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Alan Smith is back in training but what’s his Toon future?

May 4th, 2011 | 7 Comments |

Alan Smith - back in training for Newcastle United
Crocked ankle in January
Alan Smith is back in training but may not play for Newcastle again until next season.

The last time Alan Smith played for us was back in January against Brucie’s louts. During that game his ankle was broken by Kieron Richardson and he’s been crocked ever since.

However, Smith fans will be pleased to know that a magic seven league boot he wore during his rehabilitation seemed to work and he was back in training at Benton last week.

Whilst he hasn’t turned out on the pitch for us, Assistant Manager John Carver was keen to point out that he has still been contributing behind the scenes. Carver said:

During his injury Alan has played a big part off the field for us.

Just because a player is injured it doesn’t mean they don’t have a part to play, and Alan has been an excellent example of that.(more…)