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Kuwaiti al Arabi chief plotting Toon takeover by next week?

July 10th, 2012 | 35 Comments |

Jamal al Kazemi: Plotting Toon takeover?
Al-Kazemi: Has a few bob.
A report has come into my eyeline from the Kuwait Times (via site user, Stephen C.) saying that the chairman of Kuwait’s al Arabi Football Club, Jamal Al-Kazemi, is:

“Seriously thinking of buying the British Newcastle United football club.”

The report goes on to say that:

“He has finalized all conditions that enable him to acquire the club by next week. The actual negotiations with Newcastle owner Mike Ashley will be clear.”

Next week! Oooh er! Sounds a bit more positive than Ashley’s player negotiations!

However the story then takes a slightly absurd turn when the writer of the piece then added something of his own, writing:

“Ashley has wanted to sell the club since 2009. He bought the club known as “Magpies” in 2007 for £134.4 million and it is said that he is willing to sell it for less than £80 million.” (more…)

How attractive is Newcastle United for a takeover?

October 3rd, 2011 | 65 Comments |

More cash for the club?
More cash for the club?
In my previous blog “The Lesser of Two Evils” many people commented that Mike Ashley has no commitment to NUFC and will sell up as soon as he gets the right offer.

The question that has to be asked then, is, “How attractive is Newcastle United for a takeover?”

If you imagine yourself as a potential investor of NUFC you have to admit that it does look an attractive business move. A huge loyal fan base, who despite their misgivings of the current ownership are relatively content at the moment. All the club debt is out in the open, in a manageable way and is a relatively small given the revenue of the club. The team is playing well and we are flying high in the leagues and cup competitions, if we had beaten West Brom last season we would have only been a few places short of Europe.

Once that debt is cleared (hopefully in a few years) provided we continue to reside in the Premier League we could prove to be quite profitable on a long term investment.

The relegation was fantastic for a new potential owner; all the dead wood and high earners are almost out of Tyneside (Alan Smith I’m looking at you) with a new sensible wage structure and transfer policy in place. I’d argue that maybe another £20 million in transfer fees to get us a new Striker and Right Back / Centre Back would set the team up for a few years; our squad is not in need of a complete overhaul as we have a relatively young squad. (more…)

Newcastle United: The Selling Club

May 1st, 2011 | 57 Comments |

Alan Pardew: A man on a contradictory mission.
Every player has a price.
If we were to listen to the naysayers and those in desperate need of a long course of anti-depressants, the starting XI will be gone come the summer transfer window.

We have always been a selling club, will always be a selling club and unless Ashley leaves, we will remain a selling club. After all, the proof is in the pudding and so far Ashley is just looking to line his pocket with gold. A nugget of truth that somehow ties into todays gutless performance – everybody is for sale. Or something.

The fact is, we aren’t. I know, it’s incredible to think that, but we aren’t a selling club. This season we have sold Andy Carroll.

No, that isn’t a pause for dramatic effect; that’s actually the only sale we’ve had this season. Yes, players have been sent on loan. Yes, players are ‘rumoured’ to be leaving, but if paper talk was 100% true then we’d have Messi and Ronaldo roaming the midfield with Podolski knocking in 80 goals a season and a bench made up of Gervhinho, Hulk, Robben and Shola Ameobi.

Newcastle ‘not for sale’ as prices are frozen.

March 3rd, 2010 | 67 Comments |

Derek Llambias, our much-maligned Managing Director, has been running his mouth off again and has revealed that Newcastle United are no longer for sale and claims fans are beginning to come around to owner Mike Ashley’s way of thinking.

It’s a somewhat surprise statement really as surely any hint of a sale was ended back in October when the club was taken off the market for a second time after again failing to find a buyer, but Derek Llambias believes Ashley is now beginning to show just how committed he is to the Newcastle cause.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, PR disaster Llambias had this to say about Ashley’s commitment to the team: (more…)

NUST unveil glittering array of major business players.

January 15th, 2010 | 202 Comments |

NUST Spokesman, Mark Jensen.
NUST Spokesman, Mark Jensen.
The Newcastle United Supporter’s Trust have today named the financial advisors who will guide them in their battle to oust current owner, Mike Ashley from the club.

First cab off the rank is the Delphi Partnership. They are a corporate finance business based in London, but they have strong North East connections through partner, John Sands, a former North East “Executive of the Year”, and neighbour of former Toon owner, Sir John Hall.

The second company to be unveiled is Whickham firm, the HRC Group, a financial management company. They will work with the NUST on compliance issues, which have been a major stumbling block for the NUST so far.

It was also announced that Leeds accountants, Hentons, have been working with the trust in an advisory role. NUST also announced that the Trust have also been working with a “leading Newcastle legal firm”, however their idendity is been kept a closely guarded secret at this stage.

On the grand unveiling, NUST spokesman, Mark Jensen said:

“Our partners have a proven track record in providing the very best advice and we will be announcing further partners in the next weeks.

“We’re entering an exciting phase and since the current owners have set out their exit strategy we are keen to speed up our campaign and ensure the legal position is portrayed correctly. (more…)