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Spin, frustration and fear – a normal Toon transfer window?

August 18th, 2011 | 42 Comments |

Anybody else feeling like this?
Anybody else feeling like this?
With the exciting news of Rob Elliot’s alleged arrival at Newcastle United from Charlton, I’ve been asking myself several questions about current predicaments at St James’ Park.

Firstly, this is not Elliot’s fault and, if he does come here, I welcome him to Newcastle and wish him all the best.

Right, I could now relay my thoughts on to you dear reader, about the 7 month struggle to find a striker, no left-back and general rubbish I hear coming out of the club on a regular basis, but that would warrant at least 5 different 1000 word articles and I’d rather wait until after September 1st 2011 to vent my spleen.

Actually, I’ve changed my mind. Lets start with the left-back position…

In regards to our alleged pursuit of Erik Pieters, PSV technical director Marcel Brands has had this to say:

Since the weekend we have no news from England.

So quite what to make out of that is totally up to you, personally I can see this transfer not happening, simply because whoever it is who deals with negotiations at our club, has failed to notice we need a left-back in the squad NOW and not next week. I’m also sure Ashley probably thinks £6-7 million for a full Dutch international left-back is just ludicrous. Actually maybe it’s Llambias? Either way, it doesn’t bode well does it? (more…)

Wayne to Bridge the gap at left-back?

August 17th, 2011 | 42 Comments |

Newcastle allegedly thinking about loaning Wayne Bridge.
Somehow I doubt it
Newcastle United are allegedly considering a move to take Wayne Bridge on loan if they fail in their attempts to sign Erik Pieters.

This is one from the Daily Mail. They claim we’d consider paying £80k/week to bring Wayne Bridge to Newcastle on a season long loan if we don’t manage to sign Erik Pieters.

Personally, I think that’s poppycock and the Mail doesn’t even attempt to justify its claims in any way whatsoever. It merely states that we will ‘consider a fresh move’ for the player if all else fails.

I rather suspect such ‘consideration’ will amount to about 2 minutes of side-splitting laughter from board room at St James’ Park. Manchester City are apparently not keen to pay any of Bridge’s wages if he goes out on loan and there are even rumours that they want £2m up front merely for the privilege of loaning a player from them.

I really can’t see any of this appealing to Ashley’s methods of running a football club. And rightly so in this case. We need to ‘build’ a team for the seasons ahead rather than just plug holes in it for the short term. (more…)

Toon ups Pieters bid to £7m while Bendtner remains target striker. Allegedly.

August 15th, 2011 | 13 Comments |

Newcastle United increase bid for Erik Pieters to £7m.
Toon want it wrapped up before derby
Newcastle United have allegedly increased their bid for Erik Pieters and still have Nicklas Bendtner in their sights, and Derek Llambias confirms the need to add further players to the squad.

Good morning. The Toon headlines are still pretty much dominated by the Joey Barton/Gervinho ‘Slappergate’ incident, which is beginning to make my Earl Grey taste a little sour and putting Tarquin, my butler, off his stride with the brushing of my tweeds in preparation for the day’s hobnobbing.

The Daily Mail comes to the rescue though, with allegations that we’ve upped our bid to £7m for much-needed left-back Erik Pieters. Presumably the hope is that the extra readies will act as a financial kick up the backside to both the player and his club and expedite transfer proceedings towards some sort of agreement ahead of next weekend’s game against the unwashed.

The weekend’s People seemed to think we have other options for a left-back too and are tracking both Wayne Bridge and Aly Cissokho alongside Pieters. (more…)

Pieters move looking likely but striking options remain glum

August 13th, 2011 | 12 Comments |

Erik Pieters is one step closer to joining Newcastle United
Likely move, I'd say
Erik Pieters is looking all the more likely to join Newcastle United after his recent comments but the hunt for a new striker is looking a bit glum just now.

It looks like PSV’s Erik Pieters is one step closer to becoming our new left-back as PSV boss Fred Rutten is almost conceding defeat in his attempts to keep the player at his club. Rutten said:

I would lie in the road to stop him leaving but I fear I cannot block his transfer to Newcastle.

He is a brilliant defender, but, if it is right for him and the club, I cannot say no.

Many press reports are saying that a £6m deal is in its closing stages and, whilst we might be without a first choice left-back for today’s visit from Arsenal, we should have one in time for the derby game next weekend.

The situation regarding a new striker is less clear, but to be fair we’ve only needed one since January so it’s a 7 month rush job in terms of recruitment.

One of our targets, Eren Derdiyok, has slammed the door in our face saying:

I did not realise they [Newcastle] were watching me, but it does not make any difference to how I feel about my future. (more…)

Pardew explains the Enrique hole. Oh, and Xisco’s gone!

August 12th, 2011 | 41 Comments |

Dennis Wise's wonder boy returns to Spain.
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew tells us why we didn’t have a replacement for Jose Enrique already in place, and Enrique explains the reasons for his departure. Oh yes, and news about Xisco.

As if in reply to Jimbob’s post of yesterday Alan Pardew broke his lengthy vow of silence to tell us why we didn’t bring in a replacement for Enrique some time ago. Pardew said:

I am sure some of the fans will be asking why we had not brought a left-back in earlier.

The difference was if Jose had signed we would have ended up with two very, very expensive left-backs and that is something we could not afford when we are trying to create the best side.

We need that money in other areas and of course we do not have the striker to cover the line yet.

I understand a big bulk of our fans just want our best players wanting to stay here – it does not always work like that, unfortunately.

Which really means the Mike Ashley would not risk any money on a new left-back whilst there was still a smidgen of a gnat’s willy of a chance that Enrique might sign a new contract. (more…)