Alan Pardew’s Groundhog day at St James’ Park

Alan Pardew and Yohan Cabaye vs Hull City.

Pardew prepares to go on the back foot at 2-2.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my latest piece for was published earlier today.

Entitled “Newcastle United fan’s view: Alan Pardew repeats the same mistakes again” it is my regular look back at the weekend’s game.

In it I take a look at how Pardew, like a madman, seems to keep making the same tactical mistakes over and over again, always expecting a different result. It makes supporting Newcastle United like ‘Groundhog day.’ I also take a look at a few other things too, but I’ll leave that for you to find out. In hindsight though, I did omit to mention another Pardew tradition, bizarre substitutions, a tradition which goes way back in his career and if you don’t believe me, ask a West Ham or Charlton fan! Of course, I am referring to his decision to throw on Cheick Tiote and leave Sammy Ameobi on the bench when the side were 2-3 down with five minutes to go and the Magpies desperately needed a goal, but there you go.

Hope you like it!

Newcastle United fan’s view: Alan Pardew repeats the same mistakes again


Do you agree with Alan Pardew's statement that "our home form since I've been at the football club has been brilliant?"

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15 Responses to “Alan Pardew’s Groundhog day at St James’ Park”

  1. 1
    avatar Phisix says:

    We need to take a leaf out of Sunderlands book regarding crap managers.

  2. 2
    avatar bifftoon says:

    shows how much ambition Sunderland have really, going nowhere under canio. just wish Ashley had the same trail of thought!
    you could understand not spending any money in the summer if we had a decent manager!
    like everyone I think we have a really good looking squad that is easily top ten, yet it will take a miracle for pardew to achieve anywhere above 15th

  3. 3
    avatar bob the vid says:

    It appears the same old crap is coming out again and again. What a great squad we have. Should finish in the top ten etc. This from fans and pundits alike. Didn’t we hear all this the year we were relegated? When we get our tactics right we might stand half a chance erst while expect much of the same.

  4. 4
    avatar GS says:

    I was out of town with no Wi-Fi for the Hull game. Seems that was probably good for my health as I might have been banging my head against the wall as Pardew reverted to type (just like we all knew he would).

    I see the physio room is starting to fill up – surprise, surprise.

  5. 5
    avatar GS says:

    Pardew arbitrarily said to judge him after 8 games. Well, we have Everton (h), Cardiff(a) and Liverpool(h) coming up. There is a real chance we could lose them all. Does that mean the Silver Pox will walk?

    Of course, I don’t want us to lose these games, I just think there is a real chance we will with Pards in charge.

  6. 6
    avatar sampdiago says:

    The cowardly parrot would never walk,if Gus poyet and Di Mateo cant walk into most vacancies,what chance does parpoo have?

  7. 7
    avatar workyticket says:

    Sampdiago, I was reading an interview with Roberto Di Matteo once and he said he’d had several offers including Paris St Germain.

  8. 8
    avatar pete_toon says:

    I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the match at the weekend. Of course, the match I enjoyed was Spurs v Cardiff. Almost makes me wish I was a Cardiff fan.

  9. 9
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Bollox!, I put my post on the previous article, More or less summing up the debacle of Saturday.

  10. 10
    avatar workyticket says:

    Joe, would you like me to put it on here?

  11. 11
    avatar tunyc says:

    samp @ 6: good point, I’ve thought it myself. Which is why I’d really like to see him lose this job. Would warm my heart to see him out of work for a while then taking the helm at a third division side. Oh wait, he got fired last time he managed in the third division. D’oh!

  12. 12
    avatar workyticket says:

    I must say I’m very surprised about the Mussolini revelations coming out of Blunderland. According to the players he was a mad authoritarian who ruled by fear, like some kind of Fascist dictator. :lol:

    He told the players that if they weren’t happy with that, they could go and see the board about it, so they did!

  13. 13
    avatar sampdiago says:

    I dont think pardnocchio could get a Vauxhall conference job,he might have to go back to the casino and bring his c.v with him…

  14. 14
    avatar sampdiago says:

    In saying that ,pile ranger got a deal and
    Plays league football so parpoo may get a tea lady job,fact being he is a lying b@&ch.

  15. 15
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, It’s okay, I don’t want to put you out, It’s just another rant lol.

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