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Kevin Nolan targets Europe.

May 18th, 2010 | 97 Comments |

Europe calling?
Europe calling?
The squad of lads that done us proud in The Championship will be enjoying their rest after what has been a hectic season for them.

Generally they have had to play two games a week, nearly every week, which is something they are not used to after spending most of their careers in the pampered Premier League. So you could forgive them for drifting off quietly to recharge their batteries, right?

Not so it seems, and it looks like our players are already eyeing a return to Europe in the next few years in a fantastic show of ambition from them. People will laugh when they here of a return to Europe, even some of our own fans, who could find the negative angle of recieving a £1 million windfall, but who is to say we can’t make it back into Europe in the near future? Bolton did it, twice in fact, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, survival is what we need to achieve first. Learning to walk before we run and ensuring we are careful enough as a club to thrive long term so that my kids have a team to support. (more…)