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Sir Bobby: Forever our knight in black and white armour.

July 26th, 2009 | 3 Comments |

A time when we all had something to smile about
A time when we all had something to smile about
“What makes a Geordie, a Geordie?” “Passion for football…..”, so went the old McEwans advert.

And passion is an essential ingredient of our national game and, of course, of our beloved club. And there are arguably none more passionate than our own Sir Bobby Robson.

Nobody needs me to give a recount of what he means to the club and the region or indeed what he means to football in general. Neither do I need to spell out what the club means to him. Even in ill-health last season he was seen at games, ever the engaged and fanatical supporter, our erstwhile manager caring as much now as he did while he was in charge.

The fact that the current incumbent managed to organise a preseason friendly on the same day as the already advertised charity game at St James on Sunday 26th July, says as much as you need to know about their lack of appreciation for this legendary football figure and the club and it’s supporters. That is a moot point now though, as the game in Holland was cancelled and the charity game goes ahead but it shows a stark contrast with how Sir Bobby would expect things to work round here.

Our club is on it’s knees and we are crying out for the dignity with which Sir Bobby carries himself. We are desperate for the honourable ethics and principles he encourages. Desperate also for the leadership, technical nous and managerial qualities he displayed in better health. (more…)