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Pardew hopes fans understand reasons for St James’ Park rename.

November 17th, 2011 | 14 Comments |

Pardew: Fans can still have some traditions.
Pardew: Fans can still have some traditions.
Newcastle United’s Silver Supremo, Alan Pardew, has come out and defended Mike Ashley’s decision to rename St James’ Park the “Sports Direct Arena.”

Speaking in an interview in the run up to Newcastle United’s away match against Manchester City, he began by reassuring “traditionalists” who may be upset that it would still be the same place, that at least the Gallowgate End would still be there, and we could still have our tradition of walking to the Stadium (shouldn’t that be “Arena” now?) saying:

“For the traditionalists amongst our fans, I think it’s something they are upset at.

“But it is still in the same place and it’s still the Gallowgate End and we still have your tradition of walking to the stadium from the centre of town. It’s there where it is.

Emphasising the financial gain should anyone eventually decide to take over from Sports Direct, who have once again generously agreed to allow their name to be used at no cost to “showcase” the benefits of being being mired in controversy and local emnity, he then continued: (more…)