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Selling the proud history of Newcastle United?

November 21st, 2009 | 21 Comments |

NUFC working with the experts?
NUFC working with the experts?
I recently wrote a short piece on the announcement of Newcastle United having made a deal with Merseyside based marketing company, Ampersand. Anyone who read it will know that it was tongue in cheek, although I did make references to the timing of the announcement being so close to the renaming of St James’s Park and begged the question of how much influence this company may have had on it.

Ampersand have since sent us an email explaining their background and position, and their objectives for and influence on Newcastle United and it’s Marketing direction:

“Ampersand is a PR, Marketing and Design agency based in Merseyside. The company is a full service agency and works with a number of different clients in all three capacities. Ampersand was commissioned by Newcastle United to design and produce a piece of printed marketing material that would serve as a brochure detailing the clubs history, traditions, uniqueness and proud position on football’s world stage. (more…)