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Erding, Sow, Gomez? Just who is the mystery striker?

June 13th, 2011 | 15 Comments |

Erding may be on Newcastle's wish list.
Erding - mystery striker maybe?
Newcastle United are allegedly planning a ‘mega-bid’ for some ‘mystery striker’, but who could it be?

That idea of ‘mega-bids’ and ‘mystery strikers’ does sound like The Sun is spicing up the story a bit. Having said that though, it’s probably true within reason. We certainly need a striker and there’s no denying that it’s currently a mystery as to who that might be, and ‘mega-bid’ is a woolly term that could mean anything. One man’s mega-bid is another man’s cheese sandwich as they say (although not often).

I would therefore suggest that The Sun’s story is completely true for once.

It’s up to us to try and guess who this mystery striker might be though.

About 10 days ago I picked up some rumblings in the foreign press about our potential interest in Melvut Erding (or Mevlüt Erdinç if you like) and I still think he’s a likely candidate.

The 24 year-old Turkish striker plays for Paris Saint-Germain and has 22 goals in 51 games for them. He has also played 10 games for Turkey, getting the ball in the net once. (more…)