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Where’s our next trophy coming from?

March 14th, 2011 | 41 Comments |

Only measure of success?
What do Newcastle United supporters consider to be success?

I haven’t been on top form lately so I’m just throwing a few things together to give us something to talk about.

It’s always rotten on a weekend when there is no game, particularly when it’s one where your wife cuts all your hair off with a pair of garden sheers. That’s true by the way. Ask Worky – he saw the photo.

Obviously I exaggerated with the garden sheers bit, although not by much. Hair has long departed this writer’s head and the prospect of adding the word ‘style’ after it is frankly ludicrous. It’s one of them oxymoron things that were all the rage a while back (although I could never afford one). So my wife set about me with clippers and a razor.

An hour later we’d mopped all the blood away, filed for divorce and torn the cat in half for custody reasons. And I came upstairs with bog roll on my head to stem critical blood flow and thought there are tougher things than being a Newcastle supporter, even if they don’t involve being married to a homicidal wife with a passion for murdering by haircut.

This got me, by my usual rambling way, around to thinking about trophies (although not those given out for haircuts obviously).

How much does a trophy matter? (more…)