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NUST claim Mike Ashley is making £7million a month from Newcastle United.

January 11th, 2010 | 320 Comments |

Mike Ashley: £7 million pounds per month claim NUST.
Mike Ashley: £7 million pounds per month claim NUST.
On the NUST’s website today, Tony Stephenson claimed a source had told the NUST that Ashley has performed the financial miracle of turning a company which lost over £20 million last year, into a company which was now making as much as £7 million per month. This would be the equivalent of approximately £84 million per annum, with a turnover that is almost half as much as it was in the preceding year.

Mr Richardson was writing about this seemingly remarkable feat in a preamble encouraging members to fill out the Trust’s latest survey, which, say the Trust:

“will be used to show interested potential partners the strength of feeling in the city and beyond about the current regime – the answers you give will form the basis of potential negotiations but are not binding on you. Its a massive marketing exercise to see if the fans are up for it.”

Later on in the piece, Mr Richardson goes on to stress: (more…)

NUST: Running out of time?

January 10th, 2010 | 221 Comments |

The NUST's Malcolm Shiels, Steve Hastie and Mark Jensen.
The NUST's Malcolm Shiels, Steve Hastie and Mark Jensen.
The Newcastle United Supporter’s Trust have recently completed the first phase of their “Yes We Can” campaign, a 6 week “education” programme.

Now, they have embarked on phase two of the campaign. On the NUST’s website. It says of the new phase that they are:

“…setting out our plan that will lead to negotiations with our club on a ‘fan led movement’ that will bring about new ownership with as little pain as possible for both sides.”

As a part of this launch of the second phase, NUST Spokesman, Mark Jensen, said in an interview on Friday that this phase would:

“Convince serious figures in the financial community that Newcastle United, run properly, is a viable, long-term investment”.

He then added on the January transfer window: (more…)

January sales – Newcastle United at knockdown price?

December 6th, 2009 | 117 Comments |

Decision time?
Decision time?
Despite another three points on the board, with the loudest cries of the day demanding the owner to take leave of his current involvement at Newcastle, the latest article in the News of the World suggests Toon fans might get their wish sooner rather than later. The paper claims that Mike Ashley is ready to reopen talks about selling Newcastle next month.

Despite the no-show of funds from previous prospective buyers, NoTW claims that new parties, including one from America, have made contact. Their inference is that relinquishing control of the club would allow him to concentrate on the forthcoming case with the Serious Fraud investigation over alleged price-fixing. And presumably a selling point would be that new owners would have time to invest and help ensure promotion to the top flight. (more…)

Barry Moat has not given up on buying the club.

November 16th, 2009 | 88 Comments |

Best of pals!
Best of pals!
Barry Moat still thinks there’s a chance of him buying Newcastle United in the future.

Apparently, whilst Moat has no immediate plans to launch another bid, he will continue to think about how he might wrest the club for Ashley in the future.

Speaking to Sky Sports News he said:

For one reason or another it didn’t come to pass.

It’s extremely disappointing. It’s something we’d given up a lot of time and effort and abortive costs with so I’ve been feeling pretty bruised by the whole process.

As my wife keeps telling me, ‘No one’s died’ so you’ve got to get on. That’s fundamentally where I see it now.

I think from my perspective I don’t think Mike Ashley wants to stay at St James’ Park for the long term, so I’ll never give up.

I’ll keep beavering away in the background and hopefully one day we’ll get there.” (more…)

Here we go again – the next episode in the Toon soap opera begins.

October 28th, 2009 | 383 Comments |

Here we go again
Here we go again
Mike Ashley has taken Newcastle United off the market after 5 months and appointed Chris Hughton as permanent manager until the end of the 2010/2011 season.

Emotions were running high when this was announced last night but I wanted to try and analyse the situation a little more objectively in the cold light of day.

It looked like Barry Moat might actually have been in with a chance at one point. According to the press, he’d had a £40m up-front plus £40m at the end of the season deal rejected and had come back to Ashley with a £60m-£20m upgrade to that, having been led to believe by Ashley that it would be accepted. Ashley however did not accept it and decided to take the club off the market amongst a lot of familiar-sounding rhetoric.

The rhetoric sounds familiar because it’s pretty much what he said the last time he took the club off the market. He stressed his commitment to the future of Newcastle United then too and he put some money into the club, but then we were relegated and the club was up for sale once again. So I have no reason to believe that Ashley’s aim is to do anything but maximise the club’s appeal so that he can put it up for sale yet again. (more…)