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Pardew gushes over sensitive Ben Arfa, but sees trouble ahead…

September 20th, 2011 | 18 Comments |

Hatem Ben Arfa.
Ben Arfa: "Very buoyant" says Pardew.
In a rare interview, Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, has been speaking at length about Hatem Ben Arfa, at times making him sound like a kind of Gallic Joey Barton when he got on to the subject of the players character and temperament.

He also likened him to a brand of well known lager which allegedly reaches the parts other beers cannot reach as he swooned over the “creative”, “elusive” French-Tunisian playmaker.

Starting with the beer analogy, Pardew purred:

“He’s a player that can reach heights that other players can’t reach – that Heineken player if you like.

“He brings a creative force to the team that is different to what we have and he’s different to a lot of players in the Premier League. He’s elusive.”

Of course though, the player has had scant chance to prove this where it counts, on the pitch, since Pardew’s predecessor, Chris Hughton, brought him to the club on loan in August 2010. Speaking on the injuries Ben Arfa has had to endure since he came to Tyneside, Pardew continued: (more…)

Nolan and Harper to miss the rest of the season.

May 12th, 2011 | 35 Comments |

Kevin Nolan.
Ankle injury requires surgery.
At the holy ground of St. James Park it’s always been a case of “it never rains but it pours”, which is of course the shortened version. The full idiom is “it never rains but it pours toxic waste with the occasional sharp object thrown in to further increase damage.” Not even joking.

Our long standing goalkeeper Steve Harper has already decided to stay on the bench in favour of giving young Tim Krul a chance to impress between the sticks and so far the young Dutchman has done exactly that, and long may it continue! Newcastle United may lack depth in other areas, we have a wealth of gold in our goalkeepers and have done for many years but now it seems it’s time for that young gold to start shining as Ole Soderberg will be on the bench for the important game against Chelsea this coming Sunday. (more…)

A bit of a round up!

March 28th, 2011 | 111 Comments |

Ben Arfa: Impressed with Newcastle United's support.
Ben Arfa: Impressed with Newcastle United's support.
Righty right, with there being no real football for a couple of weeks, there has been a massive gaping hole in all things Newcastle United F.C. so I thought that a bit of a round up was in order:

It seems that not only the French press (sacred bleu), but the fellow French Professional footballers, particularly the ones up for a move in the summer, and friends and international collegues of one Hatem Ben Arfa have been very immpressed by the way that Hatem has been treated by NUFC during his time injued. Not just because we had the balls to sign the lad whilst injured, but the fact that the Chairman, representatives of the club and even Mike Ashley himself have apprarently been to check on the lads recovery over the months he’s been rehabilitating over in Clairefontaine, the French centre of football excellence.

They seem truly immpressed, honestly, that we’ve pushed the boat out to make the lad aware of how much he is wanted and that he feels part of our great club.

I liked that! (more…)

Toon v Tangerines Premiership match banter!

September 11th, 2010 | 326 Comments |

Mags v Tangerines, this time it's Premiership!
Mags v Tangerines, this time it's Premiership!
Welcome to the NUFC Blog match banter for today’s home encounter against Blackpool with your’s truly, Workyticket, standing in once again. As usual, for more in depth pre match stuff, you can always check out Toonsy’s excellent match preview, and the maiden article from new NUFC Blog recruit, Paul Reece, with his “Top Ten facts and stats to know about Blackpool F.C.

Last time we faced the seasiders of Blackpool at home, promotion from the Championship was assured and there was something of a party atmosphere. However, it should not be forgotten that Blackpool were one of the few teams to beat us last term in the earlier fixture at their place, Bloomfield Road.

Seen by some as the Donkeys of the Premiership, it also shouldn’t be forgotten that the Seasiders have already won a resounding 0-4 away victory at Wigan, something United manager, Chris Hughton was quick to point out in a pre match interview as he warned against complacency. He said: (more…)

Ben Arfa deal isn’t going to happen, but it was fun whilst it lasted!

August 13th, 2010 | 163 Comments |

Ben Arfa - Would have been a great signing.
Ben Arfa - Would have been a great signing.
I am just about ready to put my neck on the block and say that I don’t think we will be getting Hatem Ben Arfa anytime soon, anytime at all in fact.

It’s my opinion that the protacted transfer saga has gone on for far too long for the move to materialise now.

I would be happy to be proved wrong mind, very happy in fact as I beleive that Ben Arfa has enough about him to become a real fan favourite at St James’ Park.

It seems that the player would like to come to Newcastle, as evidenced by the fact he stormed off in a huff when the Marseille president said he would be staying in France and not going out on loan. In fact I even think the player told the club that he wouldn’t be going back to Marseille, although if that is wrong then please correct me as I have just got in from work. (more…)