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Joey Barton to face more FA punishment?

December 12th, 2010 | 53 Comments |

Barton in bother again?
Barton in bother again?
It is being reported that The FA are poised to take more action against Joey Barton, this time for an alleged obscene gesture during the Liverpool match.

The Express claims that The FA are awaiting the match report from referee Lee Mason before deciding if any more action is taken.

If Lee Mason saw the incident, which is highly unlikely as he missed a hell of a lot of other stuff during the game yesterday, and mentioned it in his match report then Barton will be fine. However, if Mason missed the incident, which is entirely probable, then that could open the door for The FA ta take retrospective action against yesterday’s Man-of-the-Match.

I can only assume that this “obscene gesture” is referring to when Barton grabbed his testicles and hinted that Fernando Torres didn’t have any. If that is the case then The FA are clearly taking the piss with Newcastle. (more…)