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Barnetta deal hangs in the balance while Enrique packs his cases

August 4th, 2011 | 31 Comments |

Mixed reports about Barnetta joining Newcastle United.
It's on then it's off again!
Newcastle United are allegedly negotiating to take Swiss winger Tranquillo Barnetta from Bayer Leverkusen whilst Enrique is off to Liverpool pronto.

According to The Journal, we’re already making a move to sign Tranquillo Barnetta from Bayer Leverkusen, although The Journal – in a Daily Mailish fashion – simply states this as fact rather than offering any evidence as to how they know this.

Nevertheless, it seems to be true (that we’ve made a move for him anyway) if the comments of Barnetta’s representative are anything to go by. Barnetta’s British representative Barry McIntosh said:

As it stands there is not a hope in hell that he will be going to Newcastle. In fact I am angry at their attempts to do it, and behind my back also.

They have made an approach, but their offer equates to somewhere in the region of £40,000-a-week – which is just ridiculous.

Why on earth would Tranquilo move to Newcastle for less money? No offence to Newcastle, he would possibly consider going to Arsenal, Liverpool even Tottenham for less – but not Newcastle.

They have known all along, what it would take to land Barnetta and what he is earning now, and this sort of offer really does border on ridiculous.

Not looking too hopeful then! (more…)