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Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur match banter!

February 12th, 2014 | 253 Comments |

Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur.
Bantam cocks vs headless chickens at SJP this evening?
Hello, good evening and welcome to a rather impromptu ‘match banter’ post for this evening’s game, which sees the Magpies at home against Tottenham Hotspur.

I say “impromptu” because I thought I had already written the last blog on here for some time at least, and that the server this blog is hosted on would run out on 21st. Well, to get to the other reason for this blog, it is to keep all you regular readers informed that after intense late night discussions yesterday evening, it was decided between myself and Hugh that the server, including this site, could stay up after all! Things are still the same with myself, ie I’ve been doing stuff on here pretty much non-stop for well over four years now and I need a break to concentrate on other things. However, despite my previous information, the server will be staying up for the forseeable future, and Hugh might even have a bash at a few blogs if he can, although he is very challenged at the moment too so we’ll see.

So now you know! (more…)

Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur match banter!

August 18th, 2012 | 147 Comments |

Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur.
Will the Bantam Cocks be like headless chickens this afternoon?
Venue: St James’ Park, Newcastle.
Date: Saturday 18th August 2012
Kick-off: 5.30 pm
Referee: Martin Atkinson

Dear reader, hello, good afternoon and welcome to our regular “match banter” feature.

As we we made a bit of a bit of a cock up with the match preview this week, with both “Jimbob” and “AndyMac” doing one, I thought we’d make a bit of a departure from the norm this time. You can see Jimbob’s original match preview here, but for this post, I have also decided to show Andy’s preview in it’s entirety to provide an alternative as it’s also very good, provides even more background for our all important first game of the Premiership, and it can’t do any harm!

I will be doing all the usual bits such as putting the team sheets up when they become available, posting some links for the game and so on. When the game is over, I will also be posting highlights and perhaps a link to the whole game if there’s one around.

So for now, it’s over to AndyMac. – Workyticket. (more…)