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Posher than us: Peterborough 2-0 Newcastle.

September 23rd, 2009 | 3 Comments |

Guthrie red-carded
Guthrie red-carded
Newcastle were beaten by Peterborough and dumped out of the Carling Cup last night. It’s probably for the best given our small squad and the higher importance of the Championship but, despite such pragmatism, it still stings to lose.

I wasn’t at the game, didn’t see it on TV and didn’t listen to it on the radio – I simply followed it on the BBC web site – so I’m not really in a position to write much of a match report. The Telegraph has a reasonable report and I’ll just make a few comments and leave it at that.

One of the things I did notice while following it on the BBC was a very telling statistic: Peterborough had 28 attempts on goal (21 on target) to our 7 attempts on goal (2 on target).

When I prepared that match preview yesterday I mentioned their potent, 3-pronged strike force and they certainly seem to have taught us a thing or two about attacking the goal. With those stats I’m surprised they only got 2 goals and at least Tim Krul must have had a reasonable game to keep more out. (more…)

There’s only one Coloccini – Cardiff v Newcastle match report.

September 13th, 2009 | 15 Comments |

Taff land
Taff land
One of the problems of living in South Somerset is that I’m only Devon and Cornwall short of being as far as it’s possible to get from St James’s Park and still be in England. One of the advantages of being in the Championship, though, is that there are a few more away games within reasonable driving distance.

One such place is Cardiff, which is about 50 minutes up the M5, across the new Severn Bridge and another 40 minutes down the M4. Getting to the M5 was plagued, as usual, by the network of farmers who arrange to get their tractors on the roads whenever I get my car out, but the journey was otherwise only interrupted when I picked my father-in-law up from Magor on the way. We found some great parking right next to the entrance thanks to some advice from a Scunthorpe fan I read on web site.

The last time I was at Cardiff City was in 1981 when they played at Ninian Park (we won 4-0) but they now play at a new ground which is a stone’s throw away from where the old ground used to be. Throwing stones at the old ground is in fact all it was good for but the new ground is decent enough with a 28,800 capacity of which 25,600 seats were taken today.

I was sat right in the back row and I’d left my specs in the car, so I squinted through most of the game trying to follow the action. It started well for us attacking the goal at the far end and for the first 20 minutes or so Cardiff hardly troubled our half at all. I wouldn’t say we were particularly inventive but we certainly dominated and Guthrie found himself with a shooting chance early on but was denied by a decent sliding tackle from a Cardiff defender. (more…)

Clark’s dangerous Terriers eventually put doon by Toon.

August 27th, 2009 | 7 Comments |

Nolan strikes again.
Nolan strikes again.
I didn’t realise that I’ be travelling up from London to SJP to cover this match, so it was all a bit of a rush, and I felt a little disoriented to find myself back inside the mothership at such short notice after some time away. Observations on my return were that the mighty SJP can be a bit of a big, echoey barn when there isn’t a huge crowd in there, though of course, 20,000 plus (a rough guesstimate) is of course more than respectable for a Championship team in a midweek Carling Cup match. Returning old boy and ‘Udders manager, Lee Clark got a friendly reception as expected, and things seemed to be happy enough at this stage.

Nee Stevie Tayla, not even on the bench was the word when the teams trotted out, though the also absent Collocini received less mention, despite a decent performance last time out. The crowd sounded in fairly good voice anyway, despite the stadium being half empty. I was looking forward to having a look at Kadar again, in what was to be his debut start, along with wor Kazenga LuaLua. The much anticiapted young Slovenian destroyer, Haris Vuckic, who was rumoured to be playing a role tonight, was only on the bench though apparently. On a gossipy note, the latest ownership candidates, Barry Moat and latecoming Uncle Fester-a-like, Graham Sheard, didn’t seem to be in attendance this evening. (more…)

Newcastle go-al bananas against pretty dire Darlo! [updated with match highlights and post match interview]

July 18th, 2009 | 21 Comments |

A more palatable form of happy slapping from Joey
A more palatable form of happy slapping from Joey
A Shola juggle and finish, a cameo from veteran Dean Windass, a terrible away strip, a rare goal from Jonas Guiterrez and seven goals from the boys in yellow. This one had almost everything. No wonder the travelling contingent thought it was “just like watching Brazil”.

Newcastle ran out 7-2 winners at a sparsely populated Northern Echo Arena but the harsh reality of it, is that Darlington were distinctly average and Newcastle barely got out of second gear to roll them over.

My day started by scrapping around looking for some company to take to the game with me. Alas, due to last minute organising I had no takers, so made the short but lonely trip down the A1 from Bowburn. Nonetheless, I was looking forward to this and as I turned on the multi-disc changer in the car and I came across The Stone Roses, I started to enjoy myself.

Parking up opposite the Copper Beech pub I hurried down Neasham Road anxious to get to the ticket office, after warnings of queues for ‘tickets on the day’. I needn’t have worried, as they were relatively small queues. Standing in line, I managed to duck out of an interview for Look North but couldn’t get out of camera shot when they asked the guy in front. I hope my hair looked ok. However, due to some bad advertising and organisation, a number of Mags managed to stand in what looked like a generic ticket queue, only to be told after 15 mins they wouldn’t sell us away tickets!! A short irritable while later I had my North Stand ticket in hand and followed some black and whites round to the turnstiles. (more…)