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Newcastle United will never be defeated!

September 13th, 2009 | 6 Comments |

Head and shoulders above the rest
Head and shoulders above the rest
Alreet, so that’s a bit of a bold statement but doesn’t it feel like it at the minute? Not quite literally, but I mean we were relatively average today and yet I didn’t doubt the outcome swinging in our favour at any point and it’s been a long time since a black and white first eleven had me thinking that way.

Confidence breeds confidence and it’s flooding through the squad and team at the moment and to the spectator they look as if they feel unbeatable. I’ve long been a detractor of Coloccini but today he stuck my opinion right where the sun doesn’t shine. Not just because of his well-earned and well-worked winner but for the sheer guts and determination he showed in his defensive duties, and he wasn’t alone. The entire squad looked like they’d be prepared to play until they dropped to protect the win and I genuinely couldn’t see Cardiff breaking through and much of that was due to our dogged defending and endeavour.

Perhaps again, much of today’s result was about toothless opposition as it was about our own display. Certainly they had prolonged periods of possession after the half hour point but I was always felt comfortable. It wasn’t exactly ‘total football’ again either but a win is a win, especially when you’re travelling to the likes of Cardiff. They had some talent on show but ultimately were fairly blunt in the final third. (more…)