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Ben Arfa on De Jong, Newcastle United and almost losing a leg.

April 5th, 2011 | 48 Comments |

Ben Arfa: Could have lost his leg?
Ben Arfa: Could have lost his leg?
As the latter stages of his injury rehabilitation process continues, Newcastle United wonder winger, Hatem Ben Arfa, has been giving a series of interviews on the dreadful assault carried out upon his person by Manchester City hatchetman, Nigel DeJong, his long time out of the game because of it, to give his thanks to Newcastle United and it’s fans for the way he has been treated and more.

Firstly, on his return to Tyneside after recuperating at the Fédération Française de Football’s centre of excellence at Clairefontaine near Paris he commented:

“It is great to back in Newcastle and back with the lads.

“I joined in with the warm-up this morning and managed to do a bit of light training on my own, and it was good to see the rest of the players after such a long time.

He also had words of thanks for both the club and the fans for their support during such a difficult period, saying: (more…)

Benny’s return delayed further, but he’ll have to earn his place too

March 1st, 2011 | 27 Comments |

Hatem Ben Arfa's comeback delayed at Newcastle United
Laughing gas but no lauging matter
Newcastle United midfielder Hatem Ben Arfa is reported to be suffering another delay in his recovery.

A few days ago Alan Pardew was hopeful that Ben Arfa would be back for the Wolves game on the 2nd April, but it’s now looking like it could be closer to the end of the season before he’s fit enough to play if indeed he plays again at all this season.

Pardew said:

He has set himself a personal target, but he is still in the process of recovery

To break both bones in his shin is tough, not just physically but mentally. He’s got a long road back. Whether he comes back into the first team at the level where we are at the moment, we’ll have to see.

Certainly next year he will be a big player for us.

But his recovery will take us into April, maybe May.

Reading between the lines (“Certainly next year …” etc.), I think we’ll be lucky to see Ben Arfa on the pitch again this season. Still, who knows eh? He might be lucky and get a game or two in May. (more…)

Ben Arfa aiming for March return, but career could have been ruined.

January 27th, 2011 | 83 Comments |

Ben Arfa: Career almost ruined by De Jong.
Ben Arfa: Career almost ruined by De Jong.
There have been revelations by a representative of the player that Newcastle United wing wizard, Hatem Ben Arfa, is aiming for a return to action by March.

However, it has also been revealed by one of the doctors involved in his treatment that at one stage, his career could have been ended after a vicious ‘scissor’ tackle by Manchester City hatchet man, Nigel De Jong, on 3rd October, 2010. The challenge broke the Tibia and Fibula bones in the Ben Arfa’s lower leg.

Paris St Germain club doctor, Eric Rolland, who operated on the winger very soon after the break spoke of complications after the surgery was carried out, saying:

“Ben Arfa’s advisors called on me to do the surgery,” continuing.

“He needed a second operation in mid November.”

On the reason for the second operation, he added: (more…)