Newcastle United vs Southampton full match video, highlights and interviews

Newcastle United v Southampton full match video. Close grey ‘X’ at top of screen (about an inch along from top right corner) to reveal play button. Be patient and give video a few seconds to play.

‘Match of the Day’ Highlights.

Alternative highlights.

Post match interviews.

Alan Pardew though it was a good Premier League ding dong between two good teams but rued missed chances from Remy.

Still no English from Pochettino.

Score and goalscorers.

Newcastle United 1 (Gouffran 28), Southampton 1 (Rodriguez 66).

Teams and other match facts.

Newcastle United (4-4-2): Tim Krul (G); Mathieu Debuchy, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (c), Davide Santon (Massadio Haidara 78); Moussa Sissoko, Cheick Tiote, Vurnon Anita, Yoan Gouffran (Hatem Ben Arfa 73); Shola Ameobi (Papiss Cisse 61), Loic Remy

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), Massadio Haidara, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Gabriel Obertan, Sammy Ameobi, Hatem Ben Arfa, Papiss Cisse.

Southampton (4-4-2): Paulo Gazzaniga, Calum Chambers, Dejan Lovren, Jos Hooiveld, Luke Shaw; James Ward-Prowse (Morgan Schneiderlin 46), Jack Cork, Steven Davis, Jay Rodriguez (Sam Gallagher 90+5); Rickie Lambert (c), Pablo Osvaldo (Adam Lallana 46).

Subs: Cody Cropper (G), Maya Yoshida, Jose Fonte, Morgan Schneiderlin, Gaston Ramirez, Adam Lallana, Sam Gallagher.

Yellow cards: Jack Cork (65), Morgan Schneiderlin (90+3).

Red cards: None.

Referee: Mike Jones.

Attendance: 49,164.


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1,015 Responses to “Newcastle United vs Southampton full match video, highlights and interviews”

  1. 1
    avatar chuck says:

    Thanks for Showing the entire game Worky !

  2. 2
    avatar chuck says:

    Oh, mistook the headline, it was full game highlights.
    And having watched the Saints goal, where though Colo was where he should have been, there was no sign of Williamson.
    Then i saw him way behind the play on the opposite side of the field, my point about the guy.
    He has poor positional sense and no pace to make up for it and had he been in position, may have been capeable of preventing the goal.
    His lack of pace and poor positional play has led to a number of goals conceded
    Now this is not an isolated incident, i can trace his poor sense of positioning and lack of pace to a number of goals, which have resulted in our dropping points.
    But Pardeux continues to pencil him in, leaving two decent CD’s on the bench, Taylor and Yanga-M’biwa.
    I just dont understand why ?

  3. 3
    avatar AndyMac says:

    “leaving two decent CD’s on the bench”

    Saylor ???? You kidding chuck ?

    If we had no CB’s available apart from Saylor I’d still play Tiote and Dummett instead.

    Despite his years, he has learned nothing about positional awareness, communication or reducing the risks with anticipation.

    I see no reason why he shouldnt be loaned out to a Championship team like QPR and maybe Arry can instill some good habits back into his game ? Although having watched Simmo briefly last night I doubt it :(

  4. 4
    avatar GS says:

    I think Williamson was up for a corner before Santon gave the ball away and they bombed down the field and scored.

    The full match video wouldn’t load and MOTD didn’t show the lead up to their goal.

    I actually think we should reassess what we do at corners as we score so infrequently and send so many up into their box that we invite the counter-attack. Maybe they are doing this as I have noticed Coloccini isn’t getting up as much. That doesn’t help if you gift the opposition the ball when our players are expecting the ball back into their box or out wide.

    I know Chuck hates Williamson, and Mike has his limitations, I just don’t think you can blame him exclusively for their goal.

  5. 5
    avatar GS says:

    Just looked at their goal again and Williamson was up in their box for a free kick and Coloccini was back in the centre circle to guard against the quick break.

    Chuck’s vendetta against Williamson clouds his view on who was at fault here. Mike was actually steaming back once Santon had lost the ball and would have been there if Southampton hadn’t executed to perfection.

  6. 6
    avatar AndyMac says:

    “and would have been there if Southampton hadn’t executed to perfection”

    So what u saying GS ? Was he at fault or not ?

  7. 7
    avatar GS says:

    He wasn’t at fault because he was upfield in a designed play with Coloccini in the centre circle for the fast break.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Williamson is a great player, but to blame him for their goal is a joke.

  8. 8
    avatar Paul in Hollywood says:

    Their goal was well-worked, and in the overall scheme of things, 1-1 was probably a fair result. However, to repeat for emphasis, and the shortage of anything else to say, Remy should have scored. To which extent, I agree with Pardew on this, he cost us the extra 2 points.

    And with regard to Mike Williamson, I like the guy and would play him. I also like M’biwa and Collo, so it is good to have the competition. Saylor only has to look as his bloody stupid sending off at Man City and his history of being injured to answer why he is currently out of the picture.

  9. 9
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 15, 2013 at 7:56 pm

    “The full match video wouldn’t load and MOTD didn’t show the lead up to their goal.”

    The full match is there, GS, but you needed to complete a small IQ test to watch it, which you and Chuck obviously failed. :-)

    It wasn’t even an IQ test, you just had to read the instructions. :lol:

    “Close grey ‘X’ at top of screen (about an inch along from top right corner) to reveal play button. Be patient and give video a few seconds to play.”

  10. 10
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 15, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    “Chuck’s vendetta against Williamson clouds his view on who was at fault here. Mike was actually steaming back once Santon had lost the ball and would have been there if Southampton hadn’t executed to perfection.”

    It used to happen with Nicky Butt and Steven Taylor, GS.

    Taylor was very popular with the idiots because he was always spouting shite about bleeding black and white and he shouted and pointed alot, whereas Nicky Butt was a ginger ex Man U player. Taylor would often go AWOL, poor 30 odd year old Butt would try to rush back to cover for him and would usually end up getting the blame from uneducated fans for his pains.

  11. 11
    avatar chuck says:

    Williamson was up for the corner, why ?

    As i have contantly stated, the guy has yet to get his head to any corner kick in the opposition’s end, never mind score, even though he stands at six four.

    One would think that Pardeux would have figured that out by now and moved him back to the center circle, replacing him with Colo, who is not bad in the air, but lacks height.

    Am i making sense here, or will Pardew continue with the (by now) forlorn hope he might score one day

    Look i have made a point of locating Williamson, on highlight’s of the opposition goals, to justify my assertion that the guy is a handycap.

    And it’s proved to be true, most goals against have been scored because either he was out of position, or guys went by him as if he were rooted into the pitch.

    Some refuse to see that, others are carried away with the recent hype, that sugests he is in fact a decent player.

    Yeah the guy tries, but that’s not a good enough reason to replace, two better CD’s IMO.

  12. 12
    avatar chuck says:


    Glad you mentioned Nicky Butt, who i always defended against abuse from “kna nowt” fans, who wondered why his name was the first one penciled in each week.
    Another case of not understanding what was happening, by those who slagged him.
    I understand why Taylor is disliked in general and agree he might be considered a kiss ass.
    But he’s the only defender who puts his body on the line and keeps the oppositions heads up.
    Would he have been a consistent U21 pick if he were useless, lets be fair here, recent injuries have kept him out.
    But the fact that players like HBA and Marveaux,
    both good players have also been ignored, sometimes not making the bench, sez more about Pardeux than it does about them.
    He constantly complained about lack of a bench last year and now ha has a decent bench, continues to play the same side, week after week, regardless of the opposition.
    This to me suggests he lacks imagination, besides the fact we should all know, he has little in the way of football acumen.
    Gotta laugh when following Villas-Boas firing, it was suggested he might be in Spurs sight’s as a possible replacement.
    I wish

  13. 13
    avatar chuck says:

    Not having watched the full game, but having seen the highlights, it appears Remy did miss a clear cut opportunity to score.
    But to then blame him for loosing the game is shooting from the hip, considering Southampton also missed opportunities.
    A typical assertion from Pardeux, always looking to place the blame elsewhere.
    Is the man stupid or something, Remy has been our go to guy as far as scoring is concerned, to then blame him for loosing points and piss him off, is not what you want to do if you have any hope’s of signing him permanently, duh!

  14. 14
    avatar chuck says:

    Other than Worky’s stubborn policy of praising Williamson, i have noticed most are reluctant to actually come out and say he is in fact a good player.
    Most couch their evaluation, with stuff like, “he gives you a hundred percent, he’s not this, he’s not that, but….
    In fact i believe most are aware of his shortcomings and
    if they took the time to watch him during games, better at the game than on tv, where you cant always see the entire pitch.
    But a telling point is how for most it’s faint praise, by the fact they add or begin with statements as above, not wanting to be though of as possibly Kna Nowts.

  15. 15
    avatar GS says:

    Worky @9: it is worse than that, I forgot I had DVR’d the match so all I did was watch it on my TV.

    Chuck @11: I corrected myself to say it was from a free kick. Funnily enough Williamson had got an assist from a free kick in a very similar position for our goal.

    I had already questioned @4 why we always do the conventional thing and send our CDs up for corners, saying:

    “I actually think we should reassess what we do at corners as we score so infrequently and send so many up into their box that we invite the counter-attack. Maybe they are doing this as I have noticed Coloccini isn’t getting up as much. That doesn’t help if you gift the opposition the ball when our players are expecting the ball back into their box or out wide.”

  16. 16
    avatar GS says:

    Chuck: Williamson has partially fixed two of our glaring problems – the opposition going route one, and defense of high balls into the middle from corners and set-pieces. If you keep a close eye on Williamson you will see that it is him that gets his head on the ball when the opposition DO go route one and most often he heads for distance so it doesn’t come straight back.

    And you are right, most of us do not think Williamson is the permanent answers, but as I have said before Coloccini and MBiwa together seem to leak goals.

    What nobody has mentioned is that Williamson is our most physical back four player as well, which I think we need alongside Coloccini especially. You might say that of Taylor, but he offsets that by always throwing himself to the ground or doing something stupid.

  17. 17
    avatar GS says:

    Worky @9: I didn’t want to go into a big explanation of why the match video didn’t work because I watched my own replay. BUT, since you are making IQ jibes, it said “not available in some countries” and then asked to set up a “members account”. I know you check for internet safety but I didn’t want to risk it especially since it was taking 5 minutes to load and still hadn’t finished. There was never a grey “X”.

    No worries though.

  18. 18
  19. 19
    avatar workyticket says:

    You were right first time GS, it’s “jibe.”

    You are right about me too, I am such a c**t spending hours doing all these videos and other stuff and I deserve every “jibe” I get from people like you.

  20. 20
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Fecking hell WT is it your time of the month or summat ?????????

    FFS chill out and do what you should do ! Which is to ask people for help running this blog but remember not to slag them off when they’ve given their time freely.

    UTD111, Hugh and a few others may spring to mind ?

  21. 21
    avatar AndyMac says:

    BTW the LMA (League Managers Association) has the top ten managers in the Castrol LMA managers Performance Table as today

    Manuel Pellegrini
    Steve McClaren
    Jose Mourinho
    Phil Brown
    Brendan Rodgers
    Steven Pressley
    Andre Villas-Boas
    David Moyes
    Gary Rowett
    Roberto Martinez

    Pardwho nowhere to be seen ?

  22. 22
    avatar workyticket says:

    AndyMac says:
    December 16, 2013 at 8:31 pm

    “BTW the LMA (League Managers Association) has the top ten managers in the Castrol LMA managers Performance Table as today”

    “Manuel Pellegrini”

    I love watching Pellegrini’s Man City. His attack, attack, attack philosophy makes 90s Keegan look far too cautious. He was very unlucky at Real Madrid.

  23. 23
    avatar workyticket says:

    AndyMac says:
    December 16, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    “Fecking hell WT is it your time of the month or summat ?????????

    “FFS chill out and do what you should do ! Which is to ask people for help running this blog but remember not to slag them off when they’ve given their time freely.

    “UTD111, Hugh and a few others may spring to mind ?”

    I’m afraid you are labouring under a misapprehension, Andy, or even several misapprehansions.

  24. 24
    avatar GS says:

    Worky @19: you do deserve credit.

    Sometimes these things are blocked for licensing reasons and I cant even get games on Radio Newcastle on the internet over here.

    When we were relegated, they hardly showed any of our games over here. I had to sign up for NUFC TV to even get radio commentary. It was like: “Thanks Mike, for some unbelievably bad decisions, for getting us relegated and trying to sell the club – may I now suck your d*ck.”

  25. 25
  26. 26
    avatar chuck says:

    Yo Worky !

    Listen, I and certain other contributors to this blog, realize what kind of hours and attention it requires to operate a blog like this.

    I’m sure due to your responsibility of introducing this blog, you may have considered the ending of it to be something to consider.

    Hopefully you may have a certain amount of earnings from it over time.

    But, it appears it is subject to (for the most part) a certain group of contributors, unlike most other blogs.

    More than likely to veer off into non football directions.

    Hey ! I got no problem with that as you probably know by now, me being one of the most constant perpetrators.

    So what i’m saying here is don’t dump the blog, just be more Ed. like, throw out a subject and leave it to ourselves to fill in the blanks.

    And we really don’t need supervision, most of us are adults, believe it or not.

  27. 27
    avatar tattyheed says:

    ^^^god forbid this should end up like Eds blog.

    just be grateful worky puts in the shift – its a thankless task

    btw – I always read – but unlike some from foreign shores – when I’ve got nowt to say then I say nowt

    some people mustn’t have anything else going on in their lives ffs

    keep up the good work bonny lad

  28. 28
    avatar TOONARMYELITE says:

    @ chuck 26 says

    Listen, I and certain other contributors to this blog, realize what kind of hours and attention it requires to operate a blog like this.

    I’m sure due to your responsibility of introducing this blog, you may have considered the ending of it to be something to consider.

    why would he want to end the blog,find that comment a bit rude of you chuck

  29. 29
    avatar tunyc says:

    Thanks again for all you do here, worky. I’ve considered trying to run something like this before but have always been scared off by the work involved. If you decide to ride off into the sunset, that’s cool. Just let us know so we can give you a verbal hazing as a sendoff…lol.

  30. 30
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    That Neil Cameron is taking the slash with his latest polemic against fans wanting Pardew to go to Spurs.
    I see there was yet another dubious poll attached to his article, With 60% in favour of Pardew staying put.

    Personally i would love to see him take the Spurs job, For one we would be rid of that a**ecrawling spiv, And all round prevaricator.
    The second reason being, He would make a complete a**e of proceedings, And send one of the most detestable clubs, And pack of cnut fans, Spinning into The Trampionship!
    It could be “Agent Pardew” along the same lines of “Agent Brucie”

    Typical Pardew though, He carries more luck than the Irish, Just when you think he is done, The twat gets another lucky break!
    A couple of results and he’s flavour of the month, All of sudden.
    The Pro-Pardew are out in force, With their we told you he would turn it around bollox!

    Worky, Are you chucking it in?
    It will be a shame if you do, But at the end of the day it’s up to you.
    If your not enjoying the experience, It’s pointless carrying on, Life comes first.
    I have gave this a miss a bit lately, Because you do get sick, And there is only so much that can be said.
    So god knows what it is like for you, Having to oversee the thing full time.

  31. 31
    avatar GS says:

    Joe Hawkins: Spurs have usually played good football and underachieved, much like ourselves. So, Pardew might be a good fit.

    I don’t mind them except I have an irrational hatred for that “when the Spurs go marching in” song. Getting them off TV as much so I don’t have to hear that would be a good thing.

  32. 32
    avatar GS says:

    Tattyheed: I don’t think you were referring to me but have you considered that Geordie exiles might want to still feel connected to the club? What they talk about over here at this time of year is American Football, which is OK, but really a vehicle to show car and Viagra ads.

    There is a local football (soccer) bar but it is always full of Arsenal and Liverpool fans. When we play, there may be one other NUFC fan and it is usually someone on holiday. So, coming on here gives me a chance to talk about NUFC with people who also care about the club.

    I hope Worky keeps doing it, even if it is just the match day thread.

  33. 33
    avatar AndyMac says:

    “There is a local football (soccer) bar but it is always full of Arsenal and Liverpool fans. When we play, there may be one other NUFC fan and it is usually someone on holiday”

    Grow a set GS and tell them who owns your bar ! :lol:

  34. 34
    avatar AndyMac says:


    “any1 think he should be a regual starter cause i dont”

    Lazy sports reporting TAE, just read this blog and made it up :)

    “If we had no CB’s available apart from Saylor I’d still play Tiote and Dummett instead.

    Despite his years, he has learned nothing about positional awareness, communication or reducing the risks with anticipation.

    I see no reason why he shouldnt be loaned out to a Championship team like QPR and maybe Arry can instill some good habits back into his game ? Although having watched Simmo briefly last night I doubt it :(

  35. 35
    avatar GS says:

    AndyMac: if that is Jimmy fivebellies, I think he owns the Travellers Rest in Wideopen? I am from about a mile from there and that’s what me mam said anyway.

  36. 36
  37. 37
    avatar chuck says:


    That list of managers in regard to performance, is a mixture of the obvious and the bizarre.

    Would you really play a novice such as Dummett, in place of Taylor.
    Not that I disagree, that there is potential there, in which case I would certainly hang onto him, just lacks a bit of PL experience.
    On the other hand, it appears “wor Arry” obviously disagrees with you

  38. 38
    avatar chuck says:

    Now that AVB has been canned, with Sherwood in control until it’s decided who will replace him.
    It’s obvious this was not a spur of the moment decision
    (no pun intended)
    I would imagine Levy must have had some serious thoughts on who he wanted as a replacement and the next few days will tell that story.
    I have to admit the side looked decent at the seasons start and appeared to be in a position to contend for a top spot, if not the league itself.
    In which case I’m quite surprised with the recent outcome, but on paper the side still look decent and perhaps under new management, could finish in an acceptable position.
    Of course the rumors of Pardeux being offered the job, like the former Engerland rumor, following the fifth place finish, are no doubt just rumor, though I wish it were true.
    At a recent 33/1 odds it certainly looks unlikely.
    They will probably hire that other nutter Glen Hoddle,
    both of who are into either self help psycho-babble or religious crap, ah well !

  39. 39
    avatar chuck says:

    So far the media has us associated with players like Zaha (on loan) and a possible move for the want away
    McGeady @ Spartak Moscow, who has refused to extend his contract.
    I would certainly take Zaha, who I believe will become an England player, being still a youngster.
    That is sign him to a contract.
    As for McGeady, a tricky left side forward, who doesn’t get too many goals, a similar player to HBA,that we really cant afford, I don’t see him coming.
    Of course there’s DeJong who is not happy in Germany and wants more playing time, I don’t see that happening either.
    If WBA happen to go down, this season, then I would put in a bid for Shane Long, that we should have signed a couple of seasons ago, the perfect behind the striker player, who is tenacious in his work habits, the perfect accompaniment to whoever is up front and also gets his goals, especially in the air, something we presently lack.
    But first and foremost is a (Preferably) big young CD who can put himself about, to replace that six four present CD who has yet to connect with a ball in the oppositions box, during a set piece.
    Yeah! the guy everyone on here’s raving about.

  40. 40
    avatar AndyMac says:

    “But first and foremost is a (Preferably) big young CD who can put himself about”

    Not sure a crossdresser, who puts himself about, is ideal for the dressing room Chuck ?

  41. 41
    avatar GS says:

    Mackems score and their player triumphantly tears off his shirt to reveal – an undershirt. I thought this was to be a display of male, beast, testosterone, “look at me”!!!!

    Dirty, stinking Mackems spoil everything. I am not even sure if he got booked.

  42. 42
    avatar chucl says:


    And what makes you think that !
    Been an many dressing rooms lately like ?

  43. 43
    avatar tunyc says:

    No way I can see spurs admin making such a colossal misreading as to think Pardew would move them forward.

    Then again, I wouldn’t have guessed they’d give AVB only 3.5 months after selling the cornerstone of his squad for mad profit so who knows?

  44. 44
    avatar GS says:

    tunyc: Alain Pardeaux 8-year-contract.

  45. 45
    avatar chuck says:

    Soh ! we have been recognized as the second most profitable side in the league, behind a side with very pricey seating and until recently, not very active in the market, Arsenal!

    No surprises there, having spent not one thin dime, apart from the two million, for Remy’s loan deal.

    Who was, for the main part, the reason for our present top ten position.

    And I project we will not spend much during the upcoming window either.

    As long as we are not a candidate for relegation that is,
    being that’s Ashley’s only concern.

    Though if enough dosh is offered for Cabaye and I’m sure there are more than one club, who will test NUFC’s (read Ashley) willingness to hold onto him if enough is offered.

    But we have Anita, a decent replacement, and if Ashley was unwilling to strengthen the side during the last window, with the side now sitting comfortably in the top ten, why would he act any different now.

    Had we on the other hand been seven or eight places lower, perhaps panic would once again have forced him to

    However, contrary to most other clubs, who do their business during the off season, Ashley has seemed to concentrate his buying during the winter window.

    I suppose players coming up for free agency, can be bought for much less, plus there’s less competition in general for players.

    So far the only interesting deal has to be, Zaha on loan, even though he really would like to return to play for Palace in his home town, which makes his arrival questionable.

    The rest of those players associated, are either unsettled or in some cases looking for the chance to play in he world’s richest league.

    Lets not get too ambitious in regard to what we want for Christmas, as we have been let down before.

  46. 46
    avatar chuck says:

    One wonders if anyone in authority at NUFC ever reads either the blogs or other football related print.

    It might be a good idea in order to reach some understanding of what the fans opinions are in general.

    That is if anyone in that position gives a rat’s ass.

    From my viewpoint, it’s only here on .org, that there is a general negative attitude, to-wards both Ashley’s
    business dealings and Pardeux’s abilities.

    Others seem to blow with the wind, switching from pro to con, as shit happens.

    And for the most part, are happy enough at present, in fact most are ecstatic, to be in sixth place, how easily we forget, that SBR was fired for dropping to fifth place.

    As I see it, we do have the making of a very good side, that is with a few additions.

    But don’t expect that to happen, you see one thing Ashley has yet to learn, is the fact winning sides overall earn more money.

    Whether as a result of tv revenue’s or as an increase in the expansion of the brand name, where we fall short
    in comparison to any number of EPL sides.

    I have never understood why Ashley has never displayed the Sports Direct logo on the clubs shirts, which would be good for both organizations, SD taking a tax break plus both brands getting much more exposure.

    But I can only conclude, Ashley is content to run a mid league steady earner than to take serious steps to increase the brand name and be among those who profit from that part of football.

  47. 47
    avatar workyticket says:

    I haven’t gone missing completely BTW, I’ve just been doing the stuff I haven’t been able to do because of this blog and it’s Christmas.

    On the subject of Christmas, I’ve seen all this crap everywhere, on the TV, the Internet and in the shops etc and I can’t remember hearing one mention of Jesus so far.

  48. 48
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    workyticket says:
    December 18, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    “I can’t remember hearing one mention of Jesus so far.”

    Aye. He got the first two against Spurs, worky, and nothing much since.

  49. 49
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    Are you still doing the Metro blog or have you finally had enough of the sub-editing?

  50. 50
    avatar tunyc says:

    worky @ 47: Ah. Being in the UK, you might have missed the wonderful insight on display during the FOX news show that hosted a debate on Jesus and Santa’s racial background earlier this month. About the only Jesus talk I’ve heard this holiday season…

  51. 51
    avatar workyticket says:

    DarthBroon says:
    December 18, 2013 at 9:46 pm

    “Are you still doing the Metro blog or have you finally had enough of the sub-editing?”

    Darth, in the early days of the fan blogs in the Metro, they weren’t even in Newsnow. The person in charge at the time, Emma Mills, didn’t seem to realise that was important even though she claimed to be an “SEO expert”. I told her to get all the Premier League bloggers in there and when she finally did their viewers went up ten times or more.

    Then, they moved the blogs and Newsnow didn’t pick them up anymore but none of the clowns seemed to notice they’d gone from the Newsnow feed except me. When I told Emma she resubmitted and got it wrong, still didn’t notice so I had to check them myself, give her advice on how to submit it properly until it was finally included again. It was hours of work on my part on top of the blogging.

    Then, an ignorant, patronising little snot nosed hack called Simon Osborn took over and he was even worse. That’s when all the really poor quality sub-editing started.

    When he was there, I noticed one of my Metro blogs on another site and when I investigated further, it turned out they were nicking the whole of the Metro news site. Once again, they didn’t even notice until I reported it.

    After all that I missed a couple of blogs in a month’s quota due to having a very bad reaction to some new medication I was taking. I sent an e.mail to Simon apologising and asking if I could make up with two extra blogs the next month. He didn’t reply so I presumed that was OK so I went on doing more blogs until I noticed that my next month’s pay didn’t show up. When I asked Simon about it a second time he said he wasn’t paying me for that month’s work. They also seem to have stiffed me for the bonus for getting the highest rated blog too.

    Anyway, needless to say I wasn’t going to do any blogs for the Metro if they weren’t paying me.

  52. 52
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    Bloody hell, worky. They sound like a right shower of sh|te :lol: Better off out of that, I reckon. Fancy not realising the worth of news agreators (and no one in the organisation having the nous to set things up. Comical).

    I think I’d be pretty insistant on getting paid for what I’d done if I were you – otherwise, I’m sure you have better things to do.

  53. 53
    avatar workyticket says:

    tunyc says:
    December 18, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    “worky @ 47: Ah. Being in the UK, you might have missed the wonderful insight on display during the FOX news show that hosted a debate on Jesus and Santa’s racial background earlier this month. About the only Jesus talk I’ve heard this holiday season…”

    Well St Nicholas was a Greek from Asia Minor, which is now Turkey of course.

    What did they say about Jesus? I suppose the real debate there is what does it mean to be Semitic? Jews and Palestinians are far more closely related than many of them would care to admit and the idea of trying to fuse religion with ethnicity is crazy.

  54. 54
    avatar GS says:


    If they keep shaving nano-seconds off the 100 metre sprint, will they eventually start before they begin? Travel in time even?

    They can’t keep breaking the world record – a 6 second 100 metres? run backwards?

  55. 55
    avatar GS says:

    There has to be an absolute zero?

    You can’t get any more fat? Although I have seen that point reached in Florida – Jacksonville. I swear she was about to explode.

  56. 56
    avatar GS says:

    Worky said:

    “Well St Nicholas was a Greek from Asia Minor, which is now Turkey of course.”

    John Stewart said that last week. You been watching US TV?

  57. 57
    avatar GS says:

    Worky: have you seen that one on That Metro? The one with the yellowy (stary eyes and stupid hair cut?) eyes. A nuclear error, the wheat is growing thin, London is calling and I…, live by the river..

  58. 58
    avatar chuck says:

    Yeah Christmas !
    Actually, not only is Dec. 25th. the wrong date, it’s reckoned the actual birth of Jesus was around six years prior.
    A bit convoluted, St. Nick, being a Turk, you guys calling him Father Christmas, ffs who is he ?
    It’s a pain in the ass trying to maneuver the sidewalks with trees stacked everywhere, a part of some Germanic pagan ritual incorporated along with the Turk saint into
    being compelled to buying expensive crap, that usually
    is a disappointment to the recipient.
    I think St Nick, aught to be installed as the Patron Saint of retailers, but if you are part of the Hispanic community you get to do it twice, on Dec 25th. then on Jan 6th., Three Kings Day, which includes Camels as opposed to reindeers and sleds, all very confusing.

  59. 59
    avatar GS says:

    @57: I was referring to a guy on The Metro website.

    @58: now that has gone really Grandpa Simpson crazy. It makes sense, in his own way. BUT WHY WOULD YOU EVEN SAY IT?

  60. 60
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 19, 2013 at 3:42 am

    “Worky: have you seen that one on That Metro? The one with the yellowy (stary eyes and stupid hair cut?) eyes. A nuclear error, the wheat is growing thin, London is calling and I…, live by the river..”

    Sounds like Jamie Sanderson?

  61. 61
    avatar GS says:

    Worky @60: That’s him. The neighbours cat came in and ran away at the sight of him. Could he not get a better picture?

  62. 62
    avatar workyticket says:

    chuck says:
    December 19, 2013 at 7:00 am

    “Father Christmas, ffs who is he ?”

    So it isn’t you then, Chuck?

  63. 63
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 19, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    “Could he not get a better picture?”

    It’s not a bad picture, it’s a bad head that’s the problem.

  64. 64
    avatar GS says:

    Chuck says:

    “It’s a pain in the ass trying to maneuver the sidewalks with trees stacked everywhere, a part of some Germanic pagan ritual incorporated along with the Turk saint into
    being compelled to buying expensive crap, that usually
    is a disappointment to the recipient.”

    I don’t think Chuck will be wearing a Christmas sweater this year. He might be trying to be ironically funny, I can never tell with him.

  65. 65
    avatar tunyc says:

    worky @ 53: I couldn’t believe the morons in that bit-adults!-kept straight faces. I would have been sarcastic and agreed that yes, Nicholas of Myra was technically white but Greek and let’s be honest, the Greeks are on the fringe of whiteness. The Jesus part was really dumb and I basically stopped watching when the “Santa IS white” woman tried to show she wasn’t biased by insisting that Jesus was “brown-skinned”…gotta love that mainstream media.

  66. 66
    avatar tunyc says:

    “It’s a pain in the ass trying to maneuver the sidewalks with trees stacked everywhere”

    The French Canadian girl selling ‘em in my hood is quite fit so I don’t mind too much…

  67. 67
    avatar GS says:

    Here is the team Pardew will play this weekend (not Chuck’s fantasy team):


    Debuchy Williamson Coloccini Santon

    Sissoko Tiote Cabaye Gouffran

    Shola Remy

    I wish he would play Ben Arfa instead of Shola, but Shola has done OK recently. Of course Williamson should be in the Championship anyway :)

    It is not a bad team really, as long as Shola plays well.

  68. 68
    avatar GS says:

    @67: that mid-field is good. It has to be, if there is no place for little Vurn!

    I think we will do the Palace.

  69. 69
    avatar GS says:

    Well, the rest of the football owning community make the fat man look sane:

    Vincent Tam
    Assem Allan
    The Texas Mackem

    Not to mention many others.

  70. 70
  71. 71
    avatar workyticket says:

    Aye but Mohammed al Fayed was completely bonkers and a bit dodgy, but he wasn’t a bad owner of Fulham apart from that Michael Jackson statue and one or two other things.

  72. 72
    avatar workyticket says:

    tunyc says:
    December 19, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    “The French Canadian girl selling ‘em in my hood is quite fit so I don’t mind too much…”

    I don’t mind giving up smoking too much because I have a very nice Polish nurse who’s helping me every step of the way.

  73. 73
    avatar GS says:

    Worky: he bought Harrods from Roland Roland. Neville Neville is funny as well :)

    My last name is Stewart. Thank god my parents didn’t call me Stewart Stewart.

  74. 74
    avatar workyticket says:

    Wasn’t he called ‘Tiny’ Roland as well?

  75. 75
    avatar chuck says:

    The recent firing of AVB, Clarke’s failure to impress the boss at W/Brom, whereas De Canios short stint at Sunderland, is now being followed by Malky Mackay’s recent ultimatum, either quit or were gonna fire you.
    Which reflects the pressures that to-days management have to work under, instant success is demanded, by kna nowt owners, who expect a top six side, without spending a nickel.
    Even the present pressure that Mourinho is under, who is in the top four, not to mention the fact I have lost count of the recent Citeh guys.
    Either you have to win the EPL or the Champions league, just to hold onto your job and things are not much better across Le Manche, I mean who remembers all of the managers at Real Madrid over the last few years.
    Where would Alex ferguson have ended up, had he not been allowed the time to get MU to-gether ?
    Moyes his replacement appea

  76. 76
    avatar chuck says:

    ….rs, to be under pressure not from the owners, but the fans.
    There is no toleration for failure of any kind.
    Take BSA a guy who has been around for ever, who though he plays the most boring style of Direct football, has method in it’s madness and a certain amount of success, if you consider not being relegated success.
    The enormous amounts of money pouring into the league, from the tv networks is obscene.
    But what about the fair play scenario, will that not even out the playing field ?
    What you see is what you get, no-body’s interested and those sides coming into the worlds top league, have to spend like drunken sailors, just to survive.
    Of course certain owners don’t get it and inevitably end up in the second tier, like Ashley.
    Who although still on a learning curve, learned that lesson well.
    Then goes a Fcug’s up, by giving his con-man manager a contract that was and has never been matched.
    Not talking money, but timewise, what was he thinking?
    It’s all a bit crazy, but with the money involved, things have to change, it’s like a nut farm, being run by the inmates.
    Fascinating yet crazy.

  77. 77
    avatar GS says:

    No Worky: He was Roland “Tiny” Roland. I think it was because he was like a giant guy.

  78. 78
    avatar GS says:

    So, yes @74, when I think about it :)

  79. 79
    avatar chuck says:

    I suppose it’s no different from Rome’s Bread and Circuses,
    With most living vicarious lives, either through sports or personalities, most of who I have no idea of.
    So much time and paper are dedicated to nonsense, no wonder to-days kids are semi morons.
    The crazy thing is, no one questions it, it’s much like the king has no clothes.
    Keep em dumb or the might figure out how much they are getting screwed, yeah the Romans had it figured out a long time ago.

  80. 80
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 20, 2013 at 12:46 am

    “No Worky: He was Roland “Tiny” Roland.”

    They just used to call him ‘Tiny’ Rowland on the TV news, in the newspapers and such. He was a tall chap and he was in the Hitler Youth briefly.

    Have you ever watched Adam Curtis’s “The Mayfair Set?”

  81. 81
  82. 82
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Worky are you doing a match banter at the weekend?
    Hope all is well and you and yours and all the bloggers have a good xmas and NY :)

  83. 83
    avatar workyticket says:

    chuck says:
    December 20, 2013 at 12:24 am

    “Either you have to win the EPL or the Champions league, just to hold onto your job and things are not much better across Le Manche, I mean who remembers all of the managers at Real Madrid over the last few years.”

    Chuck, Arsene Wenger’s won buggerall for seven or eight years and Fergie didn’t a League or Champions League every single year.

    On Real Madrid, you can’t just take one huge, exceptional example from a whole continent like that, it is the best example of a club being institutionally stupid amd shooting itself in the foot. The best example was certainly when Florentino Perez sacked Vicenzo Del Bosque.

    Real Madrid’s problem has been Perez and the morons who voted for him as President twice. The biggest drawback of democracy is that most people are f***ing stupid and don’t realise it. Just think, there are people on your side of the pond who think that humans walked with dinosaurs, and yet they’re allowed to vote.

    I do remember alot of recent Real Madrid managers and another one is Manuel Pellegrini. He got one season. Despite getting Madrid’s highest ever points total in La Liga (and a win percentage of 75%) he didn’t win any major trophies and was sacked by Perez for Mourinho. He was up against the Guardiola Barcelona team that won everything though.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Pellegrini can do with Man City because as I mentioned before, his sides make Keegan’s entertainers look boring and defensive. His sides are so exciting to watch they can take your breath away sometimes.

  84. 84
    avatar workyticket says:

    sirjasontoon says:
    December 20, 2013 at 11:02 am

    “Worky are you doing a match banter at the weekend?
    Hope all is well and you and yours and all the bloggers have a good xmas and NY :)

    I’ve got to stop doing blogs, SJT. I haven’t had a break for several years now. You can still come on here and see if there’s anyone else around though. I’ll be watching the game.

    Aye, same to you SJT!

  85. 85
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, Can you not run this Blog a bit like Footymad, Where anyone can start a thread?
    Then you wouldn’t have to run yourself into the deck, Coming up with ideas, And writing constantly.
    Just omit the Racism and Homophobia, That Footymad seems to do well lol

    If a don’t see you lot through the week, I’ll see you through a window lol.

    Merry Xmas to one and all, Even though it’s a load of of owld bollox?, Bah Humbug an aal’ that!

  86. 86
    avatar tunyc says:

    worky @ 72: here the state program just sends you a box of nicotine patches and has a nurse call you a couple times. Your system sounds better.

    I thought the best example of recent Real madness was when they fired Capello after winning the league. But there are several candidates, I suppose.

  87. 87
    avatar tunyc says:

    btw: in case it was missed, AP did indeed make a reference yesterday to how lucky he is to have such a choice of players now…foaming the runway for another quiet window?

  88. 88
    avatar GS says:

    Worky: on the non smoking thing. If it gets difficult, try hypnosis. I smoked for 20 years and had one session of hypnosis and never smoked again. That was 10 years ago.

  89. 89
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    I’ve been off the things for about 8 years.
    All you have to do is make your mind up, Set yourself a date to chuck them in, And basically don’t smoke anymore.
    That’s the only way to do it, Bollox to all these patches and all the other stuff.
    If you mindset is wrong, You will not pack them in, But if your determined, Then you will succeed.
    It’s only tough for a couple of days, And it gets easier and easier, As time goes by.
    Any f**ker can chuck the tabs in, Nee bother!

  90. 90
    avatar workyticket says:

    tunyc says:
    December 20, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    “worky @ 72: here the state program just sends you a box of nicotine patches and has a nurse call you a couple times. Your system sounds better.”

    My nurse is a bit of a reader, tunyc. We’ve discussed Milan Kundera and Fyodor Dostoyevsky a little bit so far. I have my next appointment on Christmas Eve.

  91. 91
    avatar GS says:

    Joe Hawkins says:

    “I’ve been off the things for about 8 years.
    All you have to do is make your mind up, Set yourself a date to chuck them in, And basically don’t smoke anymore.
    That’s the only way to do it, Bollox to all these patches and all the other stuff.”

    That’s not the only way to do it Joe. I did it differently and it worked.

    It was easy as well. I had 1 hour of hypnosis, threw the tabs I had away and never really thought about smoking again. Some people ask me if the hypnosis worked and I say – I am not smoking, am I?

  92. 92
    avatar GS says:

    Worky’s got a crush on his nurse :)

  93. 93
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 20, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    “Worky: on the non smoking thing. If it gets difficult, try hypnosis. I smoked for 20 years and had one session of hypnosis and never smoked again. That was 10 years ago.”

    GS, my situation is far more complicated. I need in depth counselling.

  94. 94
    avatar GS says:

    Worky @93: I am sure it will work out. I was just telling you what worked for me.

    I have my fingures crossed for you man.

    Do a blog every week or two. I enjoy reading them.

  95. 95
    avatar workyticket says:

    tunyc says:
    December 20, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    “I thought the best example of recent Real madness was when they fired Capello after winning the league. But there are several candidates, I suppose.”

    Del Bosque won 2 Champions Leagues, 2 La Ligas, UEFA Super Cup, 1 Intercontinental Cup and one Spanish Super Cup in 3 1/2 seasons. Perez thought all the success was due to him and the Galacticos and that Del Bosque was just a figurehead who was interchangable. He was like Bob Paisley at Liverpool though and they sacked him before they’d even bothered to find a replacement. They’ve had seven managers since then and the nearest they’ve come to the Champions League is the semi final. :lol:

    Of course, Del Bosque’s won the European Championships and the World Cup since then. What is most bewildering is that the stupid Madrid fans elected him AGAIN after that monumental f**k up.

  96. 96
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 20, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    “Worky @93: I am sure it will work out.”

    Well I was chatting about it with my nurse and the worst thing is it has genuinely upset my creative process.

    I don’t get my ideas nearly so well without a quick puff as a catalyst. Even when I was just having the very odd one before that, that was when I’d get the ideas, that was when I’d be able to connect things.

    I’ve really f ed my life up from several angles in recent years, or life has f ed me up in recent years so I’m going to need that little bit extra to get myself back to normal.

  97. 97
    avatar GS says:

    Can we have Del Bosque please?

  98. 98
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    Worky. RE the smoking: It’ll only cost you £10 try this

    I know plenty of people who swear by these things – my aging mum included who smoked for over fifty years before we persuaded her to go onto the eTabs.

    I’ve had a go (although I gave up around 15 years ago) and it’s similar to the real thing – unlike those crappy plastic inhalator things you can buy from Boots.

  99. 99
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    GS, What ever works for you, But you will be sorry one day.
    You will be crossing the road, When all of a sudden you will think your a chicken, And you will nearly be run over by traffic.
    You will have to have a tab to calm yourself doon man!

  100. 100
    avatar GS says:

    Joe Hawkins @99: until then I will not have any tabs. so that will be fine – until then.

  101. 101
    avatar chuck says:


    Believe it you are no different from most, when it comes to giving up tabs.
    Personally I smoked for fifty years, during which I stopped for various periods, from three months to two years.
    Never being sure it would last forever and because of that, being in situations where the temptation was high, I succumbed and resumed smoking.
    It takes a certain situation, when because of a continuous cough and possibly the fact you can no longer run, without becoming breathless and that last fag of the day, taste’s awful, you finally say, that’s it, it’s the last ciggie I will ever smoke.
    When you reach that mind set the rest is easy, no matter how bad the first few days area
    Don’t mess with patches, the only thing is that mind set.
    I have been off ciggies for fifteen years now and have no desire to smoke, as a matter of fact like any true
    reformer I think of it as a disgusting and stupid habit.
    Even though I do an the occasional joint.
    Mind over matter, it’s not as tough as you think.

  102. 102
    avatar chuck says:


    Arsenal were in fact lucky, that no one poached Wenger during what you call those years seven or eight years without winning anything.

    Fact is they were paying for the new stadium and had a cap on buying players.

    Plus I’m not saying Real Madrid are an example for the whole European continent, but they are IMO an example of what not to do in regard to the process of replacing managers who don’t win silverware each year.

    One has only to look at the present situation in the EPL, where at this point in time, how many managers have
    been fired and not all of which sides are in the bottom half of the league.

    In some cases, perhaps there was justification, but on the other hand, there are foreign owners, who IMO know little about the game, but demand instant gratification
    without spending the required amount to ensure it.

    Basically with a bit of exaggeration I’m suggesting most clubs just don’t give their guys enough time, to both introduce a style of playing and as you very well know, to days modern football can be fairly complicated.

    So! I’m saying at least a season to introduce and perfect any new style and tactics, then another year to build the side, that best suits the new style of play.

    But to take the action Spurs did, not allowing the managers a choice of players, with at least four or five, bought not by AVB, but the director of football.

    Then perhaps they should have fired the director of football or the chairman of the board, instead of the manager.

  103. 103
    avatar chuck says:

    Erm! non of this applies to Pardeux, who wouldn’t recognize any modern style of play, if it hit him between the eyes.

    Route one, 4-4-2, dig in in our own half if leading at half time, you all have seen it and don’t be fooled by the recent attempts at playing possession ball.

    The guy is limited in his vision of the game, not an astute student, but much like the retreads we have seen for years in the EPL, resorting to a bygone style, known as English football, that has been played since the fifties.

    Thank goodness for guys like our recent imports, Pochetinno, Martinez and their British counterparts, who have shown how the modern game can be played.

    Time some of those know nothing owners, picked up on that, as opposed to thinking how much profit they can make, without the monitory input it takes, to build a successful side.

  104. 104
    avatar GS says:

    Its starting to look a lot like Christmas. There is no way we can get 30 points before Xmas. This is NUFC for f@cks sake.

    Just jinxed it :)

  105. 105
    avatar workyticket says:

    If I did actually do a very quick match banter thing today, would any of you out there actually use it?

  106. 106
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    How much does it cost for 20 tabs these days?
    A lot of my mates were forced down the road of smoking “Lambert & Butler” and “Richmond”, As opposed to top of the range snout like “Benson & Hedges”, “Regal” etc
    Eventually, Even the lower priced snout were costing around the 7 pound mark for 20.
    Some of the lads, Me included were buying “Golden Virginia” 40 and 50 grams of rolling baccy, Off you local neighbourhood smuggler.
    When times were tough, And you couldn’t get a hold off G.V, You had to make do with “Drum” and a similar brand in “Turner”.
    They used to be something akin to smoking horses**t and bus tickets, But done the job when you were skint!

  107. 107
    avatar workyticket says:

    Over £8.50 for Embassy Regal or No.1, Joe.

  108. 108
    avatar GS says:

    @105: I’ll read it.

  109. 109
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 21, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    “@105: I’ll read it.”

    Anyone else?

  110. 110
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, That’s a scandalous amount of cash for a packet of smokes.
    that justifies the decision to pack them in, What happened to the days of buying a packet of “Drum”, For £3.50?
    It does seem like those carefree days of the early 90′s are a thing of the past.
    When people en masse would hit the cash and carry’s of Calais, For little bottles of ESP lager, And Sphinx, Plus any amount of tabs!
    They were strong as anything, And many a party went down well with crates of this peeve.
    Looks like they have cracked down all your good honest smugglers.
    What’s the World coming to, When you cannot get a dodgy pirate DVD for Xmas?

  111. 111
    avatar workyticket says:

    Well I did ask about a match banter almost two hours ago and only GS showed any kind of interest at all so bollocks to it!

  112. 112
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, It’s no good to me because i have family around to watch the links, So i cannot get on the blog during the game, Otherwise i would be on.

  113. 113
    avatar GS says:

    Worky: Phisix would be on and SJT.

  114. 114
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 21, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    “Worky: Phisix would be on and SJT.”

    They never replied, it’s too late and I’m on with another job now. They can just leave a comment on here anyway. I’ll be around when the game is on.

  115. 115
    avatar workyticket says:

    Well here’s the Toon team and links for the game anyway

    Newcastle United (4-3-3): Tim Krul; Mathieu Debuchy, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Davide Santon; Vurnon Anita, Cheick Tiote, Yohan Cabaye; Moussa Sissoko, Loic Remy, Yoan Gouffran

    Subs: Rob Elliot, Massadio Haidara, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Gabriel Obertan, Hatem Ben Arfa, Papiss Cisse, Shola Ameobi


  116. 116
    avatar GS says:

    I am surprised Shola isn’t starting.

    Watching Liverpool and had to turn the sound off to get away from Chris Waddle’s voice.

    He said the player had to “crate a bit of spice” when he meant “create a bit of space”.

  117. 117
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 21, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    “He said the player had to “crate a bit of spice” when he meant “create a bit of space”.”

    Aye he does sound a bit like that, GS. I don’t think it’s a Felling thing.

  118. 118
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Afternoon Chaps-you should know me Worky I am never on the blog early,just been having the barnet cut for xmas :lol:

  119. 119
    avatar workyticket says:

    Cardiff fans are revolting.

  120. 120
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Who are they revolting against Worky?

  121. 121
  122. 122
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Ben Afrie on in the 89th BOOM !

  123. 123
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Pulis is a proper tramp.

  124. 124
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Hope we don’t settle for 35 yard shots all day….need to create and craft goals.

  125. 125
    avatar workyticket says:

    SJT, I still didn;t watch the first bit even though I didn’t do a blog. I was busy eating Christmas in a yorkshire pudding.

    How are we doing?

  126. 126
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    So Close !!

  127. 127
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    All good Worky was at works doo last night head was obliterated :)
    Off back to the Toon Tuesday for Xmas see the family.

  128. 128
    avatar workyticket says:

    SJT, Me and my Gooner friend down here are gannin’ to see Arsenal up there again.

  129. 129
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    You still off the Tabs?

  130. 130
    avatar GS says:

    Not a bad start in the rain.

  131. 131
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Was going to take my Dad to the Stoke game but I think it will be too cold for him as he aint been so well.

  132. 132
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Il pleut

  133. 133
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    GET IN !!

  134. 134
    avatar workyticket says:

    sirjasontoon says:
    December 21, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    “You still off the Tabs?”

    SJT, it only a day since I last mentioned it! :-)

  135. 135
    avatar sirjasontoon says:


  136. 136
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Good pressure Palace

  137. 137
    avatar GS says:

    Good goal.

  138. 138
    avatar workyticket says:

    Where’s Phisix? he was moaning about a match banter as well.

  139. 139
    avatar GS says:

    deflection, but still good.

  140. 140
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Quality Collo

  141. 141
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Quality Goal haha

  142. 142
    avatar workyticket says:

    They’re doing our scoring for us now.

  143. 143
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Sweet touch,met it well :)

  144. 144
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Some really tidy football.

  145. 145
    avatar workyticket says:

    The commentators on NBC are very respectable and British. There’s none of this Wooh! Yeah! Good job! High five! Way to go! Wooh! Yeah! business.

  146. 146
    avatar dokky says:

    great performance so far loving it

  147. 147
    avatar stewpot says:


    good luck packing the tabs in. i stopped at the end of october. just decided that i didn’t want to do it anymore and stopped.

    i used jason vale’s ‘stop smoking in 2 hours’ app. the title is a bit misleading as it’s a month-long hypnosis program but i have to say, i feel no urge whatsoever to smoke and i actually find the smell of fags disgusting now.

  148. 148
    avatar mindshaft says:

    Decent showing today, HBA looked good when he came on

  149. 149
    avatar GS says:

    It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks. We are not hoofing it anymore. I thought Vurn was great. Tiote’s suspension will allow us to start Ben Arfa against Stoke.

    I gave up on Pardew after the Liverpool 6-0, but what can you say? The man is getting results and we’re playing OK football.

    Mackems will be bottom at Christmas as well. That usually means relegation.

  150. 150
    avatar GS says:

    Hey Worky: can you charge up the hoof-o-meter and see what the percentages have been for the last 6 or 10 games? I have a feeling it is way down from last season.

    What the hell made Pardew see the light? He must have been reading your blog :)

  151. 151
    avatar chuck says:

    Strange? my browser stated you were unavailable for a number of hours to-day, while attempting to get the blog in order to see the line-up.
    Thought you had shut down, but in answer to your question, sure we have become accustomed to being taken care of in that regard.
    However I realize it takes quite a bit of both time and effort, in which case I you find others to do a write-up prior to the game (yeah I know it’s a sore point)possibly the night before and insert it along with the line-up prior to the game, great!
    If not, too bad, but I do recall when people contributed
    their pieces prior to game time.

  152. 152
    avatar chuck says:

    As for the game to-day, according to those doing the commentary we totally outplayed Palace.

    Yeah, we were the better team, but had our moments where we looked as bad as Palace, plus we missed any number of scoring opportunities.

    While leading in the second half, appeared a bit arrogant, passing the ball around in our own half, attempting to keep possession, problem is we are not Arsenal nor one of a number of sides who can do that.

    However I see an improvement in style, though we did have a few spells where we reverted to hoofing it.

    This club still has a way to go before we match up with the leagues elite sides and had we played like to-day against any of them , they would have buried us.

    Tiote really has to watch what he does, being lucky he wasn’t sent off to-day.

    HBA looked decent, but he has to unload about twenty pounds and I doubt with that weight he could last the 90 mins.

    I guess Pardeux is voicing Ashley’s attitude on Zaha, which is “we are not going down”, plus “I don’t care if we are in Europe or not, so why should I pay for him for only a half season”.

    If only he realized the kid is going to be a top player and there could be an opportunity to sign him on a permanent contract, with enormous sell on potential.

    Plus if we end up in Europe again, we will have to recall all our players presently on loan, and pay their wages, which won’t please him.

    Nice to see the present understanding between Sissoko and Debushy, unfortunately the opposite wing is not working as well.

    I believe Gouffran would be better played behind Remy, he is more productive inside than on the wing.

    What I would like to see is a linkup between Santon and
    Ferguson, both who can play either LB or on the wing.

    Again Pardeux left it late before subbing players and I don’t know why he took the risk of leaving Tiote out there.

    It’s my belief our recent streak has as much to do with luck than ability of which we have in spades, but I fail to see anything in regard to a distinct playing style or
    tactical plan.
    We play like a side that has just been put together and have no real plan, other than a bit of this and a bit of that.
    The only real difference is we appear to be attempting to play a bit of possession ball, but haven’t quite got it down, no real set plays, it’s a game that has to be practiced, but…..

  153. 153
    avatar GS says:

    Chuck: the game today was played in a gale and a rainstorm. Brasil would have found it difficult.

    We totally dominated the first half and then sat back in the second – typical Pardew.

    Can we enjoy a 3-nil win and 30 points before Christmas? Coloccini had his best game in ages.

  154. 154
    avatar GS says:

    Chuck says:

    “While leading in the second half, appeared a bit arrogant, passing the ball around in our own half, attempting to keep possession, problem is we are not Arsenal nor one of a number of sides who can do that.”

    I seem to remember you having a w@nk over Wigan and Swansea playing that type of football. And they are not Arsenal either.

  155. 155
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    £10m for Cisse – according to The Mirror :)

  156. 156
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Newcastle were head and shoulders above Palace from the kick off.
    They had a spell of about 5 minutes in the second half, Where they tried to up the ante, But to no avail.
    The scoreline flattered Palace to be fair, And you couldn’t have argued, If it had of ended up 6-0.
    Palace looked every inch a bottom of the table side, And i was expecting more of a fight from them.
    Pardew probably felt the same way, As it was way too easy, Even to the point of another old Football cliche, “It Was A Stroll In The Park”.

  157. 157
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 21, 2013 at 11:59 pm

    “Hey Worky: can you charge up the hoof-o-meter and see what the percentages have been for the last 6 or 10 games? I have a feeling it is way down from last season.”

    GS, I no longer have the full OPTA stats to work with, the big boys didn’t like little people like myself using them so OPTA stopped it.

    SkySports have now stolen my way of doing it though, ie as a percentage of total passes rather than merely counting the long balls over 25 yards as everyone else was doing (which can be deceptive). You can now find the long ball percentages in the stats section of Sky Sports match reports online, though you don’t get any of the other stuff you used to get with my reports. You will also need to know what all the other teams long ball percentages are too so you can put Newcastle United’s figures into context.

  158. 158
    avatar workyticket says:

    Chuckles, it was yet another clean sheet for Iron Mike BTW.

  159. 159
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 22, 2013 at 3:39 am

    Chuck says:

    “I seem to remember you having a w@nk over Wigan and Swansea playing that type of football. And they are not Arsenal either.”

    GS, last season, the three tippy-tappiest teams were 1. Man City, 2. Arsenal (who are usually number 1) and 3. Manchester United. Swansea were fourth though Chuck only had a w@nk over Brendan Rodgers, he has usually derided Michael Laudrup who was their manager last season. I used to think the reason he didn’t like Laudrup was just because I was a fan but he seems to like the other manager I tipped when he joined Southampton, Mauricio Pochettino.

    As you know, Chuck is constantly cracking one off over his favourite bright young thing, Roberto Martinez. However, his Wigan side were only EIGHTH from bottom in my long ball league last season.

  160. 160
    avatar GS says:

    Worky: if you don’t mind I would like to talk a bit more about smoking. You have a couple of us on here saying we gave up with hypnosis and others saying it just takes will power. Addictions are powerful and will power is not enough for most people, no offense to those who quit that way.

    I figure I have saved about $40,000 since I quit. What I did in the first couple of years is give myself a little reward every week with the money I would have spent on tabs. It might have been a shirt, or a night out or a present for my wife. You know a bit about psychology, simple things like that can be used as incentives and even to trick the mind.

    You might try the self hypnosis that Stewpot used. You really don’t have anything to lose and any aid is good.

    By the way, I am the last one to preach about smoking. I let people smoke in my house still.

    Of course you could move to Liverpool and the experience of having them called ciggies everyday would be so grating it would be the perfect aversion therapy :)

  161. 161
    avatar GS says:

    Worky @158: I took some advice from Grandpa Simpson and kept an eye on Mike during the game. He has a tendency to point to Krul for the backpass and doesn’t seem to want the ball. The strange thing is that when he does decide to pass he is hardly ever wasteful. He also won most of his headers. Still, it was another masterclass in efficiency, knowing his limitations and keeping it simple. I don’t see how someone cannot see that the guy is playing out of skin – what do we want, Taylor diving headers in our box?

    And Gouffran is doing a great job of protecting Santon. He is playing like Jonas a couple of years ago, except with an end product.

    I saw complaints on other blogs about Ben Arfa being selfish. This is exactly what I want when we are 2-0 and cruising with 10 minutes to go. I want to be entertained.

  162. 162
    avatar chuck says:

    Entertaining game Spurs vs S’ampton.
    Won by a pacey Spurs side hitting on the break, instead of an Arsenal like build-up, getting behind a high S’hampton., defensive line.
    Not to say Arsenal cant execute the fast break.
    With S’Hampton., noticeably tiring due to a frenetic pace throughout the game.

    Joe Hawkins
    You must have been watching a different game than I.
    Head and shoulders is an exaggeration, yes we were the better side, but not that much better.

    The question is what is Pardeux trying to accomplish, as far as style and tactics are concerned.
    There are hint’s of attempting to play a passing game, that is on bringing the ball out of our own end and whereas it has obviously been practiced and have definite plays involved by sides who have done it for some time, it appears we have no plan and look as if we are doing it for the first time.
    It was also attempted , as an means to elicit oley’s
    from the crowd and take time off the clock, during the second half.
    And as a side that had previously had difficulty putting four or five passes to-gether, a dangerous practice, as we lost possession on a couple of occasions which could have resulted in goals.
    No! as usual, there appears to be no real tactical plan, other than attempting to play wide and use our pace, letting the ball do the work, which is what we are good at.
    Lets see how things develop.


    Martinez imo, is probably one of the best EPL managers, along with Wenger, Pellegrinni, Mourinho and Rodgers.
    He is destined to manage a bigger side, how soon ?
    He also has an eye for spotting talent.

    Potchetinno has as yet to prove himself, perhaps being found out, but I wonder just how long he can keep his sides playing at such a pace.

    Plus being beaten by both us and Spurs and dropping from third place, sez something.

    Plus The Prince of Denmark, failed to beat their fellow Welsh side and his I’m sure he rues his statement about only needing a squad of around twenty, now that injuries have hampered the side.

    As for Clarke, I believe he took the rap, for an owner who doesn’t want to spend and will eventually have a decent PL career.

    We shall see to-day as Martinez is playing The Prince of Denmarks side, this is for bragging right’s on this blog and you know who I like.

  163. 163
    avatar chuck says:

    An entertaining game, with Swansea playing like S’ampton.
    at a frenetic pace, against a resilient well drilled Everton defense.
    Basically a stand off so far, with neither side able to break down the other, lets see how things develop in the second half, where a possible change of tactics could seal it.

  164. 164
    avatar chuck says:

    A very entertaining game, played at pace throughout, just barely edged by Everton.
    With two excellent goals, a screamer from Coleman from distance and a perfect free kick from future star Barkley.
    Though Swansea had nothing to be ashamed of matching Everton, in a somewhat open end to end game.
    Though Worky’s guy Bony, was pulled, virtually disappearing for most of the game, plus Lukaku, was not much better.
    Bony in a goalscoring slump, much like Cisse.

    Interesting how Everton broke the three man high line off the goal kick and worked the ball upfield, a well drilled side who all are aware of their roles with subs fitting in perfectly.
    Also a mixture of youth, Coleman, McCarthy, Barkley mixed with experience, Barry, Distin, Osman, and a very knowledgeable Manager, who has actually improved the side and are presently lying in fourth place having only lost one game.
    We should be so lucky!

  165. 165
    avatar chuck says:

    So dahn a pub to-morrow, late lunch and the Chewsea/Arsenal game.
    Should be an indicator of whether The Arsenal, presently being reeled in by a number of clubs, can hang on and win a title, which they haven’t done in some time.

  166. 166
    avatar GS says:

    Alvaro missed a sitter for Swans.

    I wouldn’t mind Martinez as manager of NUFC. Can he bring Lukaku and Barkley with him?

    Nobody really questions that Martinez and Rodgers know their stuff. It is just the elevating of them to Fergusonesque heights that grinds. I mean, before they have even had a top 4 finish. Yeah, Martinez won a cup, but they were also relegated.

  167. 167
    avatar GS says:

    Chuck says:

    ” a very knowledgeable Manager, who has actually improved the side and are presently lying in fourth place having only lost one game.
    We should be so lucky!”

    Have you noticed that we are in 6th and only 4 points behind Everton? We are not doing too badly.

    But, bah humbug. I don’t even know why you support NUFC since you seem to revel when we get beat by one of your favourite managers and never seem happy when we win.

  168. 168
    avatar GS says:

    View from the Palace (this is what a Palace website said about yesterday’s game):

    “Crystal Palace were swept aside by Newcastle United on a wet and blustery afternoon at Selhurst Park and will spend Christmas in the bottom three. Yohan Cabaye and Hatem Ben Arfa scored either side of a Danny Gabbidon own goal seeing the visitors comfortably home.

    For the first time since the Fulham debacle the Eagles failed to show up allowing Newcastle to completely control proceedings. Yohan Cabaye, backed up by Tiote, bossed the middle of the park and had our boys chasing shadows for a majority of the afternoon.”

  169. 169
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Just back from the smoke having enjoyed the shitey weather at Selhurst Park and some belated Christmas shopping to boot.

    First thing I will say is Pardwho, either by luck or judgement, has stumbled upon a formula that works (remember the 4-3-3 in 2011-12 when we looked like Barca at times ?) with Anita and Tiote holding the midfield allowing Cabs to roam a little more freely.

    Anita in my opinion has to start now maybe even at the expense of Tiote (who’ll miss the Stoke game anyway) as he definitely looks more solid (both physically and in terms of his play) than I remember from last season and he has a decent pass on him too.

    Plus we’re beginning to see the partnerships develop with Deboosh and Sissoko down the right and to a lesser extent Santon and Goof plus Cabs and anyone, which kinda shows how much we’ll miss him if he goes in January.

    So why not stick with this same formation at home to Stoke on Boxing Day and leave Shirley on the bench again ? I dont see Hughes unpicking the system like Martinez did in that woeful performance at Wigan so try it Pards you never know it might just get you another M o t M award ?

  170. 170
    avatar workyticket says:

    chuck says:
    December 22, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    “Bony in a goalscoring slump, much like Cisse.”

    He’s scored 10 goals this season at Swansea, Chuck, at a rate of a goal every 140 minutes. Is that a slump? How many has Cisse scored?

  171. 171
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 22, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    “Nobody really questions that Martinez and Rodgers know their stuff.”

    Nobody really questions that Chuck ISN’T the President of the United States either, GS, just as no-one has questioned that I’m not the Queen of Englandshire. Just because something isn’t questioned, it doesn’t follow that it is true.

  172. 172
    avatar workyticket says:

    It’s some kind of f***ing Geordie neet (Sting, Sarah Millican and Hebburn) on the BBC instead of the usual MotD 2 this evening. Geordie bastards!

  173. 173
    avatar GS says:

    Worky: you do know that your blog will die unless you post a few things now and again (a match preview would be my preference)? I wouldn’t like that to happen as it is a forum where you can say whatever you want and nobody really cares. Yet there still remains a NUFC focus.

  174. 174
    avatar GS says:

    And f@ck, New York City will be forever in your debt as patrons of a few bars will be spared the demented mutterings about Martinez and Brent-an.

  175. 175
    avatar chuck says:


    I’m curious as to where you found ten goals for Bony, I could only find four.
    Unless you are counting cup games, which would make it seven.
    Not exactly a scintillating record, for a twelve million quid man.
    Plus the Prince of Denmark, mind is beginning to remind me of Pard

  176. 176
    avatar chuck says:

    … eux, nothing but excuses.
    Stating Swansea should have got something, from the game.
    They were beaten by a better side, live with it.

  177. 177
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 22, 2013 at 11:17 pm

    “Worky: you do know that your blog will die unless you post a few things now and again”

    GS, I know as much about websites as you do about investing in shite. I’ve been carrying this site for years since Hugh f***ed off and left me high and dry with it for that very reason. However I have far more important things in my life than this stupid blog and I’m not going to be used as a mug anymore.

  178. 178
    avatar chuck says:


    I prefer it when Tiote sits in front of the back four.
    With both Cabaye and Anita, further forward in front, it creates a balance, between defense and attack.

    Where both Cabaye and Anita are able to play as part of either, as both can put their foot in or spray passes .
    Plus the developing understanding between Sissoko and Debuchy, also provides cover, with Sissoko dropping back to cover Debuchy, then with his pace can then bring the ball upfield if necessary.
    Unfortunately, the same understanding has not developed
    yet on the other wing, where IMO I think young Ferguson
    would be a better fit, using Gouffran as a second striker.
    It would be nice to see HBA playing more regularly, but he has to drop a few pounds, how can that happen.
    Sitting on the bench I guess.

  179. 179
    avatar chuck says:


    One thing you don’t need, is to baby sit whack jobs.
    Try ignoring them, works for me.

  180. 180
    avatar GS says:

    Worky @177: who is using you as a mug? I really don’t see anybody giving you any hassle. It is your blog, so do what you feel is best.

  181. 181
    avatar GS says:

    Chuck @179: I know you are referring to me. But try re-reading what you write now and again.

  182. 182
    avatar chuck says:

    Wow still warm 65fht. following snow, what kinda crazy weather is this?

  183. 183
    avatar GS says:

    Now, if you were Malkey Mackay would you resign? If he waits for the nutter to sack him wont he get his contract paid up? He can then sit on the beach for a few months and get the Stoke or Fulham job.

  184. 184
    avatar GS says:

    or West Ham, or West Brom or Villa.

  185. 185
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 23, 2013 at 12:10 am

    “It is your blog, so do what you feel is best.”

    It wasn’t supposed to be my blog though, it was supposed to be a communal thing but I just got left with it.

  186. 186
    avatar workyticket says:

    Chuck, are tou following this and getting all the updates? Have you heard the new Iron Mike song? :lol:

    I do like it when people come around to my way of thinking eventually, though it can take a little time for slower people to catch up. Apparently, our win percentage is 64% when he’s in the team and only 33% when he isn’t.

  187. 187
    avatar chuck says:


    No! hadn’t realized there were that many idiot’s around,
    silly me.
    Puts a whole different light on the old adage, “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cant fool all of the people all of the time”.
    I wonder are people becoming dumber in general?
    Most kids are familiar with to-days technology, relying on it for the most part, (calculators, Games, Smart phones, computers and pads, etal) however I don’t see many reading books even using kindles.
    Recent evaluations of the education systems, both in the US and UK, shows they are trailing their peers on a worldwide level.
    I know for a fact the US system has been dumbed down since the postwar years, when it was a world leader.
    And later any lack of required brains was solved by importing them, generally known as “the brain drain”.
    Which began with Warner von Braun, the SS Nazi war criminal and his V 11 staff, instead of hanging the bastards we gave him a lifestyle only dreamed of in Germany.
    But I digress, it was stated during the Celtic tiger years by US recruiters, that they might interview as many as fifty people for certain job openings in the US, whereas that figure was reduced to two, when interviewing
    candidates in the ROI for the same job.
    No doubt technology is an enormous aid to all things for the most part and I’m impressed by young peoples adaptability to technology, but not that impressed by what they know, nor their abilities to process things without the aid of technology.

  188. 188
    avatar chuck says:

    And yes, the Mike for Brasil thing, is I have to assume, similar to voting for Tommy Steele as the greatest English rock and roller.
    Anyfink for a laff!

  189. 189
    avatar chuck says:

    The future looks bright for Necastle, with only Arsenal as the side to be feared this year.
    If we can continue to beat, “The Little Teams”, as Toon Army put it, then the struggle among the top ten will become much more interesting.
    It’s an interesting season, due to the fact any of seven or eight sides have the possibility of winning the title.
    I’m going to predict “Citeh” to win, with Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Everton, trailing close behind.
    I also predict we will finish as expected in the top ten.
    That may sound harsh to some, but the reality of having Pardeux in charge reduces the chances IMO.
    One has to note the importance of goalscoring, in the race, with both Liverpool and Suarez and Citeh with their variety of scorers playing a big role.

  190. 190
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Speaking of being dumbed down, I was unfortunate to catch the start of the new “Sarah Millican Show”.
    I used to think she was alright until last night, when low and behold the Silver A**ecrawler, No not Pardew!, But no other than f**kin’ Phillip Schofield, Had infected yet another T.V Programme.
    Is this “Agenda 21″, Or “School of Frankfurt” stuff or what?

    You cannot get away from these tormentors for love nor money.
    I don’t watch much mainstream bilge anyway, But f**k me!, There is a very dirty plan being hatched with this crap!
    Him and Willoughby are the two main offenders, Along with a pair of Geordie trolls, In the pathetic and talentless, “Ant And Dec”.
    Britain is getting like a dictatorship with these carefully selected dupes, To try and brainwash the masses, With their North Korean style of Programming!

    How many shows are these idiots on?, Why is no one complaining about it?
    They are on “This Morning”, “Dancing On Ice”, “Surprise Surprise”, “The Cube” and i’m sure there is more they are on ffs

    That moron ginger kid also has Willoughby and her “I’nt Milk Brilliant” mate Fearne Cotton on another tawdry attempt at entertainment!

  191. 191
    avatar GS says:

    Top four are difficult to predict. I think you really can’t rule out Man U because they will probably spend in January – maybe even Ross Barkley? That would weaken Everton as well. Include Cleverly in a player plus cash deal and that would weaken Everton even further.

    I think:

    Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U.

    Moyes usually has a better second half, Mourihno can never be ruled out and Everton lack depth.

  192. 192
    avatar GS says:

    Liverpool are the dark horses but Rodgers seems to have Pardew syndrome – rely on one in-form goal scorer and play cr@p in the second half of games. That could come back to bite them when they play the better teams.

  193. 193
    avatar Tripp says:

    … and when Saurez gets banned/injured.

    One of my gripes about football is that douche bags like Saurez don’t get retroactively banned/fined for their capering. It would be trival to simply review matches and dole out fines/bans for simulation. In about 2 weeks most of the diving would be gone. This is so simple it’s beyond pathetic that the FA haven’t taken steps to implement it.

    The NFL do this, mostly for safely, now that they’re getting sued for debilitating brain damage in retired players (and they’re suppression of the extent of it should have resulted in criminal charges/prosecutions) and it has done a lot to reduce the number of dangerous hits on players. Why can’t the FA do something similar for diving? The answer is that they can and should. But they’re tossers so it will be a while before it happens.

  194. 194
    avatar chuck says:

    Skimming the recent news, where it’s unsure whether we will sign anyone or not, the usual co-operative situation between fans and management.

    Though there are the usual rumors of Cabaye going to a bigger club, for around twenty big ones, plus the possibility that the club has finally given up on Cisse but would be asking a laughable ten mill. for him.

    Also the fact Taylor may be on his way, of which I have a theory.

    Which is, we have watched as Taylor has had one serious injury after another, requiring long layoffs.

    Nothing to do with his on field performances, but perhaps being diagnosed as being susceptible to a certain
    injury, in fact a sick note, therefore not playing him due to the possibility of a recurrence, who knows ?

    as for the possibility of who may be arriving, I’m sure there’s a list, but don’t expect to hear who it may be until the brinksmanship penny ante dealings start.

    If we don’t take Zaha on loan, bring back Ferguson, who I believe can do an adequate job and work well with Santon, allowing us to use Gouffran to play behind the striker.

    But I restate, our needs are a consistent scorer and a dominant center back.

    If Cabaye goes, we have a very good Anita, who is playing well, but we do need a replacement for Cabaye, perhaps Gourcuff @ Lyon, they need the money.

  195. 195
    avatar chuck says:

    Actually a combo of Gourcuff and Gomis, would be nice business, if we can get them for next to nowt, which is what Ashley looks for.

  196. 196
    avatar chuck says:


    I certainly agree with you on the matter of diving, something that came into the game with the inclusion of foreign players imo.

    Being it was something that was previously frowned on by most players, a cultural difference between the British game and others.

    Sure it’s a form of cheating and doesn’t belong, but there is a cure, the yellow card.

    If enough are issued it could prevent a lot of diving.

    Problem is how does one then reconcile the English game with that of the continental game where it is either excepted or not punished.
    Where we would only be creating a schism between us and them in regard to that ruling.

    As for Suarez, we cant expect every non British player to suddenly change his cultural attitudes overnight and I have found in travelling throughout the world, that cultural differences are for the most part, the main reason for friction between people.

    So can we try and understand that, hell Suarez is a
    great player and I for one would be disappointed as I was when Ronaldo and Bale left for Spain, hell I want to see them play in the EPL.

  197. 197
    avatar chuck says:

    Time to get my act to-gether and head down the block, late luncheon and a very serious game.
    Have to say football this season is among the best, with two excellent games played yesterday.
    The fact is, there are no gimmees, with the top sides humiliated by those in the lower tiers.
    But to-days game has a certain meaning, with Arsenal, should they lose, perhaps crumbling in their attempt for a title, or Chelsea doing the same.
    On the other hand the winner, should there be one, going on to win silverware.
    It’s an exciting tome of year!

  198. 198
    avatar workyticket says:

    chuck says:
    December 23, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    “And yes, the Mike for Brasil thing, is I have to assume, similar to voting for Tommy Steele as the greatest English rock and roller.”

    That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it Chuck? It’s just your pitiful little prejudice against all things decent, respectable and British, like Mike Williamson and Tommy Steele’s “little white bull.”

    Actually, FYI, we did produce some very good Rcck n’ Roll over here, though admittedly, you did just about edge it over there in the US.

  199. 199
    avatar GS says:

    Does anybody know if Ben Arfa has bulked up on purpose? he doesn’t seem to have lost any speed and I haven’t seen anything in the papers about Pardew wanting him to lose weight. It has been the opposite, with Pardew praising him for his attitude.

    I heard one commentator say that Anita had bulked up to deal with how physical the premiership is.

  200. 200
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 23, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    “I heard one commentator say that Anita had bulked up to deal with how physical the premiership is.”

    Anita said it himself, GS.

    At first, Ben Arfa seemed to have bulked up in an eating pasta way rather than a working out in the gym way. He had those muffin top things that fat lasses whinge about after they’ve shovelled too much cake into themselves.

  201. 201
    avatar GS says:

    It is not necessarily true that you get slower when you bulk up. Some of the Rugby backs are giants and still lightning quick.

    I am going to say that Pardew won’t be doing much rotation until at least the New Year game. We have only played a midweek game since Man City and Swans I think, so we should be fresh.

    My guess is that Shola comes in for Tiote for Stoke. I just think Pardew will want to have a physical presence for that game. My hope would be that Ben Arfa would get half an hour and play so well that Pardew has to pick him for Arsenal, although I think he probably will anyway.

    As I have said before, I want to be entertained again, no more of this sitting on a lead malarkey.

    Others might disagree and suggest MBiwa for Williamson, but that just wont happen and we are not playing fantasy football.

  202. 202
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 23, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    “It is not necessarily true that you get slower when you bulk up.”

    Sprinters are bulky.

    “As I have said before, I want to be entertained again, no more of this sitting on a lead malarkey.”

    Aye, we got 3-0 by accident last time. It was supposed to be another 1 or 2-0 but we got a penalty. First time we’ve won by more than 3 goals since February (I think?).

  203. 203
    avatar chuck says:

    Worky sez,

    “It’s just your pitiful little prejudice against all things decent, respectful and British, like Tommy Steele and Mike Williamson” !

    Did I hit a nerve here, that’s a serious outburst.

    Been hitting the bottle again, or is it the pipe ?
    I would guess it aint the pipe, cause you are attempting to kick the habit.

    Anyone who thinks of Tommy Steele and Mike Williamson, as being anything but crap and blaming it on personal prejudice, is really stretching things.

  204. 204
    avatar chuck says:


    Plus when did I ever even suggest that the UK didn’t produce good music.
    That would have been idiotic.
    And as far as suggesting, we just about edged it here in the US in regard to music, is laughable.

  205. 205
    avatar chuckhelsea says:

    Interesting game to-day, I mean yesterday.
    Citeh are not going to have any problem with either Arsenal or Chelsea, based on that game.
    Understandably conditions were poor, but so were both sides.
    The difference between them and both, Pool and Citeh is goal scoring.
    Neither side having a decent striker, whereas, Pool. have a couple of goal machines and Citeh are overstocked in scorers.
    Things are beginning to clarify now.

  206. 206
    avatar workyticket says:

    If there’s anyone out there still reading this, I hope you all have a very happy Christmas.

  207. 207
    avatar Grump Old-Toon says:

    I’m still reading the blog Worky just haven’t had time to make a contribution.

    Anyway Happy Christmas to you and all the others on the blog. I hope you manage to sort out your health and any other problems you are having in the New Year.

    I hope the blog does continue in some format but I do understand and sympathise as to why you might not continue with it.

    Two wins over Xmas and you might find the Beeb lot even including us in the championship, if not the actual title, contenders. :)

    You might even find my little spoof “Alan Pardew Appreciation Society” going from fantasy to fact. :)

    By the way I read that Kalashnikov has just gone to The Arms Manufactures version of heaven. Or not as the case may be!

  208. 208
    avatar tunyc says:

    Worky-merry Christmas to you too. Take care and good luck quitting…that shit’s hard.

  209. 209
    avatar tunyc says:

    Oh and merry Christmas to you other assholes too!

  210. 210
    avatar DJG says:

    Thank you for showing these match videos Worky. Handy if people miss a game as MOTD doesn’t tell half the story usually (or deliberately misleads) Happy Christmas bloggers.

  211. 211
    avatar workyticket says:

    tunyc says:
    December 24, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    “Worky-merry Christmas to you too. Take care and good luck quitting…that shit’s hard.”

    I had a long session with Nurse Milena this morning and yes, it was quite hard, tunyc.

    I was telling her that it isn’t giving up as such, I have a problem in losing creativity. I don’t get the same ideas without the odd puff and that’s a major problem for me as I’m going to really need that again at this stage of my life. I’m like Proust without his madeleine cake.

  212. 212
    avatar tunyc says:

    Like the madeleines, eh? You must be like my brother, who started smoking-seriously smoking, not playing with cigarettes-when he was 13 years old.

  213. 213
    avatar tunyc says:

    Oh, and: “long…and yes, it was quite hard…”


  214. 214
    avatar GS says:

    The bookies have it Man City – Arsenal – Chelsea for the title. I will also go with the usual suspects and put Man U at 4th until another team proves me wrong.

    The bookies aren’t usually far off with their predictions.

  215. 215
    avatar GS says:

    I do know that bookies odds are not strictly predictions and are based on money put down. But that is basically a picture of the betting publics views/predictions. I saw we are 33 to 1 to be top 4 and that is with us being top of the form table. This shows how strong the competition is and that people don’t believe in our renaissance (yet :)).

  216. 216
    avatar AndyMac says:

    joe hawkins says:

    Is this “Agenda 21″, Or “School of Frankfurt” stuff or what?

    You cannot get away from these tormentors for love nor money.
    I don’t watch much mainstream bilge anyway, But f**k me!, There is a very dirty plan being hatched with this crap!
    Him and Willoughby are the two main offenders, Along with a pair of Geordie trolls, In the pathetic and talentless, “Ant And Dec”. Britain is getting like a dictatorship with these carefully selected dupes, To try and brainwash the masses, With their North Korean style of Programming!” and the rest.

    Well done Joe for achieving “Ebeneezer Scrooge’s Rant of the Season” award just elbowing WT’s “Why is my life so shite” into second place. Soz Chuck must try harder next year :)

    Wotever your grumble, predicament or ailment please remember there are many worse off than us at this time of the year (actually at any time of the year). Saw some yesterday and “did my bit” to help and can only thank someone up there for not making me a homeless person with no one to share Christmas with.

    So goodwill to all this Festive Season apart from the Fatman and that bloke who’s been masquerading as a football manager for the past few years !

    Happy Christmas and HWTFL

  217. 217
    avatar GS says:

    One table we are bottom of I think is injuries. Is it a coincidence, or has this fitness guru made a difference? Only Ryan Taylor is out and he was injured before she got here and wouldn’t get in the current team anyway.

    There is surely an element of luck as every team gets knocks, sprains and tears. However, if this continues, it will beg the question of what the hell were we doing before to have as many on the treatment table as on the pitch?

  218. 218
    avatar chuck says:

    Worky re 185 #

    Yeah I recall some discussion’s in regard to the introduction of this blog, it took place if I recall right, on the only existing blog at that time, Ed’s
    As I recall it was supposed to be a collective effort.
    But I suppose a number of those who though enthusiastic at the time, later realized that in fact it would require some effort and not unlike some early contributors, fell by the wayside.
    Look we have had our differences, but we have also agreed on any number of things, bit of give and take, mostly give.
    However I want you to know if you decide to concentrate on other things, that in fact the effort, without support just c

  219. 219
    avatar chuck says:

    …consumes too much of your time, then no one would blame you for putting an end to it, disappointing, sure,
    But you cant let it take over your life.
    Soh !
    Merry Christmas to you, with best wishes for your sports writing efforts, same to all the contributors that make this the most interesting of the NUFC blogs.

  220. 220
    avatar workyticket says:

    AndyMac says:
    December 24, 2013 at 8:13 pm

    “Saw some yesterday and “did my bit” to help and can only thank someone up there for not making me a homeless person with no one to share Christmas with.”

    It isn’t “someone up there” who makes people homeless, Andy, it’s usually some vile Tory scumbag who needs a punch in the throat. Down here in London you can always tell when the parasites are in government merely by the amount of people on the pavement asking for change.

  221. 221
    avatar workyticket says:

    Sorry about the Christmas rant on the homeless.

  222. 222
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Keep warm this winter, And set fire to homeless people!

    Only joking

    Merry Xmas to one and all, You pack of cnuts!

  223. 223
    avatar Belfast toon says:

    Merry Christmas to one and all. Good luck for the New Year. I’ll make an effort to stop just reading and contribute a bit more! (Sorry! Been busy!)

  224. 224
    avatar GS says:

    Merry Xmas. I think we are playing at home on boxing day for only like the 2nd time in 12 years. That would have tested the patience of a few wives in the past. I can imagine the words “football means more to you than your family” were used a few times.

  225. 225
    avatar Tripp says:

    Cheers Joe! Happy to holidays to one and all. Just finishing up being Santa mesel. Then I’m gonna sleep in.

  226. 226
    avatar GS says:

    With Tiote’s return to form, I wonder why no one is mentioning him as a possible target. He is not Champions League cup tied which I think is a major selling point for Cabaye as well.

  227. 227
    avatar workyticket says:

    Bloody hell GS, it’s Christmas Day and you’re thinking about Tiote.

    We’re having a traditional Christmas here, getting stoned, drinking Champagne and watching Carry On films. It’s “Carry On Girls” ATM.

  228. 228
    avatar workyticket says:

    Oooh Matron! It’s ‘Carry on again Doctor’ now.

  229. 229
    avatar GS says:

    I have actually read Kenneth Williams auto-biography. He was a strange man.

    Now, do you know what a onesy is??? My mother just sent me a picture of my 18 year old nephew in one. It is like a coloured-patterned fleece-polyester boiler/jump suit. Supposedly it is the trendy thing in Newcastle.

    I immediately sent him $100 to at least buy jeans and a t-shirt. He will look back on this and it will be like mullets, or those tea-bag shirts or Bay City Rollers pants (and no, I didn’t have any of them).

  230. 230
    avatar GS says:

    Maybe I got the wrong end of the stick and people don’t go out in these oneseys. I was so disturbed that I called her back. She said some people do, but you wouldn’t get into anywhere in the Toon wearing one.

  231. 231
    avatar workyticket says:

    There are many millions of pwople in London and I haven’t seen any of them out in a onesie.

  232. 232
    avatar Tripp says:

    I thought onesies were just for infants. Adults are wearing them now too? What about diapers (nappies in the Queen’s English, right?), are those the rage of British fashion now too?

    Speaking of the Queen, was pleased to see that she pardoned Alan Turing for the crime of being himself. Better late than never for arguably the single most important person to the allied war effort.

  233. 233
    avatar GS says:

    I think it was my mothers idea of a joke and I fell for it :) It did have little Santa’s on it. I still sent him the $100 because my mother dotes on him and it will make her happy at Christmas.

  234. 234
    avatar Tripp says:


  235. 235
    avatar workyticket says:

    Tripp says:
    December 25, 2013 at 10:13 pm

    “I thought onesies were just for infants. Adults are wearing them now too? What about diapers (nappies in the Queen’s English, right?), are those the rage of British fashion now too?

    Tripp, it’s usually you Yanks who are responsible for crimes like Onesies but this time it’s the Norwegians apparently. Can’t really blame them with the weather up there though. I think everyone who’s sane knows not to wear them outdoors though. Surely?

    “Speaking of the Queen, was pleased to see that she pardoned Alan Turing for the crime of being himself. Better late than never for arguably the single most important person to the allied war effort.”

    And the stored program computer and computer science in general, Tripp. I’m just listening to Tim Berners-Lee on Radio 4 right now, he’s the guest editor of the ‘Today’ show and his parents worked with Turing on the Mark One computer in Manchester.

  236. 236
    avatar GS says:

    There’s a lot of confidence going into this game. I hope that doesn’t spell trouble. I have seen conflicting reports in papers about Shola or Ben Arfa starting so Pardews little mind games are working. I even saw one saying Anita would make way (I think they forgot Tiote is suspended). I think that was in the Northern Echo.

  237. 237
    avatar GS says:

    Yeah, it was Scott Wilson of the Northern Echo. This is what he said:

    “Pardew must decide whether to name an unchanged side for today’s game or switch formation in order to play an extra striker.

    That striker would almost certainly be Shola Ameobi, and past evidence suggests that Vurnon Anita would be the most likely player to make way if Ameobi was recalled.”

    Who is he? Has he been transferred from the ladies page?

  238. 238
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 26, 2013 at 9:22 am

    “There’s a lot of confidence going into this game. I hope that doesn’t spell trouble.”

    To be fair though, that’s been the Newcastle story for a long while, ie have a few wins, get all arrogant and premature, piss everyone off, cock it all up and then get laughed at for being stupid and deluded.

  239. 239
    avatar GS says:

    Worky: I watched the cricket that started at 5.30 last night. I decided to stay up and watch Man U. Ending with Citeh-Liverpool at 1pm that will be a Boxing Day sports marathon for me of 19 and a half hours :)

    And I rewarded with a Hull Tigers goal. Hope it carries on like this.

  240. 240
    avatar GS says:

    2-0, this was worth staying up for, although “United” will probably come back.

    Are you doing a match thread?

  241. 241
    avatar workyticket says:

    Will you be able to stay awake for the Stoke game, GS?

  242. 242
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 26, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    “Are you doing a match thread?”


    I’ll probably be watching it on the computer though so I’ll be around.

  243. 243
    avatar workyticket says:

    The teams if anyone is still reading. I’ll be watching Oussama Assaidi, I used to follow him in the Eredivisie.

    Newcastle United (4-3-3): Tim Krul (G); Mathieu Debuchy, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (c), Davide Santon; Moussa Sissoko, Vurnon Anita, Yohan Cabaye; Yoan Gouffran, Hatem Ben Arfa; Loic Remy

    Subs: Rob Elliot (G), Massadio Haidara, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Steven Taylor, Gabriel Obertan, Papiss Cisse, Shola Ameobi.

    Stoke City (4-5-1): Thomas Sorensen (G); Geoff Cameron, Ryan Shawcross, Marc Wilson, Eric Pieters; Jonathan Walters, Steven N’Zonzi, Glenn Whelan, Charlie Adam, Oussama Assaidi; Peter Crouch.

    Subs: Jack Butland (G), Marc Muniesa, Wilson Palacios, Kenwyne Jones, Marko Arnautovic, Andy Wilkinson, Stephen Ireland.

  244. 244
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Has Pardwho lost his mind ?????

    Putting HBA upfront in a “three” while leaving Shirley on the bench ????????

    Krul; Debuchy, Coloccini, Williamson, Santon; Sissoko, Cabaye, Anita; Ben Arfa, Remy, Gouffran.

    Perhaps he reads this blog after all :lol:

  245. 245
  246. 246
    avatar GS says:

    Hatem starts, and of course the rest was pretty predictable. Good team, so that’ll be 3-0 to Stoke then :)

  247. 247
    avatar workyticket says:

    Oh FFS I’ve just been redirected from the match to sex toys. What a great way to advertise.

  248. 248
    avatar GS says:

    Ben Arfa has the short sleeves and gloves on again.

  249. 249
    avatar workyticket says:

    Top notch defending by Iron Mike there.

  250. 250
    avatar workyticket says:

    Was Joe Kinnear asleep there?

  251. 251
    avatar workyticket says:

    workyticket says:
    December 26, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    “The teams if anyone is still reading. I’ll be watching Oussama Assaidi, I used to follow him in the Eredivisie.”

    I forgot to mention that he can be bloody good.

  252. 252
    avatar GS says:

    @251 you shouldn’t have mentioned him at all you jinx.

  253. 253
    avatar GS says:

    We are interchanging positions all the time. Everbody seems to be playing wherever they want.

    Lucky we got a red card.

  254. 254
    avatar GS says:

    That was a joke of a red card though.

  255. 255
    avatar GS says:

    Has Atkinson had a bung?

  256. 256
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 26, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    “@251 you shouldn’t have mentioned him at all you jinx.”

    I rather think it’s Stoke who are jinxed in this game, GS. They’ve had a nightmare with the referee.

  257. 257
    avatar Phisix says:

    If we dont smash this lot now then we are shite.

  258. 258
    avatar GS says:

    Pardew said the reason Ben Arfa took the penalty at Palace was that our regular penalty taker, Cabaye, was off the pitch. And, today…

    This is a strange game.

    There will probably be a make up call so it is probably good that Tiote is suspended. Debuchy better watch out.

  259. 259
    avatar AndyMac says:

    “There will probably be a make up call so it is probably good”…. good we have a crossdresser in the dressing room :lol:

  260. 260
    avatar tunyc says:

    Phisix @ 257: surely AP is about to spring a brilliant tactical change that will see NUFC dominate this match as they should…


    Was Remy’s missed pen another ill-advised attempt at reviving a striker’s confidence/form like Cisse in that early match last season? Gotta hope not.

  261. 261
    avatar tunyc says:

    GS-had the same thought about the make up call. Debuchy already on a yellow. Would seriously consider subbing him out. He can’t help himself under the best of circumstances.

  262. 262
    avatar GS says:

    Time to hold out for a draw against a Stoke side that were giving us problems?

  263. 263
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Goof is on the money once again. 5 in 5

  264. 264
    avatar tunyc says:

    le Gouf!

  265. 265
    avatar chuck says:

    Looks like Santa came late to St. James’ Park, in the guise of Martin Atkinson, who just ruined the game and gifted three points to the home side.

  266. 266
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Dear Santa please can you give Pardwho some cahones so we can get a decent goal difference against a 9 man pub team ?

  267. 267
    avatar workyticket says:

    Which Newcastle United player would be the most convincing crossdresser?

  268. 268
    avatar GS says:

    Merry Christmas to everybody in Newcastle – Martin Atkinson.

  269. 269
    avatar AndyMac says:

    You still on the “medication” WT ? :lol:

  270. 270
    avatar GS says:

    You just beat me to it Chuck.

  271. 271
    avatar AndyMac says:

    “Goof is on the money once again”
    5 in 5Gouffran has scored a goal in the last five home matches.

    Remy back on the goal trail :lol:

  272. 272
    avatar Phisix says:

    3-1 Hulk smash time!

  273. 273
    avatar Phisix says:

    Damn benny hit the post twice :(

  274. 274
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Shall I jinx this and tune in to watch ?

  275. 275
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Spuds only drawing at home to WBA. Did they pick the manager too soon ?

  276. 276
    avatar workyticket says:

    AndyMac says:
    December 26, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    “You still on the “medication” WT ?”

    You the one who keeps bringing up the crossdressing, Andy.

  277. 277
    avatar AndyMac says:

    “Hatem Ben Arfa is on the naughty list, he can’t buy a festive goal! He again rattles the woodwork after a mesmerising run which sees him beat three Stoke defenders, leaving two on their backsides like Christmas drunks. Wonderful feet, so unlucky!”

  278. 278
    avatar chuck says:

    Time to pull everyone back in our own half and desperately defend the lead.

  279. 279
    avatar GS says:

    C’mon Shola, you have to get a goal today.

  280. 280
    avatar GS says:

    And… How about a goal for Williamson?

  281. 281
    avatar tunyc says:

    Well let’s see if Debuchy can stay on the pitch for the rest of this match.

  282. 282
    avatar AndyMac says:

    chuck says:

    “Time to pull everyone back in our own half and desperately defend the lead”

    Even though I’m not watching, I know how true that statement is Chuck :lol:

  283. 283
    avatar Phisix says:

    CABAYYYYYYYYYE what a goal

  284. 284
    avatar workyticket says:

    AndyMac says:
    December 26, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    “Spuds only drawing at home to WBA. Did they pick the manager too soon ?”

    Andy, I was listening to the Radio 4 statisyics programme ‘More or Less’ and I think thay picked the about the worst time to sack him.

  285. 285
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Cabs on the mark now

  286. 286
    avatar chuck says:

    Well think I’m gonna switch to another game, this has become a travesty.

  287. 287
  288. 288
    avatar dokky says:

    “Well think I’m gonna switch to another game, this has become a travesty.”

    How are you not enjoying this? they may have 9 men but this most ive enjoyed watching us all season!

  289. 289
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    Can’t wait to hear Hughes’ take on this :lol:

  290. 290
    avatar chuck says:

    Wow! Sunderland ahead of Everton, one zip!

  291. 291
    avatar GS says:

    Chuck: I don’t give a sh@t if this is a gift from the Ref, I am a NUFC fan and will enjoy every minute of it.

  292. 292
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Both Shirley and Cisse on against a 9 man pub team ! Can they score ?

    Stay tuned boys and girls :)

  293. 293
    avatar tunyc says:

    GS @ 291: and I’m certainly not going to miss it to watch the f’in mackems…

  294. 294
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Is that Mrs Hughes in the stands ?

    Looks like she’s not giving Marky any Christmas cheer tonight !

  295. 295
    avatar Phisix says:


  296. 296
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Cisse taking a pen. Only way he’s scoring today

  297. 297
    avatar dokky says:


  298. 298
    avatar workyticket says:

    WTF? I’m watching Yanks and Mexicans all if a sudden.

  299. 299
    avatar Paulosio says:

    Ben Arfa man of the match I think. Was the only 1 doing anything decent when it was 11 v 11.

  300. 300
    avatar Phisix says:


  301. 301
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    workyticket says:
    December 26, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    “WTF? I’m watching Yanks and Mexicans all if a sudden.”

    Seen it, Worky. The Mexicans win and all the yanks get killed.

  302. 302
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Agreed Paulosio even though I’m not watching the “mentions” he’s had are way beyond any other player.

    Which is why Pardwho leaves him out !

  303. 303
    avatar Phisix says:

    Another penalty waved away

  304. 304
    avatar GS says:

    Haidara just gets hacked to pieces every game he plays.

  305. 305
    avatar chuck says:

    Howeh Suneland ! one zip win at Everton.

  306. 306
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    That’s it, then. Excellent.

    Blunderland take the points from Everton as well, but that’s no bad thing for us really.

  307. 307
    avatar tunyc says:

    And Debuchy stays on the pitch to the end. Have to admit, wouldn’t have taken that bet.

    Hey look our GD doesn’t look completely out of place in the table. Nice!

  308. 308
  309. 309
    avatar GS says:

    Goal attempts – 27 – that’ll screw up the OPTA stats.

  310. 310
    avatar chuck says:


    I just don’t find such a lopsided game to be very entertaining even though the numbers are in our favor, the game is a bad joke and so is the ref.

  311. 311
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    Man City and Liverpool up next in HD for anyone who’s got BT Sport. Can’t resist watching Suarez at the moment.

  312. 312
    avatar GS says:

    According to Worky’s analysis Cisse has had 7 goals wrongly ruled offside so if Atkinson f@cks up I don’t care how lopsided the game was. We deserve it. Merry Xmas.

    How can you even begin to ba humbug about that. Are your really even a NUFC fan?

  313. 313
    avatar AndyMac says:

    “How can you even begin to ba humbug about that. Are your really even a NUFC fan?”

    Go support the mackems Chuck :lol:

  314. 314
    avatar Paulosio says:

    Don’t care how lopsided it was. I think both sendings off were correct. The 2nd 1 was definitely correct. Could argue that when we got our equaliser they should have had a free kick for Williamson hand balling but it was kicked straight at him from about 5 yards away and they are often not given. We could have had 1-3 more penalties too. At least 1 of them looked pretty solid.

  315. 315
    avatar GS says:

    Now, if anybody thinks there is any question of the team that Pardew plays against Arsenal I will take them out back and shoot them. The only question is Santon or Hadiara, but Santon is more experienced, so he gets the nod.


    Debuchy Williamson Coloccini Santon

    Sisoko Cabaye Tiote Gouffran

    Ben Arfa Remy

  316. 316
    avatar workyticket says:

    AndyMac says:
    December 26, 2013 at 4:57 pm


    “Currently showing the second half :)”

    I think I was watching that, Andy. It was the one that switched over to Yanks and Mexicans some time in the second half..

  317. 317
    avatar GS says:

    And how many penalties have Man U had at Old Trafford and Fergie Time. And do their plastics complain…

  318. 318
    avatar chuck says:

    Andy Mac

    Oh! does the fact I don’t find nine against eleven entertaining, that makes me a humbug ?
    In other words I should think like you or there’s something wrong with me.
    And yes I’m not one of those idiots who abuse their neighbors and relatives, because the support their towns side.
    Hey after NUFC I like to see the NE teams do well, but not during the derby games.
    And I don’t need your permission to support whomever I please.
    Am I a Newcastle fan ? yes and was long before you were born.
    Which doesn’t mean I cant be glad Sunderland got a good win to-day and don’t expect me to vilify their fans, they are your neighbors and relatives .
    And that silly childish machismo is unbecoming in any adult, I’m assuming you are an adult ?

  319. 319
    avatar GS says:

    A Champions League “six pointer” on Sunday :)

    Anyway, I think we are now safe from relegation.

  320. 320
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    Let’s see how the January transfer window goes, GS ;-)

  321. 321
    avatar AndyMac says:

    “Andy Mac

    Oh! does the fact I don’t find nine against eleven entertaining, that makes me a humbug ?
    In other words I should think like you or there’s something wrong with me.
    And yes I’m not one of those idiots who abuse their neighbors and relatives, because the support their towns side”

    Calm down Chuck twas tongue in cheek. I’ve had that accusation thrown at me on many an occasion just because I could see stuff that others couldnt.

    According to reports we were losing the first half before the sending off changed the game. Yet Pardwho still couldnt hang on and chose to bring on Shirley in a panic. He’s a feckwit but at times a fecking lucky feckwit :)

  322. 322
    avatar chuck says:


    Refs who use common sense in general do a better job, most try not to upset the balance of the game, by going by the letter of the rules, if they did, there would be no flow to the game.
    The old adage no harm no foul, tends to make sense.
    However if you are in favor of calling everything and upsetting the balance of the game, what can I say.
    What I’m saying about the refereeing was, he called everything in the first half and nothing in the second half, not quite consistency is it.
    He made IMO poor decisions and ruined the game, but if you enjoyed it, what can I say ?

  323. 323
    avatar GS says:

    Hey Darth: you know that was tongue in cheek? I have supported NUFC for long enough not to get ahead of myself.

    I am happy that we are doing well. And if Pardew keeps picking the correct team it might continue.

    Glad for Cisse as he always hassles the other team even if he is not scoring.

  324. 324
    avatar chuck says:

    Good game, Citeh vs Pool, should make some sense of how things will eventually shape up.

  325. 325
    avatar GS says:

    Andymac: they were down to 9 men when Shola came on. Pardew decided we didn’t need an extra midfielder and should go all out attack.

    Pardew doesn’t deserve credit or derision for that change.

  326. 326
    avatar GS says:

    The commentator at Citeh just said “they are bouncing up and down in celebration in the red end”. Isn’t that sort of rude?

  327. 327
    avatar AndyMac says:

    “According to reports we were losing the first half before the (FIRST) sending off changed the game”

    We still had 45 minutes GS but bringing on Shirley for a relatively talented, almost creative, Anita is fecking madness. It smacked of panic and the usual Pardwho practice of choosing 4-3-3 and not believing in it enough and reverting to good ol two strikers – one of whom cannot hit the proverbial barn door or cows arse :(

  328. 328
    avatar GS says:

    My question about the relative merits of Citeh and Liverpool is – who would you rather play full strength, City or Liverpool? To be sure, Suarez is on fire, but Citeh will have Aguero back soon.

  329. 329
    avatar GS says:

    Citeh, Chuck.

  330. 330
    avatar tunyc says:

    chuck @ 318: all well and good but I still can’t wrap my mind around not wanting to watch a game involving any of the clubs I support because they’re winning by too much. As a sports fan, I don’t really get that. I find NUFC kicking the shit out of anyone to be very entertaining and only fair compensation for the crap performances I’ve had to endure.

  331. 331
    avatar tunyc says:

    Andy @ 321: to be fair, considering I’ve often criticized AP’s late & timid subs-it would have been criminal for him not to bring on another forward when we’re drawing a match against a side with 9 men.

    I’m just glad he didn’t bring on Obertan.

  332. 332
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    GS says:
    December 26, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    “Hey Darth: you know that was tongue in cheek? I have supported NUFC for long enough not to get ahead of myself.”

    Aye, GS. Same here. I’m enjoying what’s happening at the moment as well. But I’m not really looking forward to the transfer window, though, as I’m still not convinced that chubs’ ambition for the club won’t be outweighed by his desire to turn a profit on a few of our standout players this season.

    I hope I’m wrong. Maybe we’ll keep everyone we’ve got. Maybe we’ll even strengthen the squad for the final run in!

  333. 333
    avatar GS says:

    tunyc: I am sure that Chuck must not have realized that Tim Howard was sent off after 24 minutes resulting in a goal from a penalty against Everton.

    That might have had an influence on the result. But I am sure it was better than watching NUFC.

  334. 334
    avatar GS says:


    Usual suspects for top 4.

  335. 335
    avatar tunyc says:

    I don’t know guys. From what I’ve seen, the red mancs really are THAT bad. Unbalanced, tactically limited, not much belief.

  336. 336
    avatar chuck says:

    Looks like I thought, Citeh are just full of quality players.

    Even with such a scoring machine as Aguero out, it doesn’t mean a lot, they could still put out two competitive PL sides.

    Not to mention the back four, with Company, Kovalov , Zabaleta and Lescott, with Richards available.

    A midfield organized by Ya Ya Toure, who also gets his goals.

    A quality side, with finally the right manager.
    I don’t see anyone beating them for the title, just look at their goalscoring record 51 for, with a goal difference of 31, more than we have scored in total.

    Though to-days game against a confident and continually improving Liverpool side, could with a bit of luck have gone either way.

    Possibly the most competitive of PL seasons, with six points separating the top six sides, of which we represent that sixth side.

    Though we got a gimme to-day, a present from the ref.
    in a joke of a second half, by a referee who just screwed up, totally ruining the game.

    And added insult to injury by ignoring any number of very apparent fouls.

    Hey! we cant refuse the points, but it could very well have gone the other way, as we played poorly during the first half and it’s highly doubtful that the result would have been anywhere near the final score.

    A reality check is about to take place with our next game,which is against a recently revived Arsenal squad, who also have good depth and believe that this could be their season.

    By beating this Arsenal side, we could go from pretenders to competitors, yeah right!

  337. 337
    avatar chuck says:


    I didn’t switch games because we were winning, I switched because it was a game that because of the refs total mishandling, was no more than a travesty, nine against eleven.
    Surely he could have had a serious talk with Whelan, rather than sending him off as it really didn’t appear to be that serious.
    Now what I didn’t get, was to ensure a result, how come Pardeux didn’t pull Debuchy, knowing the temptation of evening things up by the ref.

  338. 338
    avatar Paulosio says:

    Chuck, where was the travesty ? Which decisions were wrong ?

    For whelan’s 1st yellow he made a foul, kicked the ball away AND squared upto our players… 3 offences. Yellow seems fine for all that.

    For Whelan’s 2nd yellow card he had a petulant dig on Cabaye when the ball wasn’t there to be won. Again I don’t see how there can be complaint about the yellow. Sometimes players get away with stuff when they are already on a yellow or if it’s in the box.. This time the ref had some bottle.

    The red card for Wilson was exactly the same as the red card Mbiwa got against Liverpool. He was dragged down in a clear goal scoring position. Only option is a straight red card and a pen. It’s not good for keeping the game competitive but it’s the rules and we’ve been on the end of it before.

    There are 2 decisions against Stoke that were debatable. Firstly when Williamson handled but no free kick was given and then we went up the other end and scored. The ref obviously judged it accidental and to be fair the ball was kicked full pelt at Williamson from about 5 yards away. Those free kicks are often not given. We didn’t get those decisions when it happened against Swansea a couple of weeks ago denying us penalties.

    The other decision Stoke could rightly be annoyed about was when Ben Arfa crossed from the right after the ball appeared to go out of play and then Gouffran scored. I only saw 1 angle of it and it wasn’t a clear view looking down on the line so I dunno if it was out. I don’t see how the ref could see it and the linesman’s view appeared to be blocked by players. If they can’t see it then they can’t give it.

    I’d imagine Pardew didn’t sub Debauchy because he trusted him to be sensible when we were under no pressure. He knew that Stoke wouldn’t get much of a chance to really get at him while only playing with 9 men. He was proved right.

  339. 339
    avatar GS says:

    Just watched Arsenal and I now think Pardew does have a decision on team selection. He might flood the midfield and revert to the Palace formation. West Ham couldn’t get near the ball.

    I think that toad lookalike might get sacked.

    I repeat from earlier, Everton had a man sent off on 24 mins so the Mackems should have been battering them like we were Stoke.

  340. 340
    avatar GS says:

    Tunyc @335: I assume Man U will get a playmaker in Jan and they have van Persie coming back.

  341. 341
    avatar chuck says:


    I have a tendancy to repeat myself, in which case in answer to your statement @ 338 #, read as to why it was a travesty @ 332#.

  342. 342
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Great Game !
    Onwards and Upwards.

  343. 343
    avatar GS says:

    I watched the game again just to see some of Ben Arfa’s moves. His change of pace to get by his man is unbelievable. Sure, sometimes he runs into a dead end, but then he will beat three men next time.

    We have to get him on the field every match somehow. Even if it is just for the last half hour when the opposition is tired. After seeing this game again, I am amazed that Pardew EVER picked Obertan ahead of him.

    In this match he was looking for the pass as well, instead of always going it alone. That’s probably how he can be most effective – before the opposition thought he would always go it alone. On Thursday he was pretty unselfish and I think that will actually help his game in the premier league.


  344. 344
    avatar workyticket says:

    I was watching Oussama Assaidi, one of the little Moroccans I was watching in the Eredivisie like Adam Maher. Good winger who was as cheap as chips for Liverpool.

  345. 345
    avatar GS says:

    “cheap as chips”? I had never heard that term until a few years ago when I came back and watched a couple of episodes of Bargain Hunt. That older strange man in the tight suits seemed to use it as a catch phrase.

  346. 346
    avatar GS says:

    “Hello bargain hunters. We’ll give you 200 pounds to walk around this cr@ppy flea market with an “expert” who actually knows f@ck all. On their advice, you will buy a snuff box, a silver pen set, a vase or an old picture which you will take to auction. Most of you will lose about 100 pounds as the flea market only had cr@p anyway. If you are lucky you may take home a massive 35 pound profit. Now pull up your high waisted jeans and zip up your fleece pullovers, and lets get started”

  347. 347
    avatar GS says:

    If you don’t know what I am on about, here is a short clip:

  348. 348
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    It’s a good job Stoke had two men sent off, Because Newcastle were not going to get anything from that game.
    Pratdew lucked out again, And this will have the inbreds talking of the “Champions League”, No doubt!
    The stupid cnut f**ked up from the start, When he put Anita in the centre of midfield against a physical side like Stoke.
    Why didn’t he put Sissoko in there, Who can more than handle himself?
    He could have played Marveux out wide, Or any of a number of players, Who could have done an adequate job out wide.

    It’s a good job he has quality at his disposal, Who lets be honest, Pull him out of the s**t on a regular basis.
    The man is an absolute clown, But there will be those who put him on a pedestal as per usual.
    Namely pundits and assorted dick heads who for some reason, Praise losers in Britain.
    The same a**eholes who tried to con the World into thinking David Beckham was a World class Footballer!
    The f**k was never fit to tie the shoe laces of players like, George Best, Pele, Eusabio, And his modern counterparts like, Zidane, Messi etc
    Because he is a clothes horse, Says the right things, Crawls Saxe Coburg’s a**e, He is a National Treasure.


  349. 349
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Joe Hawkins says:

    “It’s a good job he has quality at his disposal, Who lets be honest, Pull him out of the s**t on a regular basis. The man is an absolute clown, But there will be those who put him on a pedestal as per usual. Namely pundits and assorted dick heads who for some reason, Praise losers in Britain”

    I always thought I was the antichrist as far as Pardwho is concerned but Joe, you have taken the mantle :)

    Be mindful of the fact that others will seek to undermine you so remain true to your beliefs and tell them to go f@ck themselves :lol:

  350. 350
  351. 351
    avatar chuck says:

    You are absolutely right, unfortunately most fans are result orientated and many fail to see the lack of a well drilled side.

    A situation where just sending a side out and telling them, “gan on lads n’ play yer best”, would have the same result.

    Surprising we didn’t go into a shell when we went one up,
    which is as far as I can see, Pardeux’s only tactical move, but it only happens following half time, as it appears once a change takes place, that’s it!

    A couple of interesting opinions from Worky’s outfit “Metro”, one stating the defensive cracks of Williamson are beginning to show, stating his attempted clearing header went directly to the feet of Assaidi resulting in them taking the lead.

    Had I said that, I would no doubt have been criticized for some kind of anti Williamson thing, but if you go back in time and check out the game highlights, you will find either his lack of pace, poor distribution, easily beaten one on one, have been the main reason’s for our enormous goals against total.

    But credit where credit’s due, there has been an attempt, to play a more possession orientated game, that combined by stretching defenses, using our wingers and wingbacks.

    These things take time not like the case where the Prince of Denmark inherited an already possession based and well drilled side.
    It took the best part of a season for liverpool to adapt
    to Rodgers methods.

    I guess what I’m saying is I have always thought Pardeux lacked tactical nous, being more of a self help con-man and Pardeux for Engerland, you can count me in, Pardeux for anywhere other than St. James” Park.

  352. 352
    avatar tunyc says:

    GS @ 340: I have no doubt full effort will be made to right the ship, with funds provided and an insistence on getting the right kind of player. But will it work? January signings don’t always find form before the end of the season, especially when playing for a manager who isn’t commanding much belief from the squad when they arrive (see: NUFC last season). All RVP coming back does is present the problem of how to get him and Rooney (the one bright spot in the squad right now) onto the pitch at the same time.

    They’ll finish top-7 or so but I’m not sure where in there and I’ll be surprised if they challenge at the top. There’s a lot of bad momentum to arrest, then there’s the age of their squad (especially defense) and the lack of quality at CM. I’m not sure RVP and an active window can change all that in time for this season. It’d be interesting to see what they do if they miss the CL.

  353. 353
    avatar AndyMac says:

    “January signings don’t always find form before the end of the season”

    Cisse turned up in January 2012 and scored 13 goals in 13 appearances plus one as sub.

    We can do what we want to do. Unfortunately Fatman doesnt give a shite and we often end up with panic buys as opposed to strategic planned purchases.

  354. 354
    avatar chuck says:

    As for MU and Moyes, they are just a bunch of also rans, with an ageing and injury prone side.

    Ferguson knew when to jump upstairs, as there was no way he could hope to win anything with this bunch.

    The mystique of Old Trafford, has been lost, with sides like ourselves going there without fear and yesterdays beating of Hull was celebrated by Moyes as if he had just won the league.

    The entire side needs revamping, with a bunch of over thirty players, who should have been replaced long ago.

    Though I think the money is no longer available, that allowed Ferguson, to buy whoever he desired.

    And their noisy neighbors Citeh are at present a far better side all round.

    Then they let go of people like Pogba and others coming through the system, poor decisions.

    So like all dynasty’s they are on the way out, though no doubt they will remain a top ten side and could once again become competitive, but not with this side or this manager.

  355. 355
    avatar chuck says:

    Question is ?
    Is Ashley salivating at the mouth, in regard to making a twenty million or so profit on Cabaye.
    During the summer we were willing to let him go for twenty, which seemed a decent price, following a not so great season, due to injury.
    Now it has gone from twenty to twenty two, though Ashley’s mouthpiece (since Owl Heed) Pardeux recently stated it could be more, especially if we can stir up a bidding war.
    If in fact he does go, I’m wondering where the twenty or so big ones will be spent ?
    But what am I saying, the fee will probably go into Ashleys sky, as we are safe from relegation (ain’t we)
    So why spend it, as he’s here to turn a profit not win silverware.

  356. 356
    avatar GS says:

    Chuck says:

    “Ferguson knew when to jump upstairs, as there was no way he could hope to win anything with this bunch.”

    I agree with your general point because Man U effectively went backwards because everyone else strengthened and they didn’t – not least by bringing in managers who had the temperament for the premier league.

    However, Ferguson did win the league with that squad last year by quite a few points. Moyes is no Ferguson though.

  357. 357
    avatar GS says:

    The thing with Man U is that they have a 400 million pound revenue which means that even after interest payments they can buy their way back into contention. To put it into perspective, that is 4 times our revenue and I think almost on a par with Real Madrid and Barca.

  358. 358
    avatar GS says:

    By the way, Shawcross should have been sent off as well. His manager said he was “not that type of player” when he broke Aaron Ramsey’s leg. He tried to do the same to Haidara yesterday so I would say he is that type of player. That he didn’t hurt Haidara badly was not due to any lack of intent.

    Stoke are a dirty team and deserved nothing.

  359. 359
    avatar workyticket says:

    I’ll be up in Newcastle braving all the autograph hunters at the Arsenal game tomorrow. I’m still checking out the blog but I’ve been busy with all the things I would have been busy with in the past if I hadn’t been doing this thing. It’s good that you’re still commenting on here though. Keep it up!

  360. 360
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    It must just be me then, But the man continually gets it wrong, From the start of matches.
    Granted, On occasion he puts right what he has messed up, But does a good manager get it wrong as much as he does?
    He has even come out in the press and admitted to getting his tactics wrong.
    That’s fair enough, No one is infallible, But he gets it wrong far more that he gets it right.
    That makes him a poor manager imo, And i still think someone else can get more from this talented group of players.

  361. 361
    avatar workyticket says:

    workyticket says:
    December 28, 2013 at 11:02 am

    “It’s good that you’re still commenting on here though. Keep it up!”

    Oh well bollocks to you all then, I’m gannin’ up North.

  362. 362
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    December 27, 2013 at 10:09 pm

    “Stoke are a dirty team and deserved nothing.”

    Stoke is a dirty town, GS.

  363. 363
    avatar chuck says:

    Not very many good games to-day, being most sides are either tired or using non starters, during this heavy scheduled period.
    Though a poor performing MU leapfrogged us in the league, beating a better Norwich side imo to get the only goal and all three points.
    Sunderland coming back to earn a point in the dying moments of a not great game against the struggling Cardiff.
    The league is difficult to figure, with at least eight clubs who at this time might be still considered in contention for the top spot.
    Though Citeh certainly should feel they are favorites,
    because of the strength of their bench and their goal-scoring ability.
    To-morrow should prove interesting with six of the top nine sides scheduled to play, with Chelsea and Liverpool facing off and ourselves and Arsenal, with points at stake and being the race is so close, every point counts right now.
    Both the schedule and injuries should be big factors.
    Personally I believe there should be a winter break as in most other leagues, but to attempt to change anything is met by automatic resistance, not by logic, ah well !
    Though we have been on a run lately, some of it luck, such as the Stoke game, to-morrows game will tell how we stand and I’m going to project a setback for us.
    Plus a top ten finish, which in to-days EPL is nothing to be ashamed of.

  364. 364
    avatar GS says:

    Apart from the fatigue factor, I don’t see the point of a winter break. In any case, most of the top teams have very large squads nowadays and can cope. Also, British winters are generally quite mild and with undersoil heating, weather is not a huge factor.

    I think it is great having all of these matches coming thick and fast over the Xmas period. The Boxing Day and New Years Day games are a tradition and enjoyed because everybody gets these days off. I think factories and mines used to close for a week or so over Xmas and people get decent vacation time in Britain, so like to go to their home towns. Even Worky is off to Newcastle :) Of course, the school kids are off.

    I don’t know if these factors had any influence on playing all these games, but if you are a football fan it makes the festive period all the better.

  365. 365
    avatar GS says:

    Forgive my ignorance but what do the footballers do in Italy and Germany during their winter break? Do they still train, and just not play any matches? Or do they go to a beach or casino on holiday?

  366. 366
    avatar tunyc says:

    Interesting to see Glen Hoddle make our points at half-for a home side coming off a 5-1 win, we’re quite timid and doing nothing to get the crowd going. That’ll surprise nobody who’s watched Pardew’s NUFC. Hoddle is precisely the type, however, to say some knee-jerk words in defense of AP whenever the going gets rough for Alan.

    He was also right when he said Debuchy is having an excellent game and has Cazorla in his pocket.

  367. 367
    avatar tunyc says:

    On balance, we’re having a good go. Just too much space between the midfield and the forwards as the lad’s hew to AP’s defend-first, second and third strategy. Not surprised at all to see that. Seemed inevitable when HBA was left out of the starting XI.

  368. 368
    avatar chuck says:

    Missed the early stages of the game, but what I saw was interesting enough, both sides playing well.
    One noticeable difference is the crowd, who have certainly come to life.

  369. 369
    avatar chuck says:

    Well goal for Arsenal, take a look, once again the latest hero of the “kna nowts” responsible.

  370. 370
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Former Newcastle defender John Anderson on BBC Radio Newcastle at St James’ Park: “That’s a poor goal to give from a defensive point of view because it’s a straight free-kick. Olivier Giroud got a run on Mike Williamson and headed it down past Tim Krul.”

  371. 371
    avatar bifftoon says:

    mike Ashley must even be too tight to pay for ball boys! y the f**k are we having to grab the ball when it goes out of play?

    got to say good game, still thought we should have been able to get more with no ozil and Ramsey on the pitch

    chance gone I suppose, all good work undone by a lapse in defence AGAIN!

  372. 372
    avatar tunyc says:

    Have to say chuck is right-Williamson’s marking for the goal was poor. Never saw any particular effort to get ballside of his man.

    All told, a close match that Arsenal deservedly shaded as they were more bold in attack from the start. They still needed a set piece-and a poorly-defended one-to win it.

    -HBA should have started. That was obvious after he entered. We should have been set up just like against Palace and gone after them from the start. Our squad and set up sent the lads the message to fear Arsenal, back off them and don’t try to attack too much. This didn’t change until we were down a goal in the second half.

    -A couple Arsenal players might have seen dismissals and I’m not sure how Flamini’s foul on Debuchy isn’t a penalty. It’s a foul, it’s in the box and that’s clearly a ball Debuchy can use as he’s gotten his head to it. Rosicky’s tackle on Cabaye was filthy and definitely a red.

    -Debuchy rather than Santon should have gone to the wing when Haidara came on. It’s one appearance but this should dent the “move Santon to the wing” argument. He’s got the pace and dribbling for it but a very poor sense of when/how to put in a cross or final pass. We had several attacks down the right fizzle due to bad final balls from him. Frankly he looked like Obertan.

    -HBA should have come on for the near-anonymous Sissoko rather than Gouffran (though I was disappointed in the latter when he didn’t come across Sagna for Tiote’s cross early in the second half-he likely either would have been fouled by Szchezny or gone through clear). So AP’s gotten the subs wrong again, shocker.

    Still, maybe the best 1-goal match I’ve watched this season.

  373. 373
    avatar GS says:

    They all went to sleep for the goal, including, but not only Williamson. I am not defending him, just saying it was all of them.

    I thought a few players didn’t have it today – Anita and Sissoko especially. Maybe we need a winter break :)

    I don’t see Wilshere as the next big thing. If England are relying on him in Brasil they are in trouble. I mean, what did he do?

  374. 374
    avatar chuck says:

    Interesting second half, especially in the last fifteen minutes, with Arsenal employing the famous Pardeux tactic, of defending a one goal lead desperately.
    The substituting was a bit bizarre IMO, but one can expect that from Pardeux, for whatever reasons.
    Another game where the refereeing was not up to par, as we had a couple of calls in the box, that were ignored.
    Guess we used up our limit in the Stoke game.
    Overall it was a good game to watch, with everyone in the home side giving it their all, nothing to be ashamed of and imo a draw would have been a fair result.
    Not bad if you consider Arsenal are the present league leaders.

  375. 375
    avatar GS says:

    Maybe I will stick some money on Man City for the league. Arsenal really need a striker and Man City have plenty.

  376. 376
    avatar GS says:

    Further to what I was saying @ 374, if you are relying on Bendtner as your first option for a striker there might be a few games that you should win and don’t.

  377. 377
    avatar GS says:

    The sorcerer and the apprentice next. Mourihno’s lineup looks a bit light weight.

  378. 378
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Pardew went into this looking for a draw imo.
    Not a lot in the game, But there was never a better time to play Arsenal, Than today.
    We gave them too much respect, And only really upped the ante, When we fell behind to a p*** poor goal.
    The defending was shambolic, And williamson seen it too late, Although there was four bodies in close proximity to the ball, So you cannot put it all on him.

    Pardew brought on Ben Arfa, And all Wenger did was revert to a back five, Which more or less nullified his threat.
    He switched Sissoko to the left wing, Which proved another f**k up, And he tried to cover up that mistake by bringing on Haidara.
    Haidara proved to be another nothing substitute, Along with Shola, Who contributed very little.

    The daft thing about it is, When we did swing the ball into the box, The ball fell into areas where Gouffran would have got on the end of them.
    As per usual though, Our fearless leader took him off for no apparent reason!

    It’s always disappointing to lose 0-1 at home, When you would rather you team give it a right go, And get beat by 4, Rather than go a goal behind and have a half a**ed effort.

    It falls onto Pardew who made an a**e of proceedings again!

  379. 379
    avatar chuck says:

    Guess from the fact we haven’t seen Marveaux or Cisse , they may be, along with Obertan, packing their bags for places new.

    Obertan I can see, but this business of playing the same side week after week is shortsighted, putting the same
    names on the sheet regardless of who we are playing,only shows a lack of nous.
    Not to mention, players need both rest and time to take care of niggling injuries.

    Plus those on the bench need match practice, plus being able to fit into continual changing tactical approaches.

    I have never bought into the idea that Pardeux knows or
    understands the modern game and some of the tactics and lineups are, to be kind , unusual!

    Plus when is he going to see reality in the case of playing Williamson, who is constantly the culprit in our
    goals against numbers.

    When better players are available.

    News flash
    Liverpool has scored after three minutes, interesting, has the whole balance of the PL now changed, strange season, with sides like Spurs, who spent a lot o’dosh
    Just not clicking, I suppose they will take until the summer to decide, good idea, get the best available.

    However I had decided following our early season defeat, they were the side who should win the league race.

    A side just packed with talent and a manager who plays attacking and entertaining football and continue to believe it’s theirs to lose.

  380. 380
    avatar chuck says:

    Tied game, with Hazard just tying the score.

  381. 381
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Chuck, Hopefully these Corporate A**eholes who are ruining our game, Maybe slowly phased out.
    I think more people are starting to realise that you do not have to spend vast fortunes on players, To build a side.
    If we can get Association Football back to what it once was, Before the Millionaire players came along, These bloody vampires might f**k off elsewhere, And take their psychopathic tendencies with them!

    We might get youngsters coming through who want to play for the glory, And not the paycheck.
    I think it is scandalous that dimbo’s like David Beckham and Wayne Rooney earn vast sums of money.
    Surgeons who save peoples lives, And scientists who are striving for discovery, If there is money to throw around like that, Then why not give it to them ffs?

  382. 382
    avatar chuck says:


    Yes I mentioned the sub situation, being kind by calling it bizarre.
    Though in the case if young Haidarra, I see another decent wingback in the mould of Debuchy and Santon.
    As for Santon on the right wing,i have always thought he should play on the right, gives him an added advantage of not having to, but being able to, cut to-wards the middle.
    We have that advantage if Debuchy cant play, to bring on Hiadarra on the left and switch Santon to the right.

    By taking off both Gouffran who imo should play behind Remy plus plus Anita and Sissoko, while a goal down, is to say the least strange.
    Then to replace HBA on the right wing with Santon, what’s that about?
    Hey I could go on, but…….

  383. 383
    avatar chuck says:

    Two one to Chewsea @ half time, second half should be exciting, as Rodgers cant afford two losses in a row.
    The bookies must be going crazy, setting odds.

  384. 384
    avatar AndyMac says:

    We’re currently eighth (with Spuds 1-0 up) and that’s about the height of our expectations with the Fatman’s Frugal Finance Policy or FFFP :) Looking on the bright side at least he wont have to go out and spend in the January window :(

    Tell me Chelski, Citeh or RBD’S fans – whats it like to have AMBITIOUS OWNERS ?

  385. 385
    avatar Tripp says:

    Rodgers oot!

  386. 386
    avatar chuck says:

    That’s it, Chewsea third behind Arsenal and Citeh !
    We are now in eighth, so much for a possible top four.

    Like I mentioned previously, possibly the closest completion for the top spot since the PL was formed.
    And it ain’t over by a long way.

    I believe it could boil down to quality in depth, which played a part in the Chelsea/Liverpool game to-day.

    Which by the way leaves us out, having all our young backups out on loan and sitting the rest.
    Why are we using Haidarra, with Yanga-M’Biwa on the bench, or for that matter what’s up with both Yanga M’Biwa and Taylor, not to mention Marveaux.
    I’m afraid I see no method in Pardews madness !

  387. 387
    avatar Tripp says:

    Well, top four was always complete fantasy anyways. No one seems to be able to suss out Pardew’s plan, if in fact there is one.

    The next 6 matches are a portrait of extremes, but mainly against sides below us. If we can simply be consistent against those sides, we’ll be in pretty good shape. If we can manage a draw against either Chelski or Citeh, that’s just gravy.

  388. 388
    avatar chuck says:

    With the recent Liverpool side punching above their weight, through the goal-scoring abilities of both Suarez and Sturridge.
    Not many have noted the steady season Everton have had
    (now in fourth) under the guidance of Martinez, with young Coleman’s two recent screamer goals being described as, one of the best attacking players in the league.
    And at a cost of around sixty thousand quid.
    Plus the other youngster making waves young Barkley and another youngster who many think of as older, he having been playing in a professional since he was sixteen, McCarthy, who plays a major role in Martinez scheme of things, spending over twelve million to take him and others from Wigan.
    In which case, my managerial picks from over a season ago
    have proven to be more successful than Worky’s guys The Prince of Denmark and Potchetinno at S’Hampton, not living up to expectations.

  389. 389
    avatar AndyMac says:

    “In the pre-match warm up, the Arsenal team practised short, sharp passing whilst the Newcastle players floated 40 and 50 yard passes to each other”

    If we had a manager we could trust to get the best out of the players, that’s all we could ask for ?

  390. 390
    avatar AndyMac says:

    Just read this on Ed’s blog

    “Credit to Pardew he got it spot on today, we didn’t create a lot”

    Gotta larf otherwise you’d find it depressing :lol:

  391. 391
    avatar chuck says:


    Well it’s not as if we couldn’t have won to-day, in spite of Pardeux, though perhaps we were just edged by Arsenal.
    And it’s all due to the fabulous five Ashley signed this time last year, plus one or two already here.
    I’m just curious as to what he (Pardeux) may tell the side, probably some “how to make friends and influence people” nonsense.
    My fear is they will all be off elsewhere, when they realize there is no ambition, that it’s all about Ashley and profit.
    He’s probably directed Pardeux to avoid the secondary European tournament, too much traveling for two little return and he may have to bring back, our youngsters as back-up and pay their wages.
    Yes sir Ashley will be looking at the bottom line before anything.
    One think you can bank on (no pun intended)

  392. 392
    avatar GS says:

    I am not criticizing Pardew, but I didn’t understand his tactics in the last 20 minutes. He was gesticulating and putting up 3 fingers. And why was he loading up the right side? If someone could explain I would be grateful.
    Maybe one of the local journalists could ask him about it, oh…

    Even more strange was Wenger going against his every instinct and going 5 at the back. If we had scored there would have been a lot of questions.

    The top 8 is looking like everyone expected. There may be a few positional changes depending mainly on the form of the Mancs. Top 3 will probably be there at the end, it is just a matter of positions.

  393. 393
    avatar AndyMac says:

    “He was gesticulating and putting up 3 fingers. If someone could explain I would be grateful”

    GS it’s a little known fact that Pardwho suffers from Prosopagnosia where the ability to recognize faces is impaired. Once on the pitch all he can do is put up fingers equivalent to the position of the player on the pitch that he wants to attract. Unfortunately he’s only got eight fingers and his thumbs are used for……..well we wont go there now !!!

  394. 394
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    It just goes to show you how negative he is, That was a good time to play Arsenal.
    That was an opportunity lost today, And if everyone is honest with themselves, He played for a draw.
    He set his side up with no other ambition than stopping Arsenal from playing.
    All he wanted to do was make sure his side were still in the game for the final 20 minutes.
    That is fair enough, B

  395. 395
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    I hit the wrong button there, But what i meant to type was, That is fair enough, But there should have been enough evidence for him to suggest the team had license to push on.
    Arsenal were nowhere near their best, But he still bottled it.
    Remy was isolated for the whole game, And no one supported the lone striker, So what was the point of playing with one up front?

    I still maintain my stance that Pardew is as much use as a chocolate fire guard!
    He is supposed to be the manager, But he is the first one i have seen, That actually works against his own players.
    He does his level best to make sure they lose the game, He’s like the “Hooded Claw” and the Squad are “The Anthill Mob”, F**king up his plans of sabotage!

  396. 396
    avatar tunyc says:

    GS @ 373: I don’t hate on wor Mike a la chuck but excuse-making like that invites it. Williamson was clearly the defender assigned to mark Giroux. He never got between the attacker and the ball so we might as well have had Anita on him, or nobody. A straight free kick, not from a dangerous area and a free header from the most obvious target. Disappointing.

    The result disappoints me more as I think about it. The players did fine, not faulting them and the match was entertaining. But to lose on such a weak FK and against 2/3 of their B-team midfield while managing only 3 shots after scoring five in the last match-feels like an opportunity lost. I guess that’s a positive in itself.

  397. 397
    avatar tunyc says:

    chuck @ 374: well, which is it? Should refs influence matches or not? Just shows that any complaints of “it became unbalanced” or “it ruined the game” when it comes to the ref are bunk. All that matters is if he applied the law correctly. And I agree with you that he missed a couple of big ones yesterday. But hey, that’s football-just like getting a couple of opponents sent off.

    and @ 382: did you miss Santon’s complete inability to penetrate the box (heh) with either a dribble or a final ball?

  398. 398
    avatar tunyc says:

    joe @ 378: you hit the nail on the head. Playing for a draw, at home, after winning 5-1. This is who AP is.

    Unkind analysis of AshleyCo aside, this is where big Mike needs to make the ruthlessly effective move that Cortese did when he fired Atkins and brought in Pochetino. It’s obvious that AP holds back this squad. So when it comes to evaluating Ashley on this, it’s either cronyism or lack of vision. Or both. Probably both.

  399. 399
    avatar workyticket says:

    Well I had a good weekend in Newcastle, except for the football of course.

  400. 400
    avatar chuck says:


    Firsly I don’t hate Williamson and resent that insinuation.
    I’m just the messenger who claims he is a below PL standard player and making his flaws apparent for those who don’t have the footballing nous to recognize that.
    Simply by having Pardew play him, does not make him a good player anymore than playing Jonas on the left wing
    other than for his defensive coverage was a good idea.
    As a matter of fact there are any number of decisions
    made by Pardeux I disagree with, though I will admit to
    disliking most of what I know about the man, having listened to his nonsense for the last few years.

    In regard to referees

  401. 401
    avatar chuck says:

    … I stated above, common sense is more important than obeying the letter of the law, keeping the flow of the game and not loosing the numerical balance, to where the game becomes farcical.
    These are but a few of the necessities.
    Fact is to-days diving plus the constant shirt pulling and wrestling that takes place in the box whenever a set piece takes place, has been ignored, out of necessity.
    I realize it’s a heavy burden to make instantaneous decisions, but that’s not my point, which is the game has been changed forever, with the importing of players with different cultural approaches, in turn making it more difficult to referee.
    The result being, once you lose control of certain
    part’s of the game, (in the box above) you have re-set certain standards, in which the use of fairness and common sense are the standards.
    Just take into consideration, the fact the shoulder charge is seldom allowed though still on the books, whereas obstruction is allowed, by re-naming it as
    shielding the ball.

  402. 402
    avatar chuck says:


    As for Santon, it’s my opinion, which was what I stated above, whether you got it or not, was that he has the ability to either cut in or continue outside, while on the right.
    Whereas I know, you know, and every defender in the PL knows where he is going, when he brings the ball forward
    while playing the left side, gedit !

  403. 403
    avatar chuck says:

    Well to days media has Wenger and PSG’s Blanc, take a step back, in regard to Cabaye.
    Wenger stating he was not needed, Blanc stating, there
    could be more sales than buys.
    In which case perhaps we should check out, who’s available, we lost out on Sakho decent CD, to Liverpool recently…..

  404. 404
    avatar chuck says:

    Then the latest from Pardeux, he’s a lovely boy and i hope 50,000 cheering Geordies will influence him to stay.

    Maybe an additional 50’000 quid may focus his attention, but face it where would you priorities lie, bright lights, big city, right ?

    You are after all still in the prime of life, would you really prefer Newcastle, to London.

  405. 405
    avatar chuck says:

    On the slippery slope side, it appears Obertan has not endeared himself, by splitting from St. James’ prior to the Arsenal game, on not finding his name on any list.

    I think it has been obvious for some time now, following any number of opportunities, that like a couple of other present team-mates, his time is limited here.

    One of which, Jonas is also perhaps unwanted, along with a recently non playing pair, Marveaux and Taylor, why the latter two, I have no idea, ask Mr football the great Alain Pardeux.

  406. 406
    avatar chuck says:


    Good to hear you are enjoying your new found liberty,
    as dedication to anything for prolonged periods of time can result in burnout.
    Though we lost, it was a close game in regard to opportunities and could with a bit of luck, like many of our recent games, have resulted in our winning all three points.
    I suppose at the seasons end, the fans would be happy enough with a top eight finish, as log as they got to watch an entertaining style of football, unlikely with Pardeux at the helm, but improving.

  407. 407
    avatar chuck says:

    Amstel time !

  408. 408
    avatar tunyc says:

    Points taken, chuck but…

    1. I said you “hate on” Willo. That’s idiom among the kids meaning to overly criticize. Never meant to suggest you actually hate him. I hope nobody wastes such emotion on folks they’ll never meet.

    2. Whether Santon can cut in or go out makes no difference if he has no final ball. Just show him outside. Unless defenders are so out of position that Santon can just carry it by them, he’s going nowhere as a winger without improving his final all. Or he could just remain a defender (where I’m not completely convinced about his marking or ability to tackle). Have I mentioned I’m not entirely convinced about Santon?

    As for “common sense” being more important for refs than applying the law-we’ll have to agree to disagree. I can’t sign off on the idea that what’s really important for refs is to follow some totally subjective, unstated principle…rather than applying the rules of the game. Refs’ use of discretion is at their own discretion, necessarily.

  409. 409
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Pardew has again come out today to defend his tactics!
    This is not the first time he has done this, So it’s obvious to me that he is insecure about what he is trying to do.
    How can he say he was making the team more attacking by taking of Gouffran, Swapping a central midfielder onto the left wing, In Sissoko, And then bringing on Ben Arfa to get marked out of the game?
    To cap it off he brings on Haidara, Who he has pirmarily used as a fullback, To play as a makeshift winger, When he already had one in Gouffran?

    He’s a total tit when all said and done, Sorry Alan but your bull doesn’t hold any water!

  410. 410
    avatar chuck says:

    Doubling Santon’s options are not inconsiderable and as we have seldom seen him play winger (something I don’t advocate) perhaps he can play in place of Debuchy, if necessary.
    I understand Worky has some belief that it doesn’t matter
    whether you are right or left footed on either side, whereas I disagree.
    Every RB in the country understand that both Jonas and Santon, will not go to the line, subsequently herding them into a crowded midfield.

    As for refs, I suppose the reason for refs was to try and ensure the game was entertaining, with all the small things it takes, fair, and played within the rules.
    I believe I mentioned above, it’s a simple game but requires common sense and a sense of fairness to run a game, as many have seen, bad refereeing can ruin a game.

    Plus it’s obvious already agreed upon by most refs to allow the mayhem that goes on inside the box, during corner kicks, from both sides, so don’t tell me refs themselves don’t bend the rules, ignoring calls, makes their lives easier
    And no one has mentioned, refs have to try and make the brave calls, penalty against MU at home, etc.

  411. 411
    avatar chuck says:


    Obertan’s name wasn’t written down, so he left
    St.James’ Park , what, I would like to know is what did Marveaux do, he plays on the wing.
    And erm, is everybody gonna have to wait for someone to get injured before they can break into the side, I mean is this the only fkugin side we can put out.
    What is this man doing or trying to prove ?

  412. 412
    avatar workyticket says:

    joe hawkins says:
    December 30, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    “He’s a total tit when all said and done, Sorry Alan but your bull doesn’t hold any water!”

    Alan’s a total tit whose bull doesn’t hold any water? That’s a car crash of mixed metaphors, Joe.

  413. 413
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, Bad choice of words, But you know what i mean.

    How much water does a bull contain? lol

  414. 414
    avatar tunyc says:

    chuck-I know what you mean about Santon and it does make a difference in theory. But in actual practice, what I saw Sunday with Santon on the wing will worry no opponents at all. Let him come up the right, all the way to the end line if he wants. What then?

    And you’re right-refs bend the law when they ignore shit. That’s why players dive, fondle each other in the box and such. I find most football fans don’t like those elements of the game. They could be lessened by vigilant application of the law, as is insisted on in youth and rec leagues, for example. But I guess it’s a sign of the times-millionaires are hardly expected to follow rules or be civil…

  415. 415
    avatar chuck says:

    On Pardeux defending his tactics, how can one defend inserting a FB Haidara as a winger, when players such as Marveaux and Sammy Amiobi are available.

  416. 416
    avatar chuck says:


    A day late and a dollar short for the refs now.
    As certain elements of the game have already changed.
    Especially the English game, which has become less physical, but in turn, a dirtier game and one full of acting and challenging the ref’s decisions.
    Of course we haven’t talked about what kind of instructions, ref’s are given.
    Whether to ignore certain situations and possibly clamp down on others, as I’m sure it happens continually, in which case they may be wrongfully blamed, through being pressured to either ease up or call more in certain situations.

    I think you are a bit harsh concerning Santon, it may be true of his play as a left winger having the ball on his wrong foot, but that not being the case on the right
    we haven’t seen enough of what he’s capable of to make a judgement.

  417. 417
    avatar chuck says:

    I’m wondering whether Pardeux believes in playing a same set lineup for every game (as long as we are winning)or would he consider a lineup that best suit’s playing against our next opponents.
    Cause face it, there are horses for courses and to apply a one same team lineup game after game, is not really utilizing the squad to it’s potential.
    But I guess I shouldn’t be putting the guy on the spot, being he really hasn’t shown much in the way of tactical nous, perhaps what you see is all you get, or gonna get!

  418. 418
    avatar tunyc says:

    “As certain elements of the game have already changed.”

    Ah, the passive voice. Very good for absolving responsibility. I’d say the refs have done some of this changing you mention.

    As for Santon on the wing, I admit that all of my commentary is based on the only time I can recall seeing him play the position, about 48 hours ago. I do admit I can be harsh-to temper that, Santon’s very young yet and has all the physical tools to succeed. But I’d have to point out that buying Haidara feels like an insurance policy (though that could just be another “investment”) Let’s see how it goes…

  419. 419
    avatar chuck says:


    Think we beat this one to death! refs n’ Santon.

    Reading where there are calls by various people including some big name managers, in regard to certain changes that may or may not improve the game.

    One is a winter break, which could follow the increased number of games played around the holiday period.
    Giving a rest and time to recover for those with minor injuries.
    A week to get away from the cold, grey, wet English winter.
    Whats to lose ?

    A time clock was mentioned, which could eliminate those
    “kill the clock” tactics used by teams who are ahead.
    Perhaps two periods of 30 mins each, which would incorporate more playing time than what’s presently played.
    Where the clock stops and starts each time the ball goes in and out of play.
    Problem is advertisers would probably attempt to take advantage of the stopped clock.

    Two minute time outs, per-half, to hydrate and readjust tactics, (something Pardeux could use)
    Same as above, with advertising.

    Sin bin ?
    It works well in both rugby and hockey, plus anything is better than the present card system.
    Keeps the game from becoming a farce, with nine playing against eleven.
    Hmm that sounds familiar.

    Unlimited or an increase in the number of subs allowed on the bench, there was a time when they were not allowed.
    Now they are an essential part of the game, which was IMO never intended, I think the present system is liberal enough.

  420. 420
    avatar workyticket says:

    I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year while it’s still 2013 over here.

    Chuck, I’ll deal with your drivel later.

  421. 421
    avatar tunyc says:

    chuck-we’ve indeed beaten it to death…but I will say I don’t care for the penalty box idea as it’s too fundamental a change to the game. Also, and I know this from watching ice hockey all my life-it encourages and increases the number of cynical fouls. Besides, how many times have you seen a team be a man up for 20 or 30 minutes and never make anything of the advantage?

    Happy New Year worky, chuck and whoever else is checking in…here’s to all the best (yeah right) in ’14!

  422. 422
    avatar chcuk says:


    Welcome back, hope you had both an entertaining and interesting time on Tyneside, to bad it diden’t provide you with bragging rights.

  423. 423
    avatar chcuk says:

    Felice ano Nuevo, y happy new year to all suscribers.

  424. 424
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Happy NY All :)

  425. 425
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Happy New Year, One And All.
    Right i’m off to sit in a darkened room with some shades on!
    This is a good day to give up drinking, I just hope i can stay the course!

  426. 426
    avatar Nutmag says:

    Happy New Year to all.
    The window is open let the Fun/Crap begin.
    In Zaha (loan) 7/4
    Out Cabaye to PSG 2/1

  427. 427
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Not keen on Zaha – headless chicken.
    Fancy 3 points today.

  428. 428
    avatar Nutmag says:

    Agree about Zaha should give or own kids a go first.
    Three points only if the lads feel better than me this morning!

  429. 429
    avatar Nutmag says:


  430. 430
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Think we will win today…going 2-3 Toon :)

  431. 431
    avatar sirjasontoon says:


  432. 432
  433. 433
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Happy NY Worky

  434. 434
    avatar workyticket says:

    Cheers SJT, happy new year to you, too. I’m just off to get my first shopping of the year done, then I’ll be back for the game. It’s West Brom so the excitement is almost killing me.

  435. 435
    avatar GS says:

    Do we really want to Americanize football? That is what the sin bin, time clock and timeouts would do. As Chuck rightly said it would be taken advantage of by advertisers. He didn’t say that it would completely interrupt the flow of the game. These are really bad ideas – an NFL game that has 60 minutes on the clock actually lasts more than 3 hours.

    Happy New Year.

  436. 436
    avatar GS says:

    It should be interesting to see if there is any squad rotation. I doubt there will be much, maybe Ben Arfa, maybe not. My guess is he will wait for Cardiff.

  437. 437
    avatar GS says:

    One change that may be feasible with the advancements in technology is an offside review when a goal is scored – similar to the no-ball review in cricket.

    This would only be for goals and wouldn’t interrupt the flow because the game is stopped anyway. Wrong calls for offsides like Cisse suffers from would have to stand and the Refs whistle would have to negate a review to stop everybody finishing every chance when the flag goes up.

    That’s about the only change I would consider. I think Tripp had said on another thread that because of the way the human brain is wired only about 70% of offsides are correct. At least this idea would correct some of this.

  438. 438
    avatar GS says:

    And a winter break would force teams to cram in more midweek games. This is a happening already with Champions league and international breaks. For teams like Newcastle this would force fans into travelling to places like Cardiff, Swansea and Southampton midweek.

    From a distance the winter break may seem a good idea but for a fan who goes to games it is less practical. The weather is not that bad in the winter and just because Germany and Italy do it doesn’t mean it is a good idea. Wasn’t it set up before the Champions League group stage and international breaks came into effect?

  439. 439
    avatar GS says:

    During the winter “break” haven’t PSG and Real Madrid set up a friendly?

  440. 440
    avatar GS says:

    Shola in, Anita out. Pardew is very predictable. I had hoped for Ben Arfa but it was really more hope than expectation.

  441. 441
    avatar tunyc says:

    Pardew is useless. Shola in over Ben Arfa. Remind me again when Shola last scored in the league…

  442. 442
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Decent Start…Ben Afrie on 89 mins.

  443. 443
    avatar GS says:

    What’s he doing with the formation?

  444. 444
    avatar workyticket says:

    Completely missed the start there due to the seductive charms of the Haringey Arena Retail Park. How have we done?

  445. 445
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    huffing and puffing Worky.

  446. 446
    avatar workyticket says:

    sirjasontoon says:
    January 1, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    “huffing and puffing Worky.”

    A bit like me then.

  447. 447
    avatar sirjasontoon says:


  448. 448
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Need to Bury this freekick then close shop.

  449. 449
    avatar sirjasontoon says:


  450. 450
    avatar GS says:

    Gouffran was looking a bit tired, still better than Shola though.

  451. 451
    avatar workyticket says:

    This isn’t a great watch.

  452. 452
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Kung Fu…Very Stupid.

  453. 453
    avatar GS says:

    It was dangerous play, but he didn’t actually hit the player. Do you have to hit the player to be a foul?

    I have seen Stevie G. make that lunge many times and stay on.

  454. 454
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Shola is fookin TURD

  455. 455
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Straight Red…Intent I thought 2 feet launched Fu Style

  456. 456
    avatar GS says:

    Well, we’ll get the squad rotation now between the Debuchy suspension and Coloccini injury.

  457. 457
    avatar sirjasontoon says:


  458. 458
    avatar workyticket says:

    sirjasontoon says:
    January 1, 2014 at 4:44 pm


    SJT, I’ve been reading the instructions on my new tube of kitchen and bathroom sealer to spice things up a bit.

  459. 459
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    I’ve been bashing chilli’s garlic and olive oil in a pestle and mortar :)

  460. 460
    avatar workyticket says:

    So Pardiola’s gone back to being ‘Pardwho’ again.

  461. 461
    avatar GS says:

    We knew this would happen. I am not sure if we can wholly blame Pardew as the players seemed a bit flat and Debuchy f@cked up.

    I still don’t see how that is a sending off when he didn’t even connect. Can you get sent off for “intent”? Where is that rule book?

    And I can think of two fouls on Haidara in other matches where they tried to cripple him and stayed on the pitch. There is no consistencty.

  462. 462
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Well it’s nice to see normal service is resumed lol.
    Anyone blowing smoke up that knackers jacksy, Is completely insane.
    There will be the usual turn coats who will round on tyneside’s answer to Fergie, But i’m sticking to my guns!
    The geezer is a load of claggy s***e, And a couple of results here and there, Isn’t going to sway me!

    You couldn’t make a case for them today, Even with 11 v 11, West Brom were fully in charge.
    You could argue with the award of the penalty, But we got what we deserved today.

  463. 463
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    SJT, “TOSS MATCH”?, That isn’t some dodgy Gay Porn video, That sees who arrives first, So to speak?

  464. 464
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Unless Pardi-hole is deliberately losing a few games to make sure he can wrap upon Ashley’s with an old pound note, To ensure the funds are available!

  465. 465
    avatar chuck says:

    Watched most of the second half and glad I missed the first.
    Awful game, no sense of urgency.
    Are they, like Pardeux, beginning to believe their press reports, because they appeared to be strolling through the game and from what I saw without any real sense of urgency.
    You can bet your ass, Pardeux will tell us the boys were tired, in which case were WBA not, as they certainly put a lot more into the game than we did.
    Clearly a case of giving the three points away.
    We are a better side but took the day off and were obviously playing for the draw.
    You cant do that in this league, everyone has to play hard, that’s how games are won and lost in this league.
    Time to kick ass and take names, which will probably be some psycho-babble nonsense from “Mr. make friends and
    influence people”.
    Situation normal.

  466. 466
    avatar chuck says:


    I wouldn’t bet on much action in this window, unless it’s outgoing.

  467. 467
    avatar workyticket says:

    To be fair to Pardew, Newcastle are usually fairly shite at Christmas. It’s traditional.

  468. 468
    avatar chuck says:


    Is that a serious statement?

  469. 469
    avatar chuck says:

    Looks like anyone can go to Old Trafford these days and pick up three points, Spurs just did.

  470. 470
    avatar Dokky says:

    i actually thought we played well until debuchy messed up, much better footie anyway. We safe already what most of us was worried bout at start. also you all good worky? why no match banters? hope everthing all good your end bud.

  471. 471
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Chuck, It does make the “Silver Surfers” endeavours look less impressive.
    It’s a shame Derek Llambias isn’t still there, You could have done a film about them;
    “The Un-fantastic Four, And The Lies Of The Silver Surfer”, I’ll get me coat!

  472. 472
    avatar workyticket says:

    chuck says:
    January 1, 2014 at 7:01 pm


    “Is that a serious statement?”

    It isn’t unserious, Chuck. Newcastle United’s form tends to dip a bit at Christmas, whereas at a few other clubs such as Tottenham have better form than usual over the same period. This goes back to before Pardew.

  473. 473
    avatar workyticket says:

    Chuck, I’m also serious when I say that yet again, Mike Williamson was our best player.

  474. 474
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    According to our fearless leader, Yesterday’s defeat will not change their thinking in regards to the transfer window.
    So i take it that means stick to the plan of bringing in no one, Unless we can finally get Gomis for 1.5 to 2 million!

    He’s also talking about the Festive Season taking it’s toll on his players, And how he has to keep shuffling his squad.
    Therein lies his problem for me, He doesn’t rotate the full squad.
    He only ever seems to rotate his strike force, And most of the time it is not required.
    Why rotate your strikers when your problems are coming from midfield?

    He has four first team midfielders he can create competition for in Cabaye, Sissoko, Tiote, And Anita.
    Anita seems to be his scapegoat when anything goes wrong, And he gets dropped.
    Why isn’t he keeping Sissoko on the bench?, Surely he would be someone you could change things around with, If say the combination of Cabaye and Tiote does not work on a particular day.
    Why is he not trying different combinations of centre mid parings?
    Sissoko had his best game in black ‘n’ White, When he played in the holding role against Chelsea, Why is that numpty Pardew trying to shoehorn everyone into his first team, When it clearly does not work?
    Sissoko is a big strong powerhouse who is being under used imo.

    Why does he continually drag Gouffran or Remy off, When they are living off scraps?
    All it takes is a rejig further back to have the desired effect.
    All he does is throw Shola on, Who basically is going to suffer from the same lack of service!

    Why are players like Marveaux not being used, Because what i have seen of him, He has no problem ghosting past defenders, And providing chances in the box.
    The lad is getting paid, So why not use him?

    I’m sick of Hatem Ben Arfa getting the blame for a lot of the failings also, Alright he can be greedy at times, But he is the only one who looks like trying to make things happen.
    Just give the lad a roaming role upfront, Where he doesn’t have to track back ffs

    Pardew has no idea how to maximize the use of his squad!

  475. 475
    avatar GS says:

    Tunyc: I watched Spurs – Man U and was glad Spurs won. I see what you say about their bad form and there is nothing I would like more than to see them knocked off their pedestal. What I have said earlier in this blog is that they are still up there with the elite until they are not. I think this will encourage Moyes to spend even more. It is also to combat Chuck’s Ridgers love because he has anointed him king before he has done anything.

  476. 476
    avatar GS says:

    Joe Hawkins: I agree with you. I don’t see how Pardew cannot see that Shola is a bit part player even though his form has been better than usual this year. He is still to score and often plays as our main striker. That says it all.

  477. 477
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    GS, Why hasn’t he got his four midfielders fighting it out for a starting berth.
    They are not being kept on their toes, And he is shoehorning everyone into the side, To keep them happy.
    That’s why we never create anything, Because the way he sets us up, Leaves little room for change from the bench.
    We have no capacity for changing things around, Because of his lack of foresight, Especially in midfield, Which is the engine room, And creative centre!

    Collicini was in the press the other day, Giving it large about the team being better than the one of two seasons back.
    It’s a load of rubbish if you ask me, And this club hasn’t moved on from that time.
    The only reason we are faring better is because of no European commitments, And there being three or four teams in transition.

    Pardew reckons it’s a year of progress, He’s full of the brown stuff!
    It’s the same old, Same old with Pardew involved, And it will continue to go the same way, Until his luck runs out.

  478. 478
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    463 Ewwww Joe :lol:

  479. 479
    avatar tunyc says:

    GS @ 461: the consistency. That’s what’s missing, and infuriating. I can see penalizing guys for obvious reckless diregard for the health of their fellow players BUT-what about when guys actually do make contact? Like not only when Haidara’s been repeatedly assaulted but also, for example Rosicky’s studs-up, over-the-ball challenge on Cabaye with whom he’d had several exchanges earlier in the last match. Let me see if I get this: crazy challenge, obviously aggressive, actually makes contact BUT just one foot so yellow…HOWEVER-crazy challenge, not clearly a matter of aggression, makes no contact BUT two feet off ground so red. It makes no sense.

    This lack of consistency is why refs don’t get respect. You can’t see someone as a legitimate authority who applies the rules completely differently in every match and often at different points in the same match AND does not have to explain himself.

  480. 480
    avatar tunyc says:

    @ 462: absolutely right. This is AP’s result. He continued with his negativity-arguably justified v league-leading Arsenal-against WBA. With that selection, he CHOSE to throw away last month’s form. As I’ve said before-the wild variance in results shows AP doesn’t know how to get the best from this squad. Occasionally he gets lucky. Regarding cold hard numbers, picking up points against Spurs, Chelsea & Man U won’t propel us into any particularly good position if we drop points against WBA, Hull & Sun’lun.

    And for all the talk of bad boy Ben Arfa he seems to be taking his serial snubbings gracefully unlike the totally useless Obertan. I feel like HBA really f’ed up his career coming here.

  481. 481
    avatar tunyc says:

    worky @ 473: he’s on good form, but it would have been nice to see HBA given a shot. I can’t think of another manager who would sit him on the bench for DM and then Shola in two matches after his display at Stoke. Despicable.

  482. 482
    avatar workyticket says:

    Refereeing is like being a police officer though, they’re the kind of jobs which tend to attract the worst kinds of people.

  483. 483
    avatar tunyc says:

    GS @ 475: I think Moyes’ arc at Man U may end up like Dalglish last time at LFC. Even if given money in January, I have no confidence he’ll buy the right player or if he does, that they’ll settle. If they buy too much they’ll unsettle the squad further.

    @ 476: I can’t see how AP doesn’t see that Shola is off form. I appreciate he does other things but he is a forward and he hasn’t scored in the league since 2012; he scored 1 goal in all competitions in 2013. It would be one thing if we had no other option but…Remy through the middle & HBA or Marveaux is a worse option how?

  484. 484
    avatar workyticket says:

    David Moyes’s win percentage in his first 30 competitive games at Manchester United (60.00%) is just higher than Alex Ferguson’s in his 20 odd years (59.67%).

  485. 485
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Lets not blame Shola, A striker is only as good as the service they receive.
    Our strikers live on scraps, And have done for all of Pardew’s tenure!

  486. 486
    avatar GS says:

    Joe: that’s not true. Shola doesn’t score. Remy, Gouffran score from similar service.

  487. 487
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    GS, We know Shola has never been the most prolific, Although his career has been blighted by constant injuries, So he has never been able to have long runs in the side.
    He has also been behind people like Craig Bellamy and Shearer, Over the years, To name but a few.

    Since Pardew has been in charge though, A lot of our goals have come from our strikers making their own chances.
    Demba Ba had the first half of a season carving most of his chances out himself, Apart from getting on the end of the odd big boot from Krul.
    Cisse spent the second half of a season, Hitting the ball on sheer instinct, And they were going in for him.

    You only have to look at Loic Remy, Although a few of his goals have come from crosses, Which in itself is rare in a Pardew side, He has scored some of his goals off his own graft.
    If we didn’t have him, I don’t know where we would be, Because for the most part, A Pardew team for long periods of his tenure, Look like they could play all night and not score.

    We just do not create a great deal, And we have been lucky with messrs Remy, Ba and Cisse scoring goals at important times to keep us afloat.

    Gouffran has done well so far also, And he tends to score important goals.
    Hopefully that will continue, Because we are going to need it.

    Cabaye and Ben Arfa have come up with the odd wonder strikes, But they are not consistent scorers.
    The rest of the squad haven’t chipped in with too many over the last couple of seasons.

  488. 488
    avatar tunyc says:

    The thing here is, EVERYONE seems to agree about Cisse being on bad form. In the same team, he scored 6 league goals in 2013 and had several wrongly disallowed for being offside. Again, over that same time Shola has scored not once in the league.

    Seems to me AP has a problem with picking players he likes and omitting those he does not like. I’m not claiming to know what goes on in his head but it’s the only way I can explain things like: Williamson gets on a good run of form and is (reasonably) immovable from the starting XI; HBA plays out of his skin at Stoke and is immediately put to the bench for less effective players. Also telling: HBA having his attitude repeatedly brought into question by his very own manager whose pet, Obertan, leaves the ground early in a huff when he doesn’t see his name on the team sheet. So who has the bad attitude?

  489. 489
    avatar tunyc says:

    Ben Arfa does things to create chances that don’t show up in any stats. For example, he’s the only player in our squad who regularly draws multiple defenders. That said, he needs to make more use of those opportunities to find the inevitably open man.

  490. 490
    avatar chuck says:

    I hear the first phone call has gone out to Montpellier
    in regard to twenty three year old Remy Cabella, a goal scoring winger.
    Apparently the asking price is an optimistic 14m. quid, which ain’t gonna happen, in which case an early start
    is needed for all the chiseling and lowball bids.
    Think Debuchy and Gomis sagas.

    On the other hand, appears there’s little chance of our youngsters, presently on loan being offered contracts.

    Apart from Ferguson and Dummett, I doubt if anyone else can expect any long term offer.

    Not to mention the man who whined about not having any quality in depth, now that he has a bench full, but never uses them.
    It’s so long since I have seen Marveaux and Taylor in the side, never mind Sammy and Bigirimana, that I probably wouldn’t recognize them.

    One wonders what goes on in the mans head, when he pencils in the lineup, because few if any games have seen us follow any kind of recognizable tactical plan.

    So when in doubt revert to 4-4-2 and hoofball.
    Though just don’t seem to be working for BSA right now, but Pulis is using it well at Palace, with Pardeux it’s an automatic default policy, when he doesn’t know what else to do.

  491. 491
    avatar workyticket says:

    chuck says:
    January 2, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    “So when in doubt revert to 4-4-2 and hoofball.”

    Chuck, I’ve said this before but ‘hoofball’ as you put and 4-4-2 are not synonymous at all. Man City and Atletico Madrid play alot of 4-4-2 and yet the managers you cite, Fat Sam and Pulis play in a 4-2-3-1 formation most of the time, so who are the hoofballers there?

    We shouldn’t confuse the two and 4-4-2 (along with 3-5-2) is back.

  492. 492
    avatar workyticket says:

    Harassed boyfriend jumped to his death after his girlfriend insisted on going into another clothes shop:

  493. 493
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, Seen that the other day, The poor f**ker jumped about seven floors down.
    I know blokes divvent like shopping, But fookin hell, That is extreme.
    I looked at the photos the other day as well, Looks like he mowed the Xmas decorations and the perfume counter down, After his “Flight Of The Icarus”!

    The was also another lad in Kenya who jumped seven floors to his death, After he found out Newcastle had beaten Man Utd.
    Apparently he said to friends, “We cannot be getting beat by Newcastle”, And the jumping over the balcony.

  494. 494
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    typo sorry!

  495. 495
    avatar GS says:

    @492: you reading the Daily Hate Mail Worky? I thought that was my job.

  496. 496
    avatar GS says:

    The funny thing is the links at the Daily Hate Mail:

    It says:


    That’s a hell of a lot of links for a suicide.

  497. 497
    avatar chuck says:

    Just read we have put in a bid for Cabella, with what was described as a 14m. asking price has been followed up, with a 4m. offer.
    Of course these are guesstimates which could be way off base, but sound about right to me, which could result (unless some other club shows interest) in a prolonged negotiation period.

    The interesting deal is for a loan from Citeh, for Lesscott, a decent veteran, who imo could strengthen our back line.
    Though it’s not considered part of the club’s present policy, bringing in players of a certain age, I believe the experience he would bring along with his not inconsiderable quality, would result in getting a good deal.
    I have always favored having one or two veterans in the side, they bring a certain sense of stability and leadership, not found in under twenty fives.

    I suppose by now everyone is aware of why Pardeux’s favorite Jonas, hasn’t got any starts (the clause in his contract that triggers a new deal, following a certain number of appearances)
    I suppose not that many fans are too upset, as he has had a good if unproductive run, his forte being he was willing to fit into Pardeux’s defensive mode.
    But who needs a defensive winger?

    On the other hand, is Marveaux, still a member of the squad, perhaps he will get a cup tie game, as no-body gives a damn about it anymore.

    Have to say I had to shake my head, with Pardeux complaining about the schedule, when the guy has played basically the same side, game after game.

  498. 498
    avatar chuck says:


    yeah! yeah! yeah!, I know, and never said that 4-4-2 was synonymous with hoofball.

    However it is the system used by the BSA’S and Pulis’s.

    And was all Pardeux knew following his arrival at this club, it would be foolish to think he hasn’t learned something in three or four years, both he and our beloved owner have had a long enough, “on the job training period” to know something by now.

    I will give Ashley some credit, he understands what relegation means.

  499. 499
    avatar AndyMac says:

    WT you need to open another thread or just give this shit up.

  500. 500
    avatar chuck says:

    Hate to say this , but Andy is right.
    This is how the world works, nothing no matter how good lasts beyond it’s prescribed time.
    Perhaps time for an overall reflection ?

  501. 501
    avatar GS says:

    Fox are showing Leeds and Rochdale instead of our game. Murdoch…

  502. 502
    avatar GS says:

    Do you know Bolton are 160 million in debt and lost more than 50 million last year. If you think we’re f@cked with the fat man and Pardew, imagine that. And they have to live in Bolton as well.

  503. 503
    avatar AndyMac says:

    AndyMac says:

    “WT you need to open another thread or just give this shit up”

    You try scrolling through 500 comments on mobile just to write something. Just aint worth the effort.

    Good luck !

  504. 504
    avatar sirjasontoon says:


  505. 505
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Here’s a list of live streams below.



  506. 506
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Live radio stream UK only though lads

  507. 507
    avatar Phisix says:

    What a wank Saturday then, but they show streams for Grimsby and Macclesfield. Bleh.

  508. 508
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Maybe Mike was charging too Much haha

  509. 509
    avatar johno says:

    Phisx its a joke a bit like this blog match day and nothing it has gone to the dogs

  510. 510
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    I wonder what the odds will be on another early cup exit, Under the stewardship of that malaca Pardew?

  511. 511
    avatar GS says:

    Cisseeee. Yes. Let’s get one for Hatem as well.

  512. 512
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Maybe not today though lol, He carries more luck than Fergie’s Red Devils, The grey headed f**k!

  513. 513
    avatar GS says:

    What? 1-2.

    And Rochdale are beating Leeds as well.

  514. 514
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    I just got the words out of my mouth about him carrying the luck, But my first statement was correct!
    I am sick and tired of hearing this malaca, And his constant sh**te!

    Only this morning he is banging on about the powers that be, Who he thinks are devaluing the Competition.
    Look no further than our lying b*****d of a manager, Yet another early Cup exit, Under this clown’s tenure!

    I find it amazing that there are still some Newcastle fans who swallow the horse sh*t, That this lard head spouts.
    He is the prick who is running scared, And is frightened to have a right go at it.
    It’s utter cnuts like him who devalue the Competition!

    He is one useless mutha f**ka is Pardew, And i think we are seeing this knobs true worth!

  515. 515
    avatar Phisix says:

    We should not bother turning up to cup games anymore because we never win them. Cue all all the people saying we can focus on the league now…what, to win fack all as per usual.

  516. 516
    avatar workyticket says:

    Shame I missed all that to do a little book shopping and take a beautiful lady to lunch at Fortnums. What kind of fool am I?

  517. 517
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Added to the fact of what came to light last year, From the board, Were we even trying to win the game?
    The Premier League is where the money is, Which came from the Circus upstairs!
    So do we not call into question the integrity of our lying f**k of a manager?

    Have we even got past the 3rd round with Igor in charge?

  518. 518
    avatar Nutmag says:

    This is an Ashley/Pardew team which means it depends entirely on luck and will always do so.I don’t need to say what I think about Pardew as Joe Hawkins has said it.
    Ashley however is equally as useless at his job for allowing this idiot to carry on.
    I tend to pay less and less attention to the insane goings on at Newcastle because of them.

  519. 519
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, Have you been oot on the tap, Gettin’ a bit lash on like?

    I hope you are on a promise after those extravagances!

  520. 520
    avatar workyticket says:

    joe hawkins says:
    January 4, 2014 at 5:31 pm

    “Worky, Have you been oot on the tap, Gettin’ a bit lash on like?

    “I hope you are on a promise after those extravagances!”

    Many years ago, Fortnum and Masons used to be a little secret. It’s the finest food shop in the world so you would have thought that the restaurants would have been incredibly expensive and yet they weren’t at all. I even used to dine in there when I was a humble Art Student!

    I’m off out again now, no rest for the wicked!

  521. 521
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, Enjoy yourself man!

  522. 522
    avatar chuck says:

    Having pissed off the fans, with another home loss, while denying both he and Ashley are happy enough to not have the distraction of the FA Cup to contend with, what next?
    Malakas is right Joe, both of them.
    So this is our future then, survival in the PL, with it’s obscene tv revenues.
    Strange, there was a time when the FA Cup meant something, it was almost as important as the league title and for some even moreso.
    Goes to show how money has poisoned a whole culture.
    Look I got nothing against competing in the EPL, possibly the most entertaining league in the world, (certainly the best paid) but it would be nice to know you support a side that has ambition, by which I don’t mean simply pl survival, resulting in a continuous hefty profit going to our greedy owner, who’s voice-piece at the last fan /club meeting, stated as much.
    Cant m

  523. 523
    avatar chuck says:

    Cant make it any clearer than that.

  524. 524
    avatar chuck says:


    It’s obvious you have not got out much over the last few years.
    Calling Fortnum and Masons The finest food shop in the world, may have been close to the truth 200 years ago, but it has been relegated to an American tourist trap of late.
    Even the continentals avoid it, plus you can find food shops in Paris, New York, almost anywhere in Italy, that far surpas

  525. 525
    avatar chuck says:

    ….surpass it.
    All having fresher and more modern dishes.
    High tea or afternoon tea can be simply prepared in any home, but to have a choice between cucumber or other finger sandwiches (no crust please)or Welsh rarebit, shepherds pie, poached egg with smoked haddock, is not exactly my idea of a great meal.
    It’s an anachronism, much like the Tower of London and other relics of a past time, that exist’s purely on a past reputation.
    Truth is unless you are looking for such things as Game pies, special teas, jams and other rare tidbits, then go to Harrods food halls plus I guarantee you will find a better meal at the restaurant there.

  526. 526
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    Harrods do burgers?

    Who’d have thunk it.

  527. 527
    avatar chuck says:

    Dark broon

    Unfortunately no !
    On the other hand Toad in the hole or Poached egg on smoked haddock and Welsh rarebit are also missing.

  528. 528
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    Well that’s a shame, Major. Much better for you than Hot Dogs, Meatloaf, Sloppy Joes – or one of those fine Soul Food delicacies you’ve gifted to the world (Chitlins anyone?).

    Mind you, Chop Suey is an American dish, apparently, so not a complete failure, then.

  529. 529
    avatar GS says:

    Well, Worky goes on a nice date and suddenly it turns into a lecture about how bad British food is and that the shops are shite as well :)

  530. 530
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    Foghorn Leghorn’s got some nerve as usual.

    There’s a program shown on cable over here called “Man Vs Food”. The star of the program is a big fat seppo who scarfs down all manner of disgusting grease-bombs, generally slathered in some kind of implausibly hot chili sauce. In fairness, he doesn’t seem to be able to find much else that piques his interest.

    Can’t remember which channel (might be The Horror Channel. If it isn’t, it should be).

  531. 531
    avatar workyticket says:

    DarthBroon says:
    January 4, 2014 at 8:46 pm

    “Harrods do burgers?”

    Of course you can get a burger in Harrods, Darth, and all the other stuff Chuck said you can’t get. He doesn’t have a clue really, he’s just a WUM.

  532. 532
    avatar workyticket says:

    To be fair to Yank cuisine, they did give the world Eggs Benedict and that’s my favourite breakfast.

    When I went to Florida many years ago and it was worse than “Man vs Food.” The Floridians were more like Mr, Creosote in Monty Python! The state of some of the bairns was shocking and it shouldn’t have been allowed.

  533. 533
    avatar GS says:

    Darth: ghost chilies or Scotch bonnets. It boggles my mind why anybody would want to eat something that will hurt them or 8 pounds of grease.

    They have a lot of that type of show now – excesses of food, and wonder why they are fat. A famous chef here, Paula Dean, was making a Turkey dinner. She put a pound of butter and 3 boiled eggs in the gravy. I am not kidding, I almost puked just watching it. She has diabetes now, surprise, surprise.

  534. 534
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    I see Pardew’s excuses card is being played as usual!
    They range from the ref should have given a free kick, To even having the temerity to blaming the fans for only 31,000 turning up!
    Was that not due to the fact they have previously had their card marked on the clubs stance on Cup Competitions?
    So why should they spend their hard earned cash on that, When they know there is a good chance the manager doesn’t want to win the game!

    Funny enough, John Gibson had his column in yesterday’s “Chronicle”, More or less highlighting the very subject, Although i have not read it properly yet.

    Worky, Did you enjoy your night out?
    As long as you have a good time, That’s what it’s all about.

  535. 535
    avatar GS says:

    Worky: American cuisine is a lot like London. You can get anything you want. The problem is the portion size.

    The steak houses in Chicago are great but they give you an 18 oz steak and you have to order vegetables as a side and they are enough to feed 3 people. After a drink or two you are lucky to get out of there for about $200 a person and you have to eat f@cking left over food. I don’t get it.

    I ordered a slice of carrot cake as dessert at Gibsons in Chicago and it was the size of a full cake. Four of us could only finish about half of it. That’s their schzick though – you buy it, you stick it in the fridge for 3 days and you throw it away.

  536. 536
    avatar GS says:

    Joe: I didn’t/couldn’t watch the game and Worky is not putting his match videos up anymore, so I cant really say anything. I suppose I could have a look on Ed’s but I am always tempted to look at the comments. After viewing about 5 of them I fear for the future of mankind so I best stay away.

  537. 537
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    GS, I only caught the goals after taping the ITV’S F.A Cup highlights show.
    Cisse’s was pretty much a scramble, And the second one we gave away, Was really poor defending.
    All this happens after Pardew reckons there is no need to sign another defender.

    What yesterday did show is what many of us already knew, Once you get past our first team squad, The fringe isn’t very good.
    Pardew being his typical deluded self, Thinks he is managing Arsenal, And thinks his fringe is good enough against a nigh full strength Cardiff side.
    The man has serious delusions of grandeur, And is kidding himself!
    The man continually believes he is better than he actually is, With his little black book and his bluff and bluster.
    He tries to be too clever for his own good, Without having the talent to execute what he wants, Players wise and his own ability.

  538. 538
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    I’ve just seen a comment from someone calling themselves “Fix Windows Error”.
    The biggest error we’ve made is putting the Window Fixer in the top job lol

  539. 539
    avatar workyticket says:

    chuck says:
    January 4, 2014 at 7:35 pm


    “It’s obvious you have not got out much over the last few years.
    “Calling Fortnum and Masons The finest food shop in the world, may have been close to the truth 200 years ago, but it has been relegated to an American tourist trap of late.
    “Even the continentals avoid it, plus you can find food shops in Paris, New York, almost anywhere in Italy, that far surpass it.
    “All having fresher and more modern dishes.
    “High tea or afternoon tea can be simply prepared in any home, but to have a choice between cucumber or other finger sandwiches (no crust please)or Welsh rarebit, shepherds pie, poached egg with smoked haddock, is not exactly my idea of a great meal.
    “It’s an anachronism, much like the Tower of London and other relics of a past time, that exist’s purely on a past reputation.
    “Truth is unless you are looking for such things as Game pies, special teas, jams and other rare tidbits, then go to Harrods food halls plus I guarantee you will find a better meal at the restaurant there.”

    Great Scott, Chuck! Did you get your little rant about Fortnums from these Trip Advisor reviews? Have you ever actually been to Fortnums?

    I just don’t get it, if you hate Britain and the British so much, why do you keep coming over here as you claim to? And why do you support Newcastle United?

  540. 540
    avatar GS says:

    Phisix says:

    January 4, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    We should not bother turning up to cup games anymore because we never win them.

    That’s about right. Management and owners don’t care. It is a bit of a c@nt that the fans do though.

  541. 541
    avatar GS says:

    Chuck says:

    “Even the continentals avoid it, plus you can find food shops in Paris, New York, almost anywhere in Italy, that far surpass it.

    All having fresher and more modern dishes.”

    Just like the football eh, Chuck. It is just cr@p, even though you watch it all of the time. They should go for Rodgers pies and Martinez pot stickers because that is the “modern” way.

    You talk about food the same way as you talk about football. Everybody is stuck in the past and you know better.

    I have a bit of news for you. I have probably eaten in better restaurants than you. I am not going to name them because I am not a f@cking dick, like some people.

  542. 542
    avatar GS says:

    Back to football: Cleverly is pretty shite though.

  543. 543
    avatar Phisix says:

    It could be worse though, we could be facing relegation like a certain team. I wonder if we will actually sign someone this window…it’s been six days already..

  544. 544
    avatar chuck says:


    Yes ! I have been to Fortnum and Mason, probably before you knew of it’s existence.
    Which is why I was bemused by your praise of an establishment that is in fact somewhat of an anachronism, along with those bespoke mensware shops behind it in Germyn S
    But I do hope you enjoyed either the finger sandwiches or was it the poached egg with smoked (finnan haddie)haddock, or perhaps the Welsh Rarebit, mmmm! yummy!

  545. 545
    avatar chuck says:


    And no I don’t keep coming over here (wherever that is) nor do I hate every thing British, your words.
    As for being questioned as to why I support NUFC, well I have been a fan since I was a boy, long before you were born, got a problem with that.
    And just because “I call em like I see em”, means I am not afraid to criticize either manager owner or side whenever due.
    And face it anyone who describes Fortnum and Mason as a great place to have lunch, tea, etc., obviously lacks any sense of reality, considering what London has to offer as far as culinary delights are concerned.
    But if enjoying Shepherds pie is what you consider a delightful gourmand experience, far be it from me to comment.

  546. 546
    avatar chuck says:

    It appears from media reports, our Argentino defensive
    left winger, (no the guy’s not a commie) Jonas.
    Has been designated surplus to requirements, with possibly Taylor and Obertan joining him.
    And I suspect Gosling may very well stay where he is a Blackpool.
    Is this, the annual clear out of the ageing and players who just don’t meet the quality requirements ?
    Are we seeing the possibility that we may acquire some quality in depth, with the sale of those mentioned, which wouldn’t bring in a lot, but would ease the clubs outgoing, by reducing the overall payroll.
    I see little in the way of future talent coming from the youth ranks, (maybe Dummett and Fergus) but it’s ok. Ashley has someone else paying their wages, plus all Pardeux needs is the same old eleven.
    However a side in order to be competitive in this league, has to improve each season and by no means have we the side that can compete for a top spot, ffs we cant even compete for a cup no one is interested in anymore.
    And with the latest slide this may cause Ashley to re evaluate, being I doubt if he has that much faith in our great tactical genius.

  547. 547
    avatar workyticket says:

    Chuck, you’re such an American stereotype. It’s probably all the spit they put in your coffee and the urine they put in your soup that makes you think stuff tastes bad over here. ;-)

  548. 548
    avatar chcu says:


    Yeah, yeah! say what you want, but the fact is you and I have agreed on more things than not.
    I recall calling you the voice of reason, when collaborating on Ed’s early blog.
    And if you were a bit more worldly, perhaps we could agree more.
    Anyhow, enjoy whatever freedom you have for not having to monitor this particular blog, plus get out a bit more.

  549. 549
    avatar GS says:

    What it is Chuck is that the senility has really kicked in for you now. You go on Grandpa Simpson type rants.

    You cant even spell you own name – chcu.

    And Chuck, stay in a bit more. The people of New York will appreciate it.

  550. 550
    avatar workyticket says:

    Pardew is now blaming “science” which I think is a new one from his lexicon of excuses?

    “For the last three years I don’t know, it’s science against me.

    “As a group we were up for the game.

    “The first half was difficult because there wasn’t 50,000 in here to assess, I thought we played quite well.

    “We contained them and controlled the game.”

  551. 551
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Well i have heard it all now from that complete prat!
    Why doesn’t he go the full hog, And blame god for the defeats.
    “Science”, “God”, I’m only surprised he hasn’t used them long before now.
    “It was bad Karma, Why we didn’t win today”
    “It’s because the stadium is built upon the old City Gallows, And the dead are restless, So they will not let us win”

    He has the ultimate scapegoat there, No comebacks on that one Alan!

    I see he is all quiet today, But if in doubt, Send out Steven Taylor to spin more lines and Propaganda!

    Call me cynical, But the timing of these so called 4 signings, Which are going to be sanctioned by Ashley, Seems dodgy to say the least.
    The story appeared in Sky Sports last night, Convenient in light of what happened on Saturday?
    Is this another pathetic attempt to steer the fans fury away from themselves, After questions are inevitably being asked.
    Like i have stated previously, This line the players have to cross to become Newcastle players, Must be a 100 feet high, Because not many get over it!
    Or is it because Pardew has put huge barriers around the training pitch, Because some dastardly f**k is leaking his tactics to the press?

    Well there is another of these laughable fans forums at St James’ Park, The trouble is most of the groups are banned, And “Surprise Surprise” Joe Kinnear will not be there!

  552. 552
    avatar workyticket says:

    The Baloney Detection Kit: Carl Sagan’s Rules for Bullshit-Busting and Critical Thinking.

    Over 90% of everything fails these tests (or 100% in the case of anything that comes out of Chuck), but don’t just take my word for it. ;-)

  553. 553
    avatar tunyc says:

    @ 550: he’s really gone off the rails. Science? Bullshit.

    Less than 50K? Maybe the club shouldn’t announce that it doesn’t prioritize the cups. Not that that wouldn’t be obvious from observation.

  554. 554
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    tunyc, What a way to be on though!, What should be a time for enjoyment for fans after the Festive period, Has been killed stone dead by this wicked and corrupt regime.

    Okay you do not expect full houses for F.A Cup games, But 20,000 plus fans have got to a point where they think the club are throwing games.
    I’m amazed Pardew had the brass neck to question that course of action taken!

    This information which was leaked last Season is never ever going to go away.
    If Ashley hasn’t put enough nails into his coffin, With one own goal after another, Mortally wounded, Is not the word for that P.R disaster.
    Not even Max Clifford, Who now finds himself “Glittered Up”, Could do anything with this tit bit.

    The Club will now be questioned every time they are involved in a Cup Competition, And they go out early.
    Throwing matches will be the cry, From here on in, And no amount of flannel will ever mask it.

    How long will it be before they wheel Mavis out to face the music?
    Empty platitudes like, “We owe our fans” etc…

  555. 555
    avatar tunyc says:

    “20,000 plus fans have got to a point where they think the club are throwing games.”

    Things like that, joe, give me hope that mankind at large are not as stupid and easily manipulated as it sometimes seems.

    I don’t think the club necessarily owes me anything but they should contemplate what will happen as more and more head toward where many here seem to be-having no enthusiasm or excitement about this club at all. With five months left in the season all we have to hope for is avoiding a really bad outcome. If we do get into Europe, it will be Obertan-Taylor-Elliot time and will become an excuse for poor performances in the league.

    Bleak is the word.

  556. 556
    avatar workyticket says:

    tunyc says:
    January 6, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    “Bleak is the word.”

    Grease is the word, tunyc. It’s got groove, it’s got meaning.

  557. 557
    avatar chuck says:


    Mentioning that St.James’ Park, was built on the old gallows, brought back a memory.
    I believe there was once a white cross marked in the middle of Newgate street opposite the Co-operative store building, which marked the actual location of the gallows.
    Where some unfortunates were drawn hung and quartered,
    and was wondering if it still existed.

  558. 558
    avatar chuck says:

    Hey get outta that downer tude, doncha know the boss is gonna buy us three or four players to replace those either over the hill or who don’t meet the quality requirements, could end up winning the league, or at least finish a top four side.

  559. 559
    avatar workyticket says:

    chuck says:
    January 6, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    “Mentioning that St.James’ Park, was built on the old gallows, brought back a memory.”

    Did you used to go and watch the executions, Chuck?

  560. 560
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Chuck, There used to be a cross on the roundabout outside the CO-OP building, So it could be that.
    When i was younger someone said it marked the exact centre point of the City.
    Funny enough, I had forgot all about the cross, But i remember seeing it a lot, And standing on it.
    To think some poor lad or lass who probably only stole a loaf of bread, Took their final walk from that spot.

  561. 561
    avatar GS says:

    Worky @559: he probably did the executions and had fun doing them.

  562. 562
    avatar workyticket says:

    joe hawkins says:
    January 7, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    “To think some poor lad or lass who probably only stole a loaf of bread, Took their final walk from that spot.”

    They wouldn’t have executed for stealing a loaf of bread, Joe, a good whipping would probably suffice. In worse cases of theft you might have your hands cut off. Most people would proabably vote to bring it all back though which is why you can never have real democracy. People would vote to bring back things like the death penalty and public flogging for disabled benefit scroungers.

  563. 563
    avatar GS says:

    Worky @562: They have the reverse window tax now. If you are totally hard up but have an extra room they cut your benefits. Who comes up with this stuff?

  564. 564
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS, what really gets me is their vilification of (poor) disabled people. They’re being abused and even physically attacked in the street for being ‘benefit scroungers’ even when they are working and not claiming benefits. People are just walking up to people in wheelchairs or with a limp or whatever and abusing them, or even hitting them because of all the government hype about disabled scroungers. David Cameron used to claim disabilty living allowance for his son too.

    My new year’s resolution is to be more violent to Tories. As Aneurin Bevan once said, they are lower than vermin.

  565. 565
    avatar Nutmag says:

    Its always the same with the tories.There will be no attack on tax fiddlers who cost the country more and in their case its not need its greed.
    Still the people will still vote for this scum because the other guy “Talks funny” or “Has a strange hair style”

  566. 566
    avatar tunyc says:

    @ 556: ah for those days. Actually, the term may now be “no lube”…

  567. 567
    avatar workyticket says:

    Nutmag says:
    January 7, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    “Still the people will still vote for this scum because the other guy “Talks funny” or “Has a strange hair style”

    Nutmag, if you look at the most important Prime Ministers from the 20th Century from each of the three major parties, nowadays, Lloyd George would be told he was far too much of a womaniser, a tabloid news story waiting to happen and hence unfit to lead his party. Winston Churchill would be told he was a mad alcoholic who was far too old to lead, and Clem Attlee would be told he was a little bald man with a moustache and all the charisma of an accountant, and hence would never be elected by a nation full of celebrity obsessed idiots.

    Actually, new Labour aren’t so different, they actually started the current campaign against the sick and disabled. They were the ones who brought the ghastly ATOS in to tell blatant lies about disabled people desperate for help and support just to meet their targets.

  568. 568
    avatar GS says:

    New Labour, or Tory – its the same old story.

  569. 569
    avatar GS says:

    But, back to Chuck bashing :)

  570. 570
    avatar Nutmag says:

    Did’nt Maggie say she wanted us to be more like the Americans where there was not a big difference between the parties? She got that wish with New Labour.

  571. 571
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, I wish they were still sending people to Australia, Because i’d be out thieving tomorrow, To get away from Saxe-Coburg and the rest of the inbreds like Cameron lol

  572. 572
    avatar tunyc says:

    Yeah, your new labor sounds like our democratic party under the DLC/Third Way. Writers at blackagendareport have a term for the party in this guise and its representatives (such as Obama or either Clinton or anyone of any status in the democratic party): not the lesser of two evils but the “more effective evil.” And they’re right. Put another way, only Nixon could go to China.

  573. 573
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Some of the minutes from last night’s meeting are available in “The Chronicle”.
    Topics covered were Saturday’s F.A Cup debacle, Where the board defended the team.
    They said the strongest side available was put out, And it was a case of a poor result, Rather than team selection.

    Questions were asked about whether new faces would be coming in to the club.
    They more or less repeated the mantra of “Right Player, Right Price”, Otherwise no one comes in!

  574. 574
    avatar workyticket says:

    The paradigm we live in nowadays comes from the mind of a paranoid schizophrenic. Does anyone remember a film called “A Beautiful Mind” starring Russell Crowe? That was about mathematician John Nash and he, along with economist Friedrich Hayek were the biggest influences on the new right of Thatcher and then Reagan.

    Nash studied game theory and and in his insanity came to the mistaken conclusion that we are all just completely selfish fighting dogs who are all trying to rip each other to shreds. Things like altruism and helping the less fortunate in society and so on are unnatural. Indeed, as Nash disciple Margeret Thatcher later said, “there is no such thing as society,” just nuclear families all competing with each other.

    This is the world we still live in and even Nash himself admits he was a paranoid schizophrenic with paranoid schizophrenic ideas.

    The world is horrible and I pity the young.

  575. 575
    avatar chuck says:

    Stop whining FFS, you have a system that is very liberal, with plenty of social programs, plus one of the best healthcare systems in the world
    Try being one of the unemployed in the US, where welfare no longer exists, where in normal times unemployment benefits last for a maximum of twenty six weeks, that’s of course only if you qualify.
    Course, you are about to be inundated by Vulgar Bulgars and possibly Roma Romanians, or so the present
    coalition are telling you, so just blame them for ruining the country and being provided with housing and social benefits etc., things that are unavailable to those born in the UK.
    Yep the only social scroungers in the good old USA, can be found waving paper cups at you as you walk down the street.
    Where If measured on a scale Campbell and his clique would be to the left of either the tweedle dumb or tweedle dee, parties, which change places every so often at the behest of Wall St. in order to continue a projected image of it being a democratic system, that actually works.
    And big money rules!

  576. 576
    avatar tunyc says:

    @ 574: solace to be found in that world has actually always been pretty corrupt and simultaneously, wonderful. Sometimes worse, sometimes better but never anything like ideal. Kinda like football…

  577. 577
    avatar tunyc says:

    chuck-western capitalism is only a “pretty liberal system” after the term liberal has been raped to the point of not meaning anything. Being poor here may mean having somewhat less of a safety net but the long-term unemployment situation that has prevailed in the UK for decades is something most Americans can not fathom, like being a 27-year-old who’s never had a real actual job of any sort. That is f’ed up, no matter what comparison you make.

  578. 578
    avatar workyticket says:

    tunyc says:
    January 7, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    “Being poor here may mean having somewhat less of a safety net but the long-term unemployment situation that has prevailed in the UK for decades is something most Americans can not fathom, like being a 27-year-old who’s never had a real actual job of any sort. That is f’ed up, no matter what comparison you make.”

    tunyc, but you do have long term unemployed people over there though, they’re called prisoners and it’s far more expensive to keep them in there. That is completely f’ed up, no matter what comparison you make.

  579. 579
    avatar workyticket says:

    workyticket says:
    January 7, 2014 at 9:41 pm

    “Americans can not fathom, like being a 27-year-old who’s never had a real actual job of any sort.”

    How many 27 year olds are there in the UK who have never had a job of any sort?

  580. 580
    avatar tunyc says:

    Oh yes, worky-the prison system here is terrible and an obvious crime against humanity. I mean that seriously. It’s worse than unemployment-they’re slave labor.

    I meant a full-time job. Perhaps I’m uninformed, that really is possible. I recently read a couple of articles (one on BBC the headline of which was something like “Young People Feel There’s Nothing to Live For”) that suggest recent surveys suggest a rate of about 10% among UK 25-year-olds who are neither employed nor in an educational. I suppose some of those may have had solid jobs that they lost but I’m guessing (the articles didn’t speak to this) that most of them never had fulltime employment.

  581. 581
    avatar chuck says:

    Yep! incarceration is the latest method of reducing the unemployment figures, plus it’s a money making concern.
    A privately run jail, that runs at a profit, gives employment locally and you don’t have to see all of those poor barstewards waving cups and asking for small change.
    With well over two million behind bars, mostly for small time drug related offences, it takes a big chunk out of the present unemployment figures, over seven percent, if you are dumb enough to believe it, it’s actually closer to twenty percent, but who’s counting?
    tunyc, there has always been a surplus of labor in the US
    apart from during national emergencies, of at least five percent or more, plus there are the unemployable and the poor unfortunates who are unable for different reasons to be employable.
    It’s fortunate that the UK and other member states of the EU, do look after their young unemployed and at least tend to introduce job training courses.
    Perhaps like the US they should just throw them away like here in the US.
    The fact is the present consumer orientated Wall St. dictated system, has failed them, as have the European bankers, plus the rise in ma

  582. 582
    avatar chuck says:

    competition, from Asia that is unfavorable both in wage related and numerical advantage, to both the US and EU.
    But on giving a choice of the two, the US or the EU, which has the higher safety net, ergo a more humanitarian approach to-wards it’s citizens welfare ?
    Cetainly not a country that still executes people for
    non murder charges and have states where you can go to jail for years because of crazy penalties for minor quantities of drugs, (Texas) though it’s allowable to walk around with a loaded pistol.
    And not far off, in the state of Colorado, the opposite is true, no guns, but as much cannabis as your heart desires.

  583. 583
    avatar GS says:

    Worky says @574:

    “The world is horrible and I pity the young.”

    Hold on there cowboy, it is not that bad.

    However, the young in England are now living the American Dream – tons of student loan debt.

  584. 584
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    January 8, 2014 at 8:32 am

    “Hold on there cowboy, it is not that bad.”

    It sounds alright in Colorado from what Chuck’s saying.

  585. 585
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Look at the amount of these new fangled privately owned prisons, That are springing up all over the shop.
    It’s the new growth industry, Locking people up!
    A lot of the prison population in Britain are people who are mentally ill, And their offending is a result of that.
    No help is ever given to these people, Before they go on to offending.
    Very scary Orwellian stuff is unfolding!

  586. 586
    avatar GS says:

    Worky: he said something that actually made sense for the first time in ages @581-2. Of course it sounded like a rant because that’s his way. Good to see he is sticking to football talk :)

    Are we on one of the Pardew downward spirals? He does have a tendency to go on good runs and then f@ck up. And we have Citeh next.

  587. 587
    avatar workyticket says:

    Joe, the UK has had the highest prison population in Europe since Tony “tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime” Blair. It’s around 85,000ish

    However the US, a country with around five times the population has 30 times as many prisoners with around 2.5 million (and rising) incarcerated at any one time. They have a ridiculous system based on baseball where you can get life imprisonment for nicking a loaf of bread if it’s a third offence. It’s incredibly racist as well, it is over here too of course but it really is in a different league over there.

    You are around 10 times more likely to be locked up in the US than you are in somewhere civilised like Scandinavia or Germany, or almost five times more likely than you are in the UK.

  588. 588
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    January 8, 2014 at 11:40 am

    “Worky: he said something that actually made sense for the first time in ages @581-2.”

    Aye, he did, GS. It was a very well observed and astute comment.

  589. 589
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Aye Worky, The three strikes and your out policy, Or the three time loser, I’ve heard it called!
    “Land Of The Free”, Seems like the biggest misnomer of all time!

  590. 590
    avatar tunyc says:

    Getting back to football, I see Moyes is complaining about refs singling out Man U. Bless him!

  591. 591
    avatar tunyc says:

    And Hitzlsperger’s out of the closet-good for him.

    Now let’s see how tolerant and progressive y’all are…bwahahahaha!

  592. 592
    avatar GS says:

    tunyc: :) cant he see the irony? I don’t think a team were awarded a penalty in 20 years at Old Trafford (well, that’s only a slight exaggeration). I really want them to fail, even if it means that Liverpool finish top 4. It is the sense of entitlement that gets on my nerves.

  593. 593
    avatar workyticket says:

    When Justin Fashanu was the first top level footballer to publically come out as gay in 1990, his brother John ‘Fash the Bash’ Fashanu publically disowned him, said he would “have to suffer the consequences” of going public, and also that he “would not want to play or even get changed” with his brother ever again. I don’t know how the little shit has the nerve to come on the TV with Gladiators and I’m a Celebrity after that little outburst.

    Justin Fashanu eventually committed suicide in a disused garage just a few yards away from where I used to live after he was falsely accused of sexual assault in the US. After his death, his brother accused him of lying about being gay, saying he only did it to get attention. What a pathetic, primitive little fuckwit.

    “My brother Justin wasn’t gay, he just wanted attention, says Fashanu”

  594. 594
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    That’s a tough one to figure out, On the one hand he is saying, It wasn’t the fact he was gay, It was his constant story telling etc
    To which John would know him better than most of us, And that might be the real issue he has.

    On the other hand, Is this just John trying to extricate himself from the guilt he might feel for rejecting his brother?
    I mean it’s not the sort of thing you would make up for a few quid.
    Lets be honest there is still an unwanted stigma attached to this very issue, And i doubt this would have sat well with “The Crazy Gang”.

    I went to school with a lad who in the early days of school, Didn’t come across as gay.
    When we got to the last year of school, A comment made by one of the lads in the changing rooms, Led to him being persecuted.
    This was in 1989, So it was still taboo back then, So to speak.
    You would get the comments like, “Backsides against the wall lads” etc

    The same kid did turn out to be gay, And now lives openly as a gay man.
    I do feel a lot of guilt to the way he was treated by the rest of the lads.

    I think that same kind of banter would exist now, And certain players wouldn’t want to get dressed in the same changing room as the person in question.
    For some strange reason every straight bloke is under the misapprehension that because someone is gay, They are after get the grip of them!

  595. 595
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Sorry typo!

  596. 596
    avatar GS says:

    How can he not “believe” his brother was gay! He was either gay or he was not. His actions would have spoken for themselves.

    Joe Hawkins says:

    “For some strange reason every straight bloke is under the misapprehension that because someone is gay, They are after get the grip of them!”

    I hope you are being funny there, because that is not true at all.

  597. 597
    avatar tunyc says:

    @ 592: Oh, I agree completely. I had an urge when I read that to google: “Moyes complains officiating old trafford”. Guaranteed you’d find him moaning in past seasons. I agree on the entitlement too. Their supporters expect CL football every year but somehow we’re the demanding ones.

  598. 598
    avatar chuck says:

    What’s the big deal about Hitzlsperger ?
    There are I’m sure lots of gay pro’s in every sport.
    And for the media to make this into a big deal, is both unnecessary and only encourages salacious comments and jokes, which I’m surprised have not appeared yet on this blog.

  599. 599
    avatar tunyc says:

    Sad the way some family relationships are. I’d probably off myself if I’d said things like that about my brother (and I do have one who is very difficult to deal with) who later killed himself. I still occasionally have real guilt about some fairly mild things I did/said to my siblings, even during childhood.

  600. 600
    avatar GS says:

    Chuck man @598: it is because in sports there is seldom a coming out because of the problems that would be faced. Look at the NFL, I don’t think a single player said they were gay when they played.

    I would really like to give you the benefit of the doubt sometimes, but you do talk nonsense.

    And I think you must be thinking about other blogs because there are very rarely salacious comments on here.

  601. 601
    avatar chuck says:

    Well looks like we are going after Cabella in a serious way, however I don’t see us spending fourteen million.

    Also appears Luc DeJong is being targeted, though I would rather have Shane Long, a proven PL player.
    A guy who gives 100% each game, who could set up our striker, is very good in the air, just what’s needed behind the striker, is young and seldom misses a game.

    As for Remy ? no way we will spend fifteen million, no matter how many goals he gets this year, plus he want’s
    to play for a big London club.

    I haven’t yet heard any mention of central defenders
    which I consider a must, just look at our goals against record and the fact we have been playing what essentially is no more than a benchwarmer for weeks.
    The back four lacks a big (good in the air)defender who keeps attackers heads up, someone physical, who can
    also get his set piece goals and defend in our own goalmouth.

    As for Gomis, he is definitely going and for nowt, except he and his agent want a few bob, that Ashley is apparently not willing to pay.
    The saga resumes!

    Then their are those on their way, Obertan, back to France.
    Jonas, possibly Norwich.
    Gosling, to stay at Blackpool.
    Marveaux, (the mystery continues) destined to leave, where ? better yet, why?
    Taylor, who knows, perhaps because he spends too much time in the physio room, a sick note ?
    Some claim Cabella is insurance against a possible sale of Cabaye, though they play different roles, I don’t see it that way, it’s more about goal scoring.
    We have good replacement’s in Anita plus Bigirimana has imo the talent to become very good in that role.
    Problem is Pardeux, they seldom get an opportunity, being he has favored the same side for the most part, failing to utilize a decent bench, that could keep players match fit and rest those with minor knocks.
    As long as this guy is in place, he will never improve, just ain’t got what it takes.
    One would think Ashley would eventually see through his bullshit, but his major concern is obviously trousering as much as he c

  602. 602
    avatar chuck says:


  603. 603
    avatar GS says:

    I give in. Chuckles, you said Anita was a waste of money about 3 months ago. You have the memory of a flea.

  604. 604
    avatar GS says:

    Next you will be saying Williamson is good :)

  605. 605
    avatar tunyc says:

    I just can’t believe anyone takes these rumors seriously. Accuracy rate has to be below 1%. It’s made-up bs.

  606. 606
    avatar chuck says:

    Hey ! I wonder why Mike Ashley bought this club ?
    Was it because he was a football fan ?
    Perhaps he thought he could advertise his “Brand” name’s.
    Or possibly the earnings of an increasing volume of viewers throughout the world.
    I would settle for a decent side, but they have to also win and above all entertain, ain’t that what the game is about, to entertain ?

  607. 607
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    chuck says:
    January 8, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    “…and only encourages salacious comments and jokes, which I’m surprised have not appeared yet on this blog.”

    The only homophobic jibes I recall reading on this blog came from you.

  608. 608
    avatar workyticket says:

    joe hawkins says:
    January 8, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    “That’s a tough one to figure out, On the one hand he is saying, It wasn’t the fact he was gay, It was his constant story telling etc”
    “To which John would know him better than most of us, And that might be the real issue he has.”

    Joe, there’s no doubt that Justin Fashanu was as gay as a Judy Garland convention. Many black people are extremely homophobic though and react to stuff like that in a very bad way.

  609. 609
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, No doubt about that, There is loads of homophobia that exists within the West Indian Community.
    I don’t want to offend anyone, But if you are a “Batty Boy”, You will be pretty much shunned.
    It does not go down well in the Jamaican Community, For a start!

    John Fashanu, He is of a Nigerian background, So say no more, Another highly Religious culture, Who will not accept Homosexuality.

  610. 610
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Well “Silly Season” is upon us, Two names being linked in “The Chronicle” are, Lyon Midfielder Gueida Fofana, And Sochaux Striker Cedric Bakambu.

    GS, There does seem to be this daft stereotype, That because someone is gay, They are after anyone because they happen to be male.
    You will hear crap like, “You don’t want to be on your own with him, He will try it on with you”!

    I’ll admit that when i was younger, I was ignorant myself of what occurs in “The LGBT Community”.
    It’s not until i left school and started working with Gay people, Did you start to get more of an insight.

  611. 611
    avatar workyticket says:

    joe hawkins says:
    January 9, 2014 at 10:43 am

    “It does not go down well in the Jamaican Community, For a start!”

  612. 612
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    January 8, 2014 at 7:46 pm (Edit)

    “Next you will be saying Williamson is good”

    And that he always sung his praises when people like myself were criticising him constantly.

  613. 613
    avatar workyticket says:

    joe hawkins says:
    January 8, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    “For some strange reason every straight bloke is under the misapprehension that because someone is gay, They are after get the grip of them!”

    Very primitive types would conflate gay people with paedophiles too.

  614. 614
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, If you come from the inner city areas of Newcastle, You know what a lot of them are like.
    It’s that typical “Working Class” macho crap, That they do.
    The first time i wore an earring, One of my dad’s mates said, “What’s wrong with you?, You will be sitting down to go to the toilet next”!
    Or the time i did a short Performing Arts Course, Everyone said i was gay, To do such a thing.
    Well it was more along the lines of, “You F**king Puff”!

    One of my mates borrowed my guitar, Because he fancied learning it, But his father come home from work, And smashed it off the wall, And said no son of his would be involved in that puffy s**t!

    You know the type i’m on about, Their level of conversation covers these topics, “Wor Lass”, “Graft”, “How much i can drink withoot fallin’ ower”, And hoo am ganna chin at the weekend, Because he looked at iz for 5 seconds, Last week!

  615. 615
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, I bet nothing was ever done about that particular Buju Banton track.
    There has been a few of them who have had homophobic lyrics like, Ninja man and Beenie man, To name few.
    Who was that Jamaican artist they had on “The Word”, In the 90′s, Who said all gays should be killed?

  616. 616
    avatar workyticket says:

    joe hawkins says:
    January 9, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    “Who was that Jamaican artist they had on “The Word”, In the 90′s, Who said all gays should be killed?”


  617. 617
    avatar tonytoon says:

    Can anyone tell how many tickets season ticket holders can get for the sunderland game and how much there are

  618. 618
    avatar chuck says:

    It appears, that execution by the metropolitan police is becoming a habit, following the recent decision on the shooting of Mark Duggan.
    Perhaps it was a wrong decision, to ever put guns into the hands of these people.
    No doubt the cop was scared shitless and just blasted away, a tribute to good training.
    I thought following the execution of that poor unfortunate Brasilian on the underground and it was an execution, seven or eight bullets in the head are no accident.
    The jurers asked five questionsy apparently w

  619. 619
    avatar chuck says:

    ..Sorry, the jurors were asked five questions, in regard to the incident, (an odd way to approach a verdict)
    And answered eight to two in favor of a justified murder by the Met, where people have died or were killed by policemen.
    From the reports I have read, it appears a lot of work has gone into fitting up the situation.
    That’s three cases and possibly more, where people have died in the hands of the Met. police, where the perpetrators walked.
    But what the hell, lets sweeep it under the mat, cant have the natives getting restless or ruin the reputation of the Met.
    Of course, no top cops were involved and no one was apparently willing to take responsibility.
    Aint life grand!

  620. 620
    avatar chuck says:

    I hope the Duggan family refuse to accept this obvious fix up job and continue to seek justice through the courts.
    Either disarm these trigger happy morons with a license to kill and instead of protecting them, following a shooting, charge them with the crime if justified.
    Perhaps it may give pause for thought in future situations.
    Happy to say we in NYC have both a new Mayor and Police Commissioner, who have voiced opposition to the controversial, “stop and search law” might be a good idea
    if the Met Followed suit.

  621. 621
    avatar workyticket says:

    Who killed Liddle?
    Did you kill Liddle?
    Police killed Liddle Towaz!

  622. 622
    avatar chuck says:

    Find it difficult to believe the amount of naivety above, concerning homosexuality.
    Though I suppose in the North east, with it’s macho self image, shirtless fans in winter, etc.
    War dead tuff like !
    Bout time to enter the twenty first century, innit ?

  623. 623
    avatar GS says:

    I am not defending the Met in any way but did you see that story where the Cincinnati police went on a high speed chase and fired more than a thousand rounds? There were dozens of cops involved in the chase and many were suspended. They couldn’t see that their actions were more life threatening than the actions of the person they were chasing.

    There are many other examples. The abuse of power is common across borders and societies. There have been many studies that show that people will do unspeakable things because they are following orders or have power. I will not bore everybody with these, I will just point out the Met and British Police are certainly not an isolated case. Again, I am not defending their actions, I am saying it happens everywhere.

  624. 624
    avatar chuck says:

    So a bit aboot football.

    It’s been reported we (NUFC) have no interest in taking part in Europe’s secondary tournament.
    Too much traveling, for too little reward.
    In which case we will either have to finish in the top four, or around tenth.
    As we have shown little interest in the FA cup or any other silverware, what’s left.
    Seems only mid level Mediocrity and having to listen to Pardeux’s interminable list of excuses.
    About time the fans let Ashley know, they are unsatisfied with this lack of ambition, by boycotts of both apparel and attendance.
    Select a specific game to boycott, with plenty of preparation and media awareness, and the threat of more to come.
    As there’s only one

  625. 625
    avatar chuck says:

    reason he reacts , money!
    Which is his raison d’etre.

  626. 626
    avatar tunyc says:

    chuck @ 620: speaking of naivete, do you believe everything politicians say? Bill Bratton LURVS him some stop-and-frisk and quite possibly the one likely candidate for that job that’s worse than Kelly. Also-Deblasio’s populism is absolutely fake. He’s a Clintonite (worked in Bill’s cabinet and ran Hillary’s senate campaign) and in his own words, a fiscal conservative. Behold as the next four years unfold just like the last twelve.

  627. 627
    avatar Shearer and the duchess says:

    Why is there no new threads since Dec 15th?

  628. 628
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Chuck, You will be surprised at some of the neanderthals that still exist.
    It’s not a place for big egos, And a bit of the flamboyant, In some places in Newcastle, Unfortunately you still get the odd Dinosaur.
    This was back in the early 80′s, When they were roughy toughy ship builders and brickies, A la Leonard Ozbourne types.
    It has changed a lot since then, But there was a time when it was very much like “Billy Elliot”, And like i said you still get the old school, Who live in the past.

    I can see there being another riot with this verdict, In the Duggan killing.
    This might goad the young’uns into another battle with the police.
    I don’t think this will be the last we hear of this…

  629. 629
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Don’t forget Jean Charles De Menezes!,
    There was also dodgy circumstances involving that bloke they hit with the riot stick, And said it was a heart attack that killed him.
    That might have been the case, But the way these things are handled, Are dubious to say the least!

    Who killed Liddle Towers, The Angelic Upstarts, One of my favourites, Along with Police Oppression.

  630. 630
    avatar GS says:

    I have no love for the British police. In fact, about 10 years ago I was back in London in Leicester Square with my wife and a friend and was thrown against a wall by an Army guy. They surrounded me in a cordon of about 10 men with machine guns pointing at me. There was a bit of screaming from the rest of the people in one of the most crowded places in London.

    The guy with a gun in my back asked me some questions about where I was staying and where I was from. I was staying at Claridges (my (ex) wife owned a European Travel Company) That, and a US drivers license seemed to satisfy him that I was not a terrorist. He gave me a card saying “sorry for the inconvenience and call this number if you have a problem”!

    It was totally surreal. In Leicester Square. The army Officer said that someone fitting my description had pulled out a gun in a nearby bar.

    I am not making this up.

  631. 631
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    They wouldn’t have been Army, GS. Probably a special firearms unit like SO19.

    I think it’s fair to say that most people’s adverse experiences (when it comes to encountering police in the UK) amounts to nothing more than having to deal with an snotty, ill-mannered fourteen-year-old at a traffic stop.

    My experiences have been slightly worse – a couple of beatings included. Maybe I deserved it. Maybe not. I certainly didn’t think so at the time!

  632. 632
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    I hope we can do something against city on Sunday. They’re scoring for fun at the moment and they’re bound to put out their best side given the scrap at the top.

    It’s a pity we don’t have a striker other than Remy who’s doing it at the moment, because we won’t get anything if we don’t pose a threat to them. I’d like to see Cabaye and Ben Arfa on from the start. If we sit back, they’ll slaughter us.

    I’d take a draw right now.

  633. 633
    avatar workyticket says:

    joe hawkins says:
    January 9, 2014 at 11:01 pm

    “There was also dodgy circumstances involving that bloke they hit with the riot stick, And said it was a heart attack that killed him.
    “That might have been the case, But the way these things are handled, Are dubious to say the least!”

    Ian Tomlinson died of internal bleeding after a trauma to his abdomen. His murderer, PC Simon Harwood had been involved in many incidents of police brutality before that, one was a racist attack on a 12 year old girl who he physically assaulted whilst racially insulting her family. The police paid out a small fortune of taxpayer’s money protecting him by paying out of court settlements and so on so he could carry on being violent.

  634. 634
    avatar workyticket says:

    From the fans’ forum meeting minutes

    7. AOB (Any Other Business)

    SH (Steve Hastie): “Did the club’s Academy achieve the highest category status?

    The board confirmed that a further update will be made available in due course.

  635. 635
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS, at least you weren’t beaten up, fitted up and locked up for several years, and you didn’t die in custody like a black man either. You’ll never know how evil the pigs can be when you’re a white man who can afford to stay at Claridges.

  636. 636
    avatar workyticket says:

    DarthBroon says:
    January 10, 2014 at 10:33 am

    “I hope we can do something against city on Sunday. They’re scoring for fun at the moment and they’re bound to put out their best side given the scrap at the top.”

    They’re a much better version of Keegan’s entertainers with Pellegrini. We’ll could have chances of scoring against them but we’ll have to score more than they do which is very difficult.

  637. 637
    avatar GS says:

    Worky @634: I could have been shot though. Believe it or not the Claridges room was a freebie because my ex-wife had sent a few rich Yanks there. There was a Butler on every floor though.

  638. 638
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS, Chuck thinks Claridges is a dump anyway :-)

  639. 639
  640. 640
    avatar tunyc says:

    @ 636: we could have chances to score, but we won’t because AP will set up his famous 9-1 formation to prevent a drubbing, which we’ll receive anyway.

  641. 641
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Fooken hell Worky!, I didn’t realise that thug had been involved in loads of other incidents.
    The b***ard should be wearing a number, And not a badge!

    How petty and childish is that fat fooken twat Ashley?
    I swear down, If i was ever face to face with him, I don’t think i would be able to keep my hands down!
    Grubby toe rag, I am absolutely sick and tired of him, And his tacky regime.
    I hope one day, He gets everything that’s coming to him, And i hope i am there to see it!

    I see his little lap dog is conspicuous by his absence all this week.
    It just shows how pathetic Alan Pardew really is!
    You cannot keep him quiet when he is getting a few results.
    He goes missing though, When it goes against him, Normally by his own hand.
    He’s another one, He should be getting stick by the crowd, No one should be indulging this non entity, By clapping him.
    In fact he should be given a good slap, Because he is complicit in his actions, In his constant lying to the fans.
    He is just another fair weather mug, Who the press like to praise because he is English.

  642. 642
    avatar GS says:

    tunyc: hopfully it will be the 9-Remy formation and not the 9-Shola because then we will be totally f@cked.

  643. 643
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    If City play like they did on Wednesday, Then backside crawling, “I Don’t Really Know Mike” f**kin’ Mavis, What i know about Football Management, You can write on the back of a postage stamp “Pratdew”!
    Well there’s not much him and his little black book can do!

  644. 644
    avatar chuck says:


    Claridges is not my cup of tea unfortunately, cant afford nor need such ostentatiousness.
    Though I’m sure there are those who do !

  645. 645
    avatar workyticket says:

    Claridges isn’t ostentatious at all, Chuck, it’s English.

  646. 646
    avatar chuck says:

    Of course, The Met. will be defended by some as we see above, though it was probably the lead in to a repeat telling (20th. time) of being put “up against the wall M.F.”
    And what about the various years in jail, for innocent civilians during the bombing era of the seventies and eighties, fit up by a bungling but determined to get a conviction police department, not to mention, the spying by the west Yorkshire police on those seeking justice following the Hillsborough disaster.

    Where mail was opened and phone’s tapped, they are a sick organization, who are willing to go to any length to get a conviction and protect their members from prosecution, especially protection of those in top level jobs.

    A typical example of government coverup was the now infamous Widgery report, that concluded the Para’s were justified in killing fifteen unarmed British Citizens.

    Of course the senior officers who set the whole thing up against the advice of local police and politicians, were never under threat of being tried.

    God save us from those who we hire to keep the peace.

  647. 647
    avatar chuck says:

    As for Fitba as they say in Scotland, not much real news, though I imagine there are plenty of behind the scenes negotiations taking place.

    The one important piece of news (how come no one was made aware of) that Cabaye has a buy out clause, one that allows him to buy out his contract for six million quid, after three seasons.

    Of course that’s a lot of shekels and he would have to be pretty desperate to invoke suck a clause.

    I would like to see Long signed, though not so sure about DeJong.

    Gomis is like Remy, guaranteed scorer and would come cheap.

    Looks like Everton are in for McGeady, should be a good buy.

    No word of our signing someone with a bit of presence in the back line, which imo is as important as bringing in scorers.

    Ah well, see what happens, but from prior experience, we know how our chiseling negotiators work, sloooow !

  648. 648
    avatar chuck says:



    It may be located in England, but is owned by Derick Quinlan, an Irishman.

    Plus to say (as described by our only contributor to have stayed there) that having a butler on every floor is not ostentatious, is nonsense.

    Though I’m not sure whether his claim concerning those butlers is true or not, as I only believe half the lies he tells.

  649. 649
    avatar chuck says:

    I don’t know why you are surprised be some of the info, concerning the police.

    First of all, no self respecting citizen would join such a bent organization, which attracts bullies and weirdo’s and last resort loosers.

    Look at the longest trial in British jurisprudence, The McDonalds case, where those being sued by McDonalds were infiltrated by police spies, from a special group, within the London Metropolitan Police.

    One cop co-habiting with and fathering a child with one of the groups members, then simply disappeared following the end of the trial.

    Yep! pretty unbelievable stuff, and who the hell condoned such a waste of time, money and effort ?

    Not unlike the executions we have read about, the real sickness is at the top , those Teflon top level idiots
    who are untouchable, as in the case of the execution of that poor unfortunate Brazilian .

    Where the top cop refused to resign, actually fought to hang onto his powerful and well paid job.

    Then just recently the Northumbrian police had the gall to insist local derby games be played to suit the police department, to which thank goodness they were told to go pound sand and we will let you know when your needed.
    Not a big deal, however just goes to show the arrogance of these people.
    Someone should inform them in no uncertain terms, they are public servants, not an occupying force.

    Which lasted years, one cop ended up c

  650. 650
    avatar chuck says:

    Joe I seldom visit Newcastle anymore, only going for an occasional match, so I’m not really acquainted with what’s happening.
    Though I recall many years ago while having coffee at a place opposite the Station, at the foot of Pink Lane when two cops entered and were questioning people
    (and yes I know Pink Lanes Reputation)
    Apparently they were not getting the respect they thought they were entitled too from one customer, in which case the grabbed him and twisted his arm forcing him to struggle, then dragged him outside and beat him up.
    Hey guy was making a public nuisance of himself, we warned him and when he refused to behave we attempted to remove him from the premisis, he resisted arrest and that’s why he has black eyes and a ……
    Which judge would bother to get himself on the wrong side of the police.

  651. 651
    avatar chuck says:

    That’s modern day justice, no different from fifty years ago, and the dumbass public think, that’s ok, until it happens to them.
    The whole police system is rotten to the core and needs to be totally reorganized.

  652. 652
    avatar GS says:

    Chuck @646 & 648: I told that story because it was relevant to the discussion. Whether it was for the 1st or 20th time doesn’t mean anything – I doubt many people read, memorize or even remember most of what is written in the comments section of this blog. As for telling lies, I don’t tell lies on here. You can call Claridges if you want to check on the Butler thing. Google offers 2 cents per minute to the UK.

    I couldn’t afford to stay at Claridges normally either, but it was free and I think that I was staying at a posh hotel influenced the cops when they accosted me.

    Just because I question your inconsistencies and think you are senile doesn’t make me wrong or a liar.

  653. 653
    avatar GS says:

    Anyway, I think Marveaux must be working undercover for some Interpol unit as he hasn’t been seen around Newcastle for months and is bi-lingual.

  654. 654
    avatar GS says:

    @647: Gomis would be a good buy. He is as physical as Shola but doesn’t trip over his own feet. They show the French League on BEIN sports over here so I have seen him quite a bit.

  655. 655
    avatar GS says:

    Chuck says @648:

    “Though I’m not sure whether his claim concerning those butlers is true or not, as I only believe half the lies he tells.”

    You should believe none of the lies if you think they are lies, Grandpa.

  656. 656
    avatar workyticket says:

    I’m just watching another thing on the second Indo China war and I’ve heard it several times now, including from Yanks who were there that all you had to do get out of it when you were drafted was tick a box on the form saying you had “homosexual tendencies.”

    Of course, hardly anyone did.

  657. 657
    avatar GS says:

    In my line of work I have seen a lot of senility. The symptoms are:

    1. Forgetfulness, but remember stuff from 30 years ago

    2. Repeat themselves

    3. Rambling, but almost understandable trains of thought

    4. Go out for Amstels at 4 O’clock

  658. 658
    avatar chuck says:

    The truth is you are a drunk and really have nothing to say of interest to anyone, you lack any kind of imagination and repeat yourself more than I admitedly do.

    I have tried to ignore you, but you repeatedly address opinions to-wards me that I have no interest in.

    So could you have the decency to ignore anything I might contribute to the blog and find someone else to bother.

    As I have absolutely no interest in any of your opinions.

    In otherwords just F. O.!

  659. 659
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Play Nice chaps :lol:

  660. 660
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Chuck, You dead right there, It’s the biggest “Firm”, ie Criminal one, In the World, Is The Police Force!
    Some say it’s another wing of the Free Masons, I wouldn’t put it past them, To be honest.
    There’s got to be something wrong when Northumbria Police promote Sue Sim to Chief Constable, After she was utterly crap during “The Raoul Moat Man Hunt”.
    She should be locked up anyway, As her hair style has to be an offence lol.

  661. 661
    avatar workyticket says:

    You two again.

    GS, you’re a drunk, a tramp and an unfit mother.

  662. 662
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Any Match banter the morra Worky?

  663. 663
    avatar workyticket says:

    joe hawkins says:
    January 11, 2014 at 10:52 am

    “There’s got to be something wrong when Northumbria Police promote Sue Sim to Chief Constable”

    I’ve just looked her up, she looks like the slow one out the Vicar of Dibley.

  664. 664
    avatar workyticket says:

    sirjasontoon says:
    January 11, 2014 at 11:05 am

    “Any Match banter the morra Worky?”

    I can’t let myself get forced back into blogging again just yet SJT. I’ll be around here watching the game though and if there are a few others as well.

  665. 665
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    :( Oki Doki Fella

  666. 666
    avatar workyticket says:

    sirjasontoon says:
    January 11, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    “:( Oki Doki Fella”

    Why the long face?

  667. 667
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, Have you seen her “Alf Garnet” though, She should go around and arrest whoever did that to her.

    That is a really bad 1980′s cut!

    She is about as thick as the lass out of “The Vicar Of Dibley”.
    She was neither use nor ornament during that ginger nutter’s reign of terror!
    Then all of a sudden she is promoted to the top job, Something funny going on there.

  668. 668
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Cos I was sad haha….

  669. 669
    avatar chuck says:

    Just watched a scrappy game, with two mediocre sides, M.U. & Swansea.
    Ferguson was smart to jump ship, left without much in the way of funding, plus the fact he made some poor buys over the last few years.
    Yep an ageing side that needs to be almost totally rebuilt, having sold young players like Poggi and kept the Cleverly’s and others, who are simply not good enough.
    There is obviously concern, unfortunately the blame is being directed at Moyes, who was left holding the bag.
    The Clubs US stock’s have fallen, which will send a signal to the Glaziers, time to invest unless you want to see the entire family fortune collapse and end the present cash cow scenario, where the club was used to fund their investments and personal fortunes.

    On the other hand, their opponents, Swansea, who finished a respectable ninth in the final standings, that plus a cup win, have been having a poor season.

    Laudrup, who inherited a decent side, who were a short passing, possession side under Rodgers, have had a poor season, with big buy, Bony, having a nightmare season .

    Sitting in 13th place, with only two wins in their last ten games, the best they can hope for,rbies. is mid table mediocrity.

    Guess the only constant is change, and their have been a number of surprises this season, one of which is yet to happen, I’m gonna project your neighbors will survive the drop and be around for next years derbies, having just come off a big win, over relegation bound Fulham.

  670. 670
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    I have just read an article in “The Mirror”, Where Pardew is saying he wants to finish higher than 5th.
    He also thinks the criticism of his team and the club is wrong, And they do not lack ambition.
    He then goes on to ask what is success, And what is failure?
    he is trying to say Villa fans would think their season so far is a success.
    What is he on?, So a big club like Villa kicking it’s heels, And struggling, Is success?

    So on the one hand you have him talking tough, Then in true Pardew contradictory style, The next paragraph has us a small club.
    He’s on about how we will have to be at our best, And City will have to have an off day etc, The usual crap he spouts.
    Then using past players and teams to try and emphasise and give weight to his uttering.

    All this comes exactly a day after he came out with another statement about where they were with their transfer dealings, During this window.
    Not one bid in for any player thus far, But the legs are under the water, In trying to do that very thing.
    Apparently the same old, Same old was trotted out, Right player, Right price, Has to be right for the club etc

    Surely if the highly ambitious Mr Pardew was in charge of a club chasing a top four spot, Such talk would be nonsense.
    If we were a club chasing the top four, Then why are we continually told by the same man, We cannot even compete with the Stoke City’s of the World?

    Surely if we were chasing the top four, Then talk about us having to play out of our skins to beat City would be horse dung, Because we would be good enough to match them?

    If this deluded fool somehow finds himself in the top four, Come the end of the Season, It will be sheer luck, And nothing more!
    How the hell do you move a club forward, When you are stuck in quicksand the whole time, With a skin flint of an owner, Who makes Ebenezer Scrooge look like a philanthropist?

    Yes we could get a result today, It’s not beyond the realms of possibility, Given City’s form away from home.
    Pardew has to have a right go at it today though, Non of this try and contain City until the last 20 minutes, And then see where we are.
    We do that, Then they will pick us off at will, They have match winners all over the park, And sitting back will be suicide!

    Regardless of Pardew’s utter Flim-Flam, I can see typical fare today.
    I can see a very negative set up, With Remy being isolated, And Pardew just trying to stay with City for as long as he can.
    Combine this with very poor ball rentention, Poor passing, No clear defined player roles, And an accident waiting to happen.
    I think this Pardew team has been teetering on the brink of getting a right hiding, For a while now!
    The only thing he said worth any merit was his comments about everything will have to go for them on the day, And City are off their game!
    If City play like they did against West Ham, Then it could be another painful lesson for this pitiful pretender in Pardew!

  671. 671
    avatar workyticket says:

    joe hawkins says:
    January 11, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    “Worky, Have you seen her “Alf Garnet” though, She should go around and arrest whoever did that to her.

    “That is a really bad 1980′s cut!”

    Is that double rhyming slang, Joe? (Alf Garnett – Barnet fair – hair) :lol:

    She should arrest herself. Some people, and it isn’t always lasses either, find their ‘look’ when they’re about 18, 21 or whatever, then they stick with it steadfastly until they’re in their eighties no matter how ridiculous it looks after the ravages of time have taken hold, not to mention the vagaries of fashion over several decades.

    When that bizzie woman fixed her look, club tropicana drinks were free, and there was fun and sunshine enough for everyone! :-)

  672. 672
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, I’ll bet her favourite band was “Haircut 100″.

    At the same time, It looks like “Flock Of Seagulls” have crapped on her head.

  673. 673
    avatar workyticket says:

    Will we get a bad kicking today then?

  674. 674
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Well he’s just been on Sky with his team selection and tactics.
    He’s pushing Cabaye further forward in the number 10 role, As he calls it.
    As predicted Remy is ploughing the lone furrow, I don’t know whether pushing Cabaye that far forward is a good idea.
    Williamson and Taylor are the centre back pairing, With Mbiwa and Santon making up the back four.

    For all his chest pumping, Pardew is predictably running scared.
    You never know, We could catch them on a bad day, But City are on form.

    4-4-2 for them with Dzecko and Negredo upfront, A tough game in prospect, No doubt.

  675. 675
    avatar chuck says:

    Nine am start here, so it’s fresh coffee and some bread and cheese.
    Got a feeling we will start in hope and die in despair.
    Citeh having such a talented side and scoring goals for fun.
    But hopefully it will be entertaining, and the side give it their all, cant ask for much more.

  676. 676
  677. 677
    avatar workyticket says:

    It’s f**king Karrimor adverts now, another Mike Ashley company freeloading off NUFC.

  678. 678
    avatar GS says:

    I bet Pardew gets a red card.

  679. 679
    avatar workyticket says:

    It was a ridiculous decision.

  680. 680
    avatar chuck says:

    Excellent first half, very entertaining, apart from the ref’s decision, where he should have ignored the offside, neither of the two players interfering with play.
    Why I dislike the current offside rule, which is far too subjective and should be changed, as there is no room for iffy decisions in the game.
    But apart from that, we appeared to edge the period, hopefully the disputed goal, will give the side impetus and we can take advantage of Citeh’s poor away form.

  681. 681
    avatar chuck says:

    Certainly an entertaining game, where the final score was ufair.
    Remy should have scored, with a perfect opportunity, while Tiote’s goal deserved to be counted, just another case of human error.
    However if we keep playing with the same effort and precision passing, stretching defenses by playing wide.
    We should end up winning more than we lose.

  682. 682
    avatar workyticket says:

    It’s time for your heartthrob now, Chuck.

  683. 683
    avatar GS says:

    I am glad we chased the game, but that left us open to a counter. I very much doubt if goal difference will mean anything for us so 2-0 isn’t that much worse.

    We gave City a real game, we weren’t afraid, and that was nice to see.

  684. 684
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    The first 15 minutes you thought City were going to carry on where they left off on Wednesday.
    Fair play to Newcastle though, They battled their way back in, And the goal should have stood imo.
    No way was Gouffran interfering with play, And the ref looked like he had given it, Until he consulted his assistant.

    Second half belonged to Newcastle, But i think Pardew ballsed up as usual, By taking Mbiwa off, And not replacing him with another defender, Because we were still in the game.
    As usual Gouffran was taken off, And replaced with Hairdara, Who only made a couple of runs.
    Ben Arfa was just a waste of a substitution again, And contributed little.

    We got caught with one less defender at the back, Although we had to try and go for it, But you could see it coming a mile off.

    So it was 3 points for “General Kronos, The Vampire Hunter’s Men”.
    It’s a shame because Pellegrini would have not looked out of place alongside Peter Cushing, And Christopher Lee!

  685. 685
    avatar workyticket says:

    joe hawkins says:
    January 12, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    “But i think Pardew ballsed up as usual, By taking Mbiwa off, And not replacing him with another defender.”

    Haidara’s a full back, Joe.

    As you suggested later, the problem was the usual. Man City were in front and we were throwing everything up front. Steven Taylor was a striker more than a centre back at the end.

  686. 686
    avatar GS says:

    Joe: Haidara was a swap for MBiwa as Santon changed wings.
    We were still playing 4 at the back. And Ben Arfa was for Gouffran. You are being very harsh on Pardew there.

  687. 687
    avatar workyticket says:

    GS says:
    January 12, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    “You are being very harsh on Pardew there.”

    GS, you’ll be saying that AndyMac is harsh on Pardwho next.

  688. 688
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    That’s what i meant to say really, If he was going to take mbiwa off, Because of what happened with Nasri, Then he didn’t have to go more gung ho.
    We were still causing them problems, But Pardew has to meddle with the side, When there wasn’t much cause to do so.
    The goal more or less came down the flank were Mbiwa would have been positioned.
    So his meddling and the swapping of wings cost them dear again!
    The more he tries to meddle with the side, The worse we become.

  689. 689
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    To be honest, I have got no idea what he is doing with either of them.
    Santon continually plays as a winger, With no idea of being a fullback.
    Haidara seemed to be playing down the left wing, It was a bit all over the place, To be fair.

    No doubt the disallowed goal will be the basis for his mitigation, In why his team didn’t get anything.
    We were causing them problems without creating too much, And Remy was guilty of squandering our best chances.
    I somehow don’t think 16 million quid will change hands there.

    Ashley still needs to put his hand in his pocket, If radge Pardew wants a top four finish, Although that defeat probably put paid to that!
    I think that is the absolute zenith of Ashley’s ambition, Is to qualify for the Champions league, Without any outlay on players.
    That to him would be success, And putting a middle finger up to the big boys.
    We might then get that 20 million he promised us, At the start of his “Tenure”, Even then it will be done on a budget!

  690. 690
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Sorry meant to say, We were in the game, And had a lot of the ball, Without creating many clear cut chances.

  691. 691
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    All that fukkin’ money spent on that blasted Hawkeye thing (just to stop Chelsea cheating a couple of times every season) and we still have the problem of crap linesmen making stupid decisions week in, week out. And, apparently, no acceptable way to prevent this from happening.

    I’ve said this before I’ll say it again: I can understand linesmen and referees missing key fouls, offsides etc. but officials seeing things that haven’t actually happened is just completely unacceptable, not to mention baffling.

    That kind of error should be factored in to their performance assessments at a higher tariff (for want of a better word) than ‘missed’ decisions.

  692. 692
    avatar chuck says:

    In all fairness, the linesman called what he saw and from his perspective, couldn’t tell whether either player was interfering with play.

    The guilty official, was the ref who from his perspective, could clearly see that neither one obstructed the goalies view, or attempted to interfere with play.

    In which case he should have over-ruled the linesman and awarded the goal.

    Which by the way rivaled Tiote’s Arsenal game shot, well almost.

    Easy to say after the fact, but I believe the ref took the easy out, when two players are in offside positions
    and the linesman calls it, that momentary indecision, a fear of calling it wrong, is there.

    It’s easier to call a no goal which places a certain share of the blame on the linesman.

    Of course I heard Pardeux say, the linesman got it right, but you (meaning the ref) got it wrong.

    And I believe every one agrees, but it won’t be his last wrong call, it’s impossible to get em all right. Human error being a part of the game.

    The point is once a decision has been made, certainly as in to-days case, why not look at the videos, instead of finalizing it.

    It was an important enough decision that a couple of minutes to review the call would have not effected the continuity of the game.

    I’m certainly not advocating decisions in general should be questioned or reviewed, only game changing ones.

    After all it’s commonplace in a number of professional sports nowadays. sports including Rugby, what’s the objection in football.

  693. 693
    avatar chuck says:

    It was as I said previously an entertaining game and in Pardeux speak, if I’m honest I think we may have shaded it.

    We are finally utilizing our pace and stretching defenses, plus our passing has improved enormously.
    A bit of goalscoring help, plus an addition or two to our back four we may qualify for a top four spot.

  694. 694
    avatar chuck says:


    Guess you wont have to worry about the sixteen big ones, Ashley will never pay that amount, plus I’m sure he’s not happy with him for dumping us for QPR.

    Anyhow IMO a move to the big city is more likely, as I doubt Remy want’s to remain at Newcastle.

    It did gave him a shot to showcase himself, as opposed to disappearing into the second tier though.

    We could end up with, Gomis, DeJong, or possibly Long.

    My understanding is we turned down a nine million deal for Cisse, ffs grab it before the change their minds.

    By the way, Taylor had a good game, as did most, but we need a Colo replacement, someone with a bit of substance
    to center that back line, anyone catch who was responsible for the first goal, take a guess ?

  695. 695
    avatar workyticket says:

    Poor Pardew went from fist pump to fist of fury after that goal. He went too far though when he called Pellegrini a “f****** old c*** :lol: and Haidara should have been sent off.

    Bollocks about Williamson, Chuck.

  696. 696
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    Gouffran was responsible for the first goal. So busy staring at the ball he missed Kolarov moving into space.

    A cross into the box and we’re a goal down.

  697. 697
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    You had to have a laugh when Pardew slammed his little black book into the grass.
    What’s he going to do if he loses all of the players wives phone numbers?

    Although he had his grievances yesterday, He is still a load of crap.
    What’s the betting he makes a balls of the West Ham game, Then gets turned over by Chris Hughton, And then finishing off with yet another Derby defeat, With Poyet’s team wanting it more?

  698. 698
    avatar pete_toon says:

    So Jonas has gone to Norwich on loan until the end of the season. That’ll fill the coffers for those big signings that JFK has been working so diligently on then.

  699. 699
    avatar The Geordie Prophet says:

    i think JFK is too busy trying to work out why his mobile phone isnt connected to the wall like the last phone he used in the 80s

  700. 700
    avatar workyticket says:

    I remember having a go one of the first ever mobile phones through someone I knew who was working in telecoms at the time. It must have been about 1981 and I was about 17. It wasn’t just like those big Motorola brick things yuppies used to have, it was like a big brick thing attached to a car battery with a handle on it and you could only speak to some other twat from British Telecom on it.

  701. 701
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Had a look on .com

    shearer and the duchess // Jan 14, 2014 at 5:45 PM

    I’ve got to say, Mr Carr does a very good job of identifying players.

    If he thinks De Jong is good enough then I will be happy to have him at our famous football club.

    I’m starting to feel a real magpie now. Much better than when I supported those glory teams from Manchester & London.

    I sense the deep sense of despair from some of you chaps but that’s like a new sensation for me. And new is good. It’s stimulating.

    Up the mags!

    23sirjasontoon // Jan 14, 2014 at 7:30 PM

    shearer and the duchess


  702. 702
    avatar workyticket says:

    I’m sensing a strong lack of seriousness from Mr. Shearer there, SJT.

  703. 703
    avatar The Geordie Prophet says:

    since when did the duchess rumor break the super injunction?

    thought people werent supposed to talk about that on uk based blogs?

    ive sent you an email worky.

  704. 704
    avatar chuck says:

    So this is it ?
    Sad really, better to close, than continue like this!

  705. 705
    avatar The Geordie Prophet says:

    close what?

    what i miss?

  706. 706
    avatar sirjasontoon says:

    Heh heh me too :) Or a complete CNT :)

  707. 707
    avatar The Geordie Prophet says:

    we are mearly trying to break the world record blog posts. and there is a long way to go. hopefully we should have it in the bag by the time we win the FA cup in 2043

  708. 708
    avatar The Geordie Prophet says:

    so anyone got any raging gossip? heard any rumors doing the rounds?

  709. 709
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    That @rsehole ref (Jones) has been left off the list for
    next weekend’s games. Quite right too.

    Instead of risking him fukkin’ up two games in a row, he’s been shipped off to Blunderland as the fourth official – which is possibly a bit harsh.

  710. 710
    avatar The Geordie Prophet says:

    the thing with that Darth, they quite often get rotated anyway. so that is probably a smoke screen anyway. it serves no real purpose but to look like action is taken.

    this ref is a joke. was in charge of the Sunderland v liverpool ganme involving the beach ball.
    he has form for lacking in the finer details of the football rule book.

  711. 711
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    There’s a few good articles doing the rounds now, About the real Alan Pardew.
    The one Graham Poll wrote about him yesterday, And the one that Oliver Holt wrote about him, In “The Mirror”.
    Both are a good read, And it more or less highlights what a lot of us have been saying about him, On this blog for a long while.
    It’s long overdue that this odious individual is seen for what he is, A jumped up nobody, Who isn’t fit to stand alongside some like Pellegrini.
    The foul mouthed oik would be betting plying his p*ss Poor trade, At somewhere like Kidderminster Harriers, For example.

    That would give some yardstick to this yahoo’s true merit!

  712. 712
    avatar workyticket says:

    joe hawkins says:
    January 15, 2014 at 2:18 am

    “There’s a few good articles doing the rounds now, About the real Alan Pardew.
    “The one Graham Poll wrote about him yesterday, And the one that Oliver Holt wrote about him, In “The Mirror”.”

    Does it count when it’s ‘w@nker on w@nker’ though, Joe? ie a w@nker bitching about another w@nker.

    Holt’s a Daily Mirror hack and an as for Graham Poll, he’s one of THE great w@nkers.

  713. 713
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Worky, i accept Holt is a complete dick, But at least some people are starting to have a closer look at Pardew.
    He is well hated by most people in the country, But quite a few of our fan base, Seem to have a blind spot, Where he is concerned.

    Even today, “The Chronic” have conducted one of their iffy polls, And according to them, “Pardew Is Still The Man”!
    Personally, I think because he has a knack of getting results against the so called “Big Teams”, This seems to mask his other inadequacies.
    He hardly ever beats the teams in and around us, And the matches are always a struggle.

    It does now look like Deliverance Mob of our fans, Are happy to trade than in for a W in the column against a Manure of the World.
    They seem quite happy to have the odd day in the sunshine, When the rest of the time it is p***ing down!

    Fair enough, He was upset after the disallowed goal, But he showed his true colours in the aftermath.
    The players lost their heads a bit also, And we picked up a rash of yellow cards.
    Pardew being the classless moron that he is, Did little to calm things down, And used a thuggish 4 division standard manager’s style of management to get a desired response.
    In doing that, He finally showed what level of operator he was, If we didn’t already know.

    Some of the fan base cannot see past their hate of Ashley, And somehow see Pardew as some innocent party and victim, In Ashley’s treatment of the Club.

    On one of Man City’s forums, They were saying they used to have a soft spot for Newcastle.
    They are now saying that this is being eroded away, Because of Mike Ashley, And the joke people he is bringing in to run the Club, And the cheap way in which he runs things.
    They and fans of other clubs are seeing how our continuing involvement with him, And his tatty empire, Is ruining the standard of Newcastle United.
    Ordinarily i wouldn’t really care that much about what fans of other Clubs think of us, But i have to agree with them.

    The longer we are involved with this grubby toe rag, And his ineffectual minions like Kinnear and Pardew, The stock and reputation of this Club, Are going to continue to plummet.
    Pardew has shown over the weekend that he is another Tatty Herbert who is bringing the Club into disrepute.

    Other clubs have benevolent benefactors, We and Cardiff City and Hull City, We have malevolent malefactors!

  714. 714
    avatar chuck says:

    Calm down Joe !
    It’s not a case of who is to blame, they are all birds of a feather, with Ashley the last word on most things.
    So we will have to continue to deal with his policies, that is, remain as a big earning PL side, without the added distractions of any attempted shot at silverware.
    To much effort (don’t want to endanger the clubs PL status) for too little reward.
    At present, the buy em cheap, sell em at a decent profit, the retailers mantra is the only policy, that and collect the massive tv injection of funds to the EPL which remains paramount.
    Pardeux may well have conned Ashley as far as his abilities are concerned, as for wor Joe, just another fall guy, who like Pardeux and Owl Heed before him, are all lucky to be employed by anyone.
    But they come cheap and are willing to kiss ass and anything else that is asked of them, much like the Capo’s at Sports Direct, who are well paid, to treat the drones like modern day slaves.
    Get used to it.

  715. 715
    avatar chuck says:

    As for Pardeuxs talent’s!
    Well we know he wrote the book on excuses and to see him
    insulting one of the most talented managers in the division, whose side are a pleasure to watch, well…..
    Of all the managers available at the time, to pick someone like Pardeux, was for me a massive mistake, to then compound it by offering him an eight year deal was worse than a mistake, it was a stupid blunder, from someone who should by now know better.
    But it’s always been about the bottom line for Ashley,
    however cheaper is not always better, but go tell that to Ashley.

  716. 716
    avatar chuck says:

    Been reading lately, that our need includes a central defender, to replace a possible Colo. return home to Argentina.
    Someone who has his best days behind him, hell let the guy go, for whatever his choice of Argentine club can afford.
    There was mention of signing a prospect (a 19 year old Frenchman, quelle surprise !) but any 19 yr old is one for the future, what we need is a Central defender of some substance, who is ready to ply now.
    In which case where are we at in that regard Joe or Carr,
    If you have to ask why, take a look at the number of goals we have shipped

  717. 717
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    The Geordie Prophet says:
    January 14, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    “the thing with that Darth, they quite often get rotated anyway.”

    I’d happily rotate his head through 180o, Prophet.

  718. 718
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    Here’s something to ponder. Which of these scenarios would you prefer:

    The toon as we are at the moment, with the club wholly owned by a wealthy individual with bafflingly small ambitions and a level of contempt for the fans that the Daily Mail generally reserves for single mothers and asylum seekers.


    The toon with a new wealthy owner intent on buying the EPL and the Champions League (like Man City or Chelsea).

    I only mention this as I’ve been having a less-than-polite discussion with Citeh supporters on another site (whining on about ‘Newcastle thugs’ and the referee’s decision to rule out Tiote’s goal), and I’ve come to the conclusion that I couldn’t face having to justify the latter scenario to other team’s fans.

  719. 719
    avatar chuck says:

    Dark Broon

    An interesting scenario’s, however not the only choices.
    Also it appears Ashley has had an impression on a number of clubs in the PL.
    What am I on about?
    Well I just heard it from my Liverpool supporting bartender, that Rodgers has in place, a minimum age on recruits of 27.
    That’s fine, I got no problem with that, to a certain degree, however what about the available veteran, who could mean the difference between a title or relegation.
    Point is, Ashley is as I stated above, not really interested in silverware, only in profit.
    In which case, an age limit on signings is appropriate, as is hiring cheap labor and pocketing the recent increased tv revenue.
    But it’s also obvious he really has, even after a number of years, no real understanding of the game.
    Otherwise why would he have hired Pardeux, then compounded his mistake, by offering the cnut an eight year deal.
    Not only that but Joe Kinnear, who has been silenced, what is he about?
    What we are seeing here is an owner, who knows FA about football hiring the worst has beens and never been’s in the game, because they came cheap.
    And as long as he can both sell players at a good profit
    plus retain membership in what is possibly the biggest earning group, after the US NFL, namely the EPL, he’s happy.
    Unfortunately with the increased revenues from TV the game has brought a number of foreign and local owners who see the EPL as a cash cow.
    And are more interested in the revenues than any kind of success on the field.
    Which in turn effects both the sides and what they have represented in the past.


  720. 720
    avatar workyticket says:

    DarthBroon says:
    January 15, 2014 at 9:52 pm

    “Here’s something to ponder. Which of these scenarios would you prefer…”

    I would prefer a world without false dichotomies, Darth. :-)

    Having said that, it’s impossible to justify the vile Sheikh Mansour as an owner of any football club. Slavery, the death penalty for homosexualty, endemic torture etc, it even puts the crimes of Mike Ashley in the shade. Any Manchester City fan who tries to justify his club living off the proceeds of all that just make themselves look pathetic.

  721. 721
    avatar DarthBroon says:

    Chuck, Worky.

    I wasn’t really suggesting those scenarios were the only ones we might find ourselves in. I originally wrote something much longer(!) but eventually cut out the bits I wrote in praise of Man Utd (until the Glasers crashed onto the scene, that is) and Arsenal as examples of clubs that had built and actually EARNED their success over a period of time.

    Obviously, the scenario we’re all hoping for is for the club to be bought by someone who actually wants to WIN something – in the manner of Swansea, Liverpool maybe, or Southampton (although it looks like the wheels might be about to come off there with the rumored departure of their chief exec at the end of the season).

  722. 722
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Chuck, I’ll never be able to get used to Ashley and his gang of grubby toe rags!
    Our continued involvement with these scum bags, Is only going to harm the Club in the long run.

  723. 723
  724. 724
    avatar GS says:

    We have to beat Wet Spam. If there is one manager more irritating than Pardew…

  725. 725
    avatar tunyc says:

    Just a couple thoughts: it does count to me if a wanker calls out AP, as usually the wankers close ranks behind guys like him. Makes me think of Hoddle’s comments criticizing Pardew’s tactics at halftime against Arsenal. I noted them particularly because he’s the type of talking head who usually reflexively says defensive & flattering things about guys like Pardew whenever their position is under threat due to their own incompetence.

    Also, I think this squad gets results against bigger sides because the players get up for that, games sure to be on TV and make the highlights shows, completely independent of AP’s “tactics”. Against sides like Swansea, we’re often shown up by AP’s poor tactics AND his poor man management.

  726. 726
    avatar tunyc says:

    Ah, shit. Said the “w” word unedited in my last post. But I can still say shit. That’s what I get for not knowing what’s a curse word in the UK…

  727. 727
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    GS, The next 3 games are in Pardew f**k up territory.
    He rarely gets results against the so called also ran’s.
    I’ve got a nasty feeling that Poyet will out think him,

  728. 728
    avatar joe hawkins says:

    Pressed the wrong button, Bollox!
    I think Poyet will out think him, Out fight him, And do the double over him.
    He will have his team up for the battle, When daft Pardew still hasn’t got a clue, What a Derby game is all about!

  729. 729
    avatar workyticket says:

    tunyc says:
    January 16, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    “wankers close ranks behind guys like him.”

    That could be messy.

  730. 730
    avatar pete_toon says:

    If we lose to the mackems I’m ditching my season ticket.

  731. 731
    avatar chuck says:

    Looks like someone has activated Joe, sending him to Germany to negotiate a swap deal, Cisse for DeJong.
    Considering the way Cisse has been playing of late, I’m gonna reluctantly accept it, not being a big fan of either.
    Rather have Long, a guy who constantly give his all, plus is decent in the air, something that this team lacks.
    I could see Either Remy or Gomis, playing with Long who I think is one of the best in the league playing behind the striker and who can be bought for a reasonable price.

  732. 732
    avatar The Geordie Prophet says:

    apparently cisse doesn’t want to leave.
    he wants to stay and fight for his place.

    in other words he not as thick as we think, he wants to stay until Remy has gone and we have no other choice but to play as hes our only striker.

  733. 733
    avatar chuck says:

    Yeah! guys like BSA have something to prove, as do most ex managers playing their old sides, with Carroll and Nolan no doubt wanting to get on the scoreboard.

    The Sunderland Derby, will be another test and if this loosing streak continues, we may see Ashley looking for the panic button.

    It seems how things go with this side, where we go from one streak to another, I don’t get it?

    I was a bit disappointed when Johnson, was signed by Sunderland, but to be honest he never played to his abilities, either at Citeh or Sunderland.

    That’s of course until his recent hat-trick game.
    Of course that may have had a lot to do with Poyet, who has revived a flagging side and may yet avoid the drop.

    In which case there’s a lot at stake, certainly for the opposition, but if we happen to lose, it could shake a few dollars loose, Ashley being very sensitive to the thought of relegation, which is still happen, it’s not too late.

  734. 734
    avatar The Geordie Prophet says:

    to be honest i dont think Ashley would ever hit the panic button as far as Pardew is concerned.

    pardew is by far the best person for the job, he keeps fans happy, doesnt have any big ideas and can keep the club mid table. which is exactly where Ashley wants Newcastle to be.

    in the long term i think he will stick by his man. why would he do anything different. he has set 8th position finish for this season.

    it just s shame he didnt spend a little in the summer as this season is the best chance to bridge the gap with the top four.

    but that would be a bit much to ask.

    in the long term it might work. i think we can pretty much start that 5 year plan again. with relegation and europe seemingly knocking our progress a little i think it would not surprise me if there were silverware in ashleys plans somewhere.

    i can atill see Ashley doing something with the club but history shows he doesnt need to have a big club in a big position to get his advertisement for his cheap sh@t shop, when us fan