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Players have us ahead of schedule, says Pardew

April 5th, 2012 | 34 Comments |

Toon 1 year ahead of schedule.
Europe beckons
Alan Pardew says Newcastle United are a year ahead of plan in being in contention for a European place this season. Pardew also talks about some of the ‘problems’ that need to be overcome to compete in the Europa League.

Much has been said in the past about 5-year plans for our club, although I’ve never been entirely sure what those plans are. If we look back to when the first 5-year plan was mentioned we must be on about year 4 of it by now, although I rather suspect we’re now on a different 5-year plan than that one. But wherever we are on whichever plan we’re on, we’re a year ahead of it.

Pardew said:

We’re a year ahead of schedule. I didn’t expect us to be as close as we are to those European spots but we’re going to take the chance in front of us if we can.

That’s football – it doesn’t often put an opportunity in front of you and you’ve got to grasp it. I keep saying to the players that you’ve got an opportunity so grasp it with both hands and that’s what we’re going to do hopefully in the remaining games. (more…)

Pardew: “We won’t get Champions League football this season”

March 30th, 2012 | 16 Comments |

Pardew lays out his 3 year plan for Newcastle United.
Realistic aims?
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has been talking about his aims for the next three seasons, but writes off Champions League qualification for this season.

This is what Alan Pardew had to say about his 3-year plan for the club:

You want to be in there competing, and we have done that.

Whether we get a European place will probably be decided by fate more than anything. We have had a great season regardless of the European spot, and we want to do that again next year.

By hook or by crook, in the next three years it would be nice to get some sort of European football or win a trophy. That’s the goal.

We won’t get Champions League football this season, I just think that’s too big a gap to bridge – five points on Spurs, and Arsenal are probably away from us now.

It’s too much, they are too good teams to catch with eight games left.(more…)

Pardew hails important result – still has his critics though

March 19th, 2012 | 73 Comments |

Plenty fans still ready to rain on Pardew's parade. Alan Pardew has suffered some criticism for the way Newcastle United went about getting 3 points yesterday but hails the win as possibly the most important of the season.

It wasn’t pretty and we were outplayed for portions of the game but Pardew defends the win, saying:

It could well be one of our most important results of the season.

My players are absolutely elated with the win. Mike Ashley said after the Sunderland game that it was fantastic theatre. It wasn’t much theatre today, but what there was was a real professionalism on the pitch. Both teams put in a full stint.

The flair players could have done and shown a bit more ‘je ne sais quoi’ but it was a battle and it’s always good to win a battle. I’m really proud of the players today. We knew in the dressing room we weren’t balanced. We knew we had to give a little bit more and we did that.

Everybody is pulling to trying to get us this finish we need. We are going for Europe, that’s how important this win is. It’s the last 10 games, we have won the 10th game if you like, it makes the task do-able.

We are not firing on all cylinders. If you win when you’re not at your best, it is a great attribute.(more…)

Another 4 Or 5 Wins For Europa League – Pardew

March 17th, 2012 | 16 Comments |

Alan Pardew.
"More Wins"
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has identified that we must win around half of our 10 remaining fixtures if we are to have a chance of Europa League football next season. When you think of the doom and gloom amongst many supporters at the beginning of the season, qualifying to play in Europe would have to be judged as quite an achievement by all concerned.

Pardew said: “We don’t want to slip. We are saying we are going to push for Europe now and let our fans know we are going to try to push for it. We are going to need four or five wins and if we don’t beat Norwich, that’s going to look difficult in nine games, because that means the task will be that much harder.”

“But if we win, then can we win three or four of our next nine? I think we can, and that would put us in with a great chance of Europe, so it’s a very important game. It’s tough to get into Europe. You have got a team with the finance and quality of Liverpool who could run us down. We will have to hold our hands up if that happens, but we are going to give them a good fight for their money.” (more…)

Pardew Throws Light On Newcastle United’s Transfer Policy

January 25th, 2012 | 51 Comments |

...And Cash Up Front Please!
This transfer business can sometimes be similar to a game of chess between the clubs involved, but if it is a game then one thing is for sure, over the last couple of seasons Newcastle United have shown themselves to be one of the better players – with the quiet but efficient aquisition of plyers like Cheick Tiote, Yohan Cabaye and Demba Ba smoothly and with the minimum of fuss.

In contrast with the past, United go about their business quietly and sign up some gems before other clubs are alerted and can compete. We don’t always get the players we want of course, but that’s life!

Take the most recent example of our interest in Watford defender Adrian Mariappa. Nobody saw that coming, and it was Watford who let the negotiations out of the bag, with their boss Sean Dyche telling anyone who would listen “Newcastle United are miles away with their bid”. However, the game is afoot – the Hornets have refused to give United a valuation for the player and are obviously just waiting to see how high they can get the price to go as the clock ticks towards transfer deadline day. (more…)