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More delusions of grandeur from Allardyce.

May 16th, 2010 | 121 Comments |

Allardyce - Thinking above his station.
Allardyce - Thinking above his station.
How do you know when Sam Allardyce is talking garbage? Simple, his lips move. Following on from last weeks outburst, Big Sam has again seen fit to question something that has nothing to do with him.

Following on from last week where he very bitterly blasted Newcastle fans, Allardyce has now directed his venom at the current England boss Fabio Capello over his squad selection for the upcoming World Cup. He feels that Capello, who has overseen a remarkable transition in the England team since the departure of the wally with the brolly, has made a huge error in leaving Paul Robinson out of the squad, and blames it on some personal vendetta that Capello must have against Robinson. It isn’t the first time Allardyce has played the victim card either, more of which I will detail later, but in the meantime our former manager had this to say: (more…)

Toon’s Damien a good omen for Bolton, Hull, Fulham, Wolves, Blackburn (delete as appropriate)?

August 13th, 2009 | 9 Comments |

Winging his way to Lancashire?
Winging his way to Lancashire?
According to reports on Sky Sports News we’ve received an estimated £4m bid from an unidentified Premier League club for Duffer. And in keeping with recent activity it seems we are considering the offer for the Irish international.

As we expected, the fire sale is well and truly underway and we were always likely to lose players with Premiership experience. Duff is also one of the higher earners so the board will be keen to let him go for a decent price. Losing a million from the price we paid for him, all things considered, probably looks like good business to Ashley and co.

Despite stating his desire to stay at Newcastle, the likelihood is that a return to the top flight is sure to turn his head. Having scored in our draw with West Brom, Duff will have done wonders for his appeal to potential suitors and he arguably has a couple of years left in him if he can regain his form. (more…)