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Mancini “very disappointed” with De Jong critics.

October 15th, 2010 | 89 Comments |

Mancini: "Disappointed" with De Jong critics.
Mancini: "Disappointed" with De Jong critics.
Manchester City manager, Roberto Mancini has come out to say that he is “very disappointed” with critics of Manchester City hatchet man, Nigel de Jong, after he broke the leg of Newcastle winger, Hatem Ben Arfa’s leg in two places in a vicious challenge on the 3rd October.

De Jong, who was dropped from the Netherlands squad by manager, Bert van Marwijk, for his thuggish tackle, has so far not apologised to the Newcastle United player, and has also expressed dismay at the criticism of his violent tactics. A serial offender now, De Jong also broke the leg of the USA’s Stuart Holden in a pre World Cup “friendly”, and later launched an astonishing “Kung Fu” style attack on Spanish playmaker, Xabi Alonso during the World Cup final in Johennesburg last Summer.

On the criticism, Mancini whinged: (more…)

Marseilles threaten ‘Nasty’ Nigel with court action as Ben Arfa drama drags on.

October 10th, 2010 | 70 Comments |

Nasty Nigel doing what he does best.
Nasty Nigel doing what he does best.
Olympique de Marseille have threatened to take legal action against Manchester City’s serial leg breaker ‘Nasty’ Nigel De Jong.

This folows hot on the heels of the Dutch hatchetman being banished from the Dutch squad by supremo, Bert van Marwijk, a man usually known for his penchant for ultraviolence in the middle of the park after the Netherlands somewhat robust World Cup performance, when De Jong also demonstrated some of his Kung Fu skills on Spain’s Xavi Alonso during the final of that competition. Van Marwijk said of the tackle which ruined Ben Arfa’s season:

“I have a problem with the way Nigel needlessly looks to push the limit. I am going to speak to him.”

Getting back to the Marseilles story though, their President, Jean-Claude Dassier told French TV station “Telefoot”: (more…)

Ben Arfa could be out for 6 months.

October 4th, 2010 | 158 Comments |

A sorry sight indeed.
A sorry sight indeed.
With the news that Hatem Ben Arfa has broken both the Tibula and Fibia bones in his leg still being digested by many Newcastle fans, it is perhaps inevitable that questions will now be asked about how long the player will be out of action for.

The sensible thing to say is that nobody will really know until Ben Arfa has undergone surgery in Manchester later today. These kinds of injury can be very different from person to person and the length of time it can take for someone to recover can vary greatly.

Without wanting to sound too grotesque, the best thing we can hope for is that the breaks are as far away from the ankle or knee as possible and that they are clean breaks. In a strange kind of way, that is the best outcome of this terrible situation Ben Arfa has found himself in. (more…)