Newcastle United vs Stoke City match banter!

Newcastle United v Stoke City.

Will Stoke throw in the towel again?

Venue: St James’ Park, NE1.
Date: Sat, 21st April, 2012.
Kick-Off: 3pm.
Referee: Andre Marriner (West Midlands).
UK TV: None.

Good afternoon Geordies, and welcome to our regular match banter feature for this afternoon’s game.

Unfortunately, this time the Magpies have to face the biggest, ugliest, dirtiest and generally most dislikeable team in the Premiership. I am of course referring to Stoke City with their towels, five minute long throw ins, ever changing pitch sizes and robust percentage football.

Last time, the Magpies rightly made them look ridiculous by taking their own towels to the Britannia Stadium for long throw ins on a pitch which had been deliberately reduced in size to give them an advantage over their technically superior opponents. When Ryan Taylor played them at their own game with some long throws of his own, they didn’t like it at all and one of them responded in typical Stoke fashion, by trying to kick him in the testicles. More on that from much esteemed site user, Stephen C, in this video interview for Sky. That game of course was a 1-3 victory for the Magpies. Here’s hoping for more of the same at St James’ Park this afternoon!

For our usual in depth look forward to the match, you could always check out UTD111′s excellent match preview, and don’t forget that we will also be posting the official team sheets when they are available. We will also be posting highlights, a full match report, and possibly a link to a video of the whole match when it’s all over so stay tuned.

Howay the Lads!

Team sheets

Newcastle United (4-3-3): Tim Krul (G), Danny Simpson, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Davide Santon, Yohan Cabaye, Cheick Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez, Hatem Ben Arfa, Papiss Cisse, Demba Ba.

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), Shane Ferguson, James Perch, Dan Gosling, Ryan Taylor, Leon Best, Shola Ameobi.

Stoke City (4-4-2): Asmir Begovic (G) Andy Wilkinson, Robert Huth, Ryan Shawcross (c), Marc Wilson; Ryan Shotton, Glenn Whelan, Wilson Palacios, Matthew Etherington; Jonathan Walters, Peter Crouch.

Subs: Thomas Sorensen (G), Matthew Upson, Dean Whitehead, Jermaine Pennant, Cameron Jerome, Ricardo Fuller, Kenwyne Jones.

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133 comments on this post.
  1. workyticket:

    NUFC team sheet up now.

    Lots of links for the game here.

  2. Jimbob:

    Arguably our strongest first eleven (minus S. Taylor).

    Just watching ‘Bloodzeed’s’ sopcast Arsenal v Chelsea Worky, unfortunately he’s not doing our match… Shame as I think his streams are getting even better.

  3. workyticket:

    Aye Jimbob, another 4-3-3 from Pardiola.

    I’ve just been checking out the Setanta link, but it’s one of those that look like a bad trip. The pixels keep smearing all over and everyone starts melting!

  4. Marty:

    Ha’way the lads!

    Match Preview here also:

  5. GS:

    Boring, Boring Arsenal. Good result for us as long as we take care of Stoke.

  6. Paul in Hollywood:

    Cheers Worky, always appreciated, even against the Potters.

  7. Jimbob:

    workyticket says:
    April 21, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    “I’ve just been checking out the Setanta link, but it’s one of those that look like a bad trip. The pixels keep smearing all over and everyone starts melting!”

    Sounds awesome!

    Probably make more interesting viewing to be honest. Really never look forward to the games against Stoke. Usually dull affairs.

  8. GS:

    Meaningless game of the week: Villa – Mackems.

  9. GS:

    63% of Stoke goals come from set pieces.

  10. Jimbob:

    I see Fox Soccer is broadcasting the match, I can get it through a browser feed, but it’s shite.

    Looks like the Setanta link is best…

  11. workyticket:

    GS says:
    April 21, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    “Meaningless game of the week: Villa – Mackems.”

    That one will be edge of the seat stuff, GS.

    Nee botha, Paul.

  12. workyticket:

    Jimbob says:
    April 21, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    “Looks like the Setanta link is best…”

    They keep shapeshifting on my laptop, Jimbob!

  13. AndyMac:

    I’ve got this

  14. AndyMac:

    but its foreign language so I’ve got Radio commentary as well.

  15. Phisix:

    English stream lads.

  16. Phisix:

    Its not the best but it will do.

  17. Phisix:


  18. maze202:

    Arfa doing it again!

  19. workyticket:

    It’s not fair that we’re allowed to play with Ben Arfa, he’s too good.

  20. Phisix:


  21. Jimbob:

    Playing some calm, patient football and it’s 2-0 already :-)

  22. GS:

    Beautiful football.

  23. Phisix:

    Cabayes through balls are a god send :D

  24. workyticket:

    Phisix says:
    April 21, 2012 at 3:07 pm


    English stream lads.”

    There’s something very dodgy in one of the popups on that one. Be careful!

  25. AndyMac:

    Phisix is obviously more familiar with Yohan than the rest of us ?

    HBA getting chalk on his boots ?

  26. Phisix:


  27. TallyHoPipPip:

    Hi Guys,

    Been reading the blogs for a while so thought I’d join in for a change! Enjoy the articles so keep it up.


  28. AndyMac:

    Phisix says:


    Cabaye’s throughballs ?

  29. workyticket:

    TallyHoPipPip says:
    April 21, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    “Hi Guys,

    Been reading the blogs for a while so thought I’d join in for a change! Enjoy the articles so keep it up.”

    Good to see you on here, TallyHoPipPip. Welcome aboard.

  30. Phisix:

    I meant his general passing but yeah. :P

  31. maze202:

    We have to keep hold of Ben Arfa.

  32. AndyMac:

    Yeay welcome Tallyhopip be aware that Chuck and me are the ones you REALLY NEED TO LISTEN TO :)

  33. Phisix:

    Another good Cabaye ball. That second goal is doing us a world of good now, we are passing it around with more confidence.

  34. workyticket:

    Less than one goal per game for Stoke. That’s awful.

  35. AndyMac:

    As it stands we’re fourth with a GD of 10. Spuds are three points behind with a GD of 19 so another nine goals in the second half ………….

  36. Phisix:

    That would be nice. Spurs losing or even a bore draw would set us up nicely.

  37. TallyHoPipPip:

    Yes Andy, I can sense the years of wisdom coming through your posts!…

  38. Phisix:


  39. Phisix:

    Thought Ba was going to shoot then.

  40. AndyMac:

    TallyHoPipPip says:

    “Yes Andy, I can sense the years of wisdom coming through your posts!”

    Remarkable insight THPP, particularly as we’ve only known each other 5 minutes !

  41. Kilgore_D_Sprout:

    This game is impressive.

    Which is what matters.

  42. GS:

    On Fox Soccer in the US, Warren Barton can barely hold in his delight. There is a smile as big as a cheshire cat on his face

  43. TallyHoPipPip:

    I am loving the look of the as it stands table… I am going to be spending the rest of the afternoon dusting down my passport!

  44. Paulosio:

    Playing great so far. About as good as West Brom I think. Ben Arfa is showing some great touches and everyone is doing a good job.

  45. AndyMac:

    Another rare gem of information – you get a much better class of Totty on Sky Calcio, dunno if its her

    but she’s hottttttttt :)

  46. GS:

    C’mon ‘Arry F@ck up the QPR game.

  47. Jimbob:

    I like number 12′s picture…

  48. chuck:

    A somewhat passionless first half, with NUFC playing a tentative game, dominated by long ball football.
    Appeared no one wanted the ball.
    Things changed following the first goal, a more relaxed side then began to show some passing skills, with Cabaye and HBA leading the way.
    It appeared the side took their foot of the gas following the second goal, dont like any park the bus stuff, hope they start pressing on the resumption of play.

  49. AndyMac:

    Jimbob says:

    “I like number 12′s picture…”

    On the basis of beggars not being able to choose, I’d take any of them tbh :lol:

  50. GS:

    Chuck @48:

    we have had no problems at all mate. Been easy so far. Some great skill for the goals.

  51. Phisix:

    We just need one more and we should be safe and we can go and enjoy the game more.

  52. Phisix:

    Spoke to soon nearly :D

  53. workyticket:

    That looked on side to me.

  54. AndyMac:

    How marginal was that ?

  55. tunyc:

    replays show he’s level.

    linesmen need to be full professionals. truly embarrassing lately lately

  56. Phisix:

    Ba needs to stop trying so hard.

  57. TallyHoPipPip:


  58. tunyc:

    It’s a beaut’ from Cabaye! That’s, dare I say, CL quality!

  59. Phisix:

    Cabaye you beast!!!

  60. Jimbob:

    AndyMac says:
    April 21, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    “How marginal was that ?”

    Not very AM, just I think number 12 has that look in her eye…

    Missed Cabaye’s goal because of it :-)

  61. tunyc:

    Good work from Ba on the edge of the box. I really want to see him score-all he needs is to hear 50K singing his name again…

  62. Phisix:

    He needs a third now. :D

  63. maze202:

    And here I was expecting a dull Stoke game.

  64. AndyMac:

    Stroked that home :)

  65. tunyc:

    Compare this to the absolutely dire display from CFC and Arsenal earlier.

  66. Phisix:

    All we need now is a Ba rocket and a Bessi mazing run goal for the icing on the cake.

  67. tunyc:

    Cabaye off for Perch. MOM for me-with the assist on Cisse’s goal he was involved in everything. Good to be able to keep him fresh.

    And immediately into the fire.

  68. maze202:

    Hmm I thought Raylor should have got some time instead of Perch.

  69. Phisix:

    Perch the super sub!

  70. tunyc:

    It was pretty good show earlier when Palacios took his yellow card while one of a triple team on HBA-virtually in the corner of our half! I think these guys saw a bit much of his golazo over the week…

  71. tunyc:

    I can understand playing Perch. He’s in great form just now-want to make the most of that, and keep it going.

  72. Phisix:

    Plus to rest Cabaye a bit more for next week.

  73. tunyc:

    Yep. Chelsea will not be looking forward to playing us. If they make 8 changes from their first team the lads will fancy a chance to eat them alive.

  74. Phisix:

    Ba just cannot score lol.

  75. Phisix:

    So close Colo…

  76. tunyc:

    Colo just misses a free header from a corner…

  77. maze202:

    Really hoping Ba gets a goal.

  78. tunyc:

    Shola is apparently a geordie “folk hero”


  79. AndyMac:

    maze202 says:

    “Really hoping Ba gets a goal”

    Better start saving up maze cos (Warning football cliche imminent) he just cant buy a goal :)

  80. GS:

    @78, Shola the Mackem Slayer.

  81. tunyc:

    Seems like Ba’s at the tip of the formation since Cisse went off.

    C’mon, Demba!

  82. tunyc:

    Santon seems close to very good form.

  83. Phisix:

    Santoon is awesome.

  84. Phisix:

    Standard Gosling yellow in coming then.

  85. tunyc:

    Gosling on for Simpson, Perch to RB.

  86. tunyc:

    Don’t sell the lad short, Phisix.

    It could be red.

  87. Phisix:


  88. AndyMac:

    Sorry who was that blonde thing ?

  89. tunyc:

    Tiote with his once-a-season wonder strike! Great save, has to be said.

  90. Phisix:

    If it wasn’t for the Stoke keeper would would be up by another few goals.

  91. Phisix:

    Tiote wants one then :D

  92. tunyc:

    Tiote AGAIN on target from 35 yards! Feels like we’re gonna get another…

  93. tunyc:

    Ok, 25 yards.

    I always do that.

  94. GS:

    What a performance. Every one of our team played great.

  95. Phisix:

    Santoon to the rescue. The lads quality.

  96. tunyc:

    Awesome result, truly brilliant!

  97. tunyc:

    Oh, and 14 clean sheets but Krul’s not on the best young player list. Joke.

  98. maze202:


  99. AndyMac:

    and Mr Pulis will say “We were unlucky” :)

  100. Phisix:

    The fight for 3rd is now our new goal. ;)

  101. tunyc:

    Warren Barton’s got a grin a mile wide!

  102. tunyc:

    If we’d beaten Arsenal we could go ahead of them by winning our game in hand…

  103. tunyc:

    Fulham get a late winner to take some wind out of Wigan’s sails (hopefully). Planets seem to be aligning for us…

  104. tunyc:

    Sorry for the profusion, but one more pleasing fact: LFC can not finish above us.


  105. AndyMac:

    Its all about numbers, six from six and ten from eleven !

  106. GS:


    are you getting on board now? I’m about 63% – 37% with Pardwho now.

  107. webbo:

    its a disgrace that no newcastle players are in with a shout of an award. they keep it safe and choose the same crap every season. pound to a pinch of poo that pardew doesnt get manager of the season or newcastle team of the season………….

  108. GS:

    Worky and other stat people?

    This is it right? We have qualified for Europe?

  109. workyticket:

    GS says:
    April 21, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    “are you getting on board now? I’m about 63% – 37% with Pardwho now.”

    I’m about 100% with the players GS, you do realise how good some of them are (especially Ben Arfa)?

    Full credit to Pardiola though for finally letting them play they way they should have been playing before.

  110. Jimbob:

    As it stands, if we lose every game and Everton win every game they can finish level on points with us and potentially finish 6th…

    That will not happen, our minimum position will be 6th, so yeah… We have qualified, sort of.

    Though as 6th is our lowest possible position, it’s unknown what our highest position could be :-)

  111. GS:


    You know I never say a bad word about our players, my glass is always half full with Newcastle United.

  112. Jimbob:

    Those last three games, Chelsea, Man City and Everton are a right pain… Really got to get the three points at Wigan.

    Either way I’m very happy.

  113. workyticket:

    Match highlights are up now lads.

    Full match video, interviews and report will be up later, hopefully.

  114. chuck:

    Well it turned out to be a breese in the second half, with a two goal lead and an obvious confidence, defending well and awaiting the counter.
    Where a pressing Stoke left openings at the back, which were quickly attacked and eventually the third goal came.
    In fact Stoke were lucky to have only conceded three.
    Outstanding were Cabaye and Santon, with Collo steadying the defense.
    Tiote’s coupla shots were unlucky not to score, perhaps he should attempt shooting more often.
    The main difference in the present side is that we can get goals from a number of midfielders, besides our prolific strikers, making this club a feared side at this stage of the season.
    But a note of caution, there’s still a struggling Wigan,fighting for survival and points, an in-form Chelsea and of course Citeh still in contention for the league.
    Game by game !

  115. GS:


    you took me out of context, which really is not like you.

    Mention my post @94 if you want to show what I really think.

  116. AndyMac:

    GS says:

    “are you getting on board now? I’m about 63% – 37% with Pardwho now.”

    I’m 100% with the players GS, you do realise how good some of them are (especially Ben Arfa)? Full credit to Pardwho though for finally letting them play they way they should have been playing before”


    If he’d gone 4-3-3 at the beginning of this season, who knows we could have been challenging for the title right now. Five from five since he saw the light !!!!!!

  117. GS:

    Chuck @114:

    Good summary.

  118. workyticket:

    Jimbob says:
    April 21, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    “Though as 6th is our lowest possible position, it’s unknown what our highest position could be”

    Er, third if Arsenal are shite until the end of the season and we win everything.

  119. AndyMac:

    GS says:

    “Chuck @114: Good summary”


  120. chuck:

    Why has this man been sitting on the bench for most of the season…… ?
    Santon, that is !

  121. AndyMac:

    chuck says:

    “Why has this man been sitting on the bench for most of the season…… ? Santon, that is !”

    He has been disappointing this season Chuck particularly at the Emirates.

    Still hopefully he’s finding his BPL feet now ?

  122. workyticket:

    chuck says:
    April 21, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    “In fact Stoke were lucky to have only conceded three.”

    We’ve never scored more than three in the league this season, Chuck. Pardiola always pulls off his top players and shuts up the shop if we get three.

  123. AndyMac:

    WT says:

    “We’ve never scored more than three in the league this season, Chuck. Pardiola always pulls off his top players and shuts up the shop if we get three”

    Never understand that. Goals bring confidence ergo more goals more confidence.

  124. AndyMac:

    workyticket says:

    “Match highlights are up now lads”

    Soz, thanks WT ! :)

  125. workyticket:

    AndyMac says:
    April 21, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    “Never understand that. Goals bring confidence ergo more goals more confidence.”

    Saving at least some of his crown jewels for the next game in case they pick up a knock late in the game, Andy. But of course, I see what you’re saying.

  126. Tripp:

    Protecting the squad I suppose. If you’re winning a match 3-0 and controlling the match comfortably, why risk your key players any longer? Esp against a side like Stoke that can deleg a player at any minute? I’m guessing that’s his rationale.

    Delegged players reduce confidence. Ergo more delegged less confidence. ;)

  127. AndyMac:

    Deleg ? ( ;)

  128. Tripp:

    If I added a hyphen could you figure it out? :p

  129. tunyc:

    In other news, the English league’s ever-more-questionable fleet of officials are doing their level best to hand a result to Spurs. Taraabt sent off and I don’t think anyone in the ground other than the ref knows why.

  130. tunyc:

    Oh, and there seems to be a supernatural force that keeps us from scoring four. Cisse’s disallowed goal absolutely was not offside.

  131. workyticket:

    tunyc says:
    April 21, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    “Oh, and there seems to be a supernatural force that keeps us from scoring four.”

    Aye, Alan Pardiola. Despite his recent trip to Damascus, he reverts once we have three on the clock, tunyc. That “goal” was dead level mind.

  132. Paulosio:

    Seems smart to take off players to try and keep them fresh once a game is won. Cabaye was looking like he was slightly injured in the minutes before he came off and it would have been criminal to keep him on and him missing games because of it.

    As for “we might have won the league” if we’d played this formation all season. We might have. On the other hand we might not have got as good results as we did….

    Ben Arfa wasn’t ready at the start of the season. Don’t forget he was still making a return to fitness from his broken leg when he got injured again pre season. When he did play early in the season his talent was there for all to see but he gave away the ball a lot and wasn’t the team player he is now. Pardew’s management is a big part of why we are getting the performances he’s giving now rather than the performances we saw earlier in the season.

    Fans always think they know better but if the fans had their way we would have sold people like Perch, Ryan Taylor and Guthrie…. They’ve been brilliant for us this season.

  133. chuck:

    Yeah , yeah, we heard it all before it’s the AP line.
    The guy only takes credit for the positives, and is quick to blame others for the negative stuff.
    Tell me how did you reach your conclusion’s about HBA ?
    Apart from it being the party line.
    If the man was unfit as you say, what was he doing on the bench?
    And if as you say he gave the ball away and was’nt the team player he is now, why ?
    You dont get match fit sitting on the bench and getting a few cameo roles.
    But i believe the guy was a great player before he ever thought about this club, why is everyone now so surprised at what he does.
    It’s no surprise to me!
    Same thing with Santon, could’nt get a start, and when asked why, it’s the same old crap.
    Oh! he didnt play well, he’s not ready for the EPL, etc.
    Which is pure nonsense.
    I have seen every game he has played and he performed a hell of a lot better than either Jonas, Raylor or Perch.
    Why then, when these guys play so well, does AP sit them in place of mediocre players, like those you mentioned, and believe are doing such a great service for the side.
    C’mon, these are the guys we should sit not HBA and Santon.

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