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Alan Smith shaves the day. Toon attempt to catch Cort.

September 11th, 2009 | 37 Comments |

Unshaven haven
Unshaven haven
According to the club site, Alan Smith will not shave until the Toon lose a game.

The bestubbled player said:

It started off as a bit of a joke but then a few of the lads told me to keep it going until we get beaten so I hope it’s still there at Christmas.”

Mind you, I’ve had a bit of a reprieve. I’m going to trim it because it is starting to get a bit itchy now. I need to sort it out.”

Let’s hope he doesn’t have to shave on Sunday evening!

Smith continues by saying that the players who remain at the club really want to be there:

The players who said they wanted to stay did it because they want to prove they are good enough to get back in the Premier League.

Only time will tell if we can. Squad togetherness is important. I think that’s the biggest impact on people who come and watch us play.

When I speak to people, that is what they have said, so that means a lot to us because we are honest lads who want to stay, do well and get this club back in the Premier League.” (more…)