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Wolves at the door… Can they be kept at bay?

April 1st, 2011 | 30 Comments |

Hungry like the Wolves?
Hungry like the Wolves?
Wolves will make the journey north to Tyneside on Saturday, and we’ll be all hoping they get a nose bleed in every sense.

We need to bloody their metaphorical nose on the pitch with a decent win, preferably with a few goals, to claw back the goal differencial that we recently relinquished at Stoke.

Then there’s an actual bloody nose that they deserve, along with the ridiculously one-sided referee of our last meeting down in the Midlands, for the crime against football that they were allowed to perpetrate, particularly on Joey Barton.

Of course Barton brought it all on himself by being an ex-offender and maybe should’ve been jailed for not fighting back, or worse? Protection from that kind of open thuggery is the least we can expect at SJP, isn’t it?

Obviously that can’t happen again, can it? (more…)