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Is it only a Mata of time for Coloccini?

August 24th, 2011 | 30 Comments |

Fabricio Coloccini.
Coloccini: Domino effect?
As we fumble, twist and turn our way though this current transfer window, is it me or can August just not end quick enough now?

As transfer windows go this has certainly been a roller coaster ride of emotions, ranging from optimism that we might invest and strengthen the team with those early signings, to realism that we are Sports Direct the football club, and will be run that way accordingly with every player up for grabs at the club, with cheap foreign bargains being the way forward in Ashley’s eyes.

After a fantastic start to the season I have tried to reason with myself that surely we wont sell anyone else? As we could build on this start to the season, and with a couple more additions to the squad we might stay clear of trouble this season. But with rumours pretty much every day about comings and goings i find myself cringing as I read the daily news feeds, expecting to see rumours turning into bids for our top players with Ashley seemingly happy to sell regardless of the team. (more…)