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Vying for No.9 at Newcastle United? – Part Deux.

January 12th, 2010 | 129 Comments |

So who fancies living up to this then?
So who fancies living up to this then?
Well here it is, the third and final chapter of my mid-term player review. And a topical area for discussion, as speculation remains over a move for Leeds Utd’s Jermaine Beckford, or A.N. Other should we fail in that bid.

The No.9 shirt is almost as synonymous with Newcastle United, as St James’ Park, the black and white stripes or that deed funny accent we’ve got. It’s been made particularly special in this part of the world because it’s been worn by some of the best players this country has seen. The likes of Gallacher, Milburn, MacDonald, Cole, Shearer have graced that shirt and it will undoubtedly always be a big shirt to fill.

Ironic then, given that the No.9 shirt and the prestige it carries with it is currently up for grabs, that we have a group of strikers who fall somewhat short of the standards we’ve come to expect from our centre-floorboards, and that none of them look like earning that honour just yet, particularly in this current barren spell…..

So how far short have they fallen so far? (more…)

One of Newcastle United’s greatest goal scoring partnerships.

June 28th, 2009 | 23 Comments |

Ted Robledo
Ted Robledo.
With the ship’s captain charged and then acquited of the murder of Ted Robledo, one of the famous Robledo Brothers who played in United’s 1951 cup winning team, no-one was to ever find out the truth of what happened to Ted that fateful night. It was 1970 when the ship set sail from Dubai enroute to one of the oil rigs in the Gulf where Ted worked after giving up football. Some claimed a fight broke out between Ted and the captain but people who knew the mild mannered Ted said that was totally out of character and they didn’t believe it. Despite several trips by his family Ted’s body was never found and the truth to this day never uncovered.

Born in Chile to an english mother and chilean father, the Robledo brothers found themselves moving to England as small children when their home sick mother moved back to the small mining town in South Yorkshire where her family lived. After playing amateur football while working down the pit, George signed professional terms with Barnsley in 1943 when he was 16. On the opening day of the postwar season George was to score a hat-trick on his league debut. (more…)

Wor Jackie would be fuming.

June 13th, 2009 | 4 Comments |

Wor Jackie.
Wor Jackie.
Could we really stoop any lower then we have this week? We’ve really plumbed new depths. Newcastle United being advertised for sale on the club website like Doris from accounts selling her exercise bike she no longer uses. If there’s anyone with a spare £100,000,000 to spend, please reply here by email to the office junior! How crass does it make us look? While clubs like Portsmouth are carrying out a dignified sale of their club, predictably the idiots managing NUFC have turned the potential sale of our great club into a humilitating spectacle played out before the nation. The butt of thousands of mocking emails and radio phone-in programmes we have had to take it on the chin. But when we thought it couldn’t get any worse….

They have to screw it up even more royally; why just offload the players we don’t want or can’t afford like normal clubs do ,when we could really make a pigs ear out of that process also? In typical NUFC style we only go and put the entire squad up for sale. Why get rid of a few when we could get rid of the lot of them? I know what we could have a Sports Direct ‘everything must go sale’. Any player can go, hell they’re all for sale. I tell you what guv ‘buy one, get one free, can’t say fairer than that.’ Lets just pin a notice on SJP, one job lot, in amongst the tat and the rejects you will find some real gems available to the highest bidder. (more…)