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What do we think of the Newcastle engine room?

October 27th, 2009 | 60 Comments |

Looking and feeling a little rusty in the middle?
Looking and feeling a little rusty in the middle?
Yesterday’s review of the current squad, took a look at the Newcastle defence, an area that this season we’ve been surprisingly strong in, given our poor reputation in recent years.

Tonight looks at arguably the fulcrum of a successful team, the midfield, the place that could and should control a game and dictate the style of play. That doesn’t bode well for our side at the moment because arguably, we have a midfield full of players who are very similar and lack pace. Therefore, the pace is often pedestrian and the game often goes stale.

Looking at the current crop, it really makes you pine for some of our former midfielders who have graced the hallowed St James’ turf in the last couple of decades. Reminisce about the grace of French wingers David Ginola and Laurent Robert. Recall the guts, determination and drive of Robert Lee and Gary Speed. Consider the guile we had in Emre, albeit fleetingly, and the sheer brilliance of Nobby Solano. Even having pure pace ala James Milner, Keith Gillespie to worry the opposition. You can even look at some of the less popular characters. We would kill for the pace of Kieron Dyer and dare I say, I could forgive Jermaine Jenas. Possibly even Damien Duff is a big miss? Maybe that’s stretching it…..

Anyway, that was the past, what about the present? – (more…)

21 year old Toon transfer target.

October 23rd, 2009 | 5 Comments |

Rudolfsen - on the radar
Rudolfsen - on the radar
According to The Chronicle, Newcastle United are tracking a 21 year old striker from Norway.

The striker is a lad called Joakim Rudolfsen and he plays for Norway’s famous third-tier Mo IL side. Apparently he was first spotted by Dennis Wise and has continued to be tracked by Norman Wooster, our Scandinavian scout.

Apparently Rudolfsen recently scored a hat-trick in 14 minutes against Asker and has scored 18 goals in 18 games this season already.

The Chronicle speculates that Hughton might make a move for the striker in the January transfer window, but I doubt it myself. Rudolfsen is the sort of striker who looks like an investment for the future and I’d be surprised if that interests Mike Ashley at the moment.

Even though Rudolfsen would only command a nominal fee I think Hughton’s concerns in the January transfer window will mainly be related to the current campaign. (more…)

Keegan: “I don’t think thats on”. Dirty Den: Mike will “hold on”.

October 5th, 2009 | 195 Comments |

Keegan: 'There's nothing been hidden'.
Keegan: 'There's nothing been hidden'.
Speaking in an inverview with Ray Stubbs in his new role as a pundit for ESPN, former Newcastle United manager, Kevin Keegan, spoke in some depth about his £2 million pound payday from the club, and his possible future in football.

When asked by ‘Stubbsy’, “would you ever consider returning to a club you love so much?” Keegan replied:

“I don’t think it’s on to return back there now, I think the fans have had enough of that but you never know in football.

Meanwhile, over on rival, Sky Sports News, old sparring partner, ex NUFC DOF, and Geordie Pantomime villain, Dennis Wise, gave his own thoughts on Mike Ashley’s plans for the future of Toon. More on that story after the Keegan show.

What follows is a full transcript of the Kevin Keegan interview.

Stubbsy: Kevin, a Premier League arbitration panel ruled in your favour in regard to the situation at Newcastle United. I’m sure you’re relieved it’s all over. What was the main purpose of your claim?

Special K: Well, really to clear everything up. It wasn’t a great situation. I don’t think there are really any winners in it but we’ve got to move on now. The club have got to move on and I’ve got to move on. It’s out in the open. An independent arbitration panel have made a judgement. People can read it, it’s out there for everyone to read so there’s nothing been hidden.

Stubbsy: “Was it important to you that the truth came out?” (more…)

Keegangate: Is this the REAL Nacho video? Are these the Brazilian agents?

October 2nd, 2009 | 16 Comments |

Nacho: The intrigue continues.
Nacho: The intrigue continues.
]In the wake of the Newcastle United / Mike Ashley / Keegan tribunal fiasco, the Daily Mail published a story asking if a Nacho Gonzalez video on ‘YouTube’ was the one Kevin Keegan was supposedly asked to watch by Dennis Wise? A video which was, supposedly, the only thing he had to go on in deciding whether he should be signed on loan for Newcastle United. However, the video linked to was only uploaded to YouTube 7 months ago, so that would be impossible.

After researching more closely, it is highly likely that it was actually this video, uploaded by Brazilian sporting agency, ADM Esporte well over a year ago.

Are they, perchance, the mystery Brazilian agents Dennis Wise and the NUFC recruitment squad sought to curry favour with in the one year loan signing of Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Gonzalez? The ones of which Keegan said:

“I was being asked to sanction the signing of a player in order to ‘do a favour’ for two South American agents. No-one at the club had seen this player play and I was asked to sign him on the basis of some clips on You Tube…” (more…)

Keegan’s tribunal findings – summary.

October 2nd, 2009 | 60 Comments |

Constructively dismissed
Constructively dismissed
Thanks to Stardust for posting the breaking news about Keegan winning his constructive dismissal case against Newcastle United. However, I just thought I’d try to distil it into something more manageable and article-shaped.

In the simplest terms Keegan was constructively dismissed and has been awarded £2m as a result.

The player that kicked all this off was Nacho Gonzalez. Keegan was asked by the club to sign the player to ‘do a favour’ to two South American agents. No one from the club had actually seen Nacho play and all Keegan had to go on was a couple of YouTube videos. Keegan refused to sanction the signing of the player but the club went ahead and signed him anyway.

This was what tipped things over the edge but the bigger underlying issue was that Keegan was being denied the final say on transfers.

Keegan’s contract wasn’t totally clear on whether or not he had the final say on transfers, although it did contain a clause to the effect of “performing the duties expected of a Premiership manager“. (more…)