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Pardew re Nile: “He’s always on the cusp of being late”

March 7th, 2011 | 17 Comments |

Nile Ranger
Doesn't bode well.
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew’s comments about Nile Range don’t make very good reading.

There is very little news about Newcastle today beyond our dismal defeat at the hands of Everton.

However, I did pick up on some comments about Nile Ranger from Pardew:

We see him day-in and day-out, and I said from day one he needs to sort himself out as a professional footballer.

He’s always on the cusp of being late – we’ve stopped him from being late but he’s always on the cusp. We’ve only improved him five per cent on that factor.

If we had improved him to 50% and he was here early and preparing himself – and the other players see him preparing himself – and when he trains he’s here on time to warm up and he’s doing the right things, then the other players will start to buy into him.

At the moment the other players are looking at him and thinking ‘You’re a young boy, you need to learn’. And he does. And that is reflected in his game.

He’s had big opportunities for us, but to be fair they are opportunities he’s created for himself. And that is the point – he has got talent. We’ve got to just try and eke it out of him . . . it’s not going to be overnight, but it’s coming. He’s getting better.(more…)