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Cabaye challenges Kinnear to come clean on Cabayegate (the full exchange translated)

October 8th, 2013 | 79 Comments |

Yohan Cabaye at Clairefontaine.
Cabaye: Have we been conned again by Newcastle United?
As I wrote at the time, with Newcastle United, the club of smoke, mirrors and downright lies under current owner, Mike Ashley, there are things we still do not know about the Yohan Cabaye kerfuffle at the start of the season.

In an interview as part of the France squad at the side’s Clairefontaine HQ, Cabaye made some rather suggestive comments about what Alan Pardew called “the situation” at the time. If you recall, Pardew made a series of simlarly suggestive statements, implying that Cabaye refused to play in early season games in order to allegedly force a move to Arsenal. However, he steadfastly refused to mention it outright under the pathetic pretence that he was “protecting” Cabaye, even though he was actually hanging him out to dry with innuendo. When interviewers did ask for a direct answer, interviews were quickly halted by a female press secretary and they quickly got the message.

However, the fleet-footed Frenchman has now cast doubt on the Pardew’s and the club’s narrative, suggesting that only he and Joe Kinnear know the truth of what really happened, challenging Kinnear to play “Deep Throat” and finally come clean on what really happened in the ‘Cabayegate’ scandal.

Below is the full exchange about Cabaye and the Newcastle United imbroglio (translated by myself): (more…)

Santon’s English love story: His latest full interview with CalcioMercato [In English]

July 25th, 2012 | 83 Comments |

Davide Santon at St James' Park.
Santon: Totally settled in now (but misses his Italian scran)
Davide Santon has given another fairly extensive interview for the Italian (Football Market), which was published on Monday.

When I saw how snippets of it had been taken out of context elsewhere (as is usually the case with such interviews), with even the title of the original interview suggesting that the young wing back was angling for an immediate move to AC Milan, I decided to do a translation of the full interview for you delectation and publish the full transcript on here so you can judge for yourselves.

In the interview, he gives a very positive message of how he’s raring to go for the new season, how happy and well supported he feels by his colleagues and the fans on Tyneside, how he’s now overcoming his language problems and adapting well to the different style of the Premiership, how he’s glad Newcastle united said “no” to Roma and much more.

The interview was held by Calcio Mercato’s Simone Togna, and like the last Santon Calcio Mercato interview I translated on here, many of the questions seem to be designed with the intent of making him say he wants to come back and play for an Italian team, which is understandable I suppose on an Italian site. However, he also revealed that he is now engaged to an English girl, which could indeed be an important factor in keeping him on Tyneside. After all, I’m sure that she would be very reluctant to give up the delights of Metro Centre and the glorious Tyneside weather for somewhere like Milan with all it’s shoddy clothes shops and second rate restaurants! (more…)

Cisse: “I have done nothing yet”

May 24th, 2012 | 11 Comments |

Papiss Cisse interview with a French website/magazine.
White rice is the secret!
Newcastle United number 9 Papiss Cisse has been talking about his (half) season with Newcastle and claims the best is yet to come.

Whilst I was browsing around some French sites I came across an interview with Papiss Demba Cisse. I found it on a site called ‘Furturs Medias’, although I’m not sure if that’s where it originated.

Anyway, I ran it through Google Translate and it came back with something vaguely resembling English, which I’ve then tried to ‘tidy up’ with my grade 4 CSE French. That sounds like recipe for disaster but I hope the result is something close to what he actually said.

Talking about his first game for the club, he said:

Honestly, I did not wish Best was injured. I did not even know I was going to play, because there was Ameobi, another great striker of the club, who has been there for a long time. I even call him ‘Mr Ameobi’ because he’s such a nice guy who works for the team.

He then says something about Jonas that I can’t translate but I like to think it was about how he parts his ponytail. Then I picked up the translation when he says:

When Demba scored the first goal I thought ‘it’s going well’ and at the end of the second half I scored the second goal and we won 2-1. The ball eluded Demba and came to me and I tried not to think too much about, I just reacted and it’s in the net ‘goal!’(more…)

Cabaye puts Toon success down to teamwork

May 16th, 2012 | 4 Comments |

Yohan Cabaye interview with French website.
Teamwork is the key to Toon success
Yohan Cabaye states in an interview that he believes teamwork has been responsibly for a lot of Newcastle United’s success this season and that it’s teamwork that can help us compete even with clubs that have better players.

Yohan Cabaye has been assessing the season for French site and this is what he had to say:

Interviewer: “Yohan, what is your assessment of your first season at Newcastle?

Yohan: “I think the outcome is very positive. Early in the season, if we were told that Newcastle would finish 5th, nobody would have believed it. Our results have been beyond the expectations of the fans.

Interviewer: “You have near caused a big surprise by getting qualification to the Champions League …

Yohan: “As the season progressed, we found ourselves playing in 3rd or 4th place. There is a little disappointment that we didn’t finish there but it is quickly forgotten because we had a good season anyway. And to qualify for Europe and the Europa League was really important for the fans and the club. This has been a very successful season.(more…)

Papiss Demba Rodney Cissé – The full monty! (Interview, videos stats…)

January 18th, 2012 | 45 Comments |

Papiss Cisse signs for Newcastle!
Cisse: He's here! He's gone! But he'll be back!
First of all dear reader, I would like to apologise.

I meant to have this posted yesterday evening. However, due to a certain bearded Newcastle United shirt sponsor, his chronically unreliable Broadband and constantly engaged customer service (who’s existence I am beginning to doubt), that sadly wasn’t possible in the end. As a certain Mr.J.Rotten once (rightly) said in regard the fellow in question:

“Never trust a Hippy.”

But I suspect that you don’t really want to read any more of my enraged rambling (unless perhaps, you want to know which Broadband provider to avoid like the plague) so I’ll get on with it!

Below is the interview given by Papiss Demba Cisse to “NUFC TV” after his signing was confirmed yesterday, along with additional verbiage from Alan Pardew and Derek Llambias (Booooooo!)

This is what Cissé had to say on his signing: (more…)

Ben Arfa on Pardew: “I will submit to his authority while maintaining my philosophy”

January 17th, 2012 | 32 Comments |

Hatem Ben Afra talks about his previous problems and how things are going at Newcastle.
Problematic past behind him now?
Hatem Ben Arfa has been talking about some of the problems he’s faced in his career and how things are shaping up for him at Newcastle United.

Hatem Ben Arfa spoke to the French press yesterday about some of the problems that have plagued his life and footballing career to date and how they’re being addressed at Newcastle. Before going on, I should say that I used Google Translate and my grade 4 CSE French to translate a lot of this, so it might not be 100% accurate!

Benny starts by summing up the problems he had:

I gave off something negative. I had bad energy. I am loud. I always wanted to participate in conversations. I had enormous difficulty submitting to authority

He then goes on to say what he thinks the root cause of that ‘attitude’ was:

My father never told me ‘I love you’. He ran out of affection in my life. He never managed to externalise his feelings. I do not want him. My father had no father. He reproduces a pattern I am trying to break for me because I have to move forward.(more…)

Toon to get attacking boost amidst defensive woes?

December 14th, 2011 | 21 Comments |

Newcastle United defender Mike Williamson nears full fitness.
Nearing full fitness
Newcastle United centre-back Mike Williamson nears fitness and, whilst an alleged bid for a West Ham defender fails, it seems that Modibo Maiga is actually heading to Tyneside.

With our central defence currently emptier than a Mackem’s head, there’s some welcome news that Mike Williamson managed 45 minutes for the reserve team against Bolton yesterday and apparently feels okay after it. Williamson said:

I feel completely fine. That was the plan today – to play 45, to get myself back in and try and get the cobwebs out and then train on Thursday and Friday.

It reminded me of what I’ve been missing. It was good and I enjoyed it. It was great to get the boots back on and now that I’m back, hopefully I can just get fitter.

Injuries are frustrating but it’s just part and parcel of football. It has been really good to see the team doing so well and enjoying the plaudits that they deserve for working so hard.

I’ll accelerate it as quickly as possible, but not to the detriment of anything. But my knee and ankle are completely fine now, so it’s just about getting the minutes under my belt. And I’ll try to get as much fitness and running as I can.

I still doubt he’ll be fit enough to play in the Swansea game though.


Club toughens stance on Simmo contract

November 25th, 2011 | 33 Comments |

Newcastle United's contract negotiations with Danny Simpson appear to have reached an impasse.
Take it or leave it stage?
Comments from Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew appear to indicate that Danny Simpson is now at the ‘take or leave it’ stage in contract negotiations.

Further to my article a few days ago in which I mentioned the contract situation with Danny Simpson, it seems the club is toughening its stance a bit more if Pardew’s latest comments are anything to go by.

Pardew said:

It will be as dangerous for Danny as it is for us to delay any longer.

He is a player who within 18 months has broken into the first team and established himself. We are a big club and he has done very well.

Now we have a situation where he has a contract and feels he should be rewarded with a new one. I agree with that. I believe that really all we’re talking about are the figures, but is very difficult at this level to say we think negotiations are at a particular point when he probably thinks they are somewhere else. (more…)

Can we cope without Demba Ba?

November 9th, 2011 | 21 Comments |

Demba Ba to be absent from the Newcastle line-up for 3 weeks+
How much will he be missed?
Is the Africa Cup of Nations going to cause serious problems for Newcastle United, particularly in relation to Demba Ba?

The Africa Cup of Nations (ACoN) has its first group game on the 21st January and the final is on 12th February, which means that players will be away from their respective clubs for potentially 3 weeks of tournament time plus preparation/recovery time.

For Newcastle, that means the loss of two of this season’s top performers: Demba Ba and Cheick Tiote. Ba’s Senegal is in Group A along with Equatorial Guinea, Libya and Zambia whilst Tiote’s Ivory Coast is in Group B along with Sudan, Burkina Faso and Angola.

Gossip abounds about Pardew’s desire to recruit a new striker, although if Modibo Maiga is that striker then we’re no better off during the ACoN because Mali is also in the tournament.

I would not imagine that the club will be recruiting a striker simply for a 3-week tournament anyway, so presumably Pardew intends to cover for the ACoN with the players he has already got. That could mean a start for Shola (if he’s fit) or for Benny, either of who could play up front with Leon Best.

The worry of course is how we’d cope without the player who has scored half of our 16 league goals this season. Ba had this to say about his absence: (more…)

Llambias integral to team spirit, says Taylor

October 31st, 2011 | 16 Comments |

Steve Taylor praises club spirit at Newcastle United.
Good vibes include Delboy, says Taylor
Newcastle United defender Steven Taylor talks about the excellent team spirit at the club, including good relationships all the way up the hierarchy.

I was alarmed to see a headline in The Telegraph that said ‘Newcastle have Europe in their sights’. Admittedly the author of the article intimated that European football is more likely in future seasons than this one, but it also mentioned ‘whispers of Europe on Tyneside’ for this season following our good start.

The reason this alarms me is because it raises expectations and we’ve been down that road before. Many times.

I prefer it when nobody thinks we’re capable of anything significant and that with each win we’re exceeding expectations. Obviously our current Premier League position is going encourage some talk of Europe in people of a more hopeful disposition, but I fear that such people are simply setting themselves up for disappointment. (more…)