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Why Ashley leaving Toon for the Champions League with Rangers is nonsense

Posted January 27th, 2015 by workyticket | 32 Comments

With Mike Ashley’s recent attempts to take over at Rangers, and specifically his problems with the Scottish FA for having an interest in both clubs, it has often been said recently that Mike Ashley would be willing to leave Newcastle United so he can take over Rangers completely. There have been several hypotheses put forward […]

Pardew pooh-poohs Gutierrez’s talk of lazy training sessions

Posted August 5th, 2013 by workyticket | 39 Comments

After Jonas Gutierrez publically criticised Newcastle United’s lack of intensity in their training sessions last season, Alan Pardew went away for a while, had a think, and has decided that both his staff and himself “need to be honest about it” and admit that mistakes were made. He then goes on to suggest that Gutierrez […]

Newcastle United’s new crazy gang – Kinnear and Carr

Posted July 1st, 2013 by workyticket | 37 Comments

They are two chubby old men who swear so much, they even make Bernard Manning and Chubby Brown sound like a pair of Vicars. One is reviled and one is revered by significant sections of Newcastle United’s fanbase, yet they are almost like peas in a pod. Two chubby, foul mouthed, old school pros with […]

Pardew’s tired excuses don’t make sense, and here’s why…

Posted April 24th, 2013 by workyticket | 78 Comments

“This was our 50th game today, which goes a little bit unnoticed. With all the travelling involved as well, that’s tough. Clubs will look at us and the impact it can have, because it’s not only the extra games but the injuries we’ve had on the back of that. There’s no doubt that our league […]

Newcastle United vs Benfica full match video and highlights

Posted April 12th, 2013 by workyticket | 16 Comments

Newcastle United v Benfica full match video (Opens in new window). Match highlights.

Newcastle United vs Benfica match highlights

Posted April 11th, 2013 by workyticket | No Comments

Highlights from this evening’s Europa League second leg match between Newcastle United and Benfica at St James’ Park. Complete with hilarious German commentary. Newcastle United v Benfica full match video. Alternative Highlights.

Benfica vs Newcastle United full match video, highlights and interviews

Posted April 5th, 2013 by workyticket | 32 Comments

Benfica v Newcastle United full match video. Match highlights.

Benfica vs Newcastle United match highlights and post match interviews

Posted April 4th, 2013 by workyticket | 6 Comments

Highlights from this evening’s Europa League game between Benfica and Newcastle United from the Estadio da Luz, Lisbon. Benfica v Newcastle United full match video. Alternative highlights.

S.L. Benfica – A complete guide for Geordies (part two)

Posted April 2nd, 2013 by workyticket | 45 Comments

With the Newcastle United being drawn against footballing aristocrats Benfica for their Europa League quarter final on Thursday, here is part two of my guide to Benfica. In part one, I took a look at some aspects of Benfica’s history, including it’s links to Newcastle United and the North East in general. In this one, […]

S.L. Benfica – A complete guide for Geordies (part one)

Posted March 29th, 2013 by workyticket | 7 Comments

As Newcastle United’s next Europa League opponents are the Portuguese footballing aristocrats of Benfica, I have been inspired to write a two part guide to the club. In this first part, I will taking a brief look at the history of the club, as well as taking a look at the links between Benfica, Newcastle […]