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Why Newcastle should explore Asia.

June 17th, 2010 | 138 Comments |

Park Ji Sung - An Asian success in England.
Park Ji-Sung - An Asian success in England.
One thing has struck me about watching this World Cup so far, actually it has struck me for the last few World Cups to be honest with you, and that is that some of these players from the Asian contries like North Korea, South Korea and Japan are bloody good.

So why have Newcastle never really been interested in expanding their footballing, cultural and commercial horizons by trying to sign any of them?

I must point out that I am not just talking about now, but historically aswell. There have been players out there, and there still are players out there, who could come and do a job for us in the Premier League. So why not explore that opportunity and look into the possibility of signing a player from Asia that would not only help us on the pitch, but also help us swell our bank balance at the same time? (more…)