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Blackpool and Newcastle fans shared the genius of two outstanding footballers

September 16th, 2009 | 27 Comments |

Genius at work
Genius at work
Tonight’s game will have it’s own characters bedecked in the famous black and white, and tangerine shirts of Newcastle United and Blackpool football clubs. And those players will hope to make an impression upon their adoring fans. However, previous eras were lucky enough to see two particular individuals who stood out for their footballing brilliance both at St James’ and Bloomfield Road.

Mention the names Tony Green and the late Alan Suddick, and it will evoke fond memories for all those fans who were able to watch them in their respective colours. Both players were blessed with a natural flair and a natural hunger for the game that few are fortunate to be born with. Of course, I’m not actually old enough to know their playing days first-hand, but my dad has long been singing the praises of these two men and I would challenge you to find an article or book written that looks upon these two as anything other than favourably. (more…)