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Newcastle United now the only Premiership club to have signed no players

July 12th, 2013 | 29 Comments |

Jeroen Zoet.
Jeroen Zoet – Possibly the strongest link so far?
Well, it’s been a very busy transfer window so far with all that extra TV money swelling the coffers of Premier League clubs around the country.

No fewer than 61 players have been signed to Premier League clubs at the time of writing, with almost every club signing at least one new player. Sunderland have even signed seven. However there is one rether predictable exception, and there are no prizes for guessing who it is. Of course it’s Newcastle United, who have recently lost Danny Simpson, Steve Harper and James Perch, with Dan Gosling possibly on the way too. Another important issue is that this further English exodus could cause problems with the 8 “home grown” players in the 25 man squads teams have to hand in at the start of the season.

Having written that, there are currently high hopes for the signing of a younger flying Dutchman called Jeroen Zoet to keep existing flying Dutchman, Tim Krul, on his toes more than Robbie Elliot can. If so it would be good move and not just for the mere fact that it’s a body “over the line” as our Silver Supremo is so fond of saying. (more…)

The source of the James Perch to Wigan non-story

July 2nd, 2013 | 35 Comments |

James Perch - Newcastle United.
Perch – No evidence whatsoever for Wigan move.
It has been “reported” by several frauds in the media, as well as several lazy copy and paste style blogs that James Perch is set to leave Newcastle United.

It all started around a month ago on the 2nd June with a short piece by Alan Nixon in the Mirror. It read:

“Newcastle prepare to dump James Perch to make room for more Frenchmen”
2 Jun 2013 22:30

“Alan Pardew’s Baguette Batallion set to grow and grow – which means no place left for the Englishman.

“Newcastle United will let versatile James Perch go – to make way for new foreign signings.

“Boss Alan Pardew has decided that Perch, who played several roles for him, can be sacrificed in the summer sales. (more…)

Newcastle United’s new crazy gang – Kinnear and Carr

July 1st, 2013 | 37 Comments |

Joe Kinnear and Graham Carr.
Kinnear and Carr: NUFC’s scouting “dream team.”
They are two chubby old men who swear so much, they even make Bernard Manning and Chubby Brown sound like a pair of Vicars.

One is reviled and one is revered by significant sections of Newcastle United’s fanbase, yet they are almost like peas in a pod. Two chubby, foul mouthed, old school pros with two lifetimes worth of experience in football. Carr has already been an excellent scout for Newcastle United, and there is no reason why Joe Kinnear can’t add to that significantly too, as a scout himself, as well as a bridge between the football side of the club, Mike Ashley and the future Managing Director, whoever that might be.

Since Kinnear’s return to the club, the first lazy stereotype of uninformed newspaper hacks was that Kinnear was putting a stop to the foreign signings because he’d never heard of them, that he was looking to sign more Kevin Nolans and Ryan Taylors, and also that Carr was set to walk out of the club in disgust. However, if you cast your mind to his time as interim manager at Newcastle, Kinnear was actually exploring the French market long before Carr came to the club. One transfer target Kinnear bid for was potential Butt replacement, Stephane Mbia, then a Stade Rennais player who eventually moved to Marseilles for over £10 million and eventually, QPR. There were others too such as Toulouse right back Albin Ebondo, who was looked at by Kinnear before he eventually moved to St Etienne. (more…)

Joe Kinnear: It’s time for the playground bullying to end

June 25th, 2013 | 103 Comments |

Joe Kinnear - Newcastle United.
Kinnearophobia is really getting out of hand now.
It’s time for this ridiculous circus to end.

Criticism is one thing, but what has Joe Kinnear supposed to have done to deserve the vilification which has been heaped upon him in the last few days? Has he renamed the Newcastle United’s stadium the Joe Kinnear Arena? Has he sullied Newcastle United’s name by associating it with the UK’s most infamous loan shark? Is he swallowing the club’s identity by turning it into a gigantic free billboard for a retail chain so tacky it makes Poundland look like Harrods?

No, he has come in as a Director of Football to help with recruitment and act as a bridge between the football and the non-football sides of Newcastle United, something which might even turn out to be a good thing. Oh! and he has also given a couple of interviews containing some admittedly ill-chosen words since his arrival. That’s about it really.

All the important, substantive things mentioned above, things which have affected the very fibre of the club have been forgotten now in an orgy of blind hatred for one man who caused none of it. (more…)

Has Joe Kinnear made us forget the real problems at Newcastle United?

June 18th, 2013 | 69 Comments |

Joe Kinnear - A lightning rod?
Joe Kinnear – A lightning rod?
Last season seems like a dim and distant memory now.

Things like a sixteenth placed finish, Alan Pardew’s abysmal tactics and even more abysmal excuses have all been completely forgotten. Forthcoming delights such as the arrival of Wonga and all the opprobrium that will bring have been completely forgotten too, all because of a few interviews from Joe Kinnear as Tyneside finds itself once more in the grip of “Kinnearophobia.”

Is it pure genius?

Strangely, the “local” Mirror Group media, the Chronic and the Journal, have seemingly abandoned their usual sycophancy to the current regime, and have happily been laying into Newcastle United’s new Court Jester at every opportunity. It’s almost as if they’d been given the go ahead to be as brutal as possible by Newcastle United’s Managing Director, Derek Llambaisie Llambias.

Personally, I do not share the antipathy to Kinnear held by many fans, and some of the stuff has been shameful, like the headline in another Newcastle United blog which read “Gan On Kinnear – Have Another Heart Attack!.” I’m not as horrified at his appointment as some claim to be and have alot of respect for what he has achieved in his football career in the past. (more…)