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Balkan success for the Newcastle young’uns.

May 24th, 2010 | 140 Comments |

Phil Airey: Making a name for himself.
Phil Airey: Making a name for himself.
As club football enters hibernation for a short few months, there isn’t really much to talk about regarding football matches until the World Cup rolls around in a few weeks.

However, I have managed to latch onto some action from the under-18 team who have been away in Bosnia trying to defend their “Football Friends” title that they won last year. The tournament is held in Foca and is aimed towards building friendship and unity in what was an area ripped apart by the ravages of war. It was once a breeding ground to a golden generation of stars who cut their teeth in the tournament before breaking onto the world stage. Davor Suker, Predrag Mijatovic and Zvonomir Boban all plied their trade in the tournament before going to greater things at both national and international levels. (more…)