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What has Mike Ashley ever done for us?

September 23rd, 2009 | 55 Comments |

Both good and bad?
Both good and bad?
When Mike Ashley rode into toon he took the Freddy Shepherd Gang by surprise. Shepherd claims he was ambushed while he lay incapacitated on a hospital bed and before we knew it rumour quickly became fact and Ashley had bought Newcastle United, not exactly with a suitcase full of money but without any of the this due diligence nonsense that troubles most businessmen.

Thus began a new era in the club’s history and it’s one that has managed to divide fans almost throughout. The partisan divisions – often drawn along the lines of Ashley v Keegan – are, in my opinion, unnecessary. I believe it’s perfectly possible for a person to do some good things and some bad things and I don’t believe Mike Ashley is any different in that respect. With rumours once more circulating about the sale saga nearing a close I wanted to try and take a balanced view of Ashley’s time at Newcastle.

One of the main things I thank Mike Ashley for is prising the club away from Freddy Shepherd. I’ve heard arguments suggesting that we wouldn’t have been relegated if Shepherd had remained in charge and maybe that’s true, but I believe the club would have been in dire straits financially. (more…)

Ashley, Shearer, Keegan, Moat … latest.

September 23rd, 2009 | 21 Comments |

Edging close perhaps
Edging close perhaps
Reports in The Mail and The Mirror are suggesting that Newcastle United may be sold by the end of this week. We’ve heard it all before of course but one of the newspapers will get it right one day and maybe it’s today.

Last week Newcastle issued a statement saying that Ashley’s £100m asking price has been met and all deals were now at the ‘sale and purchase stage‘ and apparently senior staff at the club have been told to brace themselves for ‘a big week‘ this week.

It was speculated that the sticking point was the loan facility with Barclays, so presumably – if a sale is imminent – that has now been sorted out and Barry Moat is in a position to take over the club.

If Moat takes over it is of course widely thought that Alan Shearer will be appointed as manager, although whether or not that’s a good idea still divides fans. At a function last week Shearer was indicating that he would not wait for Newcastle forever and was prepared to consider managing another club, but if the takeover is as close as the newspapers are suggesting it looks like Shearer won’t have to do that. (more…)

“Geordies?” “AYE!!”

September 18th, 2009 | 123 Comments |

alan_shearer_300I make no apologies for this image (a “Scene’s we’d like to see” sequel to my previous one) despite the fact my first one seems to have upset as many people as it tickled. The movie “300” is one of my favourites and it’s no stretch, for me, to imagine Shearer as Gerard Butler’s King Leonides; leading us into battle against insurmountable odds.

Wednesday’s battering by Blackpool was either a blip or the end of the world (depending on whose advice you hold sacred); but whatever it was it was a reminder that this league will still take some winning, whatever the odds say. Chris Hughton (target for too much vilification) and the backroom staff have worked a minor miracle to get us in ANY kind of shape to face this season. Our great start has surprised everyone, including ourselves, and we can only pray in continues. Standing on the edge of tomorrows game with the “Green Army”, we mustn’t allow ourselves the luxury of too much introspection. If we succumb to that vital momentum will be lost, and with it whatever confidence we’ve been able to muster. (more…)

I coulda been a contender instead of a bum!

September 15th, 2009 | 94 Comments |

ashley_koFirstly, many thanks to bowburnmag and workyticket, for granting me authorship on this fine site…I promise to blog responsibly, visually and as often as I can.

The illustration is an old image of mine, appropriate for this week as KK’s battle begins, and shows Big Al triumphing over “The Chunky Cockney Monkey”…with KK looking on as referee.

I’m with BBM on this issue; the more pressure brought to bear of this rotund fool, the quicker he’ll want to sell. I’m for censuring the man but supporting the team. Difficult I know, but external forces are being marshalled to help us. The Mirror reported Keegans claim, this morning, as being something that could facilitate a quicker sale of the club. Any prospective new owner would not want their first act to be shelling out £10m for KK’s compensation. An out of court settlement (after a withering judgement from the Premier League this week), could see Barry Moat’s bid accepted…finally!

Our old friends the Serious Fraud Office are putting their wagons in a circle, and calling Ashley out for a fight! Charles Sale (Daily Mail columnist) reports today that “sources” close to Ashley say, he does not want the “distraction” of “running” Newcastle United (sorry, I wasn’t aware that the club was being run by anyone) while simultaneously fighting a lengthy, costly and (potentially) ruinous court case. In which case, a quick sale seems on the cards….I know, I hear you laughing when I say “quick”. The sooner this ‘incompetent’ is out of our lives, the sooner the healing can begin…and, god knows, we’ve a lot of healing to do. (more…)

Good crowds help Moat’s takeover bid.

September 9th, 2009 | 24 Comments |

40,000 crowds help Moat
40,000 crowds help Moat
The 40,000 crowds we’ve been getting at home games could help Barry Moat’s attempts to take over Newcastle United Football Club.

According to a recent article in The Journal, Moat’s original business plan was based on the Toon attracting 25,000 for home games. I have no idea how The Journal knows that but if we assume it’s true for a minute then the 15,000 additional fans we’ve been attracting could provide leverage for Moat in his negotiations with Barclays about the overdraft.

To be honest, I still wonder what the actual cost of the club will be to Moat or any other potential buyer. We know Ashley’s asking £100m and it has been suggested that the club has drawn £20m on it’s £40m overdraft facility but it’s still not clear to me what happens about the £100m Ashley loaned to the club to clear the debts. (more…)