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Neil Taylor deal hits legal dispute. Gibson alleged Toon target.

June 27th, 2011 | 64 Comments |

Legal dispute puts a hold on Neil Taylor's move to Newcastle United.
£1m clause confusion
Newcastle United’s bid for Neil Taylor suffers a legal hitch and apparently Darron Gibson is Pardew’s choice if he can’t get Sissoko.

Newcastle’s signing of Neil Taylor from Swansea appeared to be virtually done a week ago. The fat lady had not only sung but she’d retired, had three children and was now working in a kebab shop.

It seems that solicitors have braved daylight to get involved now though, which is rarely a good sign.

The dispute – as far as I understand it – is about the £1m clause in Taylor’s contract. Newcastle seem to think that this is a pukka release clause, allowing us to get the player if we bid that amount, whereas Swansea seem to think that the £1m bid simply gives us the right to talk to the player. (more…)