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Nolan allegedly splenetic about Pardew

June 19th, 2011 | 60 Comments |

Nolan allegedly angry at Pardew.
Nolan in a flap
Kevin Nolan allegedly reacts angrily at his treatment by Alan Pardew at Newcastle United.

I spent most of yesterday wondering where the ‘source close to Nolan’ from the News Of The World had gone and I’m pleased to say he’s popped up today. Allegedly Nolan is positively fuming at the lack of support he received from Pardew over his new contract and eventual departure from the club.

The ‘source close to Nolan’ said:

Kevin is disappointed with Alan Pardew. Kevin is especially disappointed because he made a point of supporting the manager when he first arrived at Newcastle.

He thinks Pardew paid lip-service to keeping him at Newcastle. He feels let down and he’s furious with his former manager. Kev expected him to try harder to keep him at the club during contract talks.

The incentives they wanted put in Kev’s contract were all about how high up the league table Newcastle finished. “They are managers’ clauses, not players’. If they’d wanted him to be manager, they should have given him the job.(more…)