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Keegan bitter about England manager’s job

May 13th, 2011 | 53 Comments |

Kevin Keegan - ex Newcastle and England manager.
Found the England job soulless
Former Newcastle United manager, Kevin Keegan, tells Harry Redknapp to turn down the England job if he’s offered it after the 2012 Euros when Capello is allegedly quitting.

Keegan didn’t have the happiest of times as England manager and it still seems he harbours some bitterness about that period in his career. In fact, he has said that he’d urge tipped Capello successor Harry Redknapp not to bother:

I didn’t enjoy it. Simple as that. It was not a job I applied for. I was at Fulham and took over part-time. It was probably me getting carried away on an idea.

If Harry Redknapp phoned me up and asked me what I thought about him taking it, I’d say, ‘Don’t take it unless you want a lot of free time’. I really would.

Keegan then goes on the bemoan the lack of English talent and how he found the national manager’s job to be a ‘soulless’ one:

I would go to Highbury and see Aime Jacquet [then manager of France] watching about 15 players of his and I would have one. I wouldn’t mind if I could have gone to see Paris St Germain v Nantes and watched 15 English lads. But it wasn’t like that. (more…)