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Johnny B reckons don’t ‘wing’ it!

November 11th, 2009 | 71 Comments |

Made for each other?
Made for each other?
There aren’t many more popular former Newcastle players of recent time, in the minds of my generation, than John Beresford. Johnny ‘(oooohh Johnny, Johnny)’ Beresford was a major part of the squad that Keegan assembled to put us back on the map in the ’90s. He’s been speaking to Lee Ryder in The Chronicle and suggests he has some helpful advice for Gutierrez and Enrique, and he believes they what it takes to be a successful combination on the left.

Of course Bez had several ‘wingmen’, some more accomplished than others, notably Scott Sellars and David Ginola. And of course, he and Ginola had a bit of a ding-dong over ‘covering duties’ back in the day and Beresford was dragged off and reprimanded by Keegan. It was all water-under-the-bridge soon enough though and explained away as a misunderstanding, well that and the unspoken rumour that Davy G was a lazy git? Never!

Despite Ginola’s reluctance to track back on occasion, they got on well enough and Bez reckons that’s crucial to an effective partnership. (more…)