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Moat bids £80m, which is really £60m cash. Fans try to bash Ash.

October 25th, 2009 | 124 Comments |

Ashley - in the red corner
Ashley - in the red corner
Apparently Barry Moat tabled an £80m bid for Newcastle United on Friday and Mike Ashley had to be saved from angry fans by stewards during the away match to Scunny.

Divven get too excited though – it’s News of the World time again.

First, Barry Moat’s bid. Sport of the World has apparently ‘learned’ that Barry Moat put in an £80m bid for Newcastle on Friday after being given the go-ahead by his financial backers.

It seems this bid consists of £60m down plus a finance package to appease Barclays Bank which will see Moat inject another £20m into the club immediately.

I’m a bit confused by the newspaper’s claims here because surely that’s a £60m bid as far as Mike Ashley is concerned isn’t it? Which of course he’ll most probably refuse. Anyway, Moat was supposed to have been promised a decision on Friday but it seems Ashley has since asked for a few more days to consider Moat’s offer. (more…)