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The promotion race – How are we progressing?

January 16th, 2010 | 85 Comments |

Would be nice but...
Would be nice but...
Apologies as I’m a tad bored right now and had to do something, so what could be better than having a look at how things stand with regards to Newcastle United getting back to the Premier League at the first attempt?

If I said that back in August, I would probably have got laughed off the blog such was the state we were in, both on and off the pitch. Things aren’t much better now, but there certainly seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel given that we stand top of the league!

We have now played 24 games, with 22 remaining. We stand 2 points clear of 2nd placed Nottingham Forest with 2 games in hand and a superior goal difference, and 6 points clear of 3rd placed West Brom, a +1 on the goal difference ahead, although we have played the same amount of games. It’s looks as though it may well be a 3-way shoot out for the top 2 places, with our’s and West Brom’s quality and Forest’s fine run of form setting the three apart from chasing pack.

Next up for us is a home game against 3rd placed West Brom, a game which if we win will put us 9 points clear of 3rd place. The remainder of January and the month of February will be very important for us and should give us an idea if we are to go up automatically. I’ll discount FA Cup games (of which there is at least 1), so that makes our next 9 league games look like this:

Jan 18th – West Brom (h)
Jan 27th – Crystal Palace (h)
Jan30th – Leicester (a)
Feb 5th – Cardiff (h)
Feb 9th – Derby (a)
Feb 13th – Swansea (a)*
Feb 17th – Coventry (h)
Feb 20th – Preston (h)
Feb 27th – Watford (a)

* May be moved for Fa Cup 6th round. (more…)