sympathy with someone who earns more in a week than a lot of the people who watch then week after make in ax year.
    Boo hoo. No bonus to go with my £20k plus a week. Just how will they survive. Especially at this time of year. No presents in the Simpson house this year just twigs and a lump of coal.

  139. 139
    avatar Whumpie says:

    AOD – that article brings into focus what I’m really dreading: that CH’s sacking is just the first visible fall-out from a much bigger, wider set of problems that are going to plunge us back into the brown stuff just when so much was looking stable and sensible.
    Hopefully it’s one of those ‘sources’ that is in fact the voice inside a reporter’s head. They tend to say whatever makes the best story.
    Most likely to me seems to be a blow-up between CH and his bosses that’s come at the end of several weeks of rumblings over contracts, No 2’s and player dealings. If that is the case, Ashley and Lame-arse really are as pathetic as many take them for. Knee-jerk, petulant, ignorant emotion-driven decision-making.
    Let’s hope there’s more to it. In the same sort of way you hope for a lottery win… :(

  140. 140
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Micky – yep, fair point! I think that story is just sh*t-stirring. I hope so, anyway.

  141. 141
    avatar tattyheed says:

    Geordi Deb – FFS lay off Beardsley – the greatest player ever to put on the B&W shirt – and recognised throughout the world as a fine ambassador for all thats good in the game. Shame on you

  142. 142
    avatar Roy Cropper says:

    tattyheed – deb’s reet.


  143. 143
    avatar Geordie Deb says:

    Tattyhead – Tough, it’s my opinion -have utmost respect for Beardsley as a player, was one of my favourites, but just because he is a geordie icon does not mean he is beyond reproach. Hope he is satisfied that his brown nosing has got him what he wanted.

  144. 144
    avatar Mick G says:

    Geordie deb I fully agree with you.

  145. 145
    avatar tattyheed says:

    Roy Crapper – is that the best Ken Dodd impression that you can do?
    how tickled i am

  146. 146
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:

    Geordie Deb

    Hear! Hear!

  147. 147
    avatar tattyheed says:

    Deb – whenever I feel a little bit p***ed off with my club – i you tube Peter Beardsleys goals.

    i recommend it to any one – it makes you remember why you love your club. Ashley is only the owner – it means chuff all to me. The club belongs to us.

  148. 148
    avatar Geordie Deb says:

    Tattyhead can’t disagree with that. The man was immense as a player. Just don’t like treachorous little toe rags

  149. 149
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Dunno, Deb. Agree on the first half, but I’ve not seen any evidence of the ‘Beardsley brown-nosing’ you talk of. You may well have done, though. Sadly, we’ll probably never know.

    On a slightly different note: does anyone else have the sneaking feeling that CH will very soon pop up at another club, come to SJP with them and give us a thumping?

    Whatever happens, I hope CH is always assured of a hero’s welcome at SJP. In fact, if anyone’s going to the game on Sat, please take a banner in support of wor Chris. Something that’ll be shown on MOTD and make him smile a bit. (No ‘cockney mafia’ references though, please. Been done.)

  150. 150
    avatar DJG says:

    Micky Toon says:
    December 7, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    Boo hoo. No bonus to go with my £20k plus a week. Just how will they survive. Especially at this time of year. No presents in the Simpson house this year just twigs and a lump of coal.


  151. 151
    avatar Roy Cropper says:

    tatty – try youtubing hooter’s interviews if you wanna feel better.

    he’s got more class in his – little finger – than beardsley will ever have.

    – unfortunatley he’s 2 faced.

  152. 152
    avatar JJ says:

    Bobby Shinton number 9, for God’s sake shutup you idjit.

    Do you honestly think anyone believes you tripe. You change it all the time.
    Yesterday you said Pardew was a nailed on cert for the manager job. Now you say there wont be a manager.

    If Ashley didn’t want a manager in place he would have let Hughton remain in place until that time.

    You’re either very nieve, or just a complete w@nker, so stop posting rubbish.

  153. 153
    avatar tattyheed says:

    Roy – no mate, sorry – i just dont accept that. His trouble is that he’s too honest if anything

  154. 154
    avatar Geordie Deb says:

    Whumpie when the various furores have been going on at the club over the past 2 years, Beardsley has almost always come out publicly and supported Laurel and Hardy

  155. 155
    avatar Whumpie says:

    CH’s honesty and integrity is legendary; goes all the way back to his teens, when he was one of the few really genuine socialists out there – one who actually wanted to work. How he and Ashley ended up working together is just a freak of nature; it’s like pairing up Mary Whitehouse with Roger Mellie
    (Now there’s a thought)

  156. 156
  157. 157
    avatar Johno Toon says:

    Chris Hughton is a class act and i really hope he gets a club who deserve him , he was everything the club needed while he was here , hard working and understated. He is going to be one tough act to follow. The new manager will have to work with what he has got and its hard to think of anyone who d be able to get this teaming playing well and winning. Its going to be a long season from here on in.

  158. 158
    avatar DJG says:


    Stop picking on Beardsley, the guy just wants a job, fair play to him. Its not his fault johny come lately Hughton is a stubborn p#### and want to run the first team by himself. I bet Beardsley has forgotton more than Hughton will ever know about tactics and attacking football. Hughton’s tactics were; get the ball hoof it to Andy Carroll. yawn.

  159. 159
    avatar fourfouroneone says:

    Bonus story is a load of crap and muck raking – this has nothing to do with the first team, youth team used to be given a win bonus as an incentive to win, Ashley stopped it last season.
    First teamers are contactually obliged to a win bonus and therefore have a legal right to it (if they win)

    No doubt we’ll hear loads of crap from the media in the coming days and fvck all from fat man and the owl
    If Pardew / Curbs come in I’m giving up watching em

  160. 160
    avatar Brettoon says:

    Howay JJ

  161. 161
  162. 162
    avatar Ross says:

    As I said earlier, I just hope Beardsley is naive and genuinly think’s Ashley is right for the club, the club he loves, rather than just thinking with his wallet. He talks very highly of Ashley whenever he gets the chance in public. God knows why like, the man is a walking nightmare for us.

  163. 163
    avatar Whumpie says:

    DJG – you’re being facetious, right? Better be careful – the press are using quotes from these sites to spin up whatever angle they feel, and they won’t give a stuff whether something is meant in jest or not.

  164. 164
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    Pedro might be a double agent?

  165. 165
    avatar bigbadbob says:

    Pedro is an England and Toon legend, a pure pleasure to watch playing and why is he getting stick on here?, did Hughton hoy the picks in when KK got sacked? hope he gets the job full time.

  166. 166
    avatar mossa says:

    Funny I was invited into the Sir bobby robson suite for the blackpool match and beardsley at the end of the match discussion was very honest in his assessment of the players identifying those who were crap, did`nt seem like a yes man to me. Why the hell have a go at beardsley he`s newcastle through and through.

  167. 167
    avatar Geordie Deb says:

    DJG @158 if you mean that I’m dumbfounded

  168. 168
    avatar eastcoastmag says:

    if you’re believing all stories off twitter, you got some bigger concerns that who is our next manager.

    after some time to think on it, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. as someone mentioned, it could be his andy cole moment (thanks for that analogy)

    don’t get me wrong, i think it was a terrible way to treat a guy who got this club turned around, but in reality, we were kind of punching above our weight. the teams who attacked us, (chel, arse, villa, even the mackems) we could work and hit on the break and get results. the teams who sat back and absorbed, (stoke, bburn, wolves) could handle us. we needed a change of idea and unfortunately, CH didn’t seem to have it.

    i really respect him for all he’s done and fingers are crossed that there’s a master stroke coming from fat man. potentially wishful thinking, but with a new manager coming in to a squad in unision, a respectable league position and a few weeks before the transfer window, there’s potential that money could be spent in jan. yes, yes, heavy potential that i’m all on wishful thinking, but its better than dwelling on the frustration we’re all feeling.

  169. 169
    avatar Geordie Deb says:

    BigBadBob because St Peter has often publically come out to support our owner (when he didnt have to)when it was at odds with everyone elses views.

  170. 170
    avatar DJG says:

    Beardlsey will be in the stands watching the toon when he’s 70. I can’t believe people are turning on him. What has he done apart from take orders and probably accept Ashleys offer to promote from within. He did fantastic with the reserves. Hughton is the one who blocked that. Why? Why would he do that. To be honest I don’t know but I think it was one of the worst decisions he has made and rightly or wrongly it got him the sack.

  171. 171
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    Don’t agree with the slagging of Pedro. What’s he done?
    He hasn’t slagged his boss off in public? Just how many of us would be willing to do that?

    I’m betting even Chris won’t slag off Ashley and he’s been sacked, so why should someone who is still at the club bad mouth the owner?

  172. 172
    avatar Ross says:

    The idea that the players knew there was something wrong before the WBA game is starting to make me wonder like. Whether i’m just looking for an excuse as to why we played so poorly or not im debating myself, but it’s an interesting thought.

  173. 173
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:

    Geordie Deb

    DJG has been against Hughton on here for a while from the things I can remember reading.

    Dear, oh dear! Some of the tripe on here is crazy! Beardo to get the job full time!? Is that some kind of sick joke?!

    People were up in arms when Hughton got the, often citing the fact that he is just a no.2 etc. Yet here we are with suggestions that Beardo is the man to take us forward?!

    Great player, but has ZERO to offer managerially. He is a coach who was fast tracked to reserve team manager, and has now been fast tracked to caretaker manager after Ashley failed to fast track him to no.2. He hasn’t even earned his current position for God’s sake!

    Ask yourself this question, if Beardsley isn’t chummy with MA, why are those at top level so keen on him being promoted more influential positions? That, coupled with the fact that he has always spoken very highly of MA tells me that there is more to their relationship than meets the eye.

  174. 174
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    DJG@170, how do you know that?
    Even if it is true a manager should be able to pick his own staff. I know I wouldn’t be happy not having a say in who works for me.

    Perhaps hoots didn’t think Pedro was good enough to be a #2, perhaps they didn’t get along, who knows.

    What I do know is that we shouldn’t be turning on people like Pedro and Hoots while the real criminal gets off lightly.

  175. 175
    avatar Roy Cropper says:

    ross try marst-debating yoursel – you’ll have more fun son.

  176. 176
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Blimey; we hit a crisis and the knives come out – even for Pedro. We know nowt, people! Stop giving the hacks a story!

  177. 177
  178. 178
    avatar MDS says:

    EastCoast at 168.

    I agree that under Chris we do seem to do better against thre attacking clubs than those that sit back defensively. don’ know if that is the fault of CH’s tactics or not, but it is soemthing that clearly needs fixing…

    If there is a silver lining in all of this, the fact that a change was made immediately prior to the transfer window could suggest that funds will be available. I might be clutching at straws here but am hopeful…

  179. 179
    avatar Brettoon says:

    What the hell is everyone doing talking at Pedro like that…

    He’s a geordie through and through and this is sickening that people are having a go.

    Shut up!

  180. 180
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Struth, I hope MA has some master-plan we don’t know about; that he had no choice but to sack CH, and there’s actually a seriously good manager lined up and arriving imminently.

    I hope he hasn’t just sacked the best manager since SBR, in the process shattering the solidarity and spirit of the team, making the club a focus for ridicule and hatred and destroying our chances of recruiting anybody decent, all on the basis of some hissy-fit fall-out with CH, thereby leaving us rudderless and in chaos, destined for a precipitous fall into the lower leagues and financial ruin.

    (Struth, I hope I win the lottery and that they’ll cure cancer by Thursday…)

  181. 181
    avatar Whumpie says:

    For what it’s worth, I’d prefer Jol to any of the other names being chucked about. What frightens me is that with every hour that passes without an announcement it becomes less likely that Ashley has things in hand and the more likely that this is one almighty balls-up.

  182. 182
    avatar Roy Cropper says:

    deb – 158 has always got alot to say for himself – most of it what he hears from other people & then posts it on here claiming there his views – sorry but he didn’t even know what shape ball footy was played with until his da took him to a game last season..

    ignore pet.

  183. 183
    avatar AngelOfDeath says:

    Lads,from those pre-training pictures for Liverpool match,i don’t see any of the players smiling at all.

    Oh gosh.

    Beardsley seems lost in control.

  184. 184
    avatar magpie6699 says:

    It won’t be Beardsley – since he was appointed we’ve dropped to 12th with Liverpool winning so his number’s up!
    Mick Lowes reckons it’s most likely Pardew or curbishley. Be still, my beating heart – I find it hard to contain my apathy.

  185. 185
    avatar MDS says:

    @177- hope that is right about Jol. He’s the only one being talked about that I actually like. And he can bring Suarez with him…

  186. 186
    avatar halftimebovril says:

    According to nufc.com the resignation of Jol yesterday is nothing more than coincidence and more than ever the two most likely candidates will be cheap and currently unemployed. Step up either Pardew or Curbs, both certainly no better by a mile than Hoots

  187. 187
    avatar AngelOfDeath says:

    Just for awareness,Beardsley and stone will take charge of liverpool match.

    So i reckon the appoinment of the new manager wouldn’t be that quick.

  188. 188
    avatar Ross says:

    If its not Beardsley/Stone in charge against the bin dippers, it’ll be Alan Pardew. Neither fill me with confidence.

  189. 189
    avatar Hugh de Payen says:

    Pardew just doesn’t make any sense to me. Yes, he has more PL experience than Hughton as manager, but not exactly to great acclaim. He did okay with WH like, but he managed to relegate Charlton to mediocrity in the fizzy pop.

    Pardew would be a big step backwards and he’s not what I think of when Ashley says he wants someone with ‘more experience’. I was thinking at least someone with Jol’s level of experience and achievement.

  190. 190
    avatar AngelOfDeath says:

    @Ross: is simple.

    we don’t fill confidence at that time when CH first care-take the team isn’t it?

    i am already preparing for the inevitable of getting a lost against the FOOL’S.

  191. 191
    avatar Beardsleys Boots says:

    DJG @ 158. Utter tosh.
    I’ve seen some of the best one touch passing this season. Almost arsenal like at times. Especially when Barton has been playing cm. Nice triangles crisp passes and looking good. Only recently when we been getting tonked have the lads reverted to hoofball. I’m sure that had something to do with Hoots.
    Also I tend to agree with Debs re Pedro. Its a bit embarrassing to be honest. But think it unlikely we will ever find out WHAT has been going on behind closed doors.
    Jabba will have a gagging clause on Hooters pay off.
    The more I think about it, the less I can see Jol fitting the profile of the fat man. Pardew tho seems far more likely.
    F’ing joke. Hope I’m wrong

  192. 192
    avatar halftimebovril says:

    BBC Sports understands Newcastle United hope to have a new manager in place by the weekend. – On the rolling news feed on BBC Sports page.

    To me it’s got to be one of the currently out of work ones then. As always I await to be underwhelmed!

  193. 193
    avatar shrews mag says:

    AOD @183

    They are all action shots where you would not expect people to be smiling … come on don’t try and make things tworse than they already are … ;)

  194. 194
  195. 195
    avatar shrews mag says:

    Martin … more made up crap from the press …

    The press are loving this situation, with more made up stories than you can shake a stick at … :(

  196. 196
    avatar JJ says:


    Thats bollocks. Article makes no sense. Just pathetic “journalism” creating a story from nonsense.

  197. 197
    avatar arcarius says:


    GTFO, there are already enough unrest here

    Carroll himself has reiterated in his OFFICIAL twitter account that he will not be leaving, no chance.

  198. 198
    avatar JJ says:

    Man the British press is useless.

    Newcastle hope to have manager in place soon. NO SH!T…

    May as well write an article that states Newcastle hope not to lose against Liverpool in their next fixture.

  199. 199
    avatar Whumpie says:

    MDS: don’t forget the accent. He also brings with him one of the most stereotypical national accents in the business. ;)


  200. 200
    avatar DJG says:

    El Toro

    ‘Great player, but has ZERO to offer managerially’

    Utter tripe

    He had the reserves playing class and top of the table, is that ZERO management in your book is it.

  201. 201
    avatar Axel says:

    If i had too pick between Pardew and Curbishly then i would choose curbs ,but i don’t want either . I honestly believe that the fat tw@t does not even have someone lined up already and he has put Pedro in charge just to make his point to Hughton on his way out . “i am the boss and i run the show” The more it sinks in what the fat fcuker has done to CH the more angry i get . The man has no respect.

  202. 202
    avatar DJG says:

    People need to lay off Pedro coz hes done nowt wrong. You’s sound like a bunch of backstabbers.

    Pedro is newcastle through and through and always will be. No-one had hardly heard of Hughton when he was at Spurs. He is history, stop moaning about it, will probably never see him up here again. Fact is he had compromises to make with Beardsley and Smith and he refused. Game Over.

  203. 203
    avatar fourfouroneone says:

    AndyCarroll9 twitter account is not official it’s a fake account

  204. 204
    avatar MDS says:

    Not sure I have ever heard him speak whumpie, but the accent would be an added bonus…

  205. 205
    avatar AngelOfDeath says:

    @shrews mag: you should have a look at previous pre-training pictures,and you will see the clear difference.

  206. 206
    avatar toonsy says:

    Does anyone really feel that Curbishley would be willing to come here, bearing in mind what happened with Keegan, and what happened with himself at West Ham?

    Once bitten, twice shy maybe?

  207. 207
    avatar TROJAN 69 says:

    well i’m obviously delighted to be newcastle’s stand in manager,liked peter as a player but i dont like the way he’s been a**e crawling around ashley for the last couple of years.
    beardsley has continually stuck up for ashley from day one,well done peter , all the crawling has got you a job.
    peter has been desperate to get back in since the last regime kicked him out.i must say i’m very disappointed in a newcastle legend compromising himself that much to get a job.pass the ky jelly mike.

  208. 208
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:


    “Fact is he had compromises to make with Beardsley and Smith and he refused. Game Over.”

    First off, why should a manager have to compromise on his choice of personnel? Secondly, how do you even know that’s why Hughton was sacked?

    To be honest I had a feeling the “sympathy” you had been showing for the treatment of Hughton highly disingenuous at the time, considering you were slating him every week. Your most recent comments simply stand testimony to this. Or are you just schizophrenic? You know, mentally challenged?

    I’m not even going to waste time replying to the post about Beardsley allegedly doing wonders at reserve level…

  209. 209
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Just a thought here…

    What if we start a campaign for everyone attending Saturday’s game to wear a cardboard CH facemask? That’d be a nice statement – 40,000 Hughtons at SJP. A kind of simultaneuous “Thanks, Chris” and “up yours, Ashley you utter f**knugget” on national telly.

    Just a thought. Anyone got any ideas on how to make it happen?

  210. 210
    avatar Hugh de Payen says:

    toonsy says:
    December 7, 2010 at 5:08 pm
    Does anyone really feel that Curbishley would be willing to come here, bearing in mind what happened with Keegan, and what happened with himself at West Ham?


    No. I don’t think he would and neither do I think Ashley would have him here because of that.

  211. 211
    avatar shrews mag says:

    AOD at 205

    the previous pre training photos had casual shots of players larking about.

    That type of photo would be inappropriate given the circumstances (whether they were larking about or not)

    I still say don’t read to much into these photos ;)

  212. 212
    avatar Whumpie says:

    Someone could make a mint if they turn up at the ground selling CH masks at £2 a time…

  213. 213
    avatar Ross says:

    Apparently there’s a sense of real excitement and anticipation around the club of Newcastle United regarding the new manager as many think he’ll be in by Friday morning. Who the bloody hell is excited about all this? Nee one i’ve spoken to is at all excited, or anticipant. Shocked and fed up more like.

    If it wasn’t for Georgie Thompson being the one filling me with all this rubbish I don’t know what i’d do.

  214. 214
    avatar DJG says:


    Curbishley, Jol, – both would want independence and power that, lets face it they ain’t gonna get.

    Pardew – An utter joke, plus has had run-ins with the media before, hasn’t managed North of Reading, has little or no demand from the fans.

    Beardsley – Lets see if the players get on with him or not, tactically good and has newcastle at heart. I can’t see any better option in those mentioned above, he already gets on with Lambias and Ashley and is compromising to an extent. Which is a VERY important factor for any candidate. O’Neill is frankly 100% the worst candidate and it’s a joke he was even mentioned. 2+2=5

  215. 215
    avatar Micky Toon says:

    People need to stop posting every link to an online paper.

    One link on here is saying Jol is on his way for an interview.
    The next one is saying it’s Pardew.

    One link says Carroll is staying even though Hoots has gone.
    Another says he’s leaving.

    Look, none of us know what is going on apart from the press are having a field day making up crap to get us all stirred up. They are just wetting themselves over another bed sheet protest at the weekend.

    This is all just bait. Yawn.

  216. 216
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:

    Two funny comments for entirely different reasons.

    “If it wasn’t for Georgie Thompson being the one filling me with all this rubbish I don’t know what i’d do.” :lol:

    “Beardsley – Lets see if the players get on with him or not, tactically good…” :lol:

  217. 217
    avatar DJG says:

    El Toro

    I bet you had a similar quip about hughton when he was caretaker. Changed you tune about him now eh. Wait.. don’t tell me you backed Hughton at the time. There go’s another flying piglet.

  218. 218
    avatar fourfouroneone says:

    no chance of pedro getting the job – didnt they mention they wanted someone who has more prem managerial experience?

  219. 219
    avatar DJG says:

    That was his cover story. :lol:

  220. 220
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    I have to say PB is totally in MA’s pocket for whatever reason…even at the height of MA scandals PB was there on telly/radio backing him.

    It does raise questions…etc maybe he is the new mcdermott as they say everytime a bomb exploded Terry Mac would come out of the burning building unscathed time and time again.

  221. 221
    avatar DJG says:

    Terry Mac! 1000/1


    El Tel. Suprised he hasn’t been mentioned much he’s from daan saawth aint he.

  222. 222
    avatar Mick G says:

    I have contact with people who are involved in Southampton FC. The reason he was sacked because he was having an affair with a directors wife and tried to hit on a few more, a total sleazebag by all accounts.Also he was so far up his own arse, when he wasn’t up a directors wifes,that he was disliked by everyone there.If he comes here it would be great if he tried it on with one of Carrolls exs’

  223. 223
    avatar CC says:

    “I bet Beardsley has forgotton more than Hughton will ever know about tactics and attacking football. Hughton’s tactics were; get the ball hoof it to Andy Carroll. yawn.”

    You honestly cant believe that??

  224. 224
    avatar Beardsleys Boots says:

    Just read this on ronnie gill site

    The supporters of Newcastle United would like to place on record their utter contempt for the current owner and his cronies. We feel it is in the best interests of the club if we now have an owner with more experience of running a football club. Anyone may apply because nobody could be this bad


  225. 225
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:

    “Also he was so far up his own arse, when he wasn’t up a directors wifes” :lol:

  226. 226
    avatar batty says:

    djg >>> No-one had hardly heard of Hughton when he was at Spurs.<<<< dont be a arse were not all 20 ya kna

  227. 227
    avatar workyticket says:

    DJG says:
    December 7, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    “Fact is he had compromises to make with Beardsley and Smith and he refused. Game Over.”

    Aye DJG, it’s “Game Over” for the club for another few years, and a return to being the feckless figures of fun that everyone loves to laugh at.

  228. 228
    avatar DJG says:

    Pardew sound like a right ‘person’.

    In the words of Holloway.

  229. 229
    avatar ~ El Toro ~ says:

    Here is another point. How do we expect our players to consistently perform when every time they under perform it’s the manager that gets the chop? What sort of message does it send out?
    A lot of them must be feeling pretty invincible right now.

  230. 230
    avatar Toon Chicken says:

    DJG says:
    December 7, 2010 at 3:15 pm


    Stop picking on Beardsley, the guy just wants a job, fair play to him. Its not his fault johny come lately Hughton is a stubborn p#### and want to run the first team by himself. I bet Beardsley has forgotton more than Hughton will ever know about tactics and attacking football. Hughton’s tactics were; get the ball hoof it to Andy Carroll. yawn.”

    With fans like this, who needs Mackems!

  231. 231
    avatar DJG says:

    We are a laughing stock anyway.

    This idea that we had suddenly become a respectable club is nonsense. laterz.

  232. 232
    avatar AndyMac says:

    DJG said

    “Curbishley, Jol, – both would want independence and power that, lets face it they ain’t gonna get.

    Beardsley – Lets see if the players get on with him or not, tactically good and has newcastle at heart. I can’t see any better option in those mentioned above, he already gets on with Lambias and Ashley and is compromising to an extent”

    Three things you need to know.

    1.Fat Man didnt trust CH to take the team to the top four and beyond although he recognised the excellent work he did in bringing them up at the first attempt. UNfortunately both CH and CC decided they wanted to have a crack at the BPL which is why Fat man never bothered to give them long contracts or funds.

    He still remembered vividly having to pay £3+m to Bonehead and it hurt like hell especially as the bloke wasnt his appointment

    2.PB has been an admirer of Fat Man since the day he arrived as PB needed the gig, having been ushered out the SJP door once before. PB is certainly no tactician which is why CH didnt want him anywhere near the first or reserve teams and told the Fat man in no uncertain terms :)

    3. Whoever comes in will be given money to spend and a longer contract as Fat Man knows the current squad is not good enough to survive but has to rely on someone who has been there and done it to a certain extent.

    Thats all I can say at the moment.

  233. 233
    avatar workyticket says:

    If Martin Jol were to take the job, which I have doubts about bearing in mind his close relationship with Hughton, it would be a very bad move for him.

  234. 234
    avatar Ross says:

    DJG-Have to disagree mate. Every neutral around the country (and I think alot of Newcastle fans) got a shock when we walked the Championship at our first time of asking. Upon returning to the PL, everyone was claiming we’d be relegation candidates. Then we captured the likes of HBA and Tiote, people wondered how they’d fit in. Then people watched us turn over Villa and suddenly we’re “back with a bang”. Results against the likes of Everton, Arsenal, Chelsea, our league position of 11th and again, people were surprised. Pundits started to talk about how fantastic a job Hughton had done and maybe whether an understated manager was perfect for us given the fact so many big names had failed so miserably. Pundits within the game are calling Tiote one of the signings of the summer across the league. When we went down we were a laughing stock. The CCC season and so far this season, I dont think we’ve been a laughing stock at all. That’s all out the window after this though. We’re the club everyone points and laughs at, yet again.

  235. 235
    avatar richietoon says:

    Worky…With MA’s code of conduct it’ll be a bad move for any manager unless it’s someone with absolutely nothing to lose, and therein lies the worry for me! :-(

  236. 236
    avatar Geordie Deb says:

    Worky good point regarding Jol

  237. 237
    avatar workyticket says:

    richietoon says:
    December 7, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    “Worky…With MA’s code of conduct it’ll be a bad move for any manager unless it’s someone with absolutely nothing to lose,”

    Chris Hughton.

  238. 238
    avatar richietoon says:

    Worky….touche :-)

  239. 239
    avatar CLiNT FLiCK says:

    You’re all missing the point on pedro, ALL he gives one about is N.U.F.C. , playing good football, winning & getting the F*** on with it, come what may.

  240. 240
    avatar Bobby Shinton number 9 says:

    @jj 152
    I’ve told you, Hughton wanted to be away as he is gonna be appointed Chelsea number 2. It’s been known for ages.
    I have a source within the club and he was right about hughton getting the sack. I said it would happen when it did.
    You scoffed before it happened but my source was right and I was the only one telling you. Check back!

  241. 241
    avatar richietoon says:

    you said Hughton was going to Chelsea as coach but was waiting for Ashley to appoint a successor beforen he left.You said that successor would be Kinnear who would take over in Jan, since then you keep changing your story depending on whats in the press.CHECK BACK :roll:

  242. 242
    avatar icedog says:

    why was barron the goal-keeper coach given the push,dont get that,maybe he has given the tea lady his job,oh forgot she went weeks ago,getting very thin on the ground now

  243. 243
    avatar richietoon says:

    Ice, maybe he stuck up for Hughton or the incoming manager wanted rid as I believe they already had their man(or near as damn it)in place before getting rid of CH.

  244. 244
    avatar icedog says:

    RICHIE said that me-sel mate,he has someone weeks ago,just milking the bookies at the mo imo.

    batty knocked the job back couldnt agree on roy crooper getting his tea van in on training days

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