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Oh Danny Boy – another Man Utd kid comes to Toon on loan

August 14th, 2009 | 28 Comments |

Oooh you devil!
Oooh you devil!
Nicely timed to contradict my previous article, comes news of our first signing. Take a bow Manchester United’s Danny Simpson, who we have taken on loan until January. The 22 year old has joined us in time to make the sqaud for our game against Reading and could and takes shirt No 12.

Simpson follows the recent path of Guiseppe Rossi who had a relatively unsuccessful spell on loan up here, mainly due to lack of opportunities. Having had a number of loans spells, notably at the new home of our old pal Big Sam at Blackburn Rovers, unfortunately he also sullied his reputation by turning out for the unwashed in 2007.

Having played over 50 first team games so far, he seems like a reasonable talent although as ever with Fergie’s fringe players, if he was good enough he’d have probably made it by now. Perhaps he’ll find his level in The Championship and do a job for us. (more…)

Steven Taylor’s sweet tooth tempted by Toffees?

August 14th, 2009 | 14 Comments |

Looking forward to a pan of Scouse?
Looking forward to a pan of Scouse?
Looks like a flashback to the ’80s as the notion of us being a selling club starts to become reality.This time it looks like Steven Taylor could be out the door. If not, then we face a battle to keep him as Everton are apparently prepared to pay £8m to offer him the chance of Premiership football next season.

Whether you rate him or not, Taylor represents everything that you want from a player other than ablility (obviously). Dedication and loyalty, which are borne out of his roots to the club. His exit at St James’s Park really would herald an era, in which anyone is prepared to love us and leave us for better things.

Perhaps in today’s game it’s asking too much of players to look beyond their own cause and instead put something back into the club. However, if one person symbolises the affinity you can have with supporters then it’s Stevie Taylor, who despite his flaws is always fully commited to the cause and loves the club as much as us because he was and remains a supporter as well as a player. (more…)

Toon’s Damien a good omen for Bolton, Hull, Fulham, Wolves, Blackburn (delete as appropriate)?

August 13th, 2009 | 9 Comments |

Winging his way to Lancashire?
Winging his way to Lancashire?
According to reports on Sky Sports News we’ve received an estimated £4m bid from an unidentified Premier League club for Duffer. And in keeping with recent activity it seems we are considering the offer for the Irish international.

As we expected, the fire sale is well and truly underway and we were always likely to lose players with Premiership experience. Duff is also one of the higher earners so the board will be keen to let him go for a decent price. Losing a million from the price we paid for him, all things considered, probably looks like good business to Ashley and co.

Despite stating his desire to stay at Newcastle, the likelihood is that a return to the top flight is sure to turn his head. Having scored in our draw with West Brom, Duff will have done wonders for his appeal to potential suitors and he arguably has a couple of years left in him if he can regain his form. (more…)

Have you ever seen a Makem in Iran?

July 30th, 2009 | 12 Comments |

Signpost for S********d
Signpost for S********d
(Recently that is….) Just how sneaky and devious can the Makems really be? For instance, could they have infiltrated Iranian media to spread malicious rumours and create a second take-over hoax?

I imagine the search keys ‘Sirous Mahjoob’, ‘Toon takeover’ and the F5 key have been seriously hammered today. And yet we seem to be no further forward on whether this is legit.

The current opinion is the The Sun picked the story up from the Iranian media and ran with it and since other papers and sites have piggy-backed off it. The story isn’t given much credence because for a start, there is no extensive knowledge of this guy despite furious trawling of the internet. Also, the rumour contains the suggestion that they’d want KK back which sounds a bit far-fetched. (more…)

The last thing we need, is a hiding off Leeds!

July 27th, 2009 | 26 Comments |

Sick as ****
Sick as ****
Once upon a time, comparisons were made between the clubs based on positive notes such as the club history, the passion of the fans and their desire for success diluted with a realistic and humorous outlook on the game. Instead, the familiarity these days is apparent for a different reason. It doesn’t take a genius to draw a parallel between our decline and that of our old friends down the road, Leeds United. That’s why people have been doing it for the last couple of years or more.

Mismanagement and poor finances off the field together with mismanagement and poor performances on the field led to the downfall of the once great Leeds. A club who, less than 20 years ago (just less mind), were the English Champions. Holding off the challenge of their bitter rivals across the Pennines to take the 1991/1992 title, while the destiny of Newcastle United was being re-charted dramatically by a certain messiah (ahem….). (more…)