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Sir Bobby Robson – One year on…

July 31st, 2010 | 26 Comments |

One Bobby Robson...
One Bobby Robson...
It was exactly twelve months ago today that the world unfortunately lost a special man. I’m not just talking about the football world, I mean the broader world aswell.

Sir Bobby Robson touched the hearts of many people the world over, even those who never had the good fortune to meet him.

His enthusiasm and zest for life was contagious and he brought out the best in people. That is continuing even though he is not here in body to see it. His legacy is most definately living on.

The sheer outpouring of grief after the news that Sir Bobby had passed on broke has provided me with images that I will never forget. In the midst of the utter turmoil his beloved club was going through last summer, Robson managed to get us all pulling together again. He made us Newcastle, United once more. (more…)

Chris delighted – Roy not so Keane: Match reaction and highlights.

September 28th, 2009 | 17 Comments |

Leader of the pack
Leader of the pack
Hughton sings Newcastle’s praises while Keane thinks Ipswich gave Nolan an early Christmas present.

I was away this weekend. A close friend of mine is off to Australia for at least 3 years, so a bunch of us got together for beer and golf in Oxfordshire (and I use the term ‘golf’ in the loosest possible sense), but I did manage to watch 70 minutes of the Newcastle United match before I was prised away from the TV and man-handled into taxi on Saturday evening. And I must admit my 70 minutes of Toon watching put me in a good mood for the evening.

We’ve had little to celebrate in recent seasons, so I thought I’d milk this victory for all I could and quote some of the match reaction from the two managers. (more…)