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Barton and Enrique departures – will they be replaced?

August 3rd, 2011 | 41 Comments |

Liverpool allegedly taking Enrique for £10m.
New left-back needed at the Toon
Newcastle United midfielder Joey Barton fires off some parting shots as he heads for the exit along with left-back Jose Enrique. The club must now look at how these players will be replaced (if indeed they will at all).

Joey Barton was given a two-week fine for his renegade Twittering yesterday, which probably comes as no surprise to anyone. It certainly didn’t surprise Barton himself who said:

Ha ha the inevitable, 2 weeks wages fine has just arrived. Needless to say it shall be appealed forthwith.

Barton also accused the club of releasing ‘false reports’ about the situation to the press, saying:

Everyone here knows I speak the truth.

I also have too much respect for my teammates and the fans to get in a tit for tat war with them. I have too much self-worth and dignity.

He was also apparently quoting both Orwell and The Smiths on Twitter but this particular debacle is beginning to get on my nerves now so I won’t bother with the quotes. Barton was made to train alone yesterday and I reckon his inevitable exit will come quite soon. (more…)

Scott Brown says no to Newcastle

June 16th, 2011 | 115 Comments |

Celtic captain Scott Brown wants to remain in Scotland.
Not interested.
Celtic’s Scott Brown denies any interest in a transfer to Newcastle United.

A few days ago, in a post about The Celtic Raid, I reported our alleged interest in Celtic captain Scott Brown and left-back Emilio Izaguirre.

I did wonder at the time what sort of role Pardew had in mind for Scott Brown in our already crowded – and speculatively growing – midfield. If even just one or two of the players speculated about do end up being transferred to Newcastle we’ll have a heavily stocked midfield.

The post seemed to inadvertently start something of an Anglo-Scottish debate but it seems Scott Brown isn’t interested in a move to Tyneside anyway. Brown said:

I’ve heard all the stuff about Newcastle but I haven’t paid the slightest attention to it.

I’m captain of Celtic Football Club, why would I even think about going anywhere else? (more…)

The Celtic raid: Scott Brown and Emilio Izaguirre

June 14th, 2011 | 83 Comments |

Scott Brown is alleged to have sparked the interest of Newcastle United scout Steve Stone.
Scott Brown: latest Toon Target
Newcastle United may be planning a raid on Celtic for both Emilio Izaguirre and Scott Brown. Izaguirre in particular looks necessary with Jose Enrique blanking Alan Pardew over his contract.

Allegedly, Newcastle are interested in Celtic captain Scott Brown. The 25 year-old midfielder started out at Hibernian and in 2007 he was transferred to Celtic for £4.4m where he’s been ever since.

Brown has scored 35 goals in 297 appearances and is now supposedly worth around about £6m, which Newcastle are said to be prepared to pay.

Quite where we’re going to put all these midfielders is another matter, unless we go for some sort of 0-10-0 formation.

Steve Stone has apparently been scouting the Scottish club for us and in particular left-back Emilio Izaguirre, which is a position that we may need to fill rather urgently given that Jose Enrique seems to be ignoring Alan Pardew’s attempts to get contract talks underway.

The Honduran left-back has apparently been on Pardew’s wish list for quite some time and it’s thought that Fraser Forster, who Celtic are very keen on taking permanently after his loan spell there last season, could be used as a deal clincher. (more…)